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Most Hated Commentater

It wasnt my WOOO

Most hated commentater  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. Most hated commentater

    • The Coach
    • Joey Styles
    • Jerry 'the king' Lawler
    • J.R.
    • Todd Grisham
    • Michael Cole
    • Tazz
    • Steve Romero
    • Josh Matthews

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Michael Cole is just awful. He gets wet over all the babyfaces. I don't mind face announcers, but Cole is surely the biggest hypocrite ever! It's ok for a babyface to cheat but if a heel does, then it's "This is sick! How does this man live with himself?".......Rubbish!
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J.R is the worst thank god he is gone now. Listening to him was embarassing alot of times recently.


HA! I didn't notice J.R. on the poll, I just jumped straight for Cole. Had I thought about it, J.R. may have very well got my vote.


I can't believe people actually cheer for the guy, I mean he has his own theme music! How in the hell is Jim Ross more over than the WWE Champion?

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I don't really dislike any of them but if i had to pick one it would Jerry "The King" Lawler.


Back in the late 90's and early 2000's (that doesn't look right :lol ) i thought he was great along with Jim Ross but now he is just boring. More often than not he has nothing funny to say and he is still doing that pervy old man routine lusting over the divas and now he is a babyface aswell, which he's rubbish at. He was in his element as the Corporation arse kissing commentator in late 1998 and early 1999.


Micheal Cole is a bit stale i think but i think The Coach is good enough at the role he plays, even if some his storylines are a bit suspect.



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It's a toughy, so I'll take a quick run-down of them all.


The Coach - Can be funny (e.g. when being called a popcorn fart or making fun of JR), but is a pretty lame commentator.

Joey Styles - Great for play-by-play, no problems

Jerry 'the king' Lawler - Used to be one of the best when he was playing the heel back in the 90s, and was still pretty good in the early "naughties" with his obsession of puppies, but nowadays his act is stale.

J.R. - He may get the moves/names wrong, but good old JR can really put emoition into a match.

Todd Grisham - Maybe not a-team material yet, but great for being blanked while standing in the freezing cold parking lot, and who can't love his announcing of the MAIIIIINNNN-EVVVEEENNTT!

Michael Cole - Solid for play-by-play, but can be very annoying when talking about "these great SmackDown fans". Got to love how Tazz makes fun of him (see "The Dicks)

Tazz - His "Did someone speak" at Survivor Series and his making fun of Cole let him stay.

Steve Romero - Meh

Josh Matthews - Meh


I would say Steve of Josh, but I really don't care about them enough to vote for them. So it's gonna be Coach. Keep him away from the desk, but have him interviewing and the like (having the piss taken out of him every show).

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