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TWOstars Xtreme TV 41 - December 1st


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The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and storylines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects.


'Carve me an Edge' by Fake Ideal starts to play as the XTV opening video plays. Images are displayed throughout the NEW title sequence:


Deadman striking the knee of The Incredible Holt

Dante Mueller with the Vampiric Embrace locked in

The formation of S.E.X.

Jimmy Redman and The Judge celebrating their tag title victory

The Black Dragon debuting

Michael Howell III stepping out of a limo

Darkstar handing a contract between Gower and Deadman

Jordi Warner promoting his book

TLA and Rob Schneider at the Lebanese Gigolo premiere

Triple V burying two jobbers

Brett Banner looking out of his hood

Shane Cross cutting a promo

The Million Dollar Man, Christopher Eagles stepping out of a limo

Evil Gringo hitting one of his multiple finishers (you pick :P)

TIH trashing Akten’s TV


Brett Banner on his knees, holding the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time




Huge pyro’s fill Wembley Arena, racing up the aisle and out from the tron before the TWOstars generic music starts up as the camera rotates around the arena, multiple shots showing screaming fans and their wacky zany home made signs







Heyman: Would you listen to this reaction Taz, we’re here in London England at the newly refurbished Wembley Arena, straight off the back of Survivor Series


Taz: And what a night it was Paul, all four championships changed hands! Can you believe that?


Heyman: Truly unbelievable Taz, and tonight I will be taking great pleasure in interviewing the man that should have become the TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion last night, Dante Mueller


Taz: That should be off the chain Paul, in fact this whole night should be


Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit fills the arena and the London crowd are instantly abrasive to what follows


Heyman: What’s going on here, we’re supposed to have a match first up!


Taz: Well he’s the boss; you must remember what that feels like Paul (Taz laughs to himself, 1-0 to Taz already this evening)


Darkstar walks through the curtain, flanked by Tom Trash and The Incredible Holt, whom has his knee heavily strapped and in a brace.


Heyman: Well after last night I for one can’t see the point in wasting any more of our time with this third rate faction.


Trash is up to his usual antics, arguing with fans as his tag team partners walks slowly, silently beside him. Darkstar is first to the ring, hopping up the ropes as his stable mates make their own way in to join him


The Londoners let the owner know exactly what they think of their own countrymen, this may be Holt’s alleged home town but there ain’t a favourable voice in the house for him


DS: Ok cut the music, I’ve got things to say and I don’t need to waste any time


A DARKSTAR SUCKS chant starts to fill the arena as the partisan crowd let their feelings know


DS: Original, real original


The chant continues much to the TWOstars Owner’s humour


DS: Well feel free to carry on chanting but I’ve got a few announcements to make. Firstly, from now on Deadman will be escorted from the monthly PPV by prison van the moment his match finishes, I’m sick and tired of that son of a bitch ruining my main events.


The crowd is for once quite receptive, the former ERE owner still hasn’t won over the TWOstars faithful


DS: Secondly thank to his actions last night, the Incredible Holt here will not be wrestling until he receives medical clearance. I will however re-iterate that once the big man wants a title ****, he can damn well have one; no one and I repeat NO ONE screws The Future


Taz: I guess the big man ain’t 100% after that sickening chair shot yesterday


The crowd still boo as the camera focuses on Holt, no emotion showing on his face


DS: Speaking of which, Barry “The Future” Gower is suspended indefinitely pending a review of his comments documented on various internet sites following Sunday’s PPV




Taz: He’s the boss Paul, he can do as he likes. And having read the comments I can’t blame him


DS: Now back to more pressing news


The TWOstars owner starts to pace around the ring


DS: As you may have seen, on Sunday we crowned a new World Heavyweight Champion (the crowd erupt, a BANNER chant starts up), yeah I get it, you like him. So anyway, in a rematch of the final pairing, tonight, Brett Banner will defend his title against the man he forced to submit, Dante Mueller


The crowd pop huge at the making of the match


Taz: WOW! That’s huge Paul!


DS: But that’s not all. On December 25th TWOstars will go interactive; TWOStars will bring you Taboo Tuesday. And the main event that night will be the World Heavyweight Champion, whoever that may be at the end of this evening, facing one of three men, chosen by you the fans


Wembley Arena is electric as the crowd feel like a kid given the keys to the candy store


Darkstar walks over to hand the microphone to Chimmel but decides against it.


DS: In fact, one more thing before I go. It’s come to my attention that in order to survive you must evolve, you must continue to grow, or get sucked into the tide. So tonight marks the start of a recruitment drive. A recruitment drive to join the premier force in sports entertainment. Tonight we, The Future shall welcome another member to its ranks.


The crowd don’t quite know how to react to the news, its announcement city here tonight


DS: So Ladies and Gentlemen, The Future are proud to welcome their latest member. He is a former World Champion, a former Tag Team Champion and has held hardcore titles in the past


Heyman: Wow! That is recruitment of some calibre from the owner of the company


DS: Please welcome, TAZ


Heyman: WHAT!


Taz: Ha ha, see you later slick


Taz puts down his headset and steps away from the booth before marching up the ring steps and into the ring where he is greeted by Darkstar and The Disciple


Heyman: What the hell is going on around here? (getting higher pitched) Seriously who is in charge!


DS: Now Taz here will be heading up the public relations side of things for The Future, we’re fed up with the bad press; we’re good people really (laughs with Trash and Taz). But most importantly, Taz will be at ringside from now on to ensure that no one interferes in our business.


Heyman: Nice a midget wrestler for a bodyguard, is this silly season or something?


DS: But before we leave, I know, in fact we all know that Mr Heyman over ther can’t be trusted to run things on his own (the camera switches to an ever reddening, ever sweating Heyman). So to ensure that this TV show is fairly called I think we need to bring out a new announcer. So, Paul Heyman’s new buddy, in fact an old one to, JOEY STYLES


Heyman: WHAT! That Janice from Friends impersonating goofball! (higher) No way! (higher still) No way!


The Wembley Arena is again on its feet as the voice of ECW walks down the aisle to generic music, Styles shakes the hands of the fans before making his way round to the announcer’s booth


DS: And that’s what we call, a wrap


Darkstar chucks the microphone down as the Future leaves the ring, fading out to a recap of Survivor Series.

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Back from the recap of Survivor Series, we see Joey Styles adjusting his headset’s microphone as he takes a seat next to Paul Heyman behind the announcer’s desk.



Heyman: Well we meet again. It’s yet another ECW reunion show. And yet another broadcast partner who used to be on my payroll.


Styles: I’ve moved over to a company whose pay cheques don’t bounce.


Heyman squirms for a second, uncharacteristically at a loss for words.


Styles: And take note that you quite rightly said “used to be”. Used to be – meaning you’re not the boss of me anymore. Remember that, Paul.


Before Heyman can retort, the speakers across Wembley arena blare out the distinctive, discordant first note of The Prodigy’s “Serial Thrilla”.


Styles: And it looks like I arrived just in time, business is about to pick up, as that music signals the arrival of the new TWOstars Heavyweight Champion.


Heyman: “Business is about to pick up”? Business is about to pick up?! With Brett Banner as the figurehead of this company, the last thing business is going to do is pick up.


The masses assembled in Wembley are on their feet to welcome the new champ with cheers. The camera pans around, lingering on fans with signs and banners for The Brute.


Brett Banner has a smile of pride and achievement on his face as he slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his ring gear and a brand new, self-promoting T-shirt, his newly won championship belt slung over his left shoulder.


Styles: If fans still care about great in-ring technical ability and tremendous heart and determination, and I think they do, then Brett Banner will be nothing but an asset to XTV as long as he holds onto that belt, Paul.


Heyman: I’m talking about business here – how many T-shirts, how many posters, how many programmes with that ugly mug on them are going to sell? If your first TWOstars pay packet isn’t quite what you expected it to be, then I point you in the direction of that man – the death of the business, Brett Banner.


Styles: T-shirts? Posters? I’m here to talk about athletic ability, courage and fire and you’re all about the merchandising? What happened to you, Heyman?


Heyman: I woke up, that’s what happened to me – I lost it all and had to claw my way back – you sure start to value the dollar when you don’t even have a pot to piss in.


Styles: Anyway, enough of this – Banner’s stepping into the ring and it looks like he has something he wants to say.


Banner raises the microphone up to his mouth to begin speaking, but pulls it away as another swell of “Banner” chants erupts. He looks around at the thousands of assembled fans, overwhelmed by this reaction.


Brett raises the microphone to his mouth again.


Banner: Well I bet you didn’t think you’d see me with this *pats belt* tonight, did you?


A ripple of cheers.


Banner: I’ve got mixed emotions about winning this title, I must say.


The crowd are quiet, not quite sure where he’s going with this.


Banner: At Survivor Series, when I held this belt for the very first time, on my knees in the middle of this ring, I couldn’t have been more proud. More elated. More overjoyed.


Every bruise, every ache, every stitch, every drop of blood I’ve spilled for this company was suddenly justified. I held in my hands the reason all that was worth it – the World Heavyweight Championship.


More cheers.


Banner: But then afterwards, back in the dressing room, it sunk in what a burden this can be. Yes I got pats on the back and people saying “congratulations” – but not as many as you might think. I felt jealous eyes burning into me – I heard bitter mumblings behind my back from people I would have assumed had the dignity to say their piece to my face.


The crowd are booing these unnamed bad sports.


Banner: So everyone wants the belt, huh? I don’t suppose that should have come as a surprise, really. So I don’t know whom I can trust anymore – I suppose that’s par for the course as well. As I used to say, sad but true.


What can I do to silence these critics? Can I change the past? No. Should I try to explain to them that not just me, but every single man on this roster has the opportunity to hold this belt if they fight hard enough and luck goes their way? ...If they’ve not figured that out already, I shan’t waste my breath.


But here’s what I can do – I can be the best champion I can be. I can be a fighting champion. That’s why, like you just heard, I’m putting this very belt on the line tonight against the man who so nearly was stood here instead of me – “The Assassin” Dante Mueller.


Quite a pop from the London crowd at the mention of this name.


Banner: Damn right you should cheer – I consider myself very lucky to have this gold when I was facing opponents of that calibre.



Heyman: Notice that he doesn’t mention how lucky he is that he didn’t actually have to beat The Incredible Holt to get that title around his waist.


Styles: It’s actually on his shoulder, and you can’t blame a guy for taking advantage of an opportunity that was presented to him, whether you think he’s worthy of it or not.


Heyman: Watch me.


Banner: That's enough from me for now. Wembley – it’s good to be back home and it’s great to be your neeeeeeeew champion!


Massive (and very cheap) pop from the amassed Londoners.


The Brute drops the mic to the mat with a thud and holds the championship belt above his head with both hands. Flashes of dozens of cameras go off as we fade to the adverts.

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Back from a highly-caffienated cheerleader, and we can see Twiggie wheeling his precious green recycling bin past various generic wrestlers and perpetual jobbers. Running up behind him a man with poorly bleached hair comes into view.


Josh Matthews: Twiggie!


Twig: WHAT!?


Josh nearly falls as he cowers from the agitated hipster.


Josh: Um, Twig... You're facing The Evil Gringo tonight, are you confident that you can win against such a high-profile opponent?


Completely ignoring the question, The Colorado Troubadour snatches the microphone in one quick motion.


Twig: You know, I was really p***ed off at No Mercy, when despite my best efforts... and althogh I was clearly the better man, Brett took the 1-2-3.


Josh: Actually, you tapped ou-


Matthews is silenced with a non-chalant, but foreceful back-hand slap to the face.


Twig: Well, it does come as some condolence that he's now the champ...


Josh: *Rubbing his face* What do you mean?


Twig: Well, after all there's no shame in being beaten by the best. But you know what...? He's not the best! You're looking at the best! I don't know what I have to do to prove it!


Josh: Maybe, winning your matches legitimately would help.


Twig: What do you mean?


Josh: Well, you're only victories over the current champ have been through cheat-


Another shot to the face, this time with a fist, and Matthews is on the ground. This draws a round of boo's from the crowd.


Twig: Sorry, I didn't catch that, but it sounded like you were agreeing with me. Still, I must be off. I've got some "meditating" to do before I beat the crap out of Evil Gringo. Turn on. Tune in. Drop out.


Twig's arrogance draws more booing from the crowd. He continues down the hall, humming "Franklin's Tower".


Twig: Roll away... Roll away the dew...


Fade to a tease of Retromark's return to action.

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Back from Retromark markout tease


The beginning of “Touched” starts to play with the voices and a light guitar rift. The arena goes dark, the only light coming from the flashing of red, green, and blue lights flashing on the entrance ramp.


JS: Who the hell?


PH: Oh Yeah! Wait till you get a load of this guy!


Some smoke starts to hover above the ground in front of the entrance. As soon as the drums kick in and the rift gets harder a hooded figure emerges from the back and stands on the entrance stage.


PH: There he is!


JS: You're excited


All lights go out, then a bright light from behind the figure silhouettes him with both arm down by his side. The light cuts out, then flashes back on to reveal the figure with both arms outstretched. Again darkness, then the main arena lights showing Shane Cross throw the hood of his vest off of his head. With all the arena lights on now Shane walks methodically to the ring.


PH: Joey Styles, bow down to you NEW role model. Shane Cross!


JS: Well, he’s getting a mic, he must have something on his mind…


Shane Cross looks over the crowd and smiles while the crowd boo.


SC: Quiet dear TWOStar’s fans. No need to be angry anymore. Brett Banner is already backstage.


JS: What? These people were about to blow the roof off the place when Banner was out here.


PH: This man knows what he’s talking about! Cheap pops are cheap pops.


The crowd boos and then a “We Want Banner” chant starts up. Shane frowns before again rasing the mic to speak.


SC: It’s happened all over again. That uncontrollable monster was finally put down and had the title taken away from him, but by who? Brett Banner? The Serial Thrilla, the Brutal One? Surely, being brutal isn’t model behavior. Although I must admit, I’ve thrilled a few ladies in my day.


Immediatley the shot is turned to a women in the crowd.


JS: If calls himself the big Shanebowski I’m calling gimmick infridgement and quitting.


PH: Does he look like some purple wearin jobber to you? That is a man of excellence!


Shane chuckles, then continues.


SC: Alas, I digress from my point. Each second Brett Banner can claim he is champion that world title gets disgraced. I am the perfect wrestler, I am the perfect person, I am the perfect contender. This can only mean one thing, I will be the perfect champion! Only someone so...phenomenal as the man that stands before you right could ever be considered a true champion. Brett Banner, you are not phenomenal, nor thrilling. You Banner, are nothing but a stepping stone.


The crowd boos heavily on the verbal attack.


JS: This guy is sure full of himself. And full of-


PH: JOEY! This isn’t ECW. This is primetime! We have verbal limits!


SC: You are the first rung on a ladder, one leading straight to immortality. One that goes beyond the glass ceiling! I’m aiming for nothing short of diamond! I can’t stand back and watch wrestling laughed upon. I can’t sit back and let people think that these so called champions are the best TWO has to offer. Because then I would be letting false information circulate. And a role model like myself doesn’t stand for lieing. Unlike everyone backstage who would willingly come out here and say they are the best!


The crowd is booing heavier than ever.


JS: I think Banner, Gringo, Holt, and Dante beg to disagree




PH: Who, who, who, and who? I’m happy you didn’t mention Shane’s name because it is a borderline sin to mention him in the same breath at those…others.


Shane has lost his cool and looks very angry.


SC: Because that would be blatant deception! It is a lie if ANYONE says they are better than me! I am the best wrestler that will ever walk this world or any other! I am the best PERSON to walk this world or any other! I am the Evolution of Execution, the Phenomenal One, the most amazing athlete in the world! Yeah, I’m that damn good!


SC: I don’t come hear flaunting my money, I don’t talk about my past achievements, and I won’t waste my time telling you about the Future, because I am Shane Cross, and I am the damn NOW.


JS: The Now? That’s original,


PH: That’s the truth!


SC: For all of you pretenders out there! For all of you who wish to try and slander my name, disgrace my legacy, or block my path. Come and try! This goes for everyone! You’re standing in the way of greatness…MOVE!


Shane takes a few deep breaths and calms himself. In moments a cocky smirk is again gracing his face.


SC: Everyone, my name his Shane Cross, and I am your new Role Model!



Cut to Zero Tolerance promo

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The camera is in the car park outside from the Zero Tolerance promo, As a gold stretched Limo pulls up, And the driver gets out to open the door, And out steps the new T.V champion, Christopher Eagles, This brings loud boos from inside the arena, Eagles with title around his waist smiles as he stops a few feet from his limo, And turns around to see 6 armed police officers standing around the limo


MDM - Just make sure NO ONE touch’s it, As this is London


This brings Eagles more heat then Manchester United playing at Arsenal



Heyman - Looks like The T.V champion is here Joey, At the home of English football, Wembley


Styles - I may not be from England Paul, But even I know this is Wembley Arena, Not Wembley Stadium


Heyman - Who cares, I cant wait to leave this dump


Styles - That’s what most the lads at ECW said behind your back


The camera now back on Eagles from the ringside area, Shows that the T.V champion is heading towards the ring area, But before he can walk through the curtains, Todd Grisham runs over to the owner of the Re-Evolution name, Who just looks up to the sky


Heyman - Even the T.V champ is sick of him


TG - Chris, How does it feel, To be the new T.V champion ?


MDM - How does it feel, How does it feel, Oh sorry you have never even had a match, So you wouldn’t know, Its feel great, I told the world I, Christopher Eagles would walk out of Survivor Series as the new T.V champion


TG - And everyone what’s to know, How do you feel about Barry Gower being suspended indefinitely ?


Eagles looks pissed off has he grabs Grisham by the shirt, And throws him up against the wall


MDM - He was my tag team partner, He is a friend, Ha ha, He was my meal ticket to the top


TG - W..W..What do you mean ?


