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Too many PPV's a year?

carlito is cool

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Do you think the WWE are putting on too many PPV's per year? I think with the addition of new years revolution and taboo tuesday they are promoting 14in 12 months which is far too many imo. I thought 12 was stretching it, they got a way with it from 98-200 because the product was so hot and they had guys that could draw big time Austin,Rock,Foley etc plus alot of the guys that are around today Taker, Kane, Show were alot fresher. Having so many PPV's takes that special edge away from most of the shows apart from obviously Wmania which is built up nearly all year round and the Rumble which ive always personally enjoyed. I think the WWE could comfortably cut the PPV calender down to 10 or even 8. Dropping the GAB and Judgment day would be a must. As well as backlash i always feel tis occurs to soon after Wmania usually only 3 weeks.


I would also consider bringing in a couple of fresh annual PPV's possibly bringing back KOTR and even Halloween Havoc and Starcade.


Starcade i would use instead of SSeries and push it big time as the second biggest PPV of the year. Holding it in mid december as WCW did it, matches could be built up through october and November and have the blow off at this massive PPV. Have it as a split brand PPV and even add a dream match as is done at Wmania with hogan vs rock etc to make it seem important.


My ideal WWE PPV calendar would read


Jan: Royal Rumble

Feb: Nothing (build up mania on tv shows, possibly try and get 2 special 3 hour episodes of raw and sd)

March: Wrestlemania

April Nothing ( instead of having mania rematches on PPV do it on Raw or SD)

May:Vengence (chance to use HIAC gimmick which should draw)

June: KOTR (winner gets built up for a Summerslam title shot)

July: Nothing

August: SUmmerslam


Oct: Halloween Havoc (new PPV, use cool entrance way, stick Taker in a main event casket match or something it should draw better than no mercy)

Nov: Taboo Tuesday (make this a split brand PPV)

Dec: Starcade (promote this almost on Wmania size scale with 3 main events, surely this will draw big)


8 ppvs in there thats plenty i bet the WWE would draw just as much money on ppv over those 8 ppvs and probably more than the 14 they are promoting at the moment.

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I see the point, there IS too many, but the real problem is too many of the ppvs are basically bumped up Raw or Smackdown cards, which is wrong. The ppvs should ALWAYS be the culmination of feuds, storylines, whatever, but these days that very rarely seems to be the case. Worse, half of these cards contain entirely random matches. WWE needs to make the ones it has mean something again really.
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i agree with it ostly until you left out 4 months. personally i like a PPV every Month my list will go like this:















i think the ECW PPV should be something like Barely legal or something!


Bring back kotr because it opens doors for superstars.


and the rest as carlito is cool said about the ppvs i agree with

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The problem is that with the roster split, they have to build to feuds for each show, and the pay off USUALLY comes on a PPV.


With only 4 combined PPVs, they have to build to something in-between, and usually there's an odd-number of PPVs between the big ones.


Also, even though the buy-rates are down for the show specific ones, the overall profit is higher for the WWE, so they'll keep the numbers up.

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There are far too many PPVs from the perspective of a fan. But as long as people keep buying them, WWE will keep the current schedule and be reluctant to anything from their calendar. As long as it's making them money, they're not going to start cutting down on their schedule yet.
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Royal Rumble - RAW & SD! (guaranteed Royal Rumble match)

No Way Out - SD! (guaranteed Barbed Wire Steel Cage match)

WrestleMania - RAW & SD! (guaranteed Money in the Bank Ladder match)

Backlash - RAW

Judgment Day - SD!

King of the Ring - RAW & SD! (two guaranteed #1 contender matches)

Vengeance - RAW (guaranteed Hell in a Cell match)

SummerSlam - RAW & SD!

No Mercy - SD!

Taboo Tuesday - RAW (guaranteed viewer poll)

Survivor Series - RAW & SD! (guaranteed 10 man Elimination Tag match)

Armageddon - SD! (guaranteed Hell in a Cell)

New Year's Revolution - RAW (guaranteed Elimination Chamber match)


I think this works because it's only a couple of PPVs skipped but most of the good stuff is kept in.

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it is too much.. more PPV's means more rushed storylines and smaller buyrates


Could not agree more with that post. I said that last time this subject came up and haven't changed my opinion. Storylines need time to develop and 4 weeks just isn't enough. The best angles are done over time and having these guys fued for 4 weeks means that each possible face/heel pairings are pretty much done within a 6 month period.


Less PPV's and more lengthy angles please!!!!!!!

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I think the problem with so many PPVs is that most people aren't willing to pay $35 a month for the rubbish they're putting out.


If they were quality, then I'm sure that fans would buy them, but rarely is a PPV of worthy quality - Survivor Series and One Night Stand spring to mind, but apart from that, very little does.

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I don't think the problem lies entirely in the fact that there are so many PPV's. A lot of the blame has to go to the booking team too. With the terrible storylines they are putting out, the PPV's are logically going to suck. Better writers=Better feud building=Better PPV's. When you have failed Nikelodean writers, of course your product is going to suck.
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