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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #127 - Trouble At The Top


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter

Issue #126 - 4th December 2005



Once again, Chris2K, that's me, guest-edits the newsletter due to Darkie and Kam not being available. And how else could I introduce this newsletter than with a promotion of my column at Wrestling101.com, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. Go look at it, it's brilliant.


Enjoy the newsletter peeps.



Newsletter Editor



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Shawn_Michaels has posted some good threads in the US Forum.




Hoffmeister. Gimmick posters aren't funny.



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Antihero's Sickest Bump You've Ever Seen




Anime_Otaku's Death Penalty thread.



Forums In Focus

- By Chris2K



Well I hope WWE are ready for the backlash they're gonna get today... - DraVen


This week was all about Survivor Series, but a special SmackDown! show drew controversy. Here's what was said about the stunt revolving around Randy Orton, The Undertaker, and a low-rider from the SmackDown! thread:


I thinks it more the fact that Vince McMahon doesn't know good taste from bad taste, as evident from some of the most distatseful things he has pulled out from his bag of tricks over the last few years. - Dan


I think Vince believes that any publicity is good publicity. - MrFill


"Oh, I know this one. Vince has no moral sense of right and wrong, he only cares about shocking people into watching, and thinks that people will buy into the fact that NO SERIOUSLY UNDERTAKER IS REALLY DEAD THIS TIME, WE REALLY MEAN IT TONIGHT, 'KAY?" - Russ


using Eddie's lowrider like that was sick.. yuhi get the need to move on the Randy Taker story but that was just tasteless and sick and very disrespectful.. - Danny Styles


It's to provoke a response in the Marks...since you guys also rose to the bait, mission accomplished. - H}{H Evolution



Member Spotlight







WHAT DOES IT MEAN: I'm not sure what it "means", per se. But it came from an old friend of mine who went by the nickname of Draven (yes, away from the internet), and I loved it. So I took the name and used it as an internet persona. Coincidentally, it's also the lead character from The Crow which is one of my favourite movies.


FIRST THING YOU POSTED ON THE FORUM: I either asked to be a mod or posted some inane rambling. I was a typical dumb kid who grew up to become someone mildly important on a small online community. It's what life was made for.


FIRST WRESTLER YOU CHEERED FOR: The Undertaker. I liked the whole gothic element, and his size was always impressive to me.


FIRST WRESTLER YOU BOOOOOOOOOED: Hulk Hogan. I hated him, and still do to this day.


CURRENT FAVOURITE WRESTLER, AND WHY? Raven, because his character is/was so unique and perfectly executed. Good wrestler, great talker, fantastic gimmick.


CURRENT MOST HATED WRESTLER, AND WHY? I'm not sure. I don't particularly like HHH or Batista. I'd go with Homicide though. I hate him passionately. He's just beyond awful and I refuse to give him the time of day or watch anything remotely associated with him.


FAVOURITE WWE BRAND: Changes by the hour, but I'll say RAW because of Cena and Snitsky.


FAVOURITE INDY FED (IF ANY): TNA, I guess. If MLW was still around, I'd go with them.


NEXT BIG STAR: If Cena isn't already considered as one, I'm behind him 100%.




BEETHOVEN OR EMINEM: Either. Depends on my mood, but I can listen to both.




FAVOURITE THEME MUSIC EVER: I honestly don't know. I'll bite the bullet and say Alex Wrights techno tune from WCW










FAVOURITE FINISHER: Not sure what it's called, but it belonged to Alex Shelley in CZW (and may still do).


FAVOURITE CHANT: Either "Press L1" or "You f***ed up"


BEST WRESTLER NEVER TO BE WORLD CHAMPION: Razor Ramon. He was something special pre-1998


FAVOURITE DIVA / WOMEN'S WRESTLER: Victoria, although I have a soft spot for Daffney Unger and Christy Hemme, and an even softer spot for Maria Kanellis


WHAT'S YOUR DESKTOP WALLPAPER: Currently it's a landscape blue mountain range with a moon and purple sky.


WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SONG: Couldn't honestly say. Far too many. I will however honourably mention "Poison" by Alice Cooper, but don't take that as my answer.


OUTSIDE OF TWO, WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO? I study English Literature, Psychology and Sociology A levels at school, do a lot of internet work, listen to lots of music and go out to gigs and for drinks and... er.. yeah.


AND ANY LAST BITS OF INFORMATION YOU ARE WILLING TO SHARE WITH THE MEMBERS OF TWO? I used to take nail clippers to my fingers and cut off the thick skin at the sides and then eat it.



Darkstar probes Taki



DS: First off, who are you and why should we know you?


Taki: Im Taki, and I used to be a chattoom mod


DS: used to?


Taki says: yep


DS: What happened there?


Taki: I had some internet trouble and got fired


DS: Harsh, oh well life sucks. So what keeps you coming back to TWO?


Taki: I like the place except for I now get vitimised by 2 idiot mods, most of the people though are lovely.


