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TWOstars presents: Survivor Series 2005


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The screen is filled with a shot of the Serengeti plains – amber, vast and seemingly deserted. The narration begins, read by a man with the sort of authoritative, gravely voice that you’d hear on a movie trailer.


“The theory of evolution hinges around the notion of the survival of the fittest – only the strongest will survive.”


The camera pans to a shot of gazelles grazing. Suddenly they are startled as a cheetah appears in their midst.


All of life is about survival.”


The weakest gazelle, at the rear of the herd, too slow to escape, is felled almost effortlessly by the deadly big cat.


“Survival and the struggle for dominance.


Two stags pace around each other, sizing each other up, as the narration continues there are jump cuts to shots of two bears staring each other down and two wrestlers pacing the ring facing each other.


“The strongest in a species tends to become the leader by means of their superior physical prowess. The alpha, whom the others follow and aspire to be. If a challenger for this position believes he is strong enough then they will lock in combat.”








“There may be many challengers along the way, but only one can ever be at the top.”


Fast paced rock guitar kicks in as we cut to a fast and furious clips barrage....


Dante’s forehead hits the mat. He tries for a moment to keep withstanding the pain, but it is hopeless – he can’t even move now. Nick Patrick is still right in his face asking if he wants to give it up. Dante’s one free hand quakes in the air…and then taps the mat. (Dante taps to Brett Banner's Gammalock - XTreme TV 19)


Banner tries to hold his throat as EG locks in the Gringo Lock – the Brute has no option but to tap. (Elimination Chamber match at Summerslam)


Holt raises Gringo, lifts him into a vertical suplex position before dropping backwards with the IncrediDDT onto the metal of the Chamber floor. The referee drops down for the cover. (TIH wins the belt in the same match)


We are shown fast paced shots of TIH Incrediplexing most of the roster on his rise to dominance, amongst the carnage, almost subliminally, are cut shots of a Great White shark taking out its prey.


“But even the most dominant alpha male, the strongest individual, cannot fight to hold onto his position for ever. No one can survive at the top indefinitely…. And there are always others lining up to take his place.”


Images of the faces of Dante, Banner and Gringo fade in and then out again one by one. Then blackness.


“The cowards never started. The weak quit along the way. Now tonight - only the strongest can survive.”


The Survivor Series logo flashes up onto the screen with a bang.




Pyro explodes out from the edges of the Titantron, followed by a volley that sweeps across the stage.


Corporate messages - TWOstars Survivor Series is sponsored by Shake and Vac lavender and M&M flavoured Skittles - because Mars ran out of ideas

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HEYMAN: It’s time for some TV title action, Tazz and what a match to kick off Survivor Series!


TAZZ: That it is. Violent Vinnie Vengeance puts the gold on the line against the number one contender, Chris Eagles


HEYMAN: And what a worthy number one contender he is


TAZZ: Come on Paul! Eagles somehow bought his way to this shot. And it still hasn’t been discovered just who exactly this “person in power” was that he used to get it


HEYMAN: In all fairness, Triple V and Da Meltz haven’t really been doing much as of late to find out who it is. But enough of that, how about you be useful and give your keys to victory for the upcoming match?


TAZZ: Certainly……… The first thing that has to be mentioned is where we are right now, Detroit, Michigan, Vengeances’ home town. Although most fans love to hate the Television Champion, I have no doubt that the people here tonight will be on their feet as soon as he steps through that curtain. Secondly, and more importantly for the challenger, Eagles has to keep the champ on the mat – don’t let him retain a vertical base, otherwise MDM will surely be destroyed


HEYMAN: And for Triple V to win?


TAZZ: Well Eagles is by no means a cruiser himself, standing six feet tall and weighing two hundred and eighty-seven pounds. But he isn’t afraid to take the risks. Vengeance needs to bide his time and wait for Eagles to make the mistake. We all know what a difference that Circle of Trust can make


HEYMAN: Anything else?


TAZZ: Meltz also deserves a mention. There’s no hiding the fact that he has been an inspiration to Triple V and has helped him retain the gold on more than one occasion. You only need to look back to No Mercy last month in his match against The Assassin to see how much of difference the Violence Bearers championship guidance counsellor can make


HEYMAN: Why thank you Tazz; how insightful. I believe we’re now ready to take it to Tony Chimel for the introductions


The camera switches to the typical ringside position. Senior referee Nick Patrick is stood behind the tubby announcer


CHIMEL: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for the TWOstars Television Championship!


At the mention of the title which is now synonymous with Vinnie Vengeance, the Detroit crowd erupt


CHIMEL: Introducing first, the challenger……


With that, “Get This Money” by Jay Z and R Kelly hits the PA system within the Joe Louis Arena


CHIMEL:………… From New York City, New York….. Weighing in at two hundred and eighty five pounds…… He is the richest man in wrestling…. MDM Chris Eagles!!!


Eagles bursts out from behind the curtain, smarting a tidy green bill coloured suit and a wide grin across his face


HEYMAN: My man looking confident tonight!


TAZZ: Cocky, Paul, as usual. I hope he’s not underestimating the Violence Bearer. Vengeance is a proven commodity here in TWOstars, and no doubt he’ll rip MDM apart unless the challenger has prepared in full for tonight


Eagles makes his way down the ramp to a thunderous echo of boos from the live crowd. He steps slowly up the ring steps, soaking in the jeers before entering the ring, asking Nick Patrick to remove his obviously expensive gown


“Get This Money” drowns out…


…And is replaced by the bass-ey beat of “Violence Fetish”


The whole of Detroit get to their feet in anticipation of the arrival of their champion…


CHIMEL: And now his opponent!