MDM - Well, With Mickhail Mills, I was getting no where, Yeah I was getting shots, But I was just learning, But with Barry, I became a all round best wrestler, And I became the TWOstars T.V champion


TG - So you used Barry ?


MDM - Of course I did, Everyone using everyone else to get what they want, Sure money helps, But so does the number game


The T.V champion Drops Todd Grisham to the ground, As “Gets This Money” starts through the arena, As the London fans show the champ what they think of him with loud jeers and boos


Heyman - The champ shouldn’t be disrespected, He’s the champ after all


Styles - Well, He shouldn’t disrespected the English should he


As Eagles steps from behind the curtains, The pyros explode behind the new T.V Champion as he struts down the walkway to a chorus of boos and jeers, Eagles rolls in under the bottom rope and gets to his feet quickly, a sneer on his face as the crowd boo the 'Richest Man on XTV'.

MDM climbs on the turnbuckle, And starts taunting the crowd, Who in return boo and jeer him, Eagles stands there looking around at the booing crowd with a grin on his face, And rises the T.V title above his head, Which brings more heat from the crowd, Gets this money fades out, As Eagles jumps down from the middle rope


Styles - I still cant believe it Paul


Heyman - What ? That Eagles beat VVV, Last Sunday


Styles - No, The fact he cheated with VVV’s own manager


MDM places the T.V title on his right shoulder, And pulls the mic out of his pocket


MDM - So, In London England, (This brings the crowd to its feet)


Heyman - You got to love them cheap pops Joey


Styles - But when Banner did it, You just moaned


MDM - As I was saying, Chris Eagles comes here for the first time as the new T.V champion


The crowd boo the new champion, And start a mini VVV chant


MDM - And I hear you like champions, Well you liked Acid Christ (The crowd pops for the legendry former champion), Brett Banner (again the crowd pops for the current champion), And I hear you have a championship winning football team


The crowd goes wild chanting Chelsea, Chelsea


MDM - Chelsea ?


Some of the crowd can be heard singing the Chelsea song blue is the colour


MDM - Not them, The team I mean, I have done business with the owner


With this Eagles takes off his gold shirt to which the crowd boo and jeer him, As he reveals a Manchester United shirt and starts laughing, As he knows the London crowd dislikes the Manchester giants


MDM - So you don’t like United then ?


The crowd start to boo before breaking out in song




MDM - Anyway, People keep asking me about Barry Gower, Well its got NOTHING to do with ANY OF YOU, And that’s all I have to say about it


Eagles lifts the T.V title above his head and drops the mic to the ground as “Gets This Money” starts to play, Eagles leaves the ring, Only to roll back in and picks the mic back up


Heyman - The man hasn’t finished yet


Styles - How can he piss the crowd off like that


Heyman - He can do what he wants, He the T.V champion


MDM - Stop that music, Its crap, Just stop it, Just two more thing to all the people that says Chris Eagles shouldn’t be T.V champion, SCREW YOU, NOW play my NEW music


As Eagles drops the mic to the ground “Got Your Money” by ODB (Ol’ Dirty B******) starts to play, With this Eagles leaves the ring and starts to walk up the ramp holding his new title in the air as the camera fades to a replay of Banner making Dante tap to become the new World Heavyweight Champion

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Suddenly we cut back from the replay mid way through it. Eagles is laid out on the ramp, blood coating his head.


JS: Thats just outright dirty! Welcome back folks, this is what happened ehile you were away.


As Eagles drops the mic to the ground “Got Your Money” by ODB (Ol’ Dirty B******) starts to play, With this Eagles leaves the ring and starts to walk up the ramp holding his new title in the air. The crowds booing intensifies as The Dark Alliance walk down the ramp towards the ring. As they pass the new TV champion Boyo knocks the belt out of his hands and to the floor. Sickness follows up by hitting a bulldog onto Eagles, driving the rich mans head into the belt on the floor


PH: Hahahahah, only the Dark Alliance would do something that great Styles!


JS: Oh please, not 2 minutes ago you were filling your pants at Eagles. NOW you love the fact that hes been burst open! You're a sadist Paul.


PH: And to prove it I'm going to make you sit through a Dominator match after the show!


JS: I take it back, you are a monster!


Meanwhile in the ring Boyo has managed to get hold of a microphone while Sickness sits on a turnbuckle facing the crowd. But for some reason Sickness isnt blinking!


Boyo: Sorry about that Mr Eagles, but we have a point to make and being a worthless champion like the Tv champ is only going to make us angry. You see boys and girls Mr Sickness here feels wronged. Not only is Mr sickness the most sadisctic wrestler about, but hes also far and away the most talanted. Mr banner, you got lucky when you beat Sickness in that Over the Top Rope Challange on Xtreme TV......Mr Sickness eliminated you at the start


PH: True.


JS: Shame the bell hadnt rang to begin the match paul.


Boyo: Mr Sickness also had you pinned for WAYYYY beyond 3.


PH: True again.


JS: But pinfalls dont count in a Battle Royal.


Boyo: In fact Mr Banner, you were just outclassed in all ways. Mr Banner, Sickness challanges you to a match at Zero Tolerance for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!


The crowd pop HUGE at the challange.


Gun in Hand by Stutterfly starts to play and the pop from the crowd quickly becomes a boo!


PH: I love this guy.


The flourescant lights all go green, every TWOTron screen has an image of money falling while cutting to pictures of the "You're Fired" (finishing move). Sutterfly's 'Gun in Hand' plays. Two spark showers start flowing on either side of the TWOtron. Niles comes out and rolls out a long red carpet going pretty far down the entrance ramp. Then Howel comes out onto the red carpet, accompanied by his butler Niles.


JS: Well we have one jackass interupting another jackass....wonder which ones the biggest jackass of them all?


PH: How much wood could a what sorry Joey?


The music fades out.


MHIII: Woah woah woah there Mr Boyo. I Michael Howell the Third pinned Banner a matter of days ago! As holding a LEGITIMATE pinfall victory over the champion I, lets be honest, am a far superior athleate than Sickness there. I mean, look at him drooling on that turnbuckle. And WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING TO THAT DOLL???


The camera quickly turns to Sickness who is investigating the Official TWOStars Action Figure of Mamacita to check if its....anatomicly correct! The crowd are unsure if they should laugh or boo.........


Boyo: Mr Sickness is a misunderstood soul.


MHIII: Misunderstood? The guys a fruitcake. Hes a kitten short of a litter, an egg short of an omlette! Hes so round the twist he can see himself coming, hes one


Boyo: Yes we get your point, however Mr Sickness is still going to come down there and beat you like a Leeds United supporter at a Manchester United game!


A low rumbling sound comes from the crowd as they anticipate the brawl to follow.


MHII: You think yourself and Sickness can beat me and Niles?


Boyo: Mr Sickness could do that alone! I am just the finisher, the icing on the cake.


MHIII: Boyo........its on.


As Howell and Niles start towards the ring Break Stuff starts to play.


JS: NOW what?


PH: hahahaha, another one of my favorites!


The music fades out as Darkstar appears on the TWOTron.


DS: You want to fight, fine! just dont try to hijack my show with your little arguments! Next week it will be a tag team match between The Dark Alliance and the team of Michael Howell the Third and Niles. In fact no, scrap that. It will be Michael Howell the Third, Niles and Twiggie against The Dark Alliance and DEADMAN!


The crowd pop HUGE for this statement.


DS: Now get out of my ring gentlemen. We have a match due soon.


PH: I love it Joey, my tag team and my former buisness partner all on the same team for one night!


JS: I wonder why Darkstar chose to add Twiggie and Deadman to the mix?


PH: Becouse its a dream match, now shut up and read your bible.


Cut to a DTTAH advert.

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Back from the DTTAH ad, staright to The Dark Alliance locker room. Bloody hell, it's Dark Alliance overload...


In the same amount of time it took some gravelly voiced husk of a man to say "Whatever you do, please...don't try this at home!" and a few clips of various people saying things like:

*Arkham: How do you fall off a 20 foot ladder?!!"

*Deadman: I thought Barry might have been...knocked out

*Boyo: I ruptured his neck and it fragmented...into his...spinal column

*Jaxx: Alriiiiight


...Boyo has quickly managed to get changed into a Santa outfit AND turn the Dark Alliance locker room into a grotto, complete with TWOStars very own Junior division dressed up as elves.


The crowd boo. Sickness is dressed up in a Spiderman outfit.


Boyo: Ho ho ho, and what's your name, Mr little boy?


Sickness scribbles something and shows it to Santa Boyo and then shows the camera. He has scrawled "Sickness"...


Boyo: Ho ho ho Mr Sickness, and have you been a good boy this year?


Sickness scribbles something else on his pad, shows it to Santa Boyo and then the camera. It reads, "No, not really".


Santa Boyo chuckles.


Boyo: Ho ho ho well I wouldn't worry about that, Mr Sickness! Tell Mr Santa what you'd like for Mr Christmas.


Sickness thinks for a few seconds and scribbles something down on a fresh page of his pad, shows it to Santa Boyo (who smirks), before showing it to the camera...




The crowd pop and boo at this.


Boyo: Ho ho ho!! What a splendid idea Mr Sickness. But if Mr Santa gets you a Flaming Table for Christmas then you've got promise to share it with your good friend Mr Boyo who's always looking out for you and rooting you on.


The crowd boo, Santa Boyo smirks, and Sickness nods happily.


Boyo: And do you promise to play nicely against the other Mr Children when they want to play, too?


Sickness shakes his head. The crowd boo.


Boyo: Ho ho ho, not to worry! But seeing as it's Christmas and Christmas is the time for sharing. Tell me, Mr Sickness, who are you and Mr Boyo going to share your Flaming Table with?


Sickness has a good long think about it, shrugs his shoulders and scribbles it down on a piece of paper, then shows it to Santa Boyo, who smirks, and then shows it to the camera.


It reads: ANY WUN.


Sickness then breaks out into a broken toothed, bloody gummed smile as the crowd boo and the scene fades out.

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We're back in the SEX dressing room, this raises a cheer after all of the recent booing at the Dark Alliance, but who can blame them for booing at the dastardly team.


Arkham is sat on the sofa with a confused look on his face, Jaxx is seen doing situps in his skimpy outfit.


Michael: Look, do I have to explain the tag match again? It's already happened and we didn't win.


Arkham: Me not understand it though.


Michael: Look, it was simple...


?: Ahem, if you will please let the educated member of the group explain.


Michael: Who said that?


Suddenly Arkham raises his right hand from behind the side of the sofa, it has a glove puppet on it in a doctor's outfit - Arkham doesn't seem to notice.


Michael: What the hell is that?


Arkham looks around and seems to notice the puppet for the first time.


Arkham: Hello Doctor, me not know you here today.


Jaxx stops his situps and looks interested.


Jaxx: A doctor? Allllriiiiight.


Michael: Hang on, Doctor?


Arkham: Doctor HandSolo, this Micha...


HandSolo: Yes, I know who Mr Cole is, and I am also aquainted with Mr Jaxx.


While the puppet is talking, Arkham looks at him intently, he obviously isn't doing a ventriloquist act with it as his mouth is closed.


Jaxx: Awww, it's only a puppet, I was hoping for a real doctor.


Arkham: He real doctor, he my doctor.


Michael: THAT is your doctor?


HandSolo: In fact I am - I have helped him along tremendously.


Michael: Wow, he must have been bad.


HandSolo: You have absolutely no idea.


Arkham looks up at Cole with a wide-eyed look on his face, Cole just seems to be shaking his head in dis-belief.

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The camera returns to the ring where Tony Chimell is standing, microphone in hand looking at a piece of paper.


TC: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a No Holds Barred match, where the loser will be banished from TWOStars for one year.


JS: Well we witnessed it last night, the turn of events during the classic Survivor Series match, where Jordi Warner walked out forfeiting his half of the tag title, and hasn’t been heard from since.


PH: I’m not surprised, Id be sick of having The Judge as a tag partner too


JS: Well, be that as it may the situation is going to be resolved once and for all tonight as The Judge and Jordi Warner clash for the final time in a retirement match.


Haunted plays across the PA as the crowd come to its feet.


TC: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Redman, weighing in at 275lbs, from Atlanta Georgia he is The Judge.


The Judge steps through the curtain, followed by The Prototype. They both simultaneously lift their tag team titles into the air, triggering a massive pyro explosion behind them.


JS: The Judge dressed for business tonight and....


PH: Wait a second...


JS: What is it?


PH: Something’s not right here, isn’t Jordi Warner usually in the ring?


JS: Hey your right, maybe he will surprise us this evening, he will want to use every mental strategy to get the edge in this match if wants to keep his job.


Haunted fades out and The Judge tests the ropes, before punching the air, getting hyped for the match.


All Hail Me plays a cross the PA as the crowd start to boo heavily.


JS: That’s right tonight will see the end of this rivalry and the mind games these two have put each other through.


the music continues to play as The Judge and Jimmy Redman continue to wait in the ring.


PH: Warner is certainly taking his time, I thought these guys wanted to kill each other?


The Judge walks over to Tony Chimel who shrugs his shoulders.


JS: Well this isn’t right!


PH: Did he get lost?


The music fades out as the crowd start to boo even louder.


JS: And this sold out arena isn’t happy, they paid to see blood, and they would have got it in this match!


The Judge shakes his head and beckons to leave when the image of Jordi Warner appears on the titan tron.


PH: What the hell is this?


Warner: Hey there Judge, hope your not feeling too banged up after the beating Sickness gave you two last Sunday.


JS: Oh what a jerk!


Warner: Now about this little party you had planned, well I’m afraid I cant attend, so sorry, but I felt there was no point as I embarrassed you enough last Sunday. So me and Tiffany here, we are going to take our own vacation. Oh and one last thing Judge, you haven’t seen the last of me. I will accept that challenge, but as you well know, it will be on my terms and on my time. So let that fear rest in the back of your mind, because you never know when I will return and take you out. (laughs out loud as the screen fades to black)


PH: What a clever guy.


JS: Are you kidding me? He chickened out of this fight! Because he knew he was getting a beating that was long overdue!


The Judge points and shouts at the screen before stepping though the ropes, whilst Redman attempts to calm him down


Climbing up the Walls suddenly plays


PH: Now what?


Boyo and Sickness appear on the ramp


JS: The jackass has a microphone!


Boyo: Excuse me ladies but, I felt the intrusion was necessary , you see Mr Sickness and I were talking in the back and we have decided that we want those tag team belts. So you have two choices, one you experience déjà vu as Sickness and I beat the hell out you two again as we take those belts, or you can lay down and hand them over like the bitches that you are.


The Judge and The Prototype look at each other and nod before dashing up the ramp, as a four man brawl erupts.


JS: Some body call the riot squad because, we have a fight on our hands.


PH: The Dark Alliance, The Judge and Jimmy Redman are fighting it out outside the ring, this is gonna get ugly.


Break Stuff suddenly plays.


JS: Uh oh, it’s the boss!


Darkstar emerges through the entrance looking furious.


Darkstar: Hey!!! Since you want to fight so bad, then fine so be it tonight it will be The Judge and Jimmy Redman defending their tag team titles against The Dark Alliance, now get out of my ring I have a show to run.


JS: Darkstar laying down the law, we have a tag team title match tonight!


Boyo and Sickness walk up the rampway exchanging words with Redman and The Judge who remain in the ring.


PH: This is going to be brutal!


Cut to Zero Tolerance video.

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Back from Zero Tolerance video as we return to ringside


HEYMAN: Well Joey, it’s time for me to conduct an interview. So many questions… So little time!


Heyman throws down his headset and takes a microphone from Tony Chimel, making his way up the ring steps, patented leather cloak flowing behind the former ECW owner


STYLES: Finally, some God damn peace and quiet


HEYMAN: (thumping the top of the mic) Is this thing on?


He gets the signal from the timekeeper


HEYMAN: Right… This past Sunday at Survivor Series, we here in TWOstars saw drama, brutality, violence and titles change hands. And there is one man who I am about to interview that was the deciding factor in one of those changes. Ladies and Gentlemen… The brains behind the now FORMER Television Champion………… Daaaaaave Meltzer!


Some terrible generic music kicks in as Da Meltz bursts through the curtain to a chorus of boos from the fans inside the Wembley Arena


STYLES: I may not be the most qualified person to comment on this guy, but from what I’ve heard, and from what I can hear right now… He’s a jackass


Meltz slides in underneath the bottom rope and goes straight over to shake hands with the evil genius… The terrible music fades out. The London crowd continue with their thunderous jeers


HEYMAN: Now, now people. Show some respect!


This incites the fans even more


Meltzer takes the mic from Paul E.


MELTZ: He said shut the hell up and show me some damn respect!


STYLES: Maybe they’ll pipe down when you give us some answers!


MELTZ: Just so I don’t have to stay in this piece of (beep) city for longer than I have to; I’m gonna give you the answers you want. Ever since Sunday at Survivor Series, mothers, fathers, children… Hell! Even the grandparents have asked me… “Mr Meltzer, why?” Why? Why!? It should be plain to see why! Anyone with a single brain cell could see just exactly why Vengeance held that title since August!…………… ME! IT WAS MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Without me he never would have beaten the likes of Atken, Dante and Arkham! Were it not for some miracle that happened later on that night, I could be standing here before you telling you how much of a broken man the so called “Violence Bearer” will become. It’s simple… Triple V is NOTHING without Da Meltz!


STYLES: I think he was proven wrong right there when Vengeance ended up walking out of the Pay Per View with the United States Championship


HEYMAN: Oh that’s good! That’s good! But one other thing… Why choose Survivor Series?


