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Ric Flair accused of assualt...


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Wrestler Ric Flair Accused Of Road Rage


CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Pro wrestler Ric Flair faces assault charges after a road rage incident on Interstate 485 in Charlotte. Another driver said Flair attacked him and his car.


The victim said he was driving on I-485 on Wednesday. He said everybody was trying to get out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday and traffic was slow.


According to police, the victim said he noticed someone behind him flashing their headlights. The victim said that's when he hit the brakes.


The man that was behind the victim, pulled along side him, police said. The victim said he immediately recognized the driver as Ric Flair.


The victim told police that Flair got out of his car, walked over to the vehicle, grabbed him by the neck and damaged his car.


Police said there are two warrants out for Ric Flair -- simple assault and damage to personal property.


Flair's attorney, Richard Finnell, said Flair is unaware of the warrants. He said Flair is in Michigan this week for a pay-per-view wrestling event.


Finnell said Flair would be back in Charlotte on Tuesday.

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Warrant issued for the arrest of Ric Flair

November 28, 2005



According to an ABC affiliate in Charlotte, NC, there has been a warrant issued for the arrest of Ric Flair. According to the source, Flair is wanted for his part in an alleged road rage incident last Wednesday on Interstate 485 in Charlotte. Check back here for more details as they come in.


Credit WWE.Com


He should be in Hospital

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