The Joe Louis Arena falls to black as a blue light shines down from the TWOtron, running down the ramp and spilling into the ring. The iron chair begins to rise from the top as Meltzer comes out to take his position




This sends the fans into craze as quite possibly the best thing to come out of Detroit since Rhino, unleashes himself from the confines of the chair


CHIMEL: He is the current reigning, and defending TWOstars Television Champion……. Weighing in at two hundred and ninety five pounds………………. Violent………………….. Vinnie…………………… Vengeance!!!


As Vengeance begins to ascend the steps, Eagles bails from the ring leaving Vinnie to work the crowd with his chest pose. As the lights come up, Vengeance hands over the gold to the referee whilst the challenger cautiously comes back inside by the far steps


TAZZ: Both men locking eyes here as senior referee Nick Patrick delivers the instructions


HEYMAN: Maybe Patrick should lay down the rules to Meltzer. You know it’ll be only a matter of time before he gets involved in this match


TAZZ: Can’t deny that…………… There’s the bell and this title match is underway!


The two big men step closer to one another and lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. After tussling for position for a good few seconds…………. The Violence Bearer gains the advantage and powerfully pushes the challenger backwards as the back of Eagles head smacks against the padded turnbuckle


TAZZ: Now that’s a crowd pleaser if ever I’ve seen one


HEYMAN: Hold up, Tazz. I thought you hated Vengeance!?


TAZZ: Oh no. I just hate that little screech Meltzer. Vinnie’s in my good books. After all, it was me who pretty much gifted him the championship at Summerslam


The two men lock back up…… again Vengeance gains the upper hand and backs his opponent up towards the turnbuckle


The referee begins the count as the Violence Bearer releases on four….. But is met with a swift slap across the face from Eagles who quickly exits the ring once he sees the look on the champions face


TAZZ: What Eagles doesn’t realise is that its game over once Triple V gets angry


Tazz, was right; the slap infuriates Vengeance who steps out over the top rope to hunt down his prey. The heavy hitters engage in a fist fight in front of the announce table


HEYMAN: The action has already spilled out onto the floor!


Triple V blocks a left hook from Eagles and clasps the hand, bringing him in and dropping him with a short arm clothlesline. The crowd go crazy as the sickening sound of skull on concrete echoes throughout the Joe Louis Arena


Vengeance pulls the groggy challenger to his feet and unceremoniously tosses him back into the ring underneath the bottom rope………. Into the lateral press











Shoulder out at two and a half by Eagles


TAZZ: It’s usually after the first unsuccessful cover attempt that Vengeance gets frustrated and begins to make mistakes. But it seems he’s concentrated on keeping the pressure on Eagles


HEYMAN: Well if he doesn’t wanna show up on our flagship TV show every week then it doesn’t surprise that Meltzer has got him ready for this


Vinnie looks to be giving the signal for the finish


TAZZ: Circle of Trust could be imminent, even this early on


HEYMAN: He’s taking a huge gamble here….


Triple V powers a seemingly lifeless Eagles up onto his shoulders. But the challenger is aware of what is about to happen to him…… struggling, he manages to get Vengeance to lose his balance and stumble about allowing Eagles to get a hand on the rope; forcing Nick Patrick to ask the champ to release his opponent


TAZZ: Seems Vinnie doesn’t wanna let go!


The ref steps in and pulls Eagles down from the wide shoulders of the champion


HEYMAN: That’s what the referee is there to do. Keep both competitors in check


TAZZ: You know I’ve never been one for the referee getting physically involved


Vengeance is easily distracted and gets in Patrick’s face. Losing his cool, he grabs the ref by the throat………………. Allowing Eagles to sneak up and deliver the low blow!


TAZZ: That’s gotta be the disqualification!


Patrick sees it and pounces over to the ropes looking as if he’s going to call for the bell…………. But doesn’t, shaking his head and calling for the match to continue as Triple V lays flat on the mat clutching that from which the Violence is truly unleashed.


HEYMAN: Granted, that low blow deserved the DQ, but the champ should never have put his hands on the official


With Eagles in charge of the match, he delivers some intense kicks to the ribs of the cowering Television Champion. After bouncing off the ropes a couple of times and building on the vicious onslaught, MDM pulls back on both arms of Vengeance and puts his size 13 into the small of back; stretching the champ with a surf board


TAZZ: The submission locked in!


HEYMAN: Tap Vinnie! Just tap!


With the ruckus Detroit crowd behind him, the TWOstars Television Champion fights the hold and manages to shrug the foot off of his back……………….. Getting up now to a vertical base


TAZZ: The back slide!











TAZZ: Three! No, just a two


As Vinnie again attempts to regain a vertical position, the pain in the back slows him as Eagles drives his head into the mat with a crunching DDT. The Joe Louis Arena once again fills with boo’s as Eagles is back on top


TAZZ: That certainly hasn’t sat well with those in attendance here tonight


HEYMAN: What did you expect? The champ may be from Detroit, but it’s clear they’re all just jealous of Eagles fame and fortune……………… There’s the backbreaker… Eagles doing a good job of keeping Vengeance down on the mat as you said Tazz. Also focusing his offence on a body part


TAZZ: And with a bad back, I don’t see much chance of Triple V lifting him up for the Circle of Trust. Sound game plan being applied here by the challenger for the Television title


MDM continues to focus on the small of the back, dropping pin point elbows down on the injured area as the Violence Bearer screeches in agony


TAZZ: Vengeance really needs to turn the tide now before it’s too late


Eagles brings Vinnie to his feet once again and clasps him in a side headlock, swinging the long arm of Triple V over his head. With every once of strength in him, the challenger lifts the champion high into the air as the crowd wince at the imminent drop..