MELTZ: With me, it was nothing to do with fame, nothing to do with prestige, nothing even to do with titles. Why do you think I labelled myself Vinnie’s “championship guidance counsellor”? To have something to be recognised by? Hell no! Just another easy way to mislead the champ…It was simply… all about the money. As much money as Vengeance made me, none of it could have compared to what a certain man put on the table for me to turn the tides


HEYMAN: By that I assume you’re eluding to the pay off from Chris Eagles?


MELTZ: You want me to let you all in a little secret here? MDM came to me the night Vinnie won the Television title, coincidentally the same night Eagles failed to win the World Heavyweight Title inside the Elimination Chamber… At Summerslam. He was rightfully sick and tired of the crap he was taking here in TWOstars… And asked me to come along and lend a hand…


The crowd begin to jeer even louder (in stages of course, as some work the whole thing out faster than others)


MELTZ: That’s right! I led Vinnie Vengeance blind, right from the very start! Right from the first XTV that he appeared on as the Television Champion! All I did was wait for him to beat everyone that was thrown at him. Vengeance says he’s the master of leading people into a false sense of security… Seems that’s not the only title I took from him this past Sunday!


HEYMAN: Mr Meltzer, you are truly a genius! So will you be guiding Eagles in his undoubted, long and successful title reign?


MELTZ: You know what? I made so much money off that loser Vengeance, and even more from MDM at Survivor Series, that I don’t even need to be here. I don’t want anything to do with Triple V, I don’t want anything to do with Eagles and I sure as hell don’t want anything to do with TWOstars and their fans


STYLES: Good! Get the hell out of here you Son of a (beep)!!!


MELTZ: So with that, I say…


All of a sudden, the lights begin to flicker inside Wembley Arena



The TWOtron begins to flicker also



The following words appear on the screen…




















The lights turn back on inside the arena. Meltzer is still frozen facing the TWOtron


STYLES: It’s Vengeance! The Violence Bearer is here! And he’s got that crumpled chair from Survivor Series in his hands!


The wild eruption from the audience prompts Meltzer to know that something is up. He slowly turns around, seeing a mightily pissed off Triple V, dented chair in his possession… He attempts to run for it



STYLES: Vengeance has got Meltzer!


Vinnie has a tight grab on the collar of the shirt. He brings him in to just and inch from his face, throwing down the chair on the canvas… He pulls the head of Da Meltz between his legs, hooking the arms and looks out towards the crowd…


By this time, Heyman has bailed, scampering over behind the announce table and cautiously putting his head set on


STYLES: He’s got him up!!!






A deafening chant of Holy Sh*t echoes throughout Wembley Arena


STYLES: Violent Behaviour onto the chair!


HEYMAN: Security! Good damn it! We need Security!


With that, 4 rather tubby English Policemen mince down to ringside, complete with hat and truncheon


HEYMAN: Thank God! England’s finest


They simultaneously enter the ring as Vengeance turns around with Meltzer laying at his feet in a crimson mass, They ready themselves to take the Violence Bearer down with their long black instruments, but make one look at the pool of blood streaming from the head of the internet journalist


HEYMAN: Where the hell are you going!? Get back here!


Obviously not wanting any part of the new United States Champion, all four policemen exit with a hurry


STYLES: Here deserves his retribution Paul!


The camera stays locked on the sadistic look on the face of Vengeance. Vinnie strikes his wide chest spread pose as “Violence Fetish” hits the PA system inside the Wembley Arena. Triple V grabs one arm of the lifeless Meltzer and drags him over to the apron


STYLES: Something tells me he isn’t done with him yet!


Vinnie steps over the tope rope and proceeds to drag the bloodied Meltzer up the entrance ramp


STYLES: Where’s he taking him!? One things for sure, Da Meltz is in for a long, long night


We cut a clip of Arkham’s guest appearance on Sesame Street

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The light goes out of the TWO arena as the intro "Lonely World" by Limp Bizkit starts playing.

A glowing green mask rises from the ground. The Lonely Avenger continues his ascendance, head bowed down, hands crossed over his shoulders, until he arrives to ground level.


Few seconds pass before he raises his hands suddenly, green flames growing from both sides as the chorus of Lonely World echoes loudly in the arena.


As his hands go down, the flames die while a green circle of light lights the entrance.


The Masked Truth walks to the ring and slides in from the bottom rope towards the center of the ring.


He stands there while slowly raising his hands, to brutally lower them once they are up. green flames explode from all four turnbuckles as the lights come back to the TWO arena and the music fades away.


TC: From the Lonely Valley, weighing 250 Pounds The Lonely Avenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JS: Here he comes The Lonely Avenger, 2 weeks ago right here on Xtreme TV lost to Black Dragon, tonight he gets the chance to beat Dragon but this time they is a third man in the equation Keith Jaxx


PE: Yes there is Jaxx the former United States champion, this should be a solid Triple Threat match



The lights fade and "My Friend Of Misery", plays loud out of the speakers, and a green lasers flash on the stage and Black Dragon comes out and on to the stage, he rush to one side and salutes the crowd, and then rushes to the other side to salute the crowd. Black Dragon jogs down the ramp and climbs the top rope, where he lifts his arms and a big explosion goes off above the ring and Black Dragons jumps in the ring, ready for battle. The music fades


TC: And his opponent from San Diego, California weighing 187 Pounds Black Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JS: Black Dragon so far undefeated in TWO Stars, he beat Lonely Avenger two weeks ago now he faces an even tougher test in Lonely Avenger and Keith Jaxx


PE: Oh yeah, remember people the rules are all three men in the ring at the same time, the first man to score either a pinfall or submission is the winner


“Wild Boys” by Duran Duran plays out of the speakers


JS: Here comes Jaxx!!!!!


Keith Jaxx sprints down the ring wasting no time, he is accompanied by Michael Cole who is carrying the dildo microphone, before Cole can get all the way down the ramp the referee stops Cole and orders him to go back much to the anger of Jaxx


JS: The referee sending Michael Cole to the back


PE: Well good, Cole is a nuisance at ringside


JS: Cole wouldn’t do anything; he’s just out here to talk into the microphone


PE: Exactly a nuisance anyway Keith Jaxx a former TWO United States champion and a member of S.E.X, but he’s out here on his own tonight


TC: And the opponent from Quahog Rhode Island, weighing in at 204 Pounds, he is a member of Sports Entertainment Xtreme


JS: Get ready for what should be a hell of a match Paul


PE: Yes three world-class athletes going at it


The referee checks the boots and the kneepads of the wrestlers as a big S.E.X chant starts up from the crowd


JS: Jaxx would appear to be the crowd favourite going in


Ding! Ding! Ding!


PE: Here we go, this Triple Threat match is under way


Black Dragon & Lonely Avenger lock up to begin the match, Avenger powers Dragon into the corner but Dragon counters it, Jaxx then comes over and waist lock take downs Black Dragon to the mat and starts striking Avenger in the corner


JS: Jaxx getting stuck in


Black Dragon gets back up and walks over to the corner, he grabs Jaxx by the hair and throws him to the mat


PE: Looks like Black Dragon & Keith Jaxx disagreeing on who works over Lonely Avenger


Black Dragon and Keith Jaxx begin a shoving match in the ring however this gives Avenger time to recover and he comes out and knocks both men down with a running clothesline


JS: That’s the thing with these triple threats, you’re concentrating on one guy but you sometimes forget about the third man that is exactly what Black Dragon & Keith Jaxx just did


PE: I hear Keith likes to concentrate men a lot


JS: Oh would you be serious Paul and call the match?


Lonely Avenger picks up Keith Jaxx and throws him in the corner, he then picks up Black Dragon and throws him in the opposite corner


PE: The Lonely Avenger with both men in a corner


Avenger stands in the centre of the ring then turns around and looks in Jaxx’s direction, he then runs at him and hits him with a stinger splash


JS: Oh the stinger splash by a 250-pound man, that’s got to hurt and Dragon is still in the corner


Avenger turns in Black Dragon’s direction and comes at him with a sting splash


PE: And it’s the biggest man in this match The Lonely Avenger dominating the early going on this match


Keith Jaxx is the first of the two to get to his feet where Lonely Avenger meets him and hooks him up for a suplex


JS: A suplex coming up


Lonely Avenger picks Jaxx up for a suplex and drops him right down on top of Black Dragon’s chest


PE: Oh Lonely Avenger suplexed Jaxx right on top of Black Dragon’s chest and Black Dragon is writing in pain


Black Dragon rolls to the edge of the ring where Avenger kicks him out the ring leaving him one-on-one with Jaxx


PE: So Black Dragon temporarily out of this one, leaving Jaxx against Avenger


Avenger and Jaxx get back to their feet where Avenger hits him with a stiff elbow, then throws him off the ropes, where Jaxx ducks a clothesline attempt, then comes back off the ropes and hits a flying forearm which rocks Avenger, Jaxx then hits a drop kick knocking the big man off his feet


JS: Jaxx knocking Lonely Avenger down with a drop kick but look Black Dragon is coming back on the apron


Jaxx spots Black Dragon so he goes for a punch but Dragon fires the first shot in the gut then springboards himself over the top rope over Jaxx and catches him in a sunset flip











Jaxx kicks out


JS: Jaxx kicking out of that early attempt at a win


Black Dragon gets to his feet but is met with a big boot by Lonely Avenger


PE: Oh Black Dragon stunned by that boot to the fact


Lonely Avenger grabs Black Dragon by the throat to set up a choke slam but he then spots Keith Jaxx getting back to his feet and grabs him by the throat too


JS: You don’t think he can choke slam both men can you?


PE: Looks like we’re going to find out Joey


Before Lonely Avenger can hit the double choke slam both Dragon & Jaxx elbow him in the head, they both pick him up for a double suplex


JS: Jaxx & Dragon escaping that move and put Avenger down


With Avenger down Black Dragon hits a high leg drop, then Jaxx follows up with driving elbow to he mush


PE: Come on this is blatant double-teaming by Keith Jaxx & Black Dragon


JS: Well, I don’t think they is a rule saying they can’t double team and besides in my mind it’s smart strategy, take out the biggest man


PE: You can call it what you want, everyone knows it’s blatant double-teaming



Jaxx & Dragon pick up Avenger and throw him to the corner; Dragon however climbs the top rope


JS: Black Dragon going up, what are they going to do here?


Keith Jaxx goes over the corner where Lonely Avenger is in and climbs the second rope he then connects with a monkey flip out the corner, Black Dragon then comes off the top rope with a big splash and gets a pin














Keith Jaxx pulls Black Dragon off


PE: Ha! I knew it Joey; these guys couldn’t stay on the same page for long


JS: Absolutely both guys egos getting in the way there, they teamed up until it become time to decide who gets the pin


Black Dragon and Keith Jaxx shout at each other in the centre of the ring Black Dragon fires the first left hand shot, Jaxx fires back with a spinning knife hand chop, Black Dragon then retaliates with a stiff chop of his own, as this exchange is going on Lonely Avenger begins to rise to his feet however he then realises the two guys are concentrating on each other instead of him then drops back down to the met


PE: Oh Lonely Avenger playing possum


Jaxx & Dragon continue their chop battle, until Black Dragon begins to get the better, he then throws Jaxx off the ropes who then comes back off and leap frogs Black Dragon then drops to his stomach, Black Dragon jumps over him and comes off the ropes where Jaxx catches him with a swift arm drag


JS: Wow what a quick arm drag by Jaxx, Black Dragon never saw that coming


As Black Dragon gets to his feet Jaxx goes for a hip toss, however it is blocked by Black Dragon, he then turns it into a backslide attempt with both men struggling to get the other down


PE: Both men trying to get his back slide here


Lonely Avenger seizes the opportunity to get back into he comes off the ropes and shoulder blocks both men causing them both to tumble to the mat


JS: Avenger seizing that opportunity


Loneliness Itself, walks over to Black Dragon and kicks him in the face then does the same to Jaxx


PE: I bet Dragon & Jaxx wish they had kept on working together now


Lonely Avenger decides to concentrate on Black Dragon, he shoves him in the corner and his 3 spears in the corner, Jaxx then goes up behind and puts his hand on Avenger’s arse provoking a laugh from the crowd


JS: You know a major part of Jaxx’s success is down to his ability to get a psychological advantage over his opponents


An angry Avenger runs at Jaxx who catches him with snap kick to the stomach then runs off the ropes and nails a running bulldog, he then climbs to the top rope


PE: Jaxx climbing the top rope, what is he going to do?


Black Dragon goes over pushes Jaxx off the top rope and Jaxx hits the guardrail


JS: Oh Jaxx forgot about Black Dragon there


PE: He did and now Jaxx is temporarily out of commission


Black Dragon then climbs top rope and comes off with a cross body block on Lonely Avenger who then rolls over into a pin















JS: Lonely Avenger almost had him there


PE: Almost but not quite


Both men get back to a vertical base and Black Dragon knocks down Avenger with a drop sault and follows up with a standing moon sault











Lonely Avenger kicks out


PE: Only two


Black Dragon climbs the second and goes off with an attempted hurricanerana but Lonely Avenger catches him and stuns with him a viscous power bomb


JS: Oh Black Dragon had the wind knocked out of him right there


Lonely Avenger goes to Black Dragon’s legs and attempts to hook on a Boston Crab but Dragon starts to fight out of but in the end Avenger overpowers and puts him in the punishing hold


PE: Oh the Boston Crab is on this could be it


JS: It sure could Paul, one of the most brutal submissions moves in the business


Avenger cranks up the pressure, Black Dragon tries to fight to the ropes but can’t get there


PE: He can’t make it Styles, this one is history


Black Dragon tries again but only gets close, however Jaxx from the outside slides under the bottom rope to grab Dragon’s hand so he doesn’t tap out


JS: Keith Jaxx making a big save there, it looked like Black Dragon was about to tap out


Jaxx kicks Avenger in the back of the head causing him to release the hold


JS: The hold is broken that was really close


Keith Jaxx goes into his tights and pulls out Mr Jocko


PE: Oh my god it’s Mr Jocko and this crowd are going wild


JS: Not Mr Jocko


Jaxx puts the Jocko Claw on Black Dragon


PE: Oh it’s on this one is over


Mr Jocko is locked in but before it can do a great deal of damage Lonely Avenger breaks it up


JS: Avenger saving Dragon from sure defeat there


Avenger stamps on Mr Jocko


PE: Avenger going after that Jocko hand, he doesn’t want that deadly hold on him


JS: He certainly does not Paul, just look at Black Dragon he is out of it


Lonely Avenger stomps on his hand two more times Jaxx fires back with a kick to the chest; he takes the chance to put Mr Jocko back down his tights


PE: Looks like Mr Jocko is heading back in Jaxx’s tights


JS: Bye Jocko


PE: Oh my god, you’re saying bye to a god damn Jock Strop


JS: Don’t let Jaxx’s here you say that he might come over and hit you

PE: Hit me? He’s more likely to kiss me than hit me


JS: Oh come on Paul, Jaxx may bat for the other team but I don’t think he would want to kiss you


PE: What is that supposed to mean?


With Jaxx in the corner Lonely Avenger runs at him but Jaxx is able to move out the way-causing Avenger to go in the corner, as he stumbles out the corner Jaxx rolls him up for a very dodgy looking pin





PE: Oh look at this pin









Avenger is able to kick out


Meanwhile Keith Jaxx notices that Black Dragon is beginning to get back to his feet and knocks him right back down the jumping spin kick


JS: Black Dragon knocked right down


Jaxx picks Black Dragon and throws him over the top rope but Dragon is able to grab onto the top rope then elevates himself back up on the way catching Jaxx in a head scissors with Jaxx having a big smile on his face


PE: Oh look at this Jaxx likes that


Black Dragon takes Keith Jaxx and head scissors him over the top rope with Dragon sat on the apron


JS: I’m not sure he liked that though


Black Dragon stands up on the apron and signals to the crowd that he is going to do a high-risk move


JS: High risk move coming up


As Black Dragon takes a step he is caught by an elbow in the back of the head by Lonely Avenger inside the ring, which causes Dragon to fall off the apron-landing close by Jaxx


JS: Again Black Dragon forgetting about Lonely Avenger there now both Black Dragon & Keith Jaxx on the outside and Lonely Avenger standing tall in the ring


Lonely Avenger begins to climb the turnbuckle


PE: Wait a minute


JS: No way! That is a 250-pound man


Lonely Avenger comes off the top rope to the outside with a flying clothesline taking both Black Dragon & Jaxx out the crowd “holy ****”


PE: I agree with the fans Joey


JS: I do too Paul, what a sight


All three men are laid out on the outside and the ref doesn’t know what to do, luckily seconds later Lonely Avenger begins to stir


JS: Avenger getting back up


Lonely Avenger picks up Jaxx and throws him back in the ring; he then throws Black Dragon into the ring he grabs Black Dragon by the throat and picks him up and drills him with a choke slam


PE: Black Dragon got choke slammed


Instead of going for the pin Avenger goes over and grabs Jaxx by the throat


JS: He’s going to choke slam Jaxx as well


Before Avenger is able to get Jaxx up kicks him in the nuts


PE: Hey, that’s an illegal


JS: No D.Q in a triple threat match


PE: What?


Jaxx hits Lonely Avenger with a back kick then knocks him down with DDT, Jaxx then goes to the apron


JS: Is he going to go for the Catapult?


From the apron Jaxx launches himself over the top rope and lands with the Catapult

















Black Dragon dives in to make the save


PE: Black Dragon made an important save, Avenger was beat


Black Dragon signals for a shining wizard


JS: Shining wizard coming up but who’s going to get it?


