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FCW Awards 2005: Question & Discussion


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Question to FCW Management :)


Are the awards going to be run on the forum this year, or will they be external like last year?


And instead of wasting a thread for just that little question, lets talk about nominations, at a wild guess, lets use these categories.


Favourite Face

Favorite Heel

Wrestler of the Year

Favourite Event

Match of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Most Improved


And any more you can think of, so get talking, mines coming soon

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Cheers, was just wondering :) Least with them not being on the forums, some FCW members with multiple accounts (not mentioning any names) can't influence the vote :)


My Nominations


Favourite Face - In terms of the overall year, got to give it to A-Star, excellent face turn, works the crowd great and always gets an amazing reaction.


Favorite Heel - Got to give it to Rob Hunter, honourable mentions to Judge, Saul Adams and Jack Storm


Wrestler of the Year - Toss Up between Morales, Jack Storm or again Saul Adams


Favourite Event - Walsall Town Hall, High Stakes (excellent wrestling), Crash Landing, or June Walsall (show wasnt great, just had so much fun at the show)


Match of the Year - Tie between Jack Storm v Chris Daniels, Morales v Spud (Ironman) or Morales and Jack Storm def Jonny Storm and Dragon Pheonix (great match)


Rookie of the Year - Jay Icon, improved so much this year


Most Improved - Saul Adams, this man has just become the total package this year, I hope to see him in the main event in 2006.


A few more


Tag Team of the Year - Devils Advocate, comedy and wrestling they just excel out. Big mention to Brit Connection who have been excellent champs.


Comedy Moment of the Year - Pimp Daddy Grant ~~ (That is all). Mentions to the DA proposal or Swift Connection :D (Swift justice as Brit Connection)

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