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Dallas Page files lawsuit against Jay-Z


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Former WWE Superstar Diamond Dallas Page recently filed a federal lawsuit against rapper Jay-Z for trademark infringement. The "Diamond Cutter" hand symbol has been being used by Jay-Z on some of his products some including CD covers entitled "The Dynasty: Rock La Familia 2000" and "Jay-Z Fade To Black" DVD, which was released this past April.


When Dallas Page was in WCW back in 1996, its when he was first using the hand signal. Since that time he has been using it professionally for his wrestling and entertainment ventures. On the cover of Page's new book, "Yoga For Regular Guys" it also features the symbol. The hand symbol is kind of like a logo to him, hence the lawsuit.


DDP Vs. Jay Z at WrestleMania 22 :P


so what do you think about this?

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I think that we need a tag team court case. DDP could be defending his case against Mr Rappy McRap, and when he finds he's being beaten, he could tag out to Flair who then starts his divorce and assault/vandalism hearings. Flair could play Ricky Morton, and by that I don't mean he's going to jail. No, Flair could be getting beaten in his case before he makes the hot tag to DDP! DDP is a house of fire! Bam, trademark rights stuns the talentless rapper! Boom, several million dollars in compensation! And to top it all off, a Diamond Cutter to the defence lawyer. Team WCW wins! Wooooo! BANG! Wooooooo! BANG!
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Just shows how petty/stupid he is then doesn't it.

Actually, no.


If he has it copyrighted, then it's in his best interest to have the case for 4 reasons:

1) It stops people from stealing his logo.

2) It makes him money in the resulting decision.

3) It gets rubbish rap CDs off of the shelves as they have to be re-packaged without the logo on it, and possibly not put out as that'd cost a fair bit.

4) It stops thing like this happening in the future.

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Jay-Z's first proper album came out in 1996, and I know for sure he was talking about Roca before that, so I suppose it depends on when DDP trademarked it. Seeing as Jay-Z was making music in the 80's, I guess he would of used the hand sign before DDP aswell, but I don't know if he trademarked it or not.

Either way, Jay-Z is apparently worth $286 million, so it's obviously going to be peanuts to him.


It's probably just a publicity stunt, for Page to promote his Yoga for "Regular Guys" DVD. "Regular guys" being millionaire celebrities that is ;)

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Yeah im sure Jay-Z stole it off DP. Or could it be something to do with his Roc-a-fella label? Yup pretty sure its he second one.


Its BS, how can you sue someone over a hand signal like that?

Jay-Z's label Roc-A-Fella or just the Roc has been using the signal for quite some time. Kanye's song "Diamonds Are Forever" is all about Roc-A-Fella



And the only album with Jay-Z doing the diamond signal is Roc-La-Familia.


It all comes down to if DDP copyrighted the hand signal, because that's all anyone in the Roc ever uses


Also, this lawsuit should be against ALL of Roc-A-Fella, not just Jay-Z, as everyone uses the signal. From Jay, Kanye, Juelz Satana, Bleek, all the way to new comer Ti'erra Mari

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