HEYMAN: High angle vertical suplex by MDM! Into the cover
















TAZZ: No! Vinnie rolls the shoulder out at a split second before the referees hand came down for the three!


HEYMAN: Keep the pressure on, Chris!


Eagles does so, and continues the assault on the back of the champion; delivers some stuff downward kicks. He looks down at his agony stricken opponents and begins to taunt the thousands inside of the Joe Louis Arena, who simply throw it right back in his face


Looking back at the fallen Violence Bearer, Eagles taps the side of his head. He than grabs the right leg of Vengeance and folds him over into…


HEYMAN: Hahaha! He’s getting a taste of his own medicine!


TAZZ: Eagles has Triple V in his very own False Sense of Security!!! That single legged Boston crab is locked in TIGHT!!!


Both Meltzer and the city of Detroit get behind their native champion who does his best to try and fight the submission…. But…..


HEYMAN: He’s gonna tap!!!


Vengeance brings the hand up, screaming in pain, looking as if his going to slap the mat………………… But reaches out and grabs the bottom rope


TAZZ: He made it!


HEYMAN: Damn! (beep) Damn!


The challenger now looks to be getting frustrated


Keeping one eye on the champion, Eagles quickly moves to the outside and begins to climb the turnbuckle


HEYMAN: Two hundred and eighty seven pounds is about to come crashing down on the soon-to-be ex champion!


TAZZ: Eagles taking a HUGE risk here in an attempt to put Triple V to rest!


MDM waits for Vinnie to stumble to his feet


HEYMAN: He flies!!!





HEYMAN: Noooooooooo!


There’s a huge eruption inside the arena


TAZZ: The champ had the awareness to telegraph the attempted double axe handle and delivered a sweet boot to the chin of Eagles! Both men are now down


Nick Patrick begins the count












…Eagles begins to stir




…As does Vengeance




….MDM to one knee


….Triple V to one knee






Both men regain their vertical positions and come together with a flurry of groggy blows. Vinnie ducks one……….. But receives a kick to the gut…………. Eagles attempts the whip…… Reversed by the Television Champion……………… MDM rebounds……………


TAZZ: Spinebuster by the Violence Bearer! Could this be it!?
















THRE… Shoulder slides out


TAZZ: So close to Triple V retaining there!


HEYMAN: He shouldn’t be messing about though, Tazz


TAZZ: Doesn’t look like he’s wasting any time!


Vengeance powers Eagles up into a power bomb position over in the corner


TAZZ: Trust breaker maybe!?


Indeed it is. The crowd roar with approval as the champion powers MDM down with his own version of the Razor’s Edge, sitting down into the pin…






















TAZZ: It’s over!


HEYMAN: Eh eh, Tazz. Eagles kicked out, have more faith dammit!


The “Circle of Trust” chants ring through the Joe Louis Arena as Vengeance looks for the finish…………………. MDM lays lifeless across the shoulders of the Violence Bearer……………….. Vinnie begins the opening revolution………









TAZZ: He hit it! Triple V hit the Circle of Trust! Eagles is down and out!


The champion covers his fallen opponent


The crowd chant…














HEYMAN: I don’t believe Darkstar made any of these delinquents the referee. There’s only one man who can do that job, and he’s laid out right in the middle of that ring!


We cut to an action replay of what happened. As Vengeance swung Eagles round ready to drop him in the stunner part of the Circle of Trust; MDM’s out-stretched legs collide with the head of Nick Patrick, knocking him out cold!


TAZZ: We need another ref in here! Vinnie Vengeance has this match as good as won!


HEYMAN: Now we can’t be having that now can we Tazz? In a match of this magnitude, only senior referee Nick Patrick should be blessed with that burden


Triple V realises what has happened to the ref and stumbles to his feet……… He points over at his championship guidance counsellor


HEYMAN: Told ya Meltz would get involved!


TAZZ: Da Meltz reaching underneath the apron here…………………..



The cuffs!!! Meltzer brings out the handcuffs!


The crowd go crazy at the sight of a federal tool they are not uncommon with in the city of Detroit. Da Meltz jumps up onto the apron as Vinnie drags his opponent over to the corner. The internet guru locks one of the cuffs to the top rope and opens the other; waiting for the lifeless Eagles to be brought over


HEYMAN: They can’t do that!


TAZZ: Well it’s happening! Triple V and Meltz are gonna cuff MDM to that turnbuckle. Eagles will be nothing more than a sitting duck!


Vengeance props the carcass of Eagles up against the turnbuckle pads and holds out his opponents’ arm for Meltzer to cuff


It’s locked in


Meltzer quickly jumps out of the ring





TAZZ: What the!!! Meltzer just cuffed the champ! What in the hell is going on here!!!???


Dave Meltzer now stands on the outside, well out of the reach of an infuriated Triple V who is left stranded


HEYMAN: Hahaha! I suppose that answers the question as to exactly who MDM paid off to get this shot! It was Meltz! And you bought it! Haha!


