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Thursday Paint Compo!


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It's been a bit on the quiet side in General the last couple of weeks - we needs us a drawing compo!




Use a cheapo paint package like MS Paint to draw the picture.


No tracing, copy and pasting or using of other pictures in your work - only original material is acceptable.


Make sure your picture isn't too wide - 500pixels wide is about optimum. Just make sure it doesn't stretch the forum - it should all be viewable on screen.


To steal an idea from "Who's Line is it Anyway", the theme for the competition will be:


World's Worst


"World's worst what?" you ask? "World's worst anything," I reply. I want you to draw the world's worst something. Caption it if necessary.


Compo will stay open until tomorrow evening and the winner will be decided via poll.



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I don't know why I find it so sad it took a joint effort to come up with the worst zing' date=' in what I believe to be TWO history[/quote']


As if I could come up with even half the comic geniousness of Darkstar's idea. I was having lots of trouble thinking of ideas. Honestly, I was going along with the idea of drawing the worlds worst hoover, as an iron.

Darkstar's the one with the superb braininess in this house. Don't blaime me:P


Sadely though, it's me who has the best artistic talent:(

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