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FCW - Violent Night - 18/12/05


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FCW - Violent Night

Sunday December 18th 2005

Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal

Doors Open - 7:00pm - Show Starts - 7:45pm





Future Championship Wrestling return to Baggeridge for their last show of 2005, entitled "Violent Night"



The first 2 matches have been announced -


FCW Title Match - The Bouncer puts his newly won title on the line against the former champion - "The Sensation Of The Nation" Rob Hunter.


FCW Tag Title Match - The British Connection defend the gold against Marc Hogan and Blade.


More matches and news announced shortly...

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Being very exact on times :)


Well I haven't missed a show in 2005, so I certainly don't plan on missing the last one. Will hopefully bring the normal crowd with me in the car, ralphy etc. Been a good year for FCW, I'm sure they'll finish it with a bang :)

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Anybody got any predictions on the matches so far:


Bouncer vs Rob Hunter = I'll go with a Bouncer win

The British Connection vs Marc Hogan and Blade = Would love to see Blade with a win this year to win the titles, However has to be British Connection all the way.

"The Human Hate Machine" Moralez vs Chris Hero = Chris Hero

Dragon Phoenix vs Mike Quackenbush = I'll go with FCW own Superstar Dragon Phoenix

Trainee Battle Royale = As i don't know who's in it yet ill go with the ten i think will be in it Weasel, Ste, Andy, Tom, Tom, Godsize, Brett Banner got 7 so far others i don't know but the winner i think Weasel most likely!


So there mine so far anybody any thoughts or agree or disagree you know what to do!

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Is it wrong that one of the matches I am most looking forward to is Judge v Spud? These two have had some great matches in the past, ones for the WAR title and at a Collingwood show last year comes to mind. Judge has just been amazing as of late at Baggeridge and Spud always brings his own style to the table. Anyone want to guess at what style Judge will be using this year, I'm going for either Hardcore style or Japanese Style :)


I'm also really looking forward to seeing Hero again (I want a CH Superman shirt :)) and seeing Quackenbushfor the first time. The battle royale will be fun, I can see Godsize going for the win

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Just doing a bit of rooting around, for anyone using public transport -


You can catch the 541 Bus, which departs from right outside the venue at 22:32 and arrives at Wolverhampton Bus/Train Station at 23:00.


If you want to get to Birmingham New Street Station, you can also catch the 541 Bus (other side of the road) at 22:42. That will arrive at Dudley Bus Station at 23:06. Then get the 87 Bus, you will arrive at New Street at 23:44.


From New Street, a short walk will take you to the bus station. You can get a National Express coach to most of the bigger town/cities.

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To Finish off my predictions for the last two matches which were made over the weekend.

A-Star Athlete/Laken Xander vs "Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil/Celt Kennedy= I can see 4play coming out on top in this match as i can't see Rob Hunter winning they need a 4play win somewhere on the card.

The Judge vs Spud= I think The Judge will be Old School again i think and i think he will win seems to be on a roll as of late. Maybe a title push for the Judge coming soon who knows?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here are the Results -


Brett Banner won a 10 man over the top rope Battle Royale (feat Zoel Power ~)

Santa Judge def Spud

FCW Tag Team Championship

Marc Hogan and Blade def GBH & Danny D to win the Titles(Blade won, I am in shock)

Chris Hero def Morales


A-Star Athlete and Laken Xander def Pl4y

Dragon Pheonix def Mike Quakenbush

FCW Championship

The Bouncer def Rob Hunter

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First off i want to say im sorry that i had to bail near the end of the show, there was good reasons which Emeral knows about!.


Secondaly well done to brett for winning the battle royal and i have said this to all my mates from the FCW training school they put on a good match and they should be proud of there first live show (i was gutted that i had to miss it tho. However there is 2005).


Also did anyone feel that the santa judge comments sounded very wrong, Loved Spuds reaction in his enterance as well also a very good match.


Tag match i was shocked to see the FCW david Young pick up his win over GBH.


Hero's match was one of the best techincal matches i have seen in a damn long time.


Also i will be having words with Ross for the prank he played on the new time keeper last night (which made Angel laugh as well)


Other than that i cant really comment on the rest of the Dragon Quakenbush match and the hunter bouncer match (this is going to be the first FCW DVD i am buying next year though without a shadow of doubt)

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