The crowd noise elevates with anger at the actions of Vengeances’ mentor. One spectator sat front row even takes a swipe at Meltzer and is promptly ejected. With the Television Champion absolutely helpless and the referee out, Eagles is able to regain his composure and readily accepts the steel chair that Da Meltz has slid in to the ring















The repeated chair shots to the already injured back of the Violence Bearer echo throughout the Joe Louis arena. Scenes are so brutal that the cameras switch to the sight of children and mothers crying


TAZZ: This isn’t right! Somebody needs to stop this!




Another shot connects plum on top of the skull of Triple V, knocking him down to the mat once again. Eagles checks to make sure that Vinnie won’t be making any offence and calls Meltzer back over………………. Da Meltz unlocks the cuffs, freeing Vengeance from the ropes; but he’s helpless against the daunting combination of Eagles and a steel chair. Meltzer goes over to the referee, dragging him over to the centre of the ring where Eagles has the champion covered


TAZZ: Not like this!


































TAZZ: He kicked out! By God he kicked out!


Meltzer comes in once again and pulls Nick Patrick out of sight of Eagles who is once again homed in on Vengeance with the steel chair















Five resounding shots again to the small of the back of the TWOstars Television Champion


HEYMAN: It’s all over now surely
































Another kick out


TAZZ: Unbelievable! There’s still some life left in the Violence Bearer


HEYMAN: How in the hell can he take so much punishment!?


Eagles is getting visibly frustrated, as is Meltzer who is screaming at the challenger to get the job finished. MDM lays the unrecognisably dented steel folding chair in the centre of the ring. Meltz once again distracts the almost unconscious referee as Eagles struggles to bring the lifeless Television Champion to his feet


HEYMAN: If this is what I think it is, there’s no one who can get up from it






The spine of Vinnie Vengeance crunches against the steel chair. Tremendous cries fill the arena


HEYMAN: Good night Triple V!


TAZZ: Bounced Cheque onto the chair. That’s sick!


The referee is pulled back into position by Meltzer


































(Bell rings)




CHIMEL: Here is your winner and the NEEEEEEW Television Champion!


Tony Chimels’ voice is practically muted by the verbal disapproval that the Detroit crowd are showing to the outcome of the match


CHIMEL: Chrrrrrrrrris….. Eeeeeeeeeagles!


Meltzer doesn’t seem too concerned about celebrating with the new champion, rather making an exit up the ramp, happy with his work in royally screwing the Violence Bearer. DiBiase and Gower come down to ringside to bask in the glory.


After a few minutes of the hip hop song being played, the former champion begins to stir. DiBiase notices this, grabs Gower and Eagles and bolts from the ring


TAZZ: He’s hurt, but I’m sure the anger in that man right now will drive him to complete destruction


HEYMAN: Now that he’s had his match, and lost it I might add, I really think he should get in his pick up and leave


TAZZ: Someone’s gonna suffer before this night closes out, I can guarantee you that. Will we hear from Meltzer next week on XTV!?


Cut to Lebanese Gigolo premiere video

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Back from Lebanese Gigolo premiere video


Cuts to a shot of the ring. Jordi Warner is already stood in it. :P. Twiggie is also in the ring, as they are tag team partners. Twiggie’s dreads look like eels, all manky and fishy.


Tazz: Now here’s a potentially awesome match for you, Paul.


PH: No doubt, Tazz- Two classic Survivor Series teams: Warner, Twiggie, Sickness and Boyo versus Arkham, Jaxx, Jimmy Redman and The Judge, the last two men from either team left standing walk out the new tag team champions. Whoever that may be.


Tazz: This could be off the chain.




“Let’s Talk About Sex” by Salt N Pepa kicks in and the crowd explodes as the US Champ Keith Jaxx and the dangerously childlike Arkham plod down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans. Newly outed limp-wristed moffie Michael Cole is mincing down to the ring with his big pink dildo microphone and a teapot and cup and saucer.


PH: What? Cole is going to make a cup of tea whilst he watches SEX? Give me a break!


Tazz: Here comes the Wildman Keith Jaxx, alriiight.


PH: Oh I can’t believe you like this clown, Tazz.


Tazz: Are you kiddin’? Jaxx is great, Jaxx is the man.


Cole puts the dildo mic to his mouth.


MC: Ladies and Gentlemen – but never gentle enough, tee hee-hee!


PH: What the hell does that mean?


Tazz: Gah, I dunno Paul.


PH: “Never gentle enough?” I heard the first inch was always the worst but this takes the biscuit!!


MC: Please stand to attention because my men, Keith Jaxxery-do and Mmmmmr R to the Kam-a-rama-ding-dong –


PH: Does he mean “Arkham”?


MC: - otherwise known as “Sports Entertainment Extreme”, have entered the ring!!


PH: Pfft, the tool’s even using double entendre!


Tazz: I don’t use double entendre that often, Paul, but I must admit I know that Michael Cole likes to slip one in every now and again.


PH: That’s so true, Tazz. Hey?!


Arkham climbs into the ring and Jaxx does too. Both men raise their hands to the fans who cheer back.


PH: I bet that’s not the only ring Keith Jaxx has entered tonight, Tazz.


Tazz: !!!


“Let’s Talk About Sex” fades out as Warner/Twiggie and Arkham/Jaxx stare each other down, Jaxx raises his eyebrows up and down quickly at Twiggie, and Twiggie complains to the ref.


PH: I think they should make Keith Jaxx sit on his hands tonight.


Then The Judge and Jimmy Redman’s music by Evanesance kick in and the other of the tag team title-holding team captains makes his way to the ring.


Tazz: And what about these two, Paul? What about The Judge and Jimmy Redman? How do you see their chances tonight?


