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Favourite tag team since late 2002?


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I was thinking about the declining numbers of tag teams(In America) since the early 1990's, i mean heck even WCW had two tag team titles which surely must show you that they had alot of tag teams back in the day.


Anyway enough of " back in the day" as i could sit and talk about old school wrestling all day but it's never going to come back.

(Except for the Flair vs Murdoch feud which is going to happen soon.)

So i was thinking since the decline of real tag teams who has been your favourite ag team of the last three years? Now i dont want to have make shift tag teams for one match like Hogan and Michaels,Ki and American Dragon etc i want teams who have competed in the division for a good few months,and please broden your horizion don't just say the first WWE team to enter your head.



Since the Hardy Boyz,Dudleys and Edge an Captain Charisma epic rivalrey of 1999 to 2001 the WWE has been at a loss for tag teams.I'm going to name some of the teams from each company which i feel were good.


1)Los Guerreos,when these to were put together in the tag team title tournament of 2002 they instentley blended due to their years of teaming in Eddie's back garden (yard).The match's they had with Angle & Benoit and Edge and Rey Mysterio in late 2002 and early 2003 were simply amazing,and i for one am glad i got back into wrestling when this was headlining Smackdown.Then when Team Angle were brought in they embarked on perhaps there greatest feud as a tag team which lasted nearly all of 2003 and also included Tajiri(Who subsituted for Chavo who got injured).To me at least as a mark i was really pissed of when they broke up,and due to WWE's illogical booking at times i was hoping for a return of Los Gurreros up untill Eddie's death,also did i mention Eddie was a double champion at one time?(he also held the US title).


2) Team Angle-Yeah i liked these guys and in my opnion they had one of the best WWE matchs in 2003 let alone WWE tag team matchs of 2003, you'll seethat i didn't say The World's Greatest tag team as i prefered when they were trying to help Kurt Angle keep his title as part of Team Angle.Wether it was taking part in the Royal Rumble in 2003 to face Kurt at Wrestlemania as one of Paul Heyman's "continuosy plans" ,fighting Kurt's potential opponents to weaken them or tagging with Kurt in six man tag's i enjoyed them.However just as important to me was that both of them were as the Iron Shiek would say "shooters" ie they were real,they were former amatuers which just completed the team for me.


3)MNM-Yeah they may be new but they entered the WWE (like Team Angle) as a team with matching tights and entrance music,also they are the first WWE team in atleast a few years to come with a manager/valet in Melina.Melina is pretty and can act as a distaction to opposing teams,and she acts as the mouth piece whilist Nitro and Matthews are the guys with great physiques and get the job done in the ring.When they brought in pine cone face(Gillian Hall) i really did think jesus what the hell are they doing?But thankfully she's gone and they eventually got the straps of LOD2K5.




1)AMW who else?-These guys are really the last major tag team who look like they could be in it for the long hall(;) ) and stay as a team ala the Road Warriors etc (Except for a blip in 2002/03 ) for their whole carrers.They have what six tag team reigns in TNA?These guys where matching tights and not just that but they were the same clothes to the ring ie jacket, much like MNM with Gillian Hall i wasn't sure how well they were going to fare as heels with JJ and Gail Kim(:evil ) although they seem to be doing ok.The thing for AMW is that they have explored every match in TNA , for example Team Canada been done,Naturals been done, realistically after the Dudleys Boyz whose left 3LK?.Having said that i have enjoyed their matchs such as their epic six sides of steel against XXX last December amongst other matches i've seen, i just hope they go to AJPW or another Puro company to at least try it out.


2)Team 3D-When we look back in twenty years time these guys will be the crown jewels of tag team wrestling in our generation,wether they wer taking prt in barbaric matchs in ECW,putting people through tables in WWE or touring Japan in AJPW it is un questionable that they are a great tag team.In ECW they feuded within the interbred family with Dudley Dudley,Big Dick Dudley,Sign guy Dudley and Spike (Am i allowed to say Dudley?) or they caused havoc with the crowd by personally insulting them to get heat(which they got lots of) ,they held the ECW tag team titles eight times before they jamp ship to the WWF.In the WWF they were really over heels in my opnion and they took part in the first(and best) tables match in WWF history,further more they really made the table a common item in WWE during their stay there.Although by late 2001 there two year feud with The Hardyz had gotten boring,so the WWE decided to brake them up which was an idiotic idea and six months later they were reunited as a tag team .The Dudleyz kind of plondered around without direction for the rest of their WWE run (apart from a brief feud with La Resistance) and then they got released and joined TNA,the Dudleyz could be the first team to hold ECW,WWE,AJPW and NWA tag tem titles in history which is a remarkable feat.




Havanna Pitbulls-This was the immediate team that caught my eye although i don't want to say to much as i'll probably blab some crap that might not be true.The team consists of Ricky Reyes,Rocky Romero and their managed by Julies Smokes,Russ,Jack ,RavenMark or any other ROH fan please feel free to take it from there.


So who do you consider the best tag team of the last three years?and why?

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RVD and Rey Mysterio, they were innovative, totally over in every segment, exciting, two characters the audience loved, high flyers (which is good in my opinion.)


Basically i think they were the fun loved characters who were also very good workers together.

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Good post Axl :)


To me, no-ne around can touch The Pitbulls. You have the cocky Romero, who does the fancier moves, pisses the crowd off, and all round is a fantastic heel. not only that, but his work as Black Tiger has been outstanding really. Being in the tag division suited him really, as he was far from perfect, but over a period of time, he has evolved into a class singles wrestler.


Then you have Reyes. Liek I said, you have the flash Romero, and you have the complete oppositie. This guy looks like he could kick the sh*t out of you, and would, if you look at him in the wrong way. With the suplexes, and submissions it's not wonder he is being compared to Tazz, and with his new push squashing newcomers, I'm over the moon he is getting places, while Rocky is doing his thing.


And of course you have their manager. If he was in in WWE, same with Nana, the heat he would get would be fantastic. brilliant manager really. His classic promos do all the talking for me really.


No-one in TNA, RoH, or WWE will be able to touch these once they start teaming regularly again. When it happens, they will be even better, and I can't wait for that.

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The World's Greatest Tag Team were an incredibly promising team that were living up to their name until the WWE in their infinite wisdom decided to split them up. They were/are two of the best in-ring workers in the WWE in their own right and had fantastic chemistry as a tag team. They had fantastic matches with the likes of Los Guerreros and the APA but unfortunately were only together for a short period of time, so won't be remembered in the same breath as teams like the Dudleys, Edge & Christian, etc.


Apart from them, I also like MNM. Just because they have Melina.:D

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