DS: Thats all of us surely? Its like a club, we get a badge and everything. How did you find TWO in the first place?


Taki: Nah ever since I joined the place Colin aint liked me then I got made mod he liked me even less now he's just a big ass. I typed wrestling chatrooms into a search engine.


DS: I remember before you even came on the forums, it took some effort to bring you over. So what good memories do you have thanks to TWO?


Taki: Meeting the people from TWO, being with a TWO member, and making some friends I can really talk to.


DS: being with two members? So is Tom a mutant then?


Taki: lol no but if it wasnt for TWO I wouldnt have met him


DS: Aww bless. So how many TWOites have you actually met?


Taki: 11


DS: Blimey, shows that we actually are a community. So, any bad memories?


Taki says: Getting fired being banned for "Nobody liking me" according to Colin.


DS: I like you. But I like everyone near enough. Even Miss T (even though she seems to think I hate her).


Taki: Thank you


DS: So, word association time:



Taki: Um Interesting


DS: Kam


Taki: Who oh him yeah never around


DS: Cheese


Taki: Yuck


DS: George Bush


Taki: Tosser


DS: Boobies


Taki: Hate them


DS: damn you. Boobs rock the world


Taki: I would kill for smaller boobs


DS: Actually I forgot you had big boobs. Meh, oh well. At least with your height you could smother Tajiri San with them without ducking down.


Taki: Oh you're not much taller baldy


DS: true enough, do you find men talk to your cleavage more than your face?


Taki: no cos they get a punch if they do


DS: hehehehe, thank god Im too much of a gentleman to look. Maybe you should talk to a man while staring at his groin


Taki: no thanks Im too polite to do something like that I was brought up with manners


DS: ah well, it would have been funny! Who would you say you are closest to on TWO?


Taki: Tom and BRM


DS: The Big Red Machine. Nice lad, always says he will come to Doncaster and never bothers.


Taki: Lol well hes managed to come to Wales so I'm sure he'll get there someday.


DS: well we can hope. So who on TWO do you NOT get on with?


Taki: Now Russ and Colin


DS: I think of them and DraVen as the modern day Marx brothers.....shame in Russ' case its Karl


Taki: DraVen is sound I like the guy hes funny without trying to be unlike the other two.


DS: OK, so a few multiple choice questions for you:

sand or snow?


Taki: For What?


DS: whatever


Taki: Snow


DS: Sea or river?


Taki: Sea


DS: clubbing or karaoke?


Taki: Clubbing of course


DS: Sonic or mario?


Taki: Neither


DS: Tajiri San nude or Colin clothed?


Taki: Colin clothed


DS: Edge or Lita?


Taki: Both


DS: fair enough. Well thanks a lot honey, any last words for the folks at home?


Taki: Colins a **** Russ has changed he used to be lovely now hes just nasty, and thanks to everyone else for making my time at TWO a good experience. Oh and thank you to all those I've actually met for being so hospitible and fun. xXx


DS: Oh, one final thing from me: this is my last newsletter. the new editor takes over next week........will you all miss me?


EDITOR'S NOTE: And you couldn't even be bothered to edit your last one!


Taki: Nah because I know your only an IM away on my msn.





TWOStars Update

- By Darkstar



In full results from Xtreme TV 40


Twiggie pins Jimmy Redman in the opening bout.


The Lonely Avenger beats Jaxx by disqualification after half of the mid card wrestlers make a run in.


In a non title tag team match Jordi Warner and The Judge are beaten by Shane Cross and Micheal Howell the Third. Cross gets the pin on Warner.


The Future (Darkstar, Tom Trash and The Incredible Holt) vs. Dante, Evil Gringo, and Brett Banner ends when Holt gets the pin on Dante following an Incrediplex.



In full results from TWOStars Survivor Series


Chris Eagles wins the TV Title from V3 after a Bounced Cheque (Rock Bottom).


IN a classic Survivor Series style match up in which the FINAL two men left will become the tag team champion regardless of which team they are on Jimmy Redman and The Judge walk away with the gold. Also in the match were The Dark Alliance (Sickness and Boyo), Twiggi, Jordi Warner and S.E.X. (Arkham and Jaxx).


In a ten man elimination match for the United States championship V3 is the sole survivor.


The match between Deadman and Barry Gower ends in a double DQ.


In the Main Event Brett Banner outlasts Dante, Evil Gringo and The Incredible Holt in an Iron Man elimination match to win the TWOStars Heavyweight Championship.