PH: I’m not sure. The Judge has been on a bit of a roll recently, but Redman has – a little like Keith Jaxx – has been a little in and out. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Redman is a little sloppy – again (snort) like Keith Jaxx!


Tazz: And now we’re just waiting for the final two. But what a huge match this could be…


PH: I know, and the ramifications of this one could be widespread, it could shatter the TWOStars Tag Team division entirely.


Tazz: Two Survivor Series style teams, four top quality TWOStars tag teams, and those beautiful Tag Team belts on the line.


PH: But it’s not quite as simple as that, Tazz. On one team we have the tag teams of Jordi Warner and Twiggie and The Dark Alliance and on the other we have the teams of The Judge and Redman and Arkham and “Wildman” Keith Jaxx.


Tazz: That’s awesome Paul, but not quite it – if you’d care to explain to our fans…


PH: I know I am much better with words than you, Tazz…


Tazz: Damn straight! I’m just the colour guy!


PH: This all started out when the current reigning tag team champions, The Judge and Jordi Warner, had a big falling out after winning Tag Team Gold.


Tazz: Warner smacking Judge upside the head with a chair mere seconds after defeating Arkham and Retromark may have something to do with it.


PH: Ya think!?!


Tazz: What!?


PH: So anyway, yeah, Warner and Judge won the tag team titles last month and Warner hit Judge across the head with a steel chair, sealing their fate if you will. These guys fell out big time and decided they can’t function as a team any more, which left General Manager Darkstar with a big problem, especially when your current tag team champions won’t wrestle as a team anymore!!


Tazz: And this is the result, folks.


PH: That’s right. Two Survivor Series teams, one half of the Tag Team Champions captaining each side; Warner captaining one team, Judge captaining the other.


Tazz: And this is where it gets interesting…


PH: You’re damned right, Tazz. The ramifications of this one is possibly shattering, the results possibly limitless. You see, folks, the LAST TWO WRESTLERS left standing in this match will become the new…Tag…Team…Champions!


Tazz: It’s classic Survivor Series with a twist, man! This could go any way!


PH: That’s damned right, Tazz. Whichever two men remain standing, whoever they are, whether they’re friends or not, enemies or not, will become Champions.


Tazz: Gaaahd! What if it’s Boyo and Jaxx left standing?


PH: Then Boyo and Jaxx become Tag Team Champions.


Tazz: What about Sickness? What becomes of The Dark Alliance?


PH: Don’t you worry about The Dark Alliance, Tazz, I can see them winning this.


Tazz (chuckling): So what if – I don’t know – Arkham is the last man standing, and…and – jeez - erm…man…what if Twiggie was the other? Can you imagine a team of Twiggie and Arkham? It’d be an episode of Captain Planet every week! It’d be mayhem!


PH: It would be TWOStars to the core, Tazz.


Tazz: True dat. True dat.


Evanesance fades out. Suddenly the arena goes pitch black, and eerie.


PH: You don’t wanna turn the lights off, Tazz, not when those men are in the ring together, anything can happen. Is anyone safe when Keith Jaxx is around and the lights are out?


Tazz: Yeah but then you wouldn’t have The Dark Alliance in this match! They like making the arena pitch black for their ring entrance! Perhaps it’s a strategy.


PH: WHAT?! Have Keith Jaxx FINGER his way through the competition when the lights are out?!! Get a grip, Tazz!


The words “DARK ALLIANCE” appear on the Titantron in big white gothic lettering and the awesome bassline of “Climbing Up The Walls” by Radiohead kicks in and the arena explodes with booing.


PH: Here they come.


Boyo and Sickness emerge from behind the curtain to a chorus of boos. Boyo is wearing his classic green wrestling trunks, white boots and his white headband – and the distinctive Boyo smirk.


PH: And people have the nerve to call this guy a jackass!


Sickness is wearing his white blood-stained t-shirt and denim shorts and big black boots. He is also wearing some of Boyo’s old driving goggles (from when he did his “classic car” entrances in ERE last year), and is carrying the head of the Barbie doll he has been serenading recently.


PH: Gasp! Where did that sick freak find those old goggles? I haven’t seen them in months! Hey Tazz, do you know if Boyo still drives that old Morgan of his?


Tazz: Nah, I think Sickness drives them in his new Humvee.


PH: Sickness drives now?


Tazz: Barely. Don’t ask.


The Dark Alliance make it to the ring and Boyo hops nimbly up the ringsteps, wipes his feet on the apron and holds the ropes for Sickness to get in. Sickness climbs inside. “Climbing Up The Walls” fades out. The ref checks Sickness for any empty bottles of bourbon he may be carrying and signals for the bell.


{DING DING DING) Match underway.


Tazz: So you’ve got everyone in the ring now Paul, and two great line-ups. On one team you’ve got The Judge as captain, and his team of Jimmy Redman, Arkham and the US Champion Keith Jaxx –


PH: And the other is Jordi Warner as team captain, and his team of Twiggie and The Dark Alliance, Sickness and Boyo.


Tazz: So who do you think will come out on top of this one?


PH: I’ve got to go with the tag team that I created over 18 months ago, Tazz, when I was involved in a little show called ERE Raw. The Dark Alliance.


Tazz: You were once the GM of ERE Raw.


PH: Yeah, shut up Tazz.


Tazz: Sorry man, sorry. You were saying?


PH: I was saying that 18 months ago I created one of the most sadistic and vicious tag teams ever known in this industry: The Dark Alliance. In April 2004 one of the most wild and brutal men I’ve ever met, crash-landed in ERE. He went by the name of Sickness and he kicked the crap out of anyone who got in his way.