PE: First guy to get to their knees I guess


Jaxx starts to get up and just like Black Dragon knocks Jaxx out with a shining wizard which he follows up with a lion sault


JS: The lion sault, this one is over














At the last moment Lonely Avenger pulls Black Dragon off the pin


PE: Another close call


Lonely Avenger throws Black Dragon over the top rope leaving him in the ring with Keith Jaxx


JS: It’s now Lonely Avenger against Keith Jaxx for the time been


Jaxx gets back to a vertical base and he and Avenger trades right and lefts but Avenger ducks a left from Jaxx and puts him in a sleeper hold


PE: Avenger has the sleeper on, this could be it


Avenger wraps his legs around Jaxx and takes him down trapping him in the sleeping choke


JS: Oh no, he’s turned it into a sleeping choke, Jaxx has nowhere to go


Jaxx screams out in pain as he frantically reaches out for a rope but is nowhere near a rope


PE: It’s got to be over! If Jaxx doesn’t tap out then he will surely pass out


Keith Jaxx begins to fade away, the referee drops his arm


PE: If it drops three times it is over Joey


The referee drops Jaxx’s arm a second time


JS: If that arm drops one more time it is over people


The referee drops Jaxx’s arm a third time but he is able to keep it up but is still unable to break the hold


PE: Jaxx is still in it but for how long?


Keith Jaxx starts turning blue from the move but what neither man see is Black Dragon climbing the top rope


JS: Wait a minute there is Dragon, Lonely Avenger doesn’t see it



Black Dragon comes off the top rope with a moon sault landing on both men breaking up Avenger’s hold


PE: What a back and forth match this is, all three men giving it their all


All three men are down on the mat but moments later Black Dragon starts pulling himself up with the help of the ropes


JS: Black Dragon getting back to his feet first who is he going to go after?


Black Dragon cuts his throat signalling the Dragon Clutch and locks it on Lonely Avenger


PE: The Dragon Clutch is on; Black Dragon is moments away from victory


Lonely Avenger is able to get to the ropes however


JS: No Avenger was close to the ropes and used his impressive reach to get the ropes

Black Dragon is able to drag Lonely Avenger away from the ropes to the centre of the ring


PE: Look at this Avenger is in the centre of the ring, he has nowhere to go


Black Dragon cranks up the pressure and Lonely Avenger lets out a big scream but is unable to break the hold


JS: He’s got to tap


The Lonely Avenger starts to fade when out of nowhere Jaxx knocks Black Dragon off the move with a double front kick


PE: Out of nowhere came Jaxx with that double front kick, I think I just saw a tooth go flying


JS: What an important save, that is the closet we have had to a winner


Jaxx pins Black Dragon













Black Dragon has enough to get a leg on the bottom rope


PE: Black Dragon had enough to get a foot on the rope, what is it going to take to get a winner here?


JS: I have no idea Paul, it’s amazing these guys can still go


All three men are down as the crowd give them a standing ovation


PE: The crowd showing their appreciation for this contest


Keith Jaxx is the first man to get to a vertical base slowly using the ropes, he then starts climbing the top rope


JS: Jaxx is going to end it with the Harlem Hangover


PE: But who is he going to aim for?


Keith Jaxx comes off the Harlem Hangover in Black Dragon’s direction but Dragon moves out the way at the last moment causing Jaxx to hit the hard canvas


JS: Jaxx aiming for Black Dragon but instead he gets canvas


PE: Had he hit the move it would have been over, if the ref didn’t kick Michael Cole he could have warned Jaxx Dragon was going to move


Lonely Avenger then starts getting back to a vertical base closely followed by Black Dragon


JS: With Keith Jaxx down and hurt it is down to Black Dragon and Lonely Avenger


Black Dragon and Lonely Avenger start trading blows in the centre of the ring, Avenger begins winning the exchange, he then throws Black Dragon to the corner but Dragon does a Spiderman like jump on the top rope, he comes back off with a moon sault but Lonely Avenger catches him in the position for The Punisher


PE: Oh Lonely Avenger caught him


JS: If he nails The Punisher this one is done


The Lonely Avenger plants Black Dragon in the mat with The Punisher


JS: He got it! He got it!


PE: Goodnight Irene











PE: Yes it is! The Lonely Avenger wins it


TC: The winner of this match The Lonely Avenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Lonely World” by Limp Bizkit plays on the TWO sound speakers and the referee raises Lonely Avenger’s hand


JS: Lonely Avenger the winner folks lets take a look at this


Replay of the finish is shown


JS: Here we go Avenger throws Black Dragon in the corner but Black Dragon showing his athletic ability by doing a Spiderman like jump, he comes off with a moon sault but not Avenger catches him here it is The Punisher, nobody gets up from that and it’s over


Lonely Avenger slides under the bottom rope and grabs the microphone from Tony Chimmel


JS: Avenger with the mic


TLA: I think tonight, I proved I am worthy of a shot at the United States Title so Vinnie Vengeance if you’ve got any balls you’ll give me a title shot, you’ll give me it, and when you do I’ll beat your ass and become the new TWO United States Champion!


Lonely Avenger drops the mic and starts to walk back up the ramp


PE: How Lonely Avenger laying out a challenge to the United States Champion


JS: Well he proved tonight he deserves one


We fade to a commercial break as we see Avenger walking through the curtain

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We come back from Keith Jaxx's Wild Boys video commercial, and see Paul Heyman in the ring.


Heyman-I now have the privilage to welcome the man who should be the World Heavy Weight Champion. The Hermann Missouri Native, and the best damned wrestler in our fed and possibly the world, please welcome the one and only.....DANTE MUELLER!!!


The lights in the arena go out and a spotlight is seen up in the crowd. Dante is in the midst of his fans who are giving him a standing ovation. F*cking Determined by Mudvayne begins to blare as he makes his way through the crowd. Fans are slapping him on the back in congratulations, and eveytime his left shoulder is struck, he wincnes in pain. He gets to the ring and raises his arms. Dante quickly grabs his left should with a grimace of pain on his face. He calls for a mic, which is thrown to him.


The music stops and as Dante lifts his mic to speak the cheering intensifies. He lowers is and bows in respect. Eventually the cheers die down, and Heyman speaks.


Heyman-Well you had one hell of a match. I must say first of all, you had us all quite impressed.


Dante-Thank you. But more importantly, I want to thank all of you, the fans, for your support of me. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without you.


The is again thunderous applause from the fans for the Assassin. As it dies down again, Heyman speaks.


Heyman-Well as we all know, you didn't win the title, although you certainly got screwed!! (the pitch of his voice raises throughout the sentace.)


A few fans start to chant "YOU TAPPED OUT!!" at Dante, who nods his head.


Dante-I did tap out. I cost myself the match, I wasn't screwed. But you know what, I lost to the best damned worker we have in that lockerroom. The Brutal Brett F'N Banner.


The Crowd cheers for the champ.


Heyman-Well since we all know you got screwed I think you deserve another title shot. You deserve to have that title, not Banner.


Dante-Well I actually wanted to address that issue. You think I deserve a title shot? *Heyman nods yes* Do all of you out there think I deserve a title shot? *the crowd errupts in cheers for Dante* Well I have a match tonight with Banner for the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship.


Again there is thunderous applause for Dante.


Heyman-See thats why you should be champ. You have a shoulder injury and are still out here ready to throw down. By the way, what happened to your shoulder?


Dante-I pulled muscle. Well more to the point, Banner pulled a muscle. And in regards to you saying I should be champ, I have another little announcement to make. You all liked what you saw between me and the Brutal One at Survivor Series right? *Loud cheers from the crowd* Well then, you'll be quite pleased to hear that I am a candidate for the World HeavyWeight Title match at Zero Tolerance. *Thunderous cheer from the crowd*


Heyman-And hopefully this time you won't get screwed.


Dante just shoots Heyman an annoyed look.


Dante-Banner, you put on a hell of a match, and I respect you, but I know now not to underestimate you. I know what kind of man you are, and I can respect your heart and courage. But just remember, you never know what shadows the Assassin is lurking in.


With that Dante throws down his mic, and Mudvayne again begins to play on the house speakers.


We fade to a video of Eagle's package. WAIT...An Eagles video package. My bad.

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As we come back from the impressive footage of Chris Eagles we see a black limo pull up... the camera pans down to the number plate and we see it reads ERE1.... The crowd boo as they know the Deadman has arrived... and Todd Grisham is there to meet him...


TG: Mr Deadman, I;ve got some huge news... You nemesis, your long time foe... Barry Gower... Well, he's been suspended...


Deadman just stands there for a second before unleashing a sickening laugh much to the displeasure of the TWOStars faithful...


DM: No, he isn't... I tell you what he is though Grish... He is running scared, he is running away from the fact that I and the legacy of the very company he SPAT on is coming back to haunt on him...


TG: But with all due respect this isn't your company anymore... Which leads us to last Sunday and the main event...


DM: Oh you mean where I put the Big Greenie out of action? Where I once again showed that I am superior to the supposed 'elite' of TWOStars? Well Grish it won't suprise you when I say this... I am the only elite round here... not one man can stand in my way, not one....


EG: Well how about a Sensation ese?


Gringo detaches himself from the shadows, an irate look etched across his fierce features...


DM: You? A stupid faux-Latino who wants to be Eddie G? Please, I've brushed more threatening bits of fluff off my jacket then you...


EG: Is that so ese? Well unlike Gower, who you seem to think is scared of you, I ain't running anywhere, this is the house that THE Gringo BUILT! And I bow down for no man... espically an outsider punk like you...


DM: Whoa... lost you after the down bit there... had a mental image of your Mamacita doing the locker rom again...


EG: Why you son of a buerrero!


Gringo flies in with elbows as Deadman retaliates with left and rights, the two men still out for each others blood after the events of Sundays main event...


Backstage crew and secruity pile in trying to pull the tussling two apart but neither man is willing to reliquish his grasp on the the other, each eyeing an opening for yet another shot as they bounce into the wall and onto the floor...


Finally the crew pull them apart, both men red with effort and rage and knuckles sore.... Gringo is hauled of fighting all the way towards his dressing room as Deadman is restrained against his limo....


EG: You son of a bitch ese! This is my house! You can't come in here and mess with the Gringo and diss his Mami...


Gringo is pulled round the corner out of sight and the other guards andcrew release their hold on the Deadman who brushes down his jacket and stares straight ahead...


DM: Your house? Huh, when I'm done with this place it will just be rubble... and your headstone will decorate the overgrown lawn.... ese...


Fade out to a special TWOStars Shopzone offer... This week? TWOStars The Music Vol.1, featuring the entrances from such superstars as Evil Gringo, The Incredible Holt, Keith Jaxx and the mega medlee mix for Retromark... The special 2 CD edition comes with a CD just for Twiggies entrance music as well! All yours for $12.99!

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Ring Announcer – The following contest is scheduled for one fall….


Styles- We are all set to kick off our next match; the high flying Million Dollar Madman, Michael Howell III against the ERE veteran Christof.


Heyman – Perhaps MHIII has bitten off a bit more than he can chew this time. He may be 2-0 for his record, but there’s been talk that Christof is the man to end that.


***The fluorescent lights all go green, every Titan Tron screen has an image of money falling while cutting to pictures of the "You're Fired" (finishing move). Stutterfly's 'Gun in Hand' plays. Two spark showers start flowing on either side of the titan tron. Niles comes out and rolls out a long red carpet going pretty far down the entrance ramp. Then Howel comes out onto the red carpet.***


Styles- Oh god there he is…The CEO Michael Howell.


Heyman- He is an arrogant, selfish, self absorbed Ass**** , but when backed into a corner he can back it up. And you have to be thinking; what will this win do for the ego of the young man?


Styles – Nothing good, that’s for sure.


Howell and casts an arrogant sneer toward the ramp, his face a mask of concentration.


Styles- And he knows it Tazz. That zero loss record means the world to him.


***Music hits the sound system. Christof comes out with his trademark USA/Germany flag. he heads to either side of the ramp way, waves his flag and waves to the crowd. He makes his way down the ramp greeting fans as he goes. Upon getting to the ring he hits the far corner, up onto the 2nd turnbuckle waving the flag before placing the flag behind the ring pole.***


Styles- There he is; a long-standing veteran of TWO Stars and ERE. He is the proud German, Christof.


Heyman- Wasn’t that West German thing like 20 years ago?


Styles- Why don’t you tell him that, Paul?


As Christof embraces the crowd, he proudly places his flag behind the ring pole. But he gives the sinister MHIII just the opening he had hoped for. Just as the turns around, Howell rushes toward him, hitting him the back of the neck with a double axe handle that drives Christof into the corner. The match prematurely begins.




Michael hammers Christof in the corner, pounding away at him relentlessly. Christof slowly submits under the blows and shrinks into the corner. Letting his arrogance get the best of him, MHIII marches away from the corner, feeling that his surprise attack has been successful…But Christof is nowhere near done!


He comes running out of the corner at full gallop and delivers a hard lariat just as MHIII turns back around, driving him to the canvas.

Christof then returns the favor for the cheap punches by continuously stomping the back and stomach of Howell. Michael repeatedly tries to scramble to his feet, getting rather frantic under Christof’s boot. But the angry German is too quick, stomping him down for good.


When Howell stops squirming, Christof raises his arms to the crowd and screams “Germany!!!” and gets a huge pop for the crowd.


Styles – I haven’t seen a German that aggressive since World War…


Heyman: Joey!!!!


Styles – What? I was just kidding!


Christof picks up the body of Howell and whips him hard into the ropes. On the return trip Howell gets caught in a fast drop toe hold, doing a loud face plant in the middle of the ring. Christof quickly converts the move and crawls over into a headlock.


Styles –That was a good piece of combination wrestling by the veteran.


Howell groans in discomfort from the headlock. His face turns red from lack of air and Christof’s vice grip. Slowly though, he manages to muster enough energy. Howell’s feet slowly jockey for position and he manages to make it to his feet, still bent over into the headlock by Christof.


In a last act of energy, Howell grabs Christof around the waist and jerks him back into a bone-crunching neck-drop, finally breaking the pesky hold.


Styles – Ooh, strong counter by The CEO.


Shaking his neck around and trying to work the knots out of it, MHIII picks up Christof, who is on the ground clutching his neck. Whipping him back into the ropes, Michael leaps into the air and hits a stiff drop-sault, flipping gracefully onto his belly and knocking down the German again. As he gets up he slaps his chest in an AJ Styles fashion and shouts “I can do it too ass****!”


Styles – That’s blatant disrespect. He knows Christof’s finisher is the top rope dropsault, so he’s trying to make a point. Only problem is that Christof does it from the turnbuckle, Can you hit it from there, you smartass?


Feeling the arrogance flowing through him, Michael slowly lifts of Christof. Positioning himself under Christof’s arm and hooking his leg, Howell drops back into a completely symmetrical fisherman’s suplex, bridging for the pin.




T- Kickout.


Heyman – You see that Tazz? The late Curt Henning couldn’t have done it better.


Styles- Whose side are you on?


Heyman – Hey he is a Harvard graduate after all…


Styles- I hate you. If Cole wasn’t going through a little “phase” you wouldn’t even be here.


Not phased by the kickout Howell follows up the attack. He lifts Christof and pushes him into the corner, following one strong, open-palmed slap to the chest! The noise of slapping and swelling flesh runs through the arena.


Never one to run out of attitude, Howell re-positions the hunched over Christof, and delivers another open-palmed chest slap. This one is even louder, sending Christof down farther!


His ego reaching its zenith, MHIII shouts “CEO, baby!” and rears his hand back for one more slap, but Christof comes leaping forward out of the corner! He lands a head-butt squarely in the middle of Michael’s forehead leaving Michael on his feet, but staggering considerably!


Styles – Germans have hard heads…


Seeing the Howell has not fallen, Christof pulls himself back with the turnbuckle ropes and delivers a two footed donkey kick to the face of the CEO who staggers back even farther. Blinded by rage Howell charges frantically forward…


But Christof is ready and waiting! He leaps up with an incredible jump, going completely horizontal in the air and nailing Howell in the side of the head with a loud, crackling, enziguri! Michael collapses onto the floor, totally dazed!


Styles – What a shot! I’m surprised his head is still on. Maybe that will cut down his ego a bit.


Heyman – Why do you always belittle the CEO?


Christof drags Howell’s bewildered frame and positions it by the ropes. Going back and getting some sprinting distance, Christof runs forward and leaps over the laying body of the CEO, doing an RVD slingshot styles moon-sault, with him laying on the ropes.


Styles- A great looking move, taking a page out of Rob Van Dam’s playbook.


Christof lands into the cover.






T- Kickout!


Christof is not discouraged in the least bit. He springs to his feet, and drags MHIII onto his feet. Whipping him spiritedly into the ropes, he brings the CEO over into a strong power-slam, making the ring shake slightly as his opponent connected with the mat…


Not stalling at all, Christof grabs the waist of Michael, and cajoles him back onto his feet yet again. Christof positions Howell and hurls him back into a German suplex…but wait! Howell lands on his feet!!! He angrily charges at the German…


…but Christof sees it coming! Not even turning around, Christof flips back into a pele kick, connecting with the skull of the CEO and sending him down to the mat in a heap! The crowd goes wild!


Styles – Oh man! What a kick! He didn’t even turn around! That’s the ring experience shining through.


Christof quickly goes back for a cover and hooks the leg.





TWO – Kickout!


Heyman – I couldn’t picture anyone being conscious after a kick like that.


Still trying to keep the momentum going, Christof forces Howell to his feet and whips him into the corner. Going into the opposite corner, Chritof prepares to charge….he runs at the CEO and leaps into the air again…his knees adjusting for a shining wizard!!!


Heyman – Here it comes!!!



………but he is denied!!!! Howell moves out of the way and Christof drives his kneecap into the metal! All of the energy immediately leaves him and Christof falls to the floor caressing his knee.


Smelling weakness, Howell manages to make it to his feet and stumble over to Christof. He lifts up the leg of Christof, exposing the knee. The CEO proceeds to stomp away the knee if the German, amidst many cries of pain from his opponent


Styles – That may be the opening he needed. If he’s smart he will take full advantage of it.