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This week in Wrestling History



4th December

2000 - William Regal defeated Crash Holly for the WWF European Heavyweight title

2002 - Roddy Piper publicly blames Vince Russo, live on NWA-TNA, for the death of Owen Hart


5th December

1953 - Born - Larry Zbyszko

1997 - Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon defeated Little Guido & Tracy Smothers for the ECW Tag Team title


6th December

1971 - Karl Gotch & Rene Goulet defeated Crazy Luke Graham & Tarzan Tyler for the WWWF Tag Team title

1993 - The War Machines defeated Mike Anthony & Jeff Gaylord for the USWA Tag Team title


7th December

1959 - Born - Rick Rude

1996 - Raven defeated the Sandman for the ECW Heavyweight title


8th December

1980 - Pedro Morales defeated Ken Patera for the WWWF Intercontinental title

1997 - Rocky Maivia defeated Steve Austin for the WWF Intercontinental title


9th December

1968 - Born - Kurt Angle

2001 - Chris Jericho became the first WWF/WCW Unified Champion


10th December

1973 - Bruno Sammartino defeated Stan Stasiak for the WWWF Heavyweight title

2000 - Chris Benoit defeated Billy Gunn for the WWF Intercontinental title



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The Main Event



Trouble at the Top


Cena and Batista, the biggest gamble by Vince McMahon in years. At Wrestlemania he decided it was time for a change, time for a bright new future, time for new faces at the very top of WWE. Has it worked though?


Let's start on Raw and John Cena, who is fast becoming one of the most controversial WWE Champions of all time. He's a face, raps and has a movie coming out soon, so why is he gettiing booed? Cena has never been a great in-ring performer but he's not terrible. His rapping got him over with the fans on Smackdown and as a heel it worked perfectly. He could humiliate his opponents and the fact the eventual match wouldn't be a classic didn't seem to matter so much. When he turned face he got even more popular and his feud with Kurt Angle which led to his title shot with JBL at Wrestlemania was a popular one in and out the ring. Then he got the title and eventually moved to Raw, since then it's been a bit of a struggle.


Matches on Raw are too predictable. How many successive weeks can you have the champ beaten up by an opponent who never gets the title off him? It's been a bit monotonous lately and the ongoing war with Bischoff has just been a watered down, tired looking Mr McMahon v Austin clone. The feud with Angle has gone on forever and we're just going round and round in circles. Trouble is the fans are getting at Cena and it's going to become a problem for Vince sooner or later.


Cena still has it outside the ring, his Snitsky and Candice sketch was great as was his meeting with The Boogeyman but the rap seems to have stopped for some reason. So what's next for Cena? Does 'Take out the trash' mean Vince has it in for Bischoff or is it Cena who's going to be in for a shock next Monday? Word has it that Cena will keep the belt beyond Wrestlemania, even beating Triple H but is that the right thing to do? Cena v Triple H has potential as a match we haven't yet seen, more matches with Michaels and Carlito would be an idea as well but the title picture and the champion himself looks a bit stale at the moment.


Over on Smackdown the situation is even worse. Batista is injured but won't have surgery so the title picture isn't that healthy. Batista hasn't been a bad champion, he saw off Triple H and then got shoved over to Smackdown which either meant Vince didn't want him as the champ on weekly live TV or felt he could help Smackdown out in the ratings. I'm not sure which it was but since he has been on Smackdown it's been a strange time for him. The feud with Christian was just a squash, no wonder he left the company. The JBL feud was full of terrible matches and the series with Eddie Guerrero could have been better and the storyline of them being buddies just never worked for me.


So what now? No more Eddie of course, Undertaker is still over as a face so that just leaves Randy Orton once he's finished with Taker. Word is he'll get the belt at Wrestlemania but what about the next few months? Batista isn't fit enough to do the belt justice. The main event at Armageddon is likely to see Batista tag with Mysterio against Kane and Big Show and that, like the Survivor Series main event gives Batista the chance to be relatively invisible at times. Is that what we want out of the World Heavyweight champion?


Both rosters have big problems with their champions. One is losing the trust of the fans, the other isn't fit enough. Vince has some big decisions to make over the coming weeks that's for sure.



Final Thoughts



We've, had, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of fun, but now the time has come, to go. If this guest newsletter editor is found dead in his bed tomorrow, he'll be in heaven, moaning about having to do work.


Goodbye everybody!



Newsletter Editor





With thanks to our contributors for this issue:


Edited by Chris2K
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Oh good here comes Russ to make the save


But which side is he on?


What do you mean which side is he on? He's...he's...He's on Savage's side! And Luger and Sting's side! Russ is WCW through and through!



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Thats it Taki, stick it to the Man. 'Welcome to Mr McKam's utopia...' I imagine Taki as the Stonecold to Kam's Mr. McMahon, which would make Colin and Russ, Patterson and Brisco. I'll leave it to you all to decide which one is Brisco and which one likes to dock their boat in the brown river.
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Wow - doesn't everyone have issues these days? Can't go anywhere without reading who hates who and why. Seems a shame to use the newsletter as a weekly venting session for peeps to have a cheap shot at other peeps rather than.. y'know... something constructive.


Maybe that's just me though. Who knows. Quite probably, who cares?

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Wow - doesn't everyone have issues these days? Can't go anywhere without reading who hates who and why. Seems a shame to use the newsletter as a weekly venting session for peeps to have a cheap shot at other peeps rather than.. y'know... something constructive.


Maybe that's just me though. Who knows. Quite probably, who cares?


On the bright side, I love you Inno.


Wait, is that a bright side?

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