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Dream move set - what would yours be?

the HiTman

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This should make for an interesting thread.

Just wondering what your 'dream' move set would be for a wrestler.







A signature move

High risk move


Dirty moves



and of course, a finisher.


Will be interesting to know what we all want to see.


I will post mine was soon as I know all the names of the moves I like :P

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Signature: Snap Suplex, DDT, Neckbreaker.

Submission: Figure-4 Leglock, Sleeper Hold.

Power: Brainbuster, Gutwrench Powerbomb, Second Rope Backbreaker.

Brawling: Knife Edge Chops.

Finishers: Piledriver, Double-Arm Sit-Down Facebuster (DSF)

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See Redman's profile in my sig :P

Also see Dante in the TWO Stars Profile section.

See the Gringo's profile by clicking the link in my signature...

Hows about first you right click, then choose 'Copy', then 'Paste'. Just an idea people, just an idea.

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Hows about first you right click' date=' then choose 'Copy', then 'Paste'. Just an idea people, just an idea.[/quote']

or how about you stop being e-lazy and click on the link?




Spinal Tap- Rock’s bottom to back breaker. (Ryan is always thinking of new ways t hit this, this is the setup move for the Showstopper)


-Tiger Suplex (This sometimes will lead into the Puro Explosion. He rolls through after the Tiger Suplex, then hits his opponent with a Dragon Suplex. The combo is capped off with a Millenium Plex)


-The Vertical (flip to out side of ring where Ryan jumps as high as he can)


-Burning Spirit(Three stiff elbows followed by a hardcore Roaring Clothesline. This can be used as a finisher in an exceptionally gruelling match)


-Standing Enziguri (ala AJ Styles)


-Stylin Black (Shining Black(shining mafia kick)


-Styles Splash (Stinger Splash)


-The 40 (running spear into the back of an opponent in the corner)


- Natural Phenomenon. With the opponent outside the ring on the floor, Mickhail makes a running start towards the turnbuckles. He then jumps to the second turnbuckle, and launches into a high jump style moonsault back in the direction he came but to the outside of the ring landing on his standing opponent.


-Sean Shooter (Texas Cloverleaf but with one knee on the back of the opponent)


-STS (Camel Clutch but a full nelson in stead of the chin lock)


-Wrist Clutch Exploder (when done off of the top rope it becomes a finisher)


and the finisher...


-187 (Back suplex lift, but the Ryan only holds onto the victims leags. He grabs the head bulldog style and sits out in an inverted Kryptonite Krunch)


-Ghetto Phoenix (Corkscrew 450 or inverted Phoenix. Starts off as a standard 450 but is spun into a backflip 450 landing) Very Rare, used

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