Satisfied with the stomping, Howell positions the knee on the ground, and motions to the crowd. He bends over and does a quick handstand on the knee, before driving both of his knees down into the weak spot of Christof!


Heyman- What athleticism! He just did a handstand on Christof’s knee. What a superior athlete.


Styles – Are we watching the same match here?


Michael repeats the handstand into a knee drop several times, much to Christof’s discomfort. Finally, he goes for the kill. He takes the leg of Christof and bends it around the back of his neck at the ankle and thing, locking in an Argentine leg-lock!


Styles – This may spell trouble for the veteran. He needs to break the hold…


MHIII bends the foot more and more, and makes sure to position himself closer to Christof’s back, intensifying the pressure…Christof is screaming in absolute agony!


Heyman – This may be all she wrote…


Christof screams and flails his arms around wildly….but finds a way to counter!!! He slaps Howell in the ribs and sides with his other foot, exhibiting tremendous flexibility!!


Heyman – Come on CEO, keep it locked in!


Howell wrenches the hold tighter…but Christof refuses to give up! He keeps slapping Howell with his foot until a face shot hits the CEO dead in the cheek! Howell is forced to let go!


Styles- A creative counter…but the damage may have been done already! Howell knows that Christof’s knee is a tender spot and he will definitely exploit it.


Needing to keep his attack going, Howell lifts the aching Christof onto his feet by the leg. He then gets under him and grabs the injured appendage. In a flash, Michael delivers a swift and brutal T-Bone, making sure Christof lands wrong on his leg.


Styles- Ooh…he contorted the suplex on purpose!


Quickly converting from one move to another, Howell grabs the ailing Christof and gets him in suplex position. Reaching over, MHIII crosses Christof’s outside leg and lifts him up! Lifting the German high and holding his legs in what looks like a botched figure-4, Howell drops him into a cross-legged brainbuster!


Styles- There it is! He hit the “You’re Fired!” He hit that Alex-Shelley-like brain-buster!


Howell hooks the leg!













Heyman- Notice how he hooked the strong leg, forcing the weak leg to kick out! What strategy!


Styles – Oh please…


A bit frustrated, Michael grabs the leg of Christof and slowly tries to drag him to his feet again in a painful fashion….


But Christof will have none of it!!! He leaps to the side and hits an enziguri with his strong leg, taking down the CEO!


Styles – This is the time! He needs to capitalize!!


Heyman – But Howell has an advantage in recovery time, since Christof has to stand on his broken leg!


…nevertheless it is Christof who manages to hop up first! He straightens himself out hopping on one foot, as Howell gets up groggily.


Suddenly Howell launches a super-kick at the head of Christof, trying to regain his advantage…but Christof ducks it! Immediately on the rebound, Christof leaps back and nails a spinning heel kick with his good foot right to MHIII’s face!


Styles – What a counter!


Desperately needing to make something happen, Christof hops up one more time! He manages to lift and position Michael and grab him from the back around the neck, bending him back. Signaling to the fans, he drops The CEO down into a Death Drop DDT, with vicious impact! Sensing the time is right, Christof goes on the apron and starts to ascend the turnbuckle.


Styles – This may be a mistake…he’s going to try and risk it all!


Wobbling on the corner with his weak foot, Christof signals to the fans, who respond with wild cheers! With a shout to the crowd, Chirstof dives off of the tope rope with his elbow out…and connects! He drives his elbow into the heart of the CEO amidst wild cheers!


Styles – He almost impaled him with that elbow! That may be the end!










Heyman – No! The resilience of Michael Howell forces its way out!


Styles – I’ll concede that much; he is resilient.


Christof is starting to look a bit frustrated. He slowly and painfully tries to make it to his feet after the high risk maneuver… Lifting up Michael he sets for some kind of offensive move by bending Howell over…but Howell begins to resist! The CEO takes gut shots at Christof, forcing him to let Howell go! MHIII then grabs Christof by the arm and yanks him into an irish whip…but Christof reverses! Howell goes into the ropes instead!


As Howell comes back, Christof picks up and sets him for a tilt-o-whirl…but Howell counters again! He wraps his legs around Christof’s neck and lands a hurricanrana, sending Christof over!


Looking behind him and seeing Christof about to get up, the CEO charges into the opposite ropes and comes running full speed!....


But Christof gets under him and chucks him over his head outside the ring!!!..............

Or so he thinks!


Michael has caught himself and landed with both feet on the apron!


Styles- This could spell trouble!!!


An unaware Christof turns around, oblivious to the threat. Howell quickly jumps on the 3rd rope and leaps forward into a Shining Wizard, nailing the German in the jaw, and striking a blow the sends Christof down on his back!


Heyman – He caught him! He caught him!

…but Michael does not go for a pin! He instead lifts gets on the 3rd rope and signals to the crowd, who boo him furiously!


Styles – This may prove to be a rookie mistake! He isn’t going for a cover!


Christof slowly makes his way to his feet. Howell continues standing ominously on the corner…


Heyman – What is he going to pull??!!


When a dazed Christof finally stands up, Howell launches forward off of the 3rd rope into a front flip! Landing behind Christof, he takes him down into a sit-out blockbuster!!!!


Heyman – He hit it!!! He hit it!!! That’s the “Stock Report”!! He almost guillotined the man from the 3rd rope


Howell leaps into the pin!









THR- kickout!


Heyman – What?? Unbelievable!


Styles – He hit an impressive move, but Christof manages to stay alive. The match continues!


Michael is in disbelief! He cannot fathom how his opponent kicked out! Grudgingly he knows that he must continue.


Completely unwilling to fight on, he lifts the German up….but Christof has his second wind!


He grabs the arms of The CEO in a bear-like grip and in the blink of an eye takes him over into a northern lights suplex!!! He immediately bridges for the cover!











TH- kickout!!!


Heyman – Christof almost took the win right out from under MHIII’s nose!


Styles- It’s now or never! Put him away, Christof!


Somehow, the German manages to get to his feet. He grabs Howell…but the CEO starts to resist! He hammers away at Christof, who answers back…the two battle it out punch for punch, blow for blow….but out of nowhere Christof hits a picture perfect dropsault! Howell goes down!


Styles- That’s how you do it!


Again lifting Howell, Christof takes him and goes to the top rope. He sits Howell up on the turnbuckle and climbs up after him…


Heyman – Both men in a dangerous place…


Christof wraps his arms around the side of Howell’s waist and looks to the fans…


The German jumps and pivots in midair and takes the CEO with him, turning him completely horizontal! Chrisof drives MHIII into the mat with a super power-bomb!!!! The entire ring thunderously vibrates as the fans absolutely explode!!! Howell’s arms go limply to the sides….he’s done!


Styles – That’s it! The match has to be over!


Christof rolls both legs of Howell over the top of his own body and makes the pin!











THR- Kickout!


Heyman – Unprecedented! He found a way out of it! He knows what this match could mean for his career!

Christof is distraught. Howell just won’t go down! He knows that there is only one option left…he goes to the top rope once more, making the “cut-throat” motion with his hands.


Styles – He’s going to put him away! It’s the top rope Dropsault!


Heyman – Watch out MHIII!


Styles – Oh shut up!


Christof sets shakily…but slowly regains his balance. He waits for Michael to get to his feet while signaling to the fans and getting them pumped!


Styles – Here it is!!!


Howell slowly gets to his feet…unaware of the danger!


Heyman – He’s gonna put his lights out!


Finally the CEO stands straight…and Christof leaps into his finisher!!


Styles- He’s going to catch him!!!!


Christof’s legs jut forward……..


……but he is denied his win!!!!!!!!!!! As he leaps forward for the dropsault, MHIII leaps in the air and catches Christof with a high, midair, soccer-like enziguri, somehow extending his leg all the way to Christof’s face!!!! He literally knocks him out of the sky!! Both men fall down out of the air, their bodies tangled in each other!!!


Heyman – What a counter!!! What a counter!!!!


Styles- He hit the enziguri right to the mouth! I am speechless! Did you see the vertical jump on that??


*The instant replay shows the enziguri*


Styles – Absolutely unparalleled! Both men are down! This match continues!


Both of the competitors are tired and laying on the mat…the CEO desperately tries to crawl to his feet, the weariness showing through….. Christof is not moving.


Heyman – Who’s going to stand first??!!!


MHIII dizzily gets to his feet…looking around…


He seems unable to make up his own mind! Finally he goes to the top rope….


Styles – He’s gonna fly again!


Heyman – This may well be the last straw!


MHIII is extremely tired. He fumbles his way to the top rope, and checks to make sure Christof is still laying there. His hope reaffirmed, MHIII sets up for the move…


Michael Howell takes off into the air, getting high elevation…then does a twisting backflip splash, landing with his stomach across his opponent's stomach!!!! A Yang Time!!! The crowd is absolutely stunned to silence!!!


Heyman – What?? He shocked us again!!! A Twisting Backflip splash !!! That was just…I don’t know what to call it!!!


Styles – Perfect execution from the million dollar madman!!! That may be the 3 count!















THRE------Shoulder up!!!!!


Heyman – I can’t take it!!! This match is still going on!!! He got out!!! Somehow he got out!!!


Crowd chants – TWO!!!! TWO!!! TWO!!!


Howell is beyond emotion. Inside his mind he has already suffered a nervous breakdown….Christof will not lay still….but Howell still has the secret weapon!!!


Bringing Christof to his feet, he prepares for the coup de grace! The Ten Karat Slam! He picks up Christof and sets him on Rock Bottom form…


Heyman – The time has come!! He’s going to put away this menace!!!


……But Christof knows what’s coming!!! Sensing the danger, he jerks his arms free and takes Howell back, nailing a complete shot!!!!.....but….the referee was behind him at the time…unable to dodge the swift counter, the ref is taken down in the backwards motion!!!


Styles – The ref is down!! Quick get another!!


Completely oblivious to the lack of authority, Christof takes Howell and whips him into the turnbuckle hard!!! Howell arrives with a sick crunch…..


Still running on adrenaline, Christof runs forward and goes for a body splash……only to meet the German flag right to the face!!!!


Styles – He pulled the flag!!!! He pulled the flag!!!


Heyman – That was the corner that Christof put his flag behind!!! MHIII knew the ref was down and capitalizes!!! Cristof’s nose is broken!!!!


Indeed Cristof is on the mat and breathing in his own blood, the center of his face soaked in red.


Looking down, Howell yells “Kck out of that you b**ch!!”

As the fans begin to boo him viciously he yells “Shut up!”


Wasting no time, he picks up the bleeding Christof and sets him into side-slam position once again….


Styles – Not this way!


But its too late…Howell sets Christof and backflips gaining amazing elevation!! Coming down he plants Christof with a vengeful force. Christof’s eyes glaze over…


Styles – Come on!!! Why like this??


A ref runs down the apron and slides into the ring as Howell hooks the leg…














Announcer – Here is your winner, Michael Howell III “The CEO!”


Styles – He stole this one, Paulie!


Heyman – Maybe, but an incredible match nonetheless...he—wait what’s he doing?


Howell has gotten hold of a microphone. With Niles flanking him, the weary wrestler begins to speak…


The crowd tries to boo him down!


MHIII – Shut up!!! All of you shut the f*** up!!! This is exactly what I wanted to talk about…the TWO’s lack of RESPECT!!!! I pull the most amazing victories a rookie has ever had in the TWO….I pin Brett Banner two weeks before Survivor Series! I pinned him goddamit!!! And what do I get?? Nothing! I get jack s**t!


Styles – He hasn’t really been here too long…


MHIII- I am a Harvard graduate! I am the head of a major corporation!! I am a former All-American quarterback that led his team to the NCAA championship!!! And by god I deserve better than this!!! I deserve better!!! I am not leaving this ring until that ungrateful Darkstar comes out here and gives me that which is rightfully mine!!!! Or I swear to God I will buy out this rat-hole of a company and make sure every one of you in that locker room is on the street and jobless just like Barry “The Past” Gower!!!!


The crowd boos now that they realize what an athlete they lost….


MHIII – So Darkstar…come on out here and give me what I damn-well deserve!!


The crowd is silent….Niles and The CEO pace around the ring in anticipation, the blood rushing to Howell’s face…they wait for close to a minute…


MHIII – Fine Darkstar. If that’s the way it is, I get it. You just----


He is cut off as “Break Stuff” blasts onto the speakers and Darkstar comes down the ramp….


Styles – He wanted it and now he gets it.


Heyman – What could he want?


The boss scratches the back of his head. The fans are silent in anticipation of his announcement. The Chairman scratches his chin in contemplation. Then, carefully, raises the mike and begins to speak.

DS- You, you know what you are? You are an arrogant, self serving, pompous, loathsome, spoiled son of a b****.


The crowd pops huge now that someone has called out Howell for what he truly is.


DS- But you know what? I like that!


Styles –What???!!!


DS – I have to admit…I like feisty little rookies. So I’ll tell you what I’ll do. For Zero Tolerance, you, Michael Howell III, will be in the voting for the World Heavyweight Title Match!


Heyman - This is huge!!


Styles – Three matches and he is in the voting for the big time? Oh god…


DS – Oh…and I’d watch what you say from now on Michael…because it’s up to the fans whether or not you get your shot!


Heyman – Uh oh….


Styles – With his popularity I’d bet the crowd would rather publicly stone him than give him a shot at the strap.


DS- Good luck, rich boy…and be nice!


*Break Stuff * hits as Darkstar walks out…Howell stands in the ring dumbfounded, not knowing if Darkstar has actually given him a shot or sealed his fate with the fans…


*Cut to…*

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... Commercials.


Evil Gringo selling slightly used low riders


Michael Howell III with his business tips hotline 1-800-GET-CASH


Twiggie's three-CD live show on sale for $17.95


Back from commercials we are shown the inside of Darkstar's office. The rest of The Future is seated on the plush leather couches about the room. Everyone is engaged in laughter after Holt has apparently said something impossibly funny. He follows it up with a-


Holt: Gruuh!


There's a knock at the door.


DS: Yes?


Twiggie pokes his head in.


Twig: Uh, hey boss. I noticed how you're working hard tonight, and I thought instead of calling you out to the ring, like a spoiled, pompous, douche bag I'd just pop by instead.


DS: Well, that's much appreciated, come in have a seat, put on some deodorant, make yourself at home.


Twig enters nodding in acknowledgement of the other members of the Future.


Twig: Mr. Star, I have a problem.


DS: Oh, really?


Darkie rolls his eyes.


DS: What's up?


Twig: Well, it's these damn rookies. Ya know, they show up, and immediately demand respect. Shane Cross, showing us "model" behavior. PFFT! I'm someone to look up too! I'm environmentally conscious, I'm a free thinker, I stay up to date with politics. And well... Black Dragon's just plain annoying. You know what I call him?


DS: Hm?


Twig: Gringo lite, get it?


This prompts a feint chuckle of a grunt from Holt, while Trash reaches behind his seat, produces and aerosol air freshener and sprays non-stop.


Twig: And that Mikey the third, dude. You know he stops his workers from forming a union? He illegally disposes of internal documents! Insider trading, disposing of toxic waste in a non-government sanctioned waste disposal unit, you name it!!


DS: Okay, that's great... but what's your point?


Twig: Right, but first. I understand why you're putting me in a match on the same team as the guy.


DS: You do, do you?


Twig: Well yeah, you're giving the kid a little push, putting him up with the big names.


DS: ...Like you?


Twig: Yeah! But all these youngsters still haven't paid their dues yet. Me? Banner and I have history! I would've won at No Mercy if the damn ref would've counted the fall on the outside!




Darkstar composes himself, brushing down his coat.


DS: Please, why are you here?


Twig: Well, I feel that unlike these damn n00bs, I've proved myself worthy of the strap. So, I'm here to ask you, ever so cordially, for a shot at the TWOstars World Heavyweight Championship.


The Star Lacking Light strokes his chin thoughtfully.


DS: Well, you have proved yourself Mr. Leone


Twig: That I have.


DS: But you're still relatively new... So... Prove yourself once more.


Twig: just once more? Sure!


DS: Tonight


Twig: No problem.


DS: Against, the Evil Gringo.


Twiggie's jaw drops as he momentarily looses his composure.


Twig: Um, The Evil Gringo? ... Well, um... Yeah! Yeah, I'll take him out. And then Banner. Then we'll see who's really king of the mountain! Thank you so much Mr. Star, I always liked you.


Twiggie stands up and shakes the bosses hand before turning and dismissing himself from the remainder of the Future. Twig leaves the office.


Trash: Now Holt, tell us the one about the Rabbi, Superman, and the naked priest.



As Holt raises his arms and opens his mouth the camera fades to a Survivor Series recap.

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We return from the Survivor Series recap to ringside


HEYMAN: Twiggie quite possibly getting a little ahead of himself here tonight. Instead he’s landed himself in a match with the former World Heavyweight Champion, The Evil Gringo! But anyway, up next…


STYLES: (interrupting) Hold up Paul………………. There seems to be something going on in the parking garage here in the Wembley Arena………… I believe Todd Grisham is standing by. Take it away, Todd


Cameras turn to the parking area, the Grish is trying to regain his bearings…


GRISH: Joey! Just moments ago our cameras caught up with the new United States Champion, Violent Vinnie Vengeance. He was seen throwing a lifeless Dave Meltzer into the back of his pick up truck!……………. I’m now being told that he’s taken one of TWOstars cameramen with him! Wherever he’s going, he wants us to see it! We’ll keep you posted……… Back to you Joey and Paul

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In a stunning piece of production we don't go back to Styles and Heyman.


Instead, we are backstage, The Evil Gringo is seen frantically walking around the backstage area of the arena.


EG: (to no one) Who ythe hell does he think he is? Invading, damn that piece of crap, this is the house that Gringo built....


