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Is it time Ric Flair...

Nemesis Enforcer

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Wrestled in a t-shirt???


After recent matches with HHH and others, do we really need to see Flair's flabby pec's? I mean would it kill the guy to wear a t-shirt when he wrestles someone?


One of two things needs to happen here (1) Flair needs to start to cover up when in action or (2) the new steroid tesst need to not apply to 'Slick Ric' and he should be activly encouraged to use them to pump his chest up :lol


Your thoughts on the matter?

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He shouls wear a shirt' date=' thast is if he doesn't seriously consider retiring from the active side of things. I have no problem with him being a manager to an up and comeing star eg Shelton Benjamin. However, i don't need to see saggy man boobs on Raw.[/quote']

I know he's not gonna retire anytime soon for a fact


Reason - he's getting a divorce from his second wife Beth thats gonna cos him a fortune and so to stickto the life he's become acustomed to he needs to keep on in the ring

[Credit Powerslam]


I would'nt mind seeing him wrestle in somekind of shirt I mean it does'nt bother me that much but I'm sure that has to be embarassing

This is the amn don't forget who on house shows bares his naked backside to get cheap laughs!

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