Tazz: What about Boyo?


PH: I believe it was the great “Commissioner” HBK who brought Boyo to the ERE as a means to control Sickness’ wild side. What a great decision that turned out to be: within weeks those two men had formed a Tag Team and named themselves in honour of ME, and my great team – The Dangerous Alliance, from way back in the early 90’s.


Tazz: And you think these two are favourites for this match.


PH: Sure I do, Tazz. Let me tell you this: The Dark Alliance have been around for 18 months Tazz. That, in wrestling terms, is a lifetime. These guys Sickness and Boyo know each other inside out, and not in the way Keith Jaxx knows Arkham – or half that God-damned locker room for that matter – inside out. 18 months Tazz; I doubt the TWOStars wrestling careers of all the other men in that ring adds up to 18 months. Other than The Dark Alliance, I don’t think any of the other teams have been together for 1 month.


Tazz: Good point.


PH: For me, The Dark Alliance are overwhelming favourites for this. Not only are they a great team but individually they are awesome. Sickness is one hardcore legend and the current Ultimate King of the Ring. Boyo is a technical genius and a former ERE Intercontinental Champion and Newcomer of the Year. The Dark Alliance have already held Tag Team gold in TWOStars. Are you seriously telling me anyone else has a chance against The Dark Alliance?


Tazz: EVERYone has a chance, Paul.


PH: Pffft. You’re just saying that!


Tazz: But I gotta agree, whoever wins this thing is gonna havta beat The Dark Alliance, definitely.


PH: Do you even know what you just said, Einstein?


Tazz (chuckling): What!?


Jimmy Redman and Jordi Warner start and Redman immediately slaps Warner in the face and delivers a sweet drop-toe hold. Warner lands flat on his face. Redman grabs Warner’s hair and slams his face into the canvas a couple of times before climbing to the second turnbuckle. Redman is just about to deliver a move but Twiggie climbs in the ring and Redman jumps down. The crowd boo. The ref orders Twiggie out of the ring and Redman goes straight back to Warner.


Tazz: Good early start by Redman on Warner here. Warner hasn’t got any offence in yet!


Redman goes to Irish Whip Warner but Warner reverses. Redman comes off the ropes, ducks a Warner clothesline and then delivers a Hurricarana of biblical proportions (Redman must have done about 6 full 360 spins with his legs around Warner’s neck). The crowd pop for this as Warner is sent crashing into his team’s corner and he tags in Boyo to a chorus of boos. Boyo climbs in the ring.


PH: Now here comes a man who actually has some offence.


Tazz: That’s true, Boyo is offensive.


Boyo does a “just bring it” motion with his hand before locking up collar and elbow with Redman. Boyo drops to his knees and Redman’s jaw crunches off the back of Boyo’s head. Redman staggers back and then falls on his back, dazed. Boyo tags Sickness and orders Sickness to the top rope. Sickness grins evilly.


PH: And when The Dark Alliance take to the ring, Tazz, the level of danger for the opposition rises considerably.


Tazz: Like you said, Paul. But what the hell have they got planned?


Boyo sets Redman up for a slingshot and delivers it, propelling Redman to the Sickness turnbuckle. Sickness leaps off with a flying shoulder-barge and this connects with Redman’s chest. Redman has the wind knocked out of him. Boyo climbs out of the ring.


PH: What a great move by The Dark Alliance right there, Tazz. I’ve never seen a move like that before but now that I have – I should have known only The Dark Alliance would try something like that.


Sickness immediately tags Boyo back into the ring and Boyo climbs to the second rope. Sickness drags Redman to his feet and locks in a mean Full Nelson and sets him up to face Boyo.


PH: Such fluid, clockwork-like tag team action from The Dark Alliance.


Tazz: What would happen if one team eliminated all of the other team, would that team have to face themselves?


PH: I guess they would, Tazz.


Boyo leaps from the second turnbuckle and delivers an elbow to Redman’s temple.




PH: Beautiful!


Sickness then runs up the turnbuckle, with the Full Nelson still locked in and delivers a:




PH: A move named after his tag team partner.


Boyo drops a knee onto Redman’s chest for an arrogant pin-cover.

















Crowd: Twoooo!


Tazz: Redman’s not done yet, Paul, not by a long shot.


Boyo doesn’t seem worried. He tags in Twiggie to a chorus of crowd boos.


Tazz: This guy stinks, Paul.


PH: Hey! Would you like it if I told you that you stink!? Because you do! You stink!


Tazz: That hurts man…


PH: But you’re right. That Twigman over there stinks of garbage and oily hair.


Tazz: Oily hair!? How random.


Twiggie gets to work on Redman, he starts jabbing Redman’s face with closed fists until the ref makes him stop.


Ref: C’mon Twiggie!


Twiggie drags Redman up to his feet and delivers a Suplex, yet holds on and delivers a second Amigo, but doesn’t go for a third. Twiggie does keep the headlock locked in and starts delivering more closed fisted punches to Redman.


Ref: Hey! Twiggie! Stop with the punches, C’mon!!


Twiggie starts pounding away again but this time Arkham bounds into the ring and drags Twiggie off of Redman before launching him back-first into the face team’s corner where Keith Jaxx licks his lips and The Judge starts choking Twiggie out. Jaxx is delivering kidney punches to Twiggie.


PH: The referee has got to sort something out here!


Tazz: Why aren’t Warner or The Dark Alliance helping Twiggie out here!? They’re all on the same team!