The Sensation turns round a corner in the corridor straight into the path of the now former World Champion, The Incredible Holt. the crowd howls in disapproval. No sympathy for the injured eh?


EG: You wanna step aside Esse? I got some business to attend to


Big Greenie is in no mood for moving, standing there arms folded as he looks down to his former partner


EG: Look Esse, I don't know if you know, but there's a war going on, the new Gringo army is hunting down he invading forces, once again the Gringo stands tall, alone.


TIH grunts, looks down further, the camera pans down to show the braced and strapped knee of the champ, another reminder of the events in Detroit.


EG: I know, I know what you mean Esse. We may not be hombres any more but my issue is with Deadman and not you anymore


TIH surveys the Mexicutioner once more before stepping aside to let Gringo move past him, seemingly in search of the ERE owner


EG: (looking back) Cheers homes! Now is the time of the New Gringo Army


Gringo carries on at a frenetic pace, the camera pans back to Holt, who is just standing there, looking on.


Cut to DTTAH promo.

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Back from DTTAH promo


Cut to the ring….


TC: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the TWOStars Tag Team Championship.!


Climbing up the Walls hits the PA, as the crowd come alive with booing.


Heyman: Here we go Cole, this is the tag team encounter we have been waiting for!


Styles: Indeed events spilling over earlier we were originally schedualed to have a No Holds Barred match between The Judge and Jordi Warner but that didn’t happen, so The Dark Alliance ever the opportunists have snuck their way into a title match!


Boyo steps through the curtain, followed by Sickness, both men look uninterested in the crowd response as they stand on the entranceway before walking down the ramp towards the ring.


TC: Introducing first the challengers, the team of Boyo and Sickness….The Dark Alliance!!


Boyo leads the way down the ramp, smirking at the fans despite their hostility, whilst Sickness follows behind, a strange evil grin on his face.


Heyman: Damn Joey, these are two guys with evil intentions on their mind.


Styles: Evil intentions and aspirations for the gold!


Boyo climbs the stairs and holds the ropes open for Sickness who steps into the ring followed by Boyo.


Heyman: Well we both know what is on the mind of The Judge and Jimmy Redman, they have just won those tag team belts and are looking to hang on to them, they don’t want to lose them so easily.


Styles: No easy task I’m sure after all, the Dark Alliance are no pushover, The Judge and Jimmy Redman may have their work cut out for them.


Death of Seasons plays throughout the arena as the crowd cheer loudly.


Tazz: Here comes the opposition.


TC: And their opponents, firstly from Raleigh North Carolina,, weighing in at 235lbs, One half of the TWOStars tag team champions, The Prototype Jimmy Redman!


The Prototype runs through the curtain and salutes the crowd, who cheer in response, before pacing on the entranceway.


Haunted suddenly plays through the PA as the fans stay on their feet.


TC: And his tag team partner, from Atlanta Georgia, weighing in at 275lbs, he is the other half of the TWOStars tag team champions The Judge …Sid Commandant.!


The Judge steps trough the curtain, whilst Redman raises his arms in the air The Judge lifts the sledgehammer as pyro explodes behind both men.


Heyman: Whoah!


Styles: They sure look ready.


Heyman: No doubt, objectives in mind, game faces on!


Sickness and Boyo both stand in the ring taunting the two men who continue to walk down the ramp.


Styles: The Dark Alliance unimpressed and not intimidated


Heyman: Of course they’re not Joey, its gonna take more than that to scare these two!


The Judge drops the hammer as Jimmyi nods, both men sprint towards the ring but the Dark Alliance are already on the move, sliding under the ropes to meet them on the rampway.


Styles: Oh my and here we go, all four men battling on the ramp.


Heyman: Here we go again this is what lead to this match!


All four exchange melee attacks.


Heyman: They are not gonna wait for this to get started in the ring.


Boyo and The Judge exchange rights, whilst Sickness and Redman square off.


Styles: I guess we were expecting this to be an intense encounter!


Sickness lands a boot to the gut of Redman and goes to slam his head into the guard rail, but Jimmy blocks, connects with an elbow to Sickness and throws him into the guardrail.


Heyman: Well it aint disappointing so far.


Styles: Look out they are coming our way!


Boyo and The Judge brawl towards the announce table, neither man backing down, throwing punch after punch before Boyo steps back and aims a clothesline at the head of The Judge who ducks and turns, grabbing Boyo, taking him down to the floor mat with a back body drop.


Heyman: Gah, right in front of us!


Styles: The Judge dropping Boyo right onto those protective mats.


The Judge goes to pick up Boyo but is met with an uppercut, which staggers Commandant allowing Boyo to pick him up and drop him onto the announce table.


Styles: This is quite the free for all, but somehow Sickness and The Prototype have made it into the ring.


Heyman: You wouldn’t think these guys knew there was a ring out there!


Redman picks up Sickness and whips him to the ropes, leaps into the air and connects with a spinning heel kick.


Heyman: Man what impact with that kick from Redman!


Jimmy goes to follow up but is grabbed by Sickness who pulls him into the turnbuckle pads.


Styles: Great ring awareness by Sickness, and this match is officially underway.


Sickness hooks Redman and throws him over with the release German Suplex.


Heyman: He nearly sent him to the other side of the ring with that one!


Styles: Boyo and The Judge now part of this match, adorning their respective corners.


Heyman: I wonder if they got all that bad blood out of the way.


Styles: Some how I doubt it, tempers are bound to spill over in this one, The Judge and Jimmy Redman want to prove that they are no fluke champions, whilst the Dark Alliance are looking for momentum for that Flaming Tables match at Taboo Tuesday,


Heyman: Who the hell would be crazy enough to enter that kind of match let alone with the Dark Alliance.


Styles: the Dark Alliance have fought back in this match here!


Sickness grabs the rising Redman and whips him to the ropes, dropping down to connect with the drop toe hold, before trying to apply the STF.


Heyman: Watch out Sickness going for one of his specialties!


Styles: But look at The Prototype fight out of it!


Jimmy Redman escapes and rolls backwards and to his feet, taking down Sickness with a clothesline, who bounds back up but is taken down again byThe Prototype , who runs to the ropes and charges at Sickness but is stopped short by Sickness who catches Redman with the Bareback!


Heyman: Oh man Sickness caught him with that, took all the momentum that The Metalhead had and used it against him.


Sickness picks up Jimmy and powerbombs him, before tagging in Boyo who hops to the top rope and dives in connecting with the elbow drop.


Styles: Oh my, Boyo entering this match with some impact.


The Prototype gets up but is met with a right hand by Boyo who begins dancing in front of Jordi, jabbing and teasing punches.


Styles: Oh come on look at this jackass!


Heyman: Better be careful Joey


Boyo goes for a big right hand but Jimmy ducks, lands a boot to the midsection of Boyo and plants him with an Rock Hard


Styles: Oh my, The Prototype drove him to the mat


Heyman: He needs to make a tag though Joey


Styles: The referee starting a ten count, both men down!








Heyman: Boyo and Jimmy trying to make it up.






Boyo reaches and tags in Sickness, whilst Redman connects with the tag to The Judge.


Styles: And here we go, The Judge and Sickness!


Sickness and Commandant both charge into the ring, Sickness swings a clothesline, but The Judge ducks, bounds towards the ropes and returns with a diving shoulder block.


Heyman: He takes Sickness down!


The Judge hooks the rising Sickness and takes him over with the Fishermans suplex


Styles: Bridges into the pin!









Heyman: Kickout from the man Sickness!


The Judge rolls out of the pin attempt and goes for Sickness but is met with a sudden lariat.


Styles: Good grief, did you see the impact from the lariat from Sickness!


Heyman: He turned The Judge inside out


Sickness meets the groggily rising Commandant with a kick to the midsection, before whipping him to the corner.


Styles: Look out in the corner!


Sickness charges into the turnbuckles with the splash.


Heyman: Man he sandwiched The Judge in the corner.


Styles: What’s he doing now?!


Heyman: He’s propping The Judge onto the top turnbuckle, I don’t like what’s coming next!


Sickness hooks the head of The Judge and takes him over back into the ring, both men crashing in the centre.


Styles: Oh my, what a superplex delivered by Sickness.


Heyman: That was some crash landing, hard to know who got the worst of that.


Neither man moves, as the crowd begin to clap in unison, but Sickness is the first to recover, as he slowly mounts the turnbuckle once more


Styles: Now what is this guy going to do!


Heyman: Why don’t you go in there and ask him Cole!


Sickness steadies himself on the top turnbuckle, before diving off with the 450 splash.


Styles: Oh!!! Nobody home!


Heyman: Oh man The Judge moves at the last second, Sickness crashes to the canvas!


The Judge rises to his feet and forces Sickness into the corner.


Cole: The Judge now unleashing those rights and lefts!


Commandant whips Sickness to the ropes, catches him by the throat and lifts him into the air with the Gorilla Press.


Heyman: Look at the strength being shown by The Judge!


Commandant drops Sickness across his shoulder, before driving him to the mat with the running powerslam.


Styles: Drives him to the mat!


The Judge attempts to ground Sickness with the headlock, but Sickness begins to struggle to his feet and goes to throw The Judge of but Commandant hangs on, both men jockeying for the leverage, as Sickness backs The Judge to the ropes again this time successful in shaking him off, sending him across the ring to the ropes.


Heyman: Blind tag made by Boyo there!


Sickness ducks allowing Boyo to springboard into the ring, connecting with the cross body to The Judge, before running to the ropes and dropping a snap legdrop across the neck of The Judge.


Styles: Wait why is Sickness still in the ring?!


The Dark Alliance begin stomping The Judge as Jimmy Redman tries to get in the ring but is stopped by the referee.


Heyman: The Prototype trying to save his partner is in fact hurting him!


Boyo picks up The Judge and lands a boot to the midsection which doubles over Commandant allowing Sickness to nail the Stunner, whick knocks The Judge back into the ropes allowing Boyo to follow up with the DDT.


Styles: The double team continues with The Cross Infection hit by the Dark Alliance.


Redman steps back through the ropes and begins to signal the crowd to rally support as the referee forces Sickness to leave the ring, whilst Boyo continues to stomp the fallen Commandant.


Heyman: Its not looking good for The Judge he needs to make the tag to The Prototype


Boyo scoops up The Judge and plants him with a scoop slam before taking The Judge back up by the neck and dropping sharply with the neck breaker following up with the cover


Styles: This could be it!












Heyman: Shoulder up! Still fight some fight left!


Boyo slaps the mat in frustration before hitting a snap dropkick to the head of the rising Commandant.


Styles: Some frustration being shown by Boyo, there dishing out a lot of punishment to The Judge but they cant put him away.


Heyman: They need to try and end it before The Judge can tag in the fresh Redman


Boyo signals to the crowd that the end is coming.



Styles: What has the jackass got in mind here?


Heyman: Boyo grabs the referee and diverts his attention whilst Sickness hops through the ropes and plants The Judge with a spine buster, before applying s blatant choke.


Styles: This is ridiculous another array of cheating by the Dark Alliance, they are willing to do anything to get these belts.


The referee intercepts Jimmy Redmans entrance to the ring whilst Boyo joins Sickness and begin to stomp the hell out of The Judge


Heyman: It’s a beat down is what this is


Styles: Oh come on referee turn around.


Redman struggles to get by the referee who insists on shoving The Prototype to his corner


Heyman: Hey at least the ref is doing his job


Styles: Oh yeah at the expense of The Judge and Jimmy Redman!


Boyo leaves the ring and Sickness continues to pound away at RThe Judge with the right hands


Styles: No tag made!


Boyo begins to pick up The Judge but is pushed away by Commandant who rises to one knee


Boyo taunts The Judge asking if that is the best he can do. Suddenly The Judge explodes forwards crushing Boyo with a spear


Styles: Boyo may have been broken in half, now make the tag!!


Heyman: Oh shut up


Boyo struggles to rise to his feet but is met with a kick to the gut by The Judge who lifts Boyo into a powerbomb position…


Styles: This doesn’t look good for Boyo!


…..before dropping down into the piledriver.


Heyman: He nailed Boyo with The Judge Destroyer!


Styles: This is the opening that he needs.


Heyman: Sickness wants in, Jimmy Redman is stretching to make the tag also!


The Judge struggles to make it to the corner as the crowd cheer as the tag is made.


Heyman: And here comes The Prototype


Styles: He’s fired up now!


Redman hops onto the ropes and springboards into the ring catching Boyo with a hurricanrana snapping the Welsh Wonder to the other side of the ring


Styles: Redman dealing out those left hands a big one one for Boyo


Sickness goes to enter the ring but is decked by The Prototype


Boyo rises once more but is grabbed by The Judge who lifts him into the Electric Chair position.


Styles: What’s this, Jimmy Redman is climbing the ropes


The Judge stands opposite The Prototype who is standing on the top ropes, before Redman dives off catching Boyo with the hurricanrana of the shoulders of The Judge.


Heyman: What the hell was that


Styles: They may have killed Boyo, and what a shame that would be!



Heyman: Into the cover















Sickness rolls into the ring and clubs Redman, but is promptly clotheslined by The Judge both men going over the top rope.


The referee goes to inspect the ruckus on the outside allowing Boyo to crawl behind Redman and deliver the low blow


Styles: Oh come on!


Heyman: Ah the great equaliser!


Boyo rolls up Redman, but The Prototype grabs the rope and pulls his weight over placing Boyos shoulders on the mat


Styles: The referee is making the count


Heyman: Hey he’s still holding onto the rope












Heyman: No fair, no fair he had the rope!


TC: Here are your winners and still tag team champions, The Prototype Jimmy Redman and The Judge!


Heyman: Wait just a damn minute Redman hooked he bottom rope.


Styles: Oh come on Paul The Dark Alliamce cheated throughout that entire match, and Jimmy Redman gave them a taste of their own medicine, and I bet it was sweet!


Redman and The Judge collect the belts and celebrate on the rampway as Boyo protests to the referee, jumping on the spot frantically as Sickness stares at the tag team champions who raise their belts to the crowd as Death of Seasons plays

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Cut to commercials.





Back from commercials.


The arena is bathed in psychedelic swirls.




is displayed in close ups and as a whole across the TWOtron. Jungle Boy, recorded by Twiggie's very own band: Bremstrahung Farad, is pumped through the speakers of the arena. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp wheeling his signature recycling bin behind him, his hardcore title hanging over the side. Around his head is tied a faded blue bandana. Underneath can be seen the bulge of a bandage. He shouts various things to the fans while waving his free arm angrily. The crowd responds by shouting obscenities, and throwing Styrofoam cups.


Chimmel: Weighing in tonight at 196 pounds. He is the self-proclaimed TWOstars Hardcore Champion. He is … Twwwwwwwwwiggie!


Joey: Now that's just a disgrace. How can Twiggie call himself a “Champion.” He just stole that belt after he drove Retromark through a table.


Heyman: Through a table… from the top rope… to the outside… with a Twiggaludo Frosion! If that's not deserving of a hardcore title, nothing is.


Twig reaches out and snatches up a sign from a fan along the ramp. It reads: “Twig for mayor” and shouts at them.


Twiggie: I'm sick of you following me to every show!


Fan: I'm touring with the fed, bra!


Twiggie: You're still not helping the cause, you know! And you're wasting paper, making me recycle these things every week!


He makes his way down the ramp, and around the side of the ring. Leaving his bin at the base of the steps he slides under the ropes and dances like a fool until his music fades out. As it does he suddenly snaps back to reality. He looks about in a panic before he realizes just where he is.


The lights dim and the crowd buzz as Not Listening by Papa Roach booms through the in house speakers.


And his opponent, From Manchester, England at an impressive 200 lbs, even. Beings accompanied by the lovely Ms. Becki Moss, I give you… The Evilllllllll Gringooo!


Brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring and pyro explodes as the Evil Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war with his Mamacita, Becki standing proudly behind her man. The crowd explodes with cheers at the first sight of the Mexican Sensation.


Joey: Now that right there is a man with the total package! Talent, Knowledge, Charisma, he's got it all!


Heyman: I'll tell you one thing he definitely doesn't have… A green card!


Heyman chuckles to himself, while Gringo and his Mamacita make their way down the aisle. Becki walks around the side of the ring, and gives Twig's bin a disgusted look. Meanwhile Gringo steps into the ring and stares down The Recycling One.




Styles: This ones under way, with the two combatants locking up in the center of the ring.


Not genuinely wanting to engage in a test of strength, or skill Twig raises a knee into Gringo's midsection and puts in a head lock. After a few clean punches to his head, Gringo backs into the ropes and pushes Twiggerton across the ring before running after him.


Styles: flying forearm smash! Twiggie, keeping his early lead.


With Gringo on his back, Twiggie bounces off the ropes and performs a quick tinslica (roundhouse, landing facing forward) into to a foreward roll, and then a standing senton.


Styles: Very nice! I'm not sure what to call it, but it's reminiscent of RVD's rolling thunder.


Heyman: Whatever it is, it hurts.


Styles: Wait, I have in my notes here.


Heyman: Notes? What kinda dork are you?


Styles: … It's called Geluah Papyrus. And that, is a figure four leg lock, but in that corner they're both awfully close to the ropes.


Becki: C'mon baby! Fight back!


Gringo's mamacita pounds the mat and turns to get the crowd to cheer on her man.


Crowd: Grin-Go! Grin-Go! Grin-Go!


The ref gets in close asking Gringo if he's ready to give up. The Mexican Sensation slowly turns on his hip, and reaches for the bottom rope.


Styles: No. The rope is just barely out of Gringo's grasp… If he could just lean a little bit more!


Seeing this, Twiggs Grabs the ropes behind him, and turns the pressure away from Gringo's opportunity for escape.


Heyman: Ya know, these two look fairly similar on paper, but that's what sets Twiggie apart, right there.


Styles: Oh, yeah? What about the fact that Gringo's actually been a champion, and has some class… also some charisma, and a beautiful woman to come home to every night.


Heyman: Alright, we get it! That doesn't stop the fact that Twig's still in control!


In one sudden movement Gring rolls the other direction, turning Twig onto his stomach and reversing the hold.


Styles: Oh, but that certainly does.


Twiggie grabs the rope again, this time to break the hold, not keep it in.


Heyman: He's got all his bases covered! Sir Twiggith M'Gee of Twigginshire is one smart wrestler.


Back on their feet the two lock up. Twig tosses The Mexicutioner into the rope, only to have his clothesline ducked upon the return of Becki's man.


Styles: Gringo off the ropes, and Twig's back is still turned… Mule kick! Twig was plotting a mule kick all along.


Gringo stumbles back and falls with the back of his head resting on the ropes. Getting a running start, Twig leaps into a “Stash the Gumbo”


Sytle: Great ring presence by the more experienced Gringo.


Twig falls through the ropes to the outside. Falling feet first, he receives little more than a bruised ego, and a bump to the head from the apron. Gringo immediately fakes a leg injury, drawing the ref's attention, and giving Becki time to stomp on Twig with her high-heeled boots.


Styles: Hey, looks like Gringo could show Twig a thing or two about manipulating the system.


Ms. Moss rolls the man with foot fungus back into the ring, at that moment Gringo's leg suddenly feels so much better.


Heyman: northern lights suplex from the Evil Gringo.


Styles: No Paul… that one's just a snap suplex.


Heyman: Oh, excuse me! I don't know every mov-


Styles: Gringo brings Twiggie back up to a vertical base, and takes him down again with a double arm DDT... And you don't have to know every move Paul, but you are a wrestling commentator, that's what you should do.


Heyman: I do commenta-


Styles: Twiggerstein's up and tossed off the ropes. He ducks under a clothesline attempt from Gringo… I mean people tune in to TWOstars to see the greatest assembly off wrestlers in the world.


Heyman: I know why people watc-


Styles: The Colorado Troubadour showing his physical ability, leaping straight over an attempted back body drop from the 200 pounder.


Heyman: Would you stop interrupting me!! I used to run ECW! I was the General Manager of Smac-


Styles: You ran ECW straight into the ground! And don't even get me started about Smac- Oh, my! Twiggie back off the ropes taken down with a stiff, and I mean stiff high kick to the jaw!


Twiggie hits the mat and The Mexican Sensation is immediately on top of him. Laying into his head with some mounted elbow strikes, and throat chops.


Becki leans forward in front of the two and slaps the mat to encourage her man to keep up the pressure. Twig's head ricochets off the mat, but is distracted by his convenient view of Becki's “assets.” He puts a hand up to Gringo's face, stopping the Mexicutioner out of confusion more than anything.


Styles: Gringo taking exception to Twig's exclusive screening, and showing it with a hard thrust to the neck.


Twig rolls away from the Baneful Whitey and about the mat as he gasps for air. The Mexicutioner smirks and shrugs as he lifts Twiggie up to his feet.


Styles: Elbow strikes, followed up with a snap, side belly to belly.


Heyman: A form of suplex, I believe.


Styles: That's very good, Paul… you get a cookie.


Twig is brought to his feet once again, but once again hits the mat.


Styles: Another suplex… call this one an Exploder!


Gringo grabs Twig to lift him to his feet. Twig snaps up, pushing the Manchester native's arms away. The two go blow for blow… elbow strike, for hard left, until The Gringo, who is Evil, in a burst of energy lets lose a flurry of various kicks, repositioning Twig's head after certain rather stiff blows.


Styles: Twig's in a fog as Gringo hits the ropes… Wow! A []big[/b] jumping knee strike, straight to the skull of the Dirty Hippy.


Twig flops to the mat, and Gringo hits the cover.

















Styles: Two and a half.


Heyman: You didn't expect a fall from a knee strike did you?


Styles: You've never seen a KENTA match have you? That blow, was nothing to shake a stick at.


Gringo picks up the tormented body of Twiggie and whips him towards the corner.


Styles: Twiggie, showing us he's no slouch, and that he can improvise to boot!


As he nears the corner Twiggie runs up the turnbuckles, a foot per buckle, and hits Gringo with an impromptu moonsault. The two fall to the mat, and Twiggles hook a leg.













Styles: Kickout!


Heyman: I bet Gringo's gonna be a bit more cautious for the rest of this fight.


Styles: And how! Twiggith M'Gee, keeping the pressure on with a campana!


The Colorado Troubadour, worse for the wear though he mat be, swings the Manchester Mexican back and forth. Gringo grunts, winches now and then, and refuses to give up.


After keeping the hold in for a while Twig drops The Gringster face first into the mat, and falls to one knee himself.


Heyman: Twiggie runs to the turnbuckle, and jumping to the second poses to the crowd.


This draws a roar of booing from the capacity crowd.


Twig: Yeah, you like that, huh bi*beep*s ?


Styles: Gringo's back on his feet and- Ode to KENTA! Was that a modified Ode to KENTA!?


Heyman: What ever it was, it took Twiggerton over the ropes and to the outside!






The PETA Punisher slowly wobbles to his feet before-




Styles: Spanish Fly! The somersault plancha has this capacity crowd on its feet!


Crowd: Grin-go's awesome! * * *** Grin-go's awesome! * * ***












The two are out for a while, but The Mexican Sensation's on his feet, while Twig's only to one knee.




Heyman: D.O.A. and T-Wiggin's is rolled back to the inside.




Gringo lays over Twig in a lateral press with a hooked leg.















Styles: Could the double underhook DDT be enough!?









Heyman: No! Twilson gets his shoulder up!


Two spots of blood are seeping through Twig's bandage and staining his bandana.


Styles: Twig's still carrying the wounds from a hardcore match with the Judge a couple weeks back, where he lost two dreadlocks.


The screen splits and in the smaller box the crowd shouts their disappointment with the ref's ability to count, while Gringo grudgingly makes it to his feet with Twig's head in his hands. The other screen shows a replay of Twig's hardcore match two weeks ago.


Twiggie head bounces off the barbed wire wrapped ropes, he falls to his knees, but is left hanging by several dreadlocks caught in the barbed wire.


Heyman: The Enforcer of Law and Order is heading back into the ring. No doubt looking for more ammunition to throw at the Colorado Socialist.


Contrary to Paul's beliefs The Judge bounces off the far ropes. Twiggie is methodically working his dreads out of the wire, but it's slow goings. Sid nails Twiggie with a baseball slide, opening a few small cuts along his legs in the process.


Twig: Dyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Taz: That's one way to do it… but I think Twigerton was aiming to remove his dreads from the ropes, not from his head.


The camera zooms in on two dreadlocks still caught in the barbed wire, the roots are clinging to small chunks of bloody scalp.


The split screen returns to normal.


Styles: Gringo, positioning The Recycler's head for a stiff throat chop!


Twig falls down to his knees clutching his throat, and for the second time in this match gasping for a breath of air.


Gringo takes a step backwards, lines up his shot and-


Heyman: Shining wizard!


Styles: You mean, Tribute to Muto.


Heyman: Same thing.


Styles: You're right… for once.


Twig's head slams against the mat and he stares blankly at the ceiling, his eyes glazed over.


Styles: Gringo spring-boarding off the ropes.


Heyman: haha!!! Twig got his knees up! Take that wetback!


Styles: … Yeah. Twig foiled the GringoSault, but can he capitalize on this opportunity?


Twig makes it up and walks over to the Chorizo-Eater, lifting him to his feet. The Evil Gringo reverses an Irish whip to the corner sending the Dirty Hippy back first into the turnbuckle.


Styles: Gringo charges the corner looking for an elbow strike.


Heyman: Sorry Joey, Gringo's back body dropped to the outside!


Styles: Not so! Gringo landed on his feet, on the apron!


After a moment of embracing his pain, Twig notices that he failed to get the job done, so he so he drives an elbow to Gring's skull, knocking him off the apron and he slams into the Spanish announce table. Twiggie bounces off the far ropes and-


Heyman: YES! Springboard Dragon Attack!! He's SO hardcore!!!


Styles: Holy s*beep*t Oh my. Sorry, but Twiggie just went right through that table, guided by the small of his back! Gringo, have pity on the man. Finish him off. Please.


Gringo: No problemo, amigo.


Twig is rolled back into the ring and is set up in pumphandle position.


Heyman: Hey! That's Twig's move!


Gringo lifts up the tortured hippy and snaps in a full nelson.


Styles: No sir, that's a Gringo Plex, Mark One!


Gringo holds the full nelson, rolls through and picks Twiggie up again.


Styles: Mark Two! Finishing off the Tequila Hangover!


Twiggie lies incapacitated on the mat. Gringo turns his back and signals that he's going to put Twiggs up in electric chair position. The PETA Punisher shows signs of motion, mostly by his hands, which move towards his neck.


Styles: Gringo, calling for the Shock Therapy!


As The Excellence of Mexicution grabs Twiggle's head to pick him up the lights cut out.


“You're Gonna Pay” hits the speakers and the only light in the entire arena comes from the TWOtron, playing Deadman's entrance video.


Styles: What!? Deadman has no business here! What's he doing?


Gringo walks over to the ropes, expecting Deadman to walk out onto the stage.


Gringo: Hombre Muerte! Get your arse down here, I'll tear you apart!


The lights come up, as Tiwlggie jumps up on Gringo's back, and pulls backwards taking him to the mat.


Heyman: Looks like Gringo's in quite the pinning predicament!


Styles: A crucifix hold, denoting the pin!








Gringo's legs kick through the air, but Twig holds his shoulders firm on the mat.








Styles: NOOO!!!!










Heyman: YES! Twiggie, took this one! And you know what that means!


Styles: Yes I do. The Dirty Hippy has just earned himself a shot at the title. A chance to posses a belt that is actually recognized, and respected by a wrestling federation.


Fade to Crazy Willie's Barely* used cars


*and by barely he means greatly

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Back from Commercial


The camera is on the announce table, the new team of Styles and Heyman are looking to the camera


Styles: So my first night here on TWOstars Paul and all I can say is, OH MY GOD!


Heyman: What did I tell you Joey Styles, TWOstars really is Xtreme!


Styles: Extreme doesn’t cover it as we’ve just found out the first of our Taboo Tuesday: Zero Tolerance match ups


Cut to Graphic


Heyman: And what a match it is Joey, the Brett Banner reign won’t even last a month as three men go to a public vote to determine who will take the gold from Banner in just three weeks time


Styles: I wouldn’t quite put it like that, but folks check out TWOstars.com where you can vote on one of three men;


Michael Howell III – A huge opportunity for this youngster trying to make a name for himself in TWOstars


Dante Mueller – The man who came so close to capturing the gold himself at Survivor Series and also meets Banner later tonight in a rematch


Twiggieplex – The PETA punisher vows to take the gold and replace it with a renewable form of title belt


Back to announcers


Styles: Who’s your favourite Paul Heyman?


Heyman: Well I would have said Mueller but I’m not sure he can get the job done. As his interview showed earlier, he cares too much about mutual respect and less about the gold


Styles: No desire! Are you out of your mind!


Heyman: You ask for my opinion Joey and


The voice of ECW puts his hand to his headset and interrupts his former paymaster


Styles: Paul I’m going to have to interrupt you there, I’m being told something is going down backstage, let’s cut to Todd Grisham


Cut to backstage, Grish with a mic in hand addressing the camera, behind him the standard TWOstars interview set, plasma screen, garish designs, no expensive spared even in the UK


Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, you may have seen them earlier with their first title defence, but I have two men with me right now that have demanded a chance to speak on camera.


TJ: Demanded! Demanded is such a strong word there Grish. Myself and the Prototype here are the tag team champions after all, we shouldn’t have to demand anything


The crowd pop for the tag champs as Grish backs away slightly, handing Redman the mic


JR: But while we’re demanding things lets set one thing straight. We are fighting champions; we will put our belts on the line every week, every house show, every shopping mall opening to prove ourselves. The Judge and The Prototype will prove ourselves to be the best Tag Team champions that TWOstars has ever seen.


The Judge nods away at his partners spiel


JR: So earlier tonight we heard that Mr Sickness wants a flaming table’s match at Taboo Tuesday


The crowd boo at the mention of the Dark Alliance before cheering for the flaming tables


JR: And also earlier tonight everyone in Wembley Arena, everyone watching this telecast across the world saw us retain our titles over the Dark Alliance


More nodding from Commandant


JR: So we don’t like people writing cheques their ass can’t cash. In fact in the words of my partner here (slaps The Judge on the shoulder) “No one escapes their judgement”. In order to make this simple for Mr Sickness and his running buddy Mr Boyo


Redman moves closer to the camera, staring it down


JR: At Taboo Tuesday, bring your tables, bring the gasoline, and bring your asses down to that ring, because you’re ON! AT TABOO TUESDAY WE’LL DO WHAT WE DID TONIGHT!


The Prototype takes a step back and hands the mic to Commandant


TJ: Destiny is a simple thing Dark Alliance, right now you stand sentenced, and we will deliver your punishment at Taboo Tuesday. So bring those tables, bring whatever you need to get the job done because me and The Prototype here will be waiting for you.


The Judge shoves the mic back to a shocked Grisham as the tag champs exit the shot


Grisham: Erm, back to you guys


Back to announcers


Styles: OH MY GOD!


Heyman: Flaming tables for the tag team championship, I can’t believe this!


Styles: I can’t believe it either Paul, what a pay per view we’re set for in Dublin Ireland!


Cut to Main Event promo

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We returns from the Main Event Promo and we see a somewhat vexed Evil Gringo once again searching the corridors of the arena. The crowd can be heard chearing.


JS: The former TWO Champion is on a mission Paul.


Heyman: He sure is Joey but I know that deep down, Gringo does not want to find Deadman.


JS: WHAT? You've got to be kidding me Paul, after what happended earlier tonight and then moments ago in Gringo's match with Twiggie? Gringo seriously wants some of Deadman.


Gringo is storming when he bumps into an official.


EG: Hey Ese, look where you're going Homes...


Official: But....


EG: But nothing.... erm actually have you seen that no good son of a bitch they call Deadman?


Official: Well, erm....


EG: Spit it out Ese!


Official: Well I saw him heading towards the production truck while you were in the ring, but I don't know if he's still there.


EG: Thanks, Homes.


Gringo looking determined quickly heads down the corridors with the camera following him.


JS: Looks like he's heading towards the trucks Paul.


Heyman: Well he better not damage anything Styles, he might knock us off the air!


JS: Or maybe just knock out your microphone Paul and saves us from hearing you.


Heyman: Hey!


Gringo is now outside of the arena and is heading straight towards the production trucks, the crowd can be heard cheering as Gringo stomps up the steps and into the hub of the truck.


EG: Where is he?


Production Guy: Who?


EG: Deadman.


Production Guy: Oh, well he just left about a minute ago, said something about getting out of here.


EG: Not yet he isn't......


Gringo storms out of the truck and the camera follows once again.


JS: Looks like Deadman is trying to get out of town Paul, do you think he's scared?


Heyman: No Styles, he isn't scared. He's made his point and now he's just leaving, I will be as well as soon as this show finishes.


The camera is still with Gringo as he reaches Deadman's limo, the engine is on but it isn't moving.


JS: Well he's still here Paul, but where is he?


Heyman: I don't know Joey, maybe I should use my crystal ball and find out for you.


Gringo is shouting at the limo and kicking it at the same time, he goes to open the rear door and it opens.... he looks inside and... NOTHING. Gringo slams the door shut and smacks his hand on the top of the limo in frustration.


EG: Damn it!


Gringo turns around and rests on the limo before he looks up and spots Deadman heading towards him carring a lead pipe. Gringo doesn't waste anytime and charges straight towards Deadman, who runs straight at Gringo.


JS: Here we go!


As Gringo gets to Deadman, Deadman swings the pipe but Gringo ducks it and elbows Deadman square in the face causing Deadman to drop the pipe. The crowd in arena can be heard going nuts. With the pipe out of play, the two begin to trade more punches before security and officials quickly show up and begin to seperate the two, this gets a chorus of boos from the crowd.


JS: These people much like myself want to see these two get it on Paul.


Heyman: Well it's just not going to happen Styles. That Gringo should be locked up for attacking Deadman like he did.


JS: Deadman was the one with the pipe!


Heyman: But he didn't use it did he?


JS: He tried!


Security has both men apart as they continue to shout at each other, the security guys who are hold of Deadman force him back towards the limo and shove him in it.


Heyman: At least he's going to be safe in there!


JS: Safe? You've never been worried about safety in your life Paul!


The security holding Gringo has now dragged him back into the arena, just as Deadman's limo quickly speeds away.


JS: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Deadman has left the building but I have a feeling this thing between Gringo and Deadman, is far, far from being over.


Heyman: No doubt about it Styles, no doubt about it.


Xtreme TV fades to commercials as Evil Gringo is now released and looks annoyed at himself.

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We return from commercials


From what we can gather from the camera view, which seems to be sat in the front seat; a truck speeds down a dimly lit motorway. The truck weaves in and out of lanes, narrowly missing cars. We pass a sign saying “London Bridge: Next Exit”


The truck veers to the left and bumps off the motorway onto the slip road. Ignoring the roundabout at the top, it hurls straight across the line, screeching around, entering a long street… the bright lights of London Bridge illuminate the evening skies


The camera smacks against the passenger side window of the pickup as the driver takes a right… heading down towards a slip way to the Thames River


(Voice over)


STYLES: Are we actually back from the commercial break?


