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The TNA World Title


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The TNA is really in hot water concerning their world title scene.


1) They have REALLY conflicting storylines, constantly playing off no.1 contender matches.


2) Jarrett (the super-heel) is stale as is AJ Styles (the super-face)


3)The TNA has a need for both drawing power, and just rewards as far as the belt goes.


Christian Cage's arrival gives drawing power, but he can't just go over anyone immediately, because everyone will know that his former WWE career was what got him there. In my mind the man who deserves the belt next is Abyss. I've spoken to a promoter from TNA (who has spoken to Jimmy Hart).

Abyss is ready for the belt. He has built a solid TNA rep and you need look no further than the TNA homepage match surveys. Abyss's ppv matches are always the fan favorites. Both of his Monster's Ball matches have outshined the main events. His match against Sabu is doing the same. The fans are absolutely ready for Abyss to get the gold. Brown has gotten better, but is still missing some critical experience. Someday he should get it. Just not yet. Also they need to start pushing Lance Hoyt. With a little mike-help that guy will be set. Athletically he is in my mind the BEST big man in the buisness today. He can FLY. As for Rhyno, he needs to die down. Him getting the belt should have NEVER happened. They only did it to please the crowd, and even then he lost the belt the next week.



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I absolutely agree with point 2. Jeff Jarrett is staler than a month old loaf of bread and AJ needs some time away to be fresh. Abyss should have hed the belta while back but politics got in the way of that (humming and hahhing over signing a new contract IIRC) and he should get the belt sooner rather than later, especially with Mitchell as his mouthpiece. As for pushing Hoyt, yeah, maybe but I'd sooner see someone like Bobby Roode pushed. I'd also like to see Elix Skipper back in the X-Division hunt rather than stuck in lower card with Simon Diamond. I'm glad they gave Rhino the belt and he should have held it longer but yet again JJ's "stroke" soon stopped that.
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I still maintain Rhyno's reign as a mistake. If they were planning on giving the title at all to him then they needed to have a proper story and such.


But at BFG and for only a week? Erm....NO!


Better just to have JJ retain than a stupid stunt like that.


The only probable reason they gave Rhino the title was due to Nash's illness. I can only think the because Nash couldn't work the match, TNA felt as they had to deliver a title change to compensate the chagne of the cad. Having Jarrett retain the belt wouldn't have pleased anyone, when TNA are billing "Bound for Glory" as thier biggest event, they need to have unexpected things happen.


Its no secret that TNA's main event scene lacks any big drawing names, and to be fair, I'd say there is only a few about that TNA could sign. TNA need the big names to attract the casual fans, and also help put over some of TNA's homegrown talent like Abyss & Monty Brown.


And in fairness to TNA, where they lack in the main event picture, they are continuing to push and create new stars who are working thier way up the ranks of TNA, guys like Samoa Joe, Abyss and Montry Brown.


Also, the question is, Do TNA sign guys like Scott Steiner and Randy Savage [as an example] who are past thier prime with regards to working a match, and who would ask for alot more money than the likes of Abyss & Monty Brown purley in a bid to attract casual fans.


Or do TNA contiune to push thier own talent, who can work matches, probably cost alot less than the likes of Savage , but who have less name value, but could easily gain that name value with the right media coverage.

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give Monty "i cant wrestle to save mine or anyone elses life" Brown the title?


Monty Brown is a lot LOT worse than people say, yeh he has charisma, but thats about it.


He's not that bad, he's not terible nor great, but he has some more going for him than he has against him. Just because you cannot wrestle a good match doesn't mean you can't make money for a company and draw in fans. With all due respect to Hogan, he was never a great wrestler, but he knew how to work a match and had charisma, if Monty can learn to work I'm convinced he can be a good NWA Champion.

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I'd like to see Christian beat JJ as a sort of younger version (playing up the fact that Jarrett's time is past and Cage is the new heel).


Then Christian loses the belt to Abyss in a bloody violent match,


Then after a while Monty pounces the **** out of Abyss and wins the strap.


From then on its open game. Maybe Monty can lose to Samoa Joe or Lance Hoyt or something...or maybe the belt can find its way back to Cage.

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