PH: They may all be on the same team but there’s no team spirit out there. All those men want to win tag team gold despite their teams, not because of them.


Arkham pulls Redman to his feet before running like a big doofus and executing a Big Show style splash to Twiggie in the corner. Redman tags in Keith Jaxx and the crowd shout “Alriight” and Twiggie slumps to the canvas in the corner of the ring, so he’s sat down. Jaxx shouts “Alrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight” to the crowd.


PH: I just don’t trust a man who would mentally undress me, Tazz.


Tazz: What makes you think he’s mentally undressing you, Paul? Hey, for all I know he’s mentally undressing me!


PH: Ach! Come off it big fella – you know he’d want me over you – wait a minute.


Jaxx runs into the corner and delivers a long, lingering X-Pac style X Factor to the appalled Twiggie.




Tazz: Wouldn’t they call the S.E.X. Factor?


The crowd pop for this overtly homosexual move by Jaxx but pop even more as he tags in Arkham.


PH: Great. Milhouse has just tagged in Ralph.


Twiggie is still slumped in the corner, bubbles of what must be vomit protruding from the corner of his mouth. Arkham slaps his own backside…Rikishi style. The crowd go berserk.


Tazz: Woah, shades of the Big ‘Kish here, Paul.


PH: And you know what they call men who eat quiche?


Tazz: Quiche, ‘Kish, quiche, ‘Kish…ahh fergeddaboudit!!


Arkham turns around and lowers his massive, thong wearing butt onto Twiggie’s face. The crowd are loving it!!


Tazz: Hahaha! And a Stinkface for good measure!


PH: I bet they would call it a Kinkface.


Tazz: Or a Pinkface!


PH: Ewwwwww.


Arkham tags in The Judge who quickly gets Twiggie in a piledriver and executes a nasty looking one before going for a pin.


PH: Hey, I thought those weren’t allowed?













































Fink: Twiggie has been eliminated.


Tazz: Wow, that was devastating from The Judge there. SEX seem happy enough humiliating their opponents, Judge just wants results.


The camera goes to ringside as Twiggie rolls out of the ring. Michael Cole has poured himself a nice cup of tea.


PH: Hey where’d he get that tea set from anyway? Has he been raiding Boyo’s locker?


Tazz: I don’t think Boyo would want Michael Cole raiding anything of his, Paul.


Cole takes the still hot bag out of the cup and puts it down Twiggie’s trunks! The heat must be unbearable! The crowd roar with laughter as Twiggie grabs his crotch and runs down the aisle in agony!


Tazz: It looks like Twiggie has just been tea-bagged, Paul.


PH: !!!


Tazz: Look!


PH: Tell me you didn’t just say that, Tazz. TELL ME –


Boyo climbs in to face The Judge.


PH: And now Boyo wants a piece of The Judge. And The Judge had better play careful, last time these two met Boyo made Judge tap out.


Tazz: No doubts Paul; I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Boyo is among the most feared wrestlers around because not only does he target your spine for that Cloverleaf of his, he also targets the one thing that once it’s gone you ain’t getting it back –


PH: And what’s that? Your wallet?


Tazz: No man. Your spirit.


PH: Good call.


Tazz: Boyo’s dangerous man, he’s sneaky. He’ll risk allowing you to build up a bit of momentum against him but he’ll have been playing possum all along, and once he’s taken your momentum and your confidence away, you’re his for the taking.


Judge charges up to Boyo with a clothesline but Boyo easily ducks it. This must have been what Judge wanted as he suddenly stops and takes Boyo’s legs away with a sweet leg-sweep. The crowd applaud.


Tazz: Great innovation by The Judge right there. Boyo’s no showman, Paul, but he is a complete jackass. The Judge has just outsmarted a wrestling “genius” right there.


PH: Tazz there’s taking a man’s pawn only to leave yourself open to check-mate.


Judge stomps on Boyo a few times before delivering a quick elbow to the sternum. Judge goes for a cover on Boyo.



















The Judge is unrelenting and tries again, after delivering a dropped knee to Boyo’s forehead.






















Crowd: Oooh!


Tazz: He almost had it!


PH: Pffft!


Tazz: Boyo’s gonna have to do something!


Judge drags Boyo over to his corner and tags in Arkham to a big crowd pop.


Tazz: After the intensity of The Judge, now Boyo has to contend with big ol’ Arkham. And let me tell you, Paul, after calling matches on XTV for the last few months I can say that there’s only one person who Boyo hasn’t really gotten to grips with and that is the almost childlike 300lb monster known as Arkham.


PH: Well how do you strategise against something like that, Tazz? How do you compete against Arkham? The guy’s too damned stupid to know when he’s done!


Tazz: Stupid, Paul? Stupid, or courageous?


PH: Stupid!


Arkham delivers a standing splash (come bellyflop) to Boyo before jumping to his feet and clapping his hands!


PH: That moron shoulda gone for a pin cover there, I doubt Boyo could budge him.


With one hand, Arkham grabs the prone Boyo and drags him to his feet, then lifts him up in the air, until he’s pressing him above his head. The crowd are absolutely gobsmacked and pop loudly.


Tazz: WOAH!! Look at that power by The Insane One!


PH: Yes Tazz, that’s great strength, it’s just a shame the big lug-head has no comprehension of the power he does possess.


Tazz: Can you imagine Boyo with strength like that? Imagine the dominance over the tag-team division The Dark Alliance would have.


PH: Whaddya mean? They are already the dominant tag team in TWOStars.


Arkham, by now, is using both hands to hold Boyo above his head. He executes a military power slam to a big pop and tags in Keith Jaxx to a big “alriiiight” from the crowd. Jaxx immediately lays on his back and spreads his legs to Arkham, whose eyes widen in delight.


PH: Good Gord, Tazz…


Arkham grabs both of Jaxx’s legs and sets his own tag team partner up for a slingshot.


PH: What the hell are these two nice boys playing at?!


Tazz: Whatever it is, Boyo’s gonna have to watch out, hahaha!


Arkham falls back and Jaxx is propelled, but Arkham keeps hold of both of Jaxx’s legs so the Wildman falls face-first towards…


Tazz: Ahh jeez…


PH: Slingshot Headbutt to Boyo’s…to Boyo’s…


Jaxx’s forehead collides heavily with Boyo’s mansack and the entire crowd wince in collective agony. Boyo is left rolling around on the floor clutching at his mini-Boyo. Jaxx gets back up and screams “ALRIIIIIIGHT!!”


Crowd: Alriiiiiiight!


Tazz: Listen to the crowd, Paul, they love Keith Jaxx.


Jaxx goes for a cover:


Tazz: This could be it for The Dark Alliance!
































But the count is stopped by Sickness who runs in and makes the save for his tag team partner. Sickness attempts to bite Jaxx’s face but Jaxx defends himself by licking Sickness’ face back!




PH: This is just disturbing, Tazz


Sickness just looks on with a mixture of shock and fright. He quickly makes a tag to Jordi Warner but, of course, Boyo is still the legal man! Sickness gets out of the ring slowly, never taking his eyes off Jaxx.


Tazz: I don’t think Sickness wants any part of Keith Jaxx


PH: That’s the understatement of the year!


Jaxx swaggers saucily over to Boyo and goes for a pin cover but Boyo rolls him up with an inside cradle!


PH: Yes!

















Crowd: Twoooo!


PH: Boyo should have finished off that mincer right there, he had the perfect opportunity!


Tazz: That mincer is our US Champ, Paul.


Jaxx gets to his feet first and hits a short-arm clothesline which staggers the Welsh Wonder. Jaxx then stands back to back with Boyo before attempting a back-slide pin cover!


Tazz: Man, this could be it!

















PH: It’s gonna take more than a pussywillow clothesline to defeat a man like Boyo.


Jaxx and Boyo both get to their feet quickly, they go in to lock up collar and elbow style but Boyo feints and delivers a sweet, yet highly frowned upon, poke to Keith Jaxx’s eye. The crowd boo.


PH: Ha! The ol’ poke-in-the-eye, Tazz! I love it!


Tazz: What a way to make the match swing your way, Paul – the simple moves are often the best. As are the illegal ones.


PH: Licking another man’s face is illegal too, Tazz.


Tazz: No it isn’t.


PH: Well it should be. And Keith Jaxx could well find himself in trouble here, Boyo’s already going after that spine of his.


Boyo scoops Jaxx up and drops to one knee, delivering a crunching back-breaker. Boyo then makes sure Jaxx rolls 180 and lands on his stomach.


PH: Tazz name me one move you can do if your spine is shot to pieces.


Tazz: Err, I dunno – I guess you can poke a man in the eye!?


PH: Wrong Tazz, there’s only two things you can do if your spine is broken: you can take a lot of punishment and you can tap out.


Tazz: You can also headbutt.


PH: I doubt it, Tazz.


Boyo stands over Jaxx and sneers to the crowd who boo back at him. Boyo drops his knee plum over Jaxx’s spine and holds it there for a few seconds. Boyo stands up, drops his knee on Jaxx’s spine again, and holds it there again. This time Boyo yanks on Jaxx’s chin, extending the pain further.


PH: And so The Road to the Cloverleaf goes on…


Tazz: Keith Jaxx is in trouble, man…


Boyo lifts Jaxx to his feet and scoops him up over one shoulder, as if to do a running powerslam. The crowd boo this.


Tazz: What’s this gonna be.


Boyo smirks and runs across to the heel corner and delivers a hard running powerslam but actually plants Jaxx’s spine over his knee! The crowd gasp with horror.




Boyo hasn’t finished yet though. He drags a nearly limp (arf arf) Jaxx to his feet, tags Sickness, who climbs to the top turnbuckle and then shoves Jaxx’s head in between his legs, as if to do a powerbomb.


PH: The Dark Alliance are capable of utterly destroying a man, and Keith Jaxx is finding this out now.


Boyo lifts Jaxx onto his right shoulder and holds him there so the US Champ is facing the arena roof. Boyo then drops to one knee; Jaxx’s spine is bent 90 degrees the wrong way!




PH: But they’re not finished yet.


Boyo stands up again, with Jaxx over his shoulder. Sickness delivers a legdrop off the top turnbuckle which connects with Jaxx’s throat and Jaxx is sent spinning into the air, and comes crashing down on the canvas.


Tazz: Oh mah GAAHHHHHHD!!


PH: Beauiful! This is beautiful. Jaxx is being destroyed here.


Arkham, The Judge and Redman all enter the ring and rush to help Jaxx but Boyo and Warner, with a little bit of help from the ref, keep them at bay. When the ref’s back is turned, Sickness shoves that Barbie doll’s head into Jaxx’s mouth and drags the poor man to his feet, stand behind him, get him in a hammerlock and a chinlock at the same time, kicks the back of Jaxx’s knees and delivers a:




Jaxx is out of it by now. His team-mates look on in anguish. Boyo looks on with a grin on