HEYMAN: Doesn’t look like it. Looks like we’re seeing an episode of Britain’s worst driver


STYLES: No……………. I’m getting word this is live feed


The truck screeches to halt just metres away from the water front, the hand brake is pulled tightly in position as it sits motionless on a steep gradient. The cameraman takes this opportunity to bail as he rushes around to the rear of the pick up…….. zooming in on the licence plate…


STYLES: It’s Vengeance! But what the hell is doing out there!?


The newly crowned TWOstars United States champion exits driver side. In the voice over, we hear the roar of the crowd inside the Wembley arena


Triple V comes to the rear of the truck as the cameraman backs off. He reaches over into the trunk and pulls a still unconscious Dave Meltzer onto his shoulders


STYLES: Maybe he’s taking the Da Meltz for a swim?


HEYMAN: No you idiot!


Vengeance dumps his former championship guidance counsellor into the drivers seat; placing Meltzer’s hands over the steering wheel. He reaches into his pocket to take something out


STYLES: Oh my! Triple V is taping Meltzer’s hands to that steering wheel!


HEYMAN: Get someone out there!


STYLES: Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems this situation has got completely out of control. I’ve been told to tell you that viewer discretion is advised




Da Meltz gains consciousness after a swift strike across the face by the Violence Bearer. Coming to, he realises the predicament he’s in…


MELTZ: What the! No! No!………. .Noooooooo!


… The truck’s hand brake is released as it slowly trickles down into the water…




The pulsing sound of sirens can be heard as both Vinnie Vengeance and the camera look up towards the bridge. Two police cars, an ambulance and a fire truck come hurtling across in the bright lights


We go into Shopzone ad

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Back from the adverts, in an "earlier today" segment we see SEX walking through town.


They are looking in various shop windows, Jaxx seems more interested in certain types of stores (if you get what I mean).


Cole suddenly looks long the street and his eyes light up.


Michael: Guys, a barber shop, I can get my highlights re-touched.


Keith: Oooh, I always love a guy running his fingers through my hair.


Arkham: Me likes hair cuts, give new look.


Michael: We're settled then, off we go.


The thee men walk away from the camera as they go to get their hair cut.


We're now inside the barbers, Cole is in one chair, silver foil all over his head (like you do), he seems happy.


In the next chair is Jaxx, a large man washing his hair and the sausage jockey is making "mmmmm" noises as he gets the shampoo rubbed into his hair.


Arkham is in the last chair, he looks confused as the barber behind him looks impatient.


Barber: What do you want me to do?


Arkham: Cut hair.


Barber: What style?


Arkham: Style?


Barber: Yes, your hair is already short, so what do you want it to look like?


Arkham: Not know.


Michael: What can you do with it?


Barber: Not much, I could shape it, tram lines, there are a few options.


Jaxx mumbles something in-between his moans.


Barber: Sorry sir?


Keith: Shave it off.


Barber: Should we go bald then sir?


Arkham: No doing hair?


Michael: You've not got much now.


Arkham: Less, me likes.


Barber: Right then sir, bald it is.


The barber reaches over and grabs for his razor and the foam.


We cut once more to the outside of the barber shop, the big man exits with a big grin on his face, he's rubbing his now bald head.


Behind him is Jaxx with a large quiff, his hair is immaculate.

And behind is Cole, he now has more highlights than usual, and he's looking poud.


Keith: Hey big man, you like your new look?


Arkham: Smooth, nice.


Michael: You think I got too many highlights?


Keith: There's no such thing as too many highlights - you look yummy.


Jaxx links arms with Cole as they walk off towards more shops, Arkham is still rubbing the top of his head.

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We return from the "previously" package to show the Medical Room, Eagles is sat on a gurney with an EMT checking him over - the audience boo him.


Paul: What the hell happened to our TV Champion?


Joey: A few of the people he insulted earlier probably caught up with him.


Paul: Come on, now you're just trying to annoy me.


Joey: Without Gower at his side, he probably got jumped by a few people.


Paul: Pah.


At this point we see Arkham stick his head around the door to a cheer from the crowd.


Arkham: Hello Mr Medical Man, Doctor said come to here.


Eagles: Doctor? Probably someone who wants to put you away - get out of here, freak.


Doctor HandSolo suddenly appears beside Arkham's head around the door-frame.


Doctor: Actually, young man, he has already been away, now he's better.




Doctor: Look, even somebody as slow as you should be able to realise that he has been in "institutes".


Amazingly, the Doctor's little hands manage to make the finger quotes, but with his whole hand. The whole time Arkham is staring at the puppet intently.


Eagles: Who is out there doing that?


Arkham walks into the room with the doctor on his right hand.


Arkham: Do what?


Eagles: Who is doing his voice?


Doctor: Nobody does my voice, I'm Doctor HandSolo, Arkham's doctor, and when he needs some advice, I'm here for him.


Arkham: Yes, he give advice, he smart.


Eagles looks back and forth between the glove puppet and the big guy's face.


Doctor: I say chappy, you look a little battered.


Eagles: Look, enough with the bloody puppet, talk to me you freak.


Arkham: Me not talk, Doctor talk.


Doctor: Yes, please look at me when I'm talking to you.


Eagles: You're insane.


Doctor: And that's why I'm his doctor, maybe you need some help yourself.


The crowd laughs.


Doctor: In fact, I'm beginning to think that Arkham is smarter than you.


Eagles suddenly jumps up from the table.


Eagles: You have GOT to be kidding me.


Doctor: If you're so smart, then why not prove it.


Eagles: Oh yeah, how? I'm the new TV Champion, so I've GOT to be smart.


Doctor: Any man who is that smart, and is the TV Champ must be able to out-wrestle somebody like Arkham.


Eagles: Of course I can.


Doctor: And I bet that you'd like to show it to the world.


Eagles: Damn right!


Doctor: Say at the next Pay Per View.


Eagles: You've got that right.


Doctor: Done.


Eagles: What?


Doctor: Done - you've just agreed to face Arkham at Zero Tolerance.


The crowd cheers at the possibility of the match.


Eagles: I did what?


Doctor: And I bet that you can even come up with some possible stiplulations right now.


Eagles: Well, erm, I'll need time to think.


Doctor: Oh come on, I bet even Arkham can come up with three right now.


Eagles: Yeah, like that's possible.


Arkham: Oooh, oooh, I have idea.


Doctor: See - since he came up with the ideas first, and you came up with the idea for the match, I think he should be able to choose the stipulations.


Eagles: Hang on, I did come up with...


Doctor: Good, good, go on then Arkham.


Arkham: Blindyfold.


Eagles: Easy, I can live with that.


Arkham: Pilly Fight.


Eagles: You're kidding.


Doctor: Oh come on, a pillow fight would be funny to see.


Arkham: And Gladiators.


Doctor & Eagles: What?


Arkham: Big stickies and runnies up ramps and thingies.


The crowd laugh at the big guy's description.


Arkham begins to badly sing the Gladiators theme.


Doctor: There you have it, he chose the stipulations.


Eagles: I can't believe this.


Doctor: You're afraid to face him in under those stipulations?


Eagles: Me? Afraid? You've GOT to be kidding me.


Doctor: Good, that's settled then - I'll pass the information onto management later.


You can almost see the penny drop as Eagles' face suddenly change to that of complete horror and revulsion at the upcoming match he has somehow agreed to - the crowd laugh at his expression.


The view changes back to the announce table.


Paul: What the hell has just happened.


Joey: I think we've just had another match made for Zero Tolerance.


Paul: I know that, but those choices? Give me a break.


Fade to commercials.

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Back from commercials to our ring announcers behind their desk at ringside.


Styles: Welcome back, and now I'm glad to announce that it's time for tonight's main event - in his first night on XTV after winning the belt, our new champion, Brett Banner puts it on the line against "The Assassin" Dante Mueller - the very man who gave him such a run for his money at Survivor Series.


Heyman: Here's hoping Banner's headed for a nice, short run as champ and Dante gets the job done tonight to earn what he sure as hell deserves a lot more than the so called "Serial Thrilla".


The entrance ramp is filled with dry ice and bathed in eerie, deep blue light as the tones of The Prodigy’s Serial Thrilla blares out across Wembley Stadium.


Multiple laser lights project Banner’s radiation symbol onto the rampway as it also revolves up on the Titantron.




Styles: Here's the champ, who's given his entrance a bit more pizzazz by the looks of things.


Heyman: Big woop - it'll take a lot more than a cheap Hurricane rip-off entrance to impress me.


The fifth TWOstars Champ, the Serial Thrilla himself, Brett Banner, steps out onto the entrance ramp, head bowed and covered by the hood of his blue and red boxing robe. He slowly spins around, arms outstretched, to reveal that the back of the garment is emblazoned with his symbol.


Tony Chimel: Now making his way to the ring, weighing in at 225 pounds, the TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion –“ The Bruuutal” Brrrett Bannnnner!


The camera pans around the packed stadium to show the rabid, English XTV fans cheering their triumphant countryman as he strides down the ramp.


Banner steps up onto the ring apron, pauses, then pulls the hood of his robe back to reveal his face.




Hundreds of fans’ cameras and mobile phones flash as they take a snapshot of the Thrilla from Brumilla as he poses on the apron, proudly gesticulating towards the championship belt which he sports around his waist, now revealed for all to see as his robe is cast aside.


He enters the ring between the top and middle ropes and proceeds to pace around the ring, shrugging his shoulders and cracking his neck like a boxer as he psyches himself up for his first title defence.


The crowd’s attention shifts to the big screen as a graphic flashes up on the Titantron. First it is just undistinguishable blurs, but soon it turns into an actual picture. A storm is seen and heard in the background. Lightning hits and thunder cracks loudly. The camera goes through the graveyard as the storm continues. Eventually several small shapes are seen in the background. As the camera approaches them, it turns out to be identical tombstones, with names across them all. From left to right they read:



Omega Red

Draven Cage

Mickhail Mills

Chris Eagles

Jordi Warner

Evil Gringo

The Incredible Holt


Behind the graves is a figure perched on the top of a Mausoleum. In the lightning flashes, the figure is revealed to be Dante, trench coat billowing out behind him. Lightning strikes the mausoleum where Dante is perched and at the same time lightning strikes in the arena. The crowd jumps at this as the all too familiar pyro explodes. F*cking Determined by Mudvayne is blaring through the arena as Dante walks from amidst the flames.


Heyman: Now this is more like it - a real champ in the making.


Styles: I'm not going to disagree with you for once, Paul - except to say, as great an in-ring competitor as Dante Mueller certainly is, Brett Banner shouldn't be dismissed so easily either.


Heyman: Pfft.


Tony Chimel: And the challenger, at a weight of 240 pounds, from Hermann Missouri, he is “The Assassin” Dante Mueller!


The crowd again pops massively as Dante makes his way to the ring. He throws the guns and "shoots" each turnbuckle, making pyro blast out in succession as each one is "hit"


The Brute remains in the ring and stares a hole through Dante as all this showmanship transpires, wringing his hands as he focuses on the job at hand.


Brett hands the referee his newly won belt, and the ref holds it aloft to indicate to the crowd that this match is for the championship. A computer graphic flashes up onto the screen stating the same.


The two men circle each other in the ring, their intense gazes locked onto each other. Banner bounces slightly from foot to foot, staying light on his feet. Dante is rotating his weakened left shoulder, loosening it up.


Banner signals for a lock up and the two grapplers meet in a collar and elbow tie-up. Brett almost instantly switches out of the lock up and grabs hold of Mueller’s left arm with both hands, locking the elbow out as he clamps it across his chest.


Styles: The new champion canny enough not to enter into a struggle for power against a man over a stone heavier than him, instead taking the technical route.


Heyman: I think you meant to say that he's too afraid.


Styles: I know what I meant.


The Assassin reaches for Banner’s forehead with his free hand, trying to pull his head backwards uncomfortably, forcing him to break his grasp. This attempt is interrupted by The Brute delivering a couple of southpaw elbows to the back of the Missouri native’s head, before taking Mueller’s arm into a tight hammerlock. The Brutal One cinches the hold in hard, not only pushing his opponent’s forcibly bent arm excruciatingly far up his own back, but also bringing his weight to bear on the back of Dante’s shoulder, making him drop to one knee.


Styles: That weakened shoulder of Mueller’s may as well have a big bullseye painted on it, as it’s a clear target for the Brute’s attention.


Dante shows his physical power and mental determination by rising to his feet again through the pain, but the Brutalizer brings a trilogy of solid elbows down onto the top of Dante’s shoulder in an attempt to maintain control. Mueller clutches at his shoulder with a grimace of pain and staggers under this hail of clubbing strikes.


The Assassin comes back with an elbow strike of his own as his right elbow is swung back to dig Banner in the ribs. Dante aims the elbow at Banner a second time but The Brute steps back a little, still maintaining his hold on Mueller, but at arms length so the elbow doesn’t connect. This gives the Eternal Opportunist sufficient room to reverse the hammerlock into one of his own, by ducking under Brett’s arm. He lets out a cry as he wrenches his shoulder in doing so.


The Assassin has the hold in place for only a couple of seconds before he is succinctly toppled with a drop toehold from the Brummie. As swiftly as Mueller’s control is ended it is snatched back by the Definition of Destruction, who grabs the left arm into a hammerlock once more, driving all his weight onto Mueller’s twisted limb. Maintaining the hold, Banner deftly whirls his body around, so he is knelt at his opponent’s head. He hooks under Dante’s head with his left arm and clamps his hand onto the back of his right forearm, forming a vicelike grip that applies pressure onto the hammerlocked arm in combination with a tight headlock, sapping The Assassin’s strength.


Try as he might to press down upon his foe, Brett cannot prevent the f*cking determined Dante from fighting up to his feet. The Brutaliser modifies his hold, bearhugging The Assassin, crushing his ribs, whilst all the while never releasing the hammerlock.



Styles: Banner still not relinquishing the hammerlock on his opposite man – he maintains the hold with both hands now, not only targeting the arm and injured shoulder of Dante Mueller, but also inflicting a bearhug of sorts in the process, working the ribs and abdominal area.


With his free right arm, Mueller begins to fight back, delivering sharp elbows to the side of Brett’s head. Knowing the hold is about to be broken and he needs to do something to stay in control in this match-up, The Brute snaps his body sharply backwards.


Styles: On my God! A textbook Hammerlock Suplex from Brett Banner there! It’s a page of the textbook most wrestlers don’t turn to, but it’s a textbook move nonetheless!


Banner doesn’t let up, and in an instant is back onto Dante, straddling the chest of his downed opponent, pinning him down as The Assassin tries in vain to fight him off. The Brute lifts his lower body into the air in a partial handstand, then brings his knee swinging forcibly down onto Mueller’s left shoulder. Dante roars with pain, then again as The Brutal One repeats the manoeuvre. When the Brute goes for a third crunching knee strike, The Assassin raises his knees to his chest and Banner lands heavily on them. Brett clutches at his gut and rolls on his back on the mat.


Styles: Mueller gets the knees up to shield himself – and now the momentum has shifted as the champion lies winded on the mat.


Dante rolls onto his right shoulder and up onto his feet, holding his left arm immobile at his side.


The Assassin spots that Banner is still holding his abdomen and is slow in getting to his feet. Recognising a window of opportunity when presented with one, the Eternal Opportunist heads for the ropes, rebounding back from them at pace with a shining wizard on the champ.


Styles: Keiji Mutoh’s Shining Wizard - a climbing knee strike – delivered with authority there by the challenger.


Mueller drops to his knees into a lateral press on the downed Brett Banner.






Styles: A kickout at two on that pin attempt. Whilst it can hardly be believed that Banner is feeling no ill effects of that punishing match at Survivor Series where he won the title, he is also not exhibiting so obvious a lingering injury as is Dante Mueller with his clearly damaged shoulder. It means The Assassin has got to work that bit harder here tonight to find what approach to use.


Heyman: It looks as if Dante’s going to pull no punches tonight – he’s setting Banner up for a powerbomb!


Styles: Who knows – that may well be the winning tactic. If perhaps his opportunistic, pin stealing Survivor Series gameplan doen’t quite cut it against the champion, then maybe his superior force will.


Not this time - Brett struggles and manages to block Dante’s powerbomb attempt into a back body drop which sends him sailing through the air over The Brute’s head. Mueller rears up and lets out a cry as he impacts onto the canvas.


Banner takes a hold of Dante’s left wrist then drops a leg onto his left arm, causing him to roar out in agony.


Styles: One sign of weakness is all that a submission specialist like Brett Banner needs to formulate his strategy.


The Brutaliser follows with another leg drop, then drives his knee into Dante’s shoulder.


The Serial Thrilla casts a glance towards the turnbuckle, to an approving pop from the London crowd. Banner leaves The Assassin writhing as he heads up to the top.


Styles: It’s not clear exactly what Banner has in mind here – perhaps a flying knee drop - yes! But it’s scouted out by Mueller, who simply rolls out of the way, leaving Brett’s knee with the far more painful landing of bone against mat as opposed to flesh.


Heyman: Come on, Dante – now’s your chance. Banner blew that big time – now capitalise on it!


Dante stomps away at Brett’s knee as he attempts to roll out of harm’s way. Seemingly tiring of attempting to keep kicking Banner as he squirms away, The Assassin drags The Brute back up to a vertical base, before whipping him towards the ropes. Brett is greeted on his return with a crushing spine buster.


Heyman: Now we’re talking! Dante’s tactic of clobbering Banner with all his biggest, hard-hitting moves could start to pay dividends now!


Dante grabs the leg of the fallen Banner for a cover.








Styles: And the heart of a champion shining through as Banner gets a shoulder up for a two count.


Heyman: “Heart of a champion”? That’s overstating it a bit, isn’t it? Who the hell gets pinned from a spinebuster anyway?


Styles: Plenty of people, Paul. Plenty of people. We need to go to a brief advert break now, but be back here with XTV as this match continues!


Cut to adverts.

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