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Taboo Tuesday: Zero Tolerance - Card and Voting Details


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TWOstars Presents:


Taboo Tuesday: Zero Tolerance


Friday 23rd December 2005


Bouts to Darkstar by the 21st


The matches made so far;


TWOstars World Heavyweight Championship

Brett Banner ©


One of:

Twiggieplex, Dante Mueller, Michael Howell III


Tag Team Match

Evil Gringo & The Incredible Holt


Deadman & One of:

Sam H, C2K, Mitchell Anthony Jones


Wolrd Heavyweight Championship future title shot match

X vs X

(the two losers from the WHC vote will square off for a future title match)


United States Title Match

Violent Vinnie Vengeance © vs The Lonely Avenger


Gauntlet, Special Guest Referee, Lumberjack


TWOstars Tag Team Championship Match

Flaming Tables Match

The Judge & Jimmy Redman © vs The Dark Alliance


Elimination style (multiple falls), One man through a table to win (one fall), Both men through a table to win (one fall)


TV Title Match

Christopher Eagles © vs Arkham


Blindfold, Pillow Fight, Gladiators (run over a Gladiators set to get to the ring)


Please send your votes to Darkstar by PM. I would suggest not sending them until the card is complete to save yourselves time.

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That's the card updated. All matches that will involve voting are announced. Anything after this point will be just a straight match, no voting required.


So what you need to vote on is as follows:


Pick to face Brett Banner

Deadman's partner

US Title Stipulation

Tag Team Title Match Stipulation

TV Title Stipulation


If you can please send you nominations to Darkstar and him only, I don't want to know your votes!



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Darky.... You got the links to the old ERE profiles so I can get a more rounded look at Deadman?


Yeah, I've talked with him about that, seeing as how he's in the match I'm writing this week. As far as his porfile goes he said he'd get his "arse" (silly beef-eaters) in gear, but for his basic style he's a "smart brawler." That was enough to get me by, but you'll probably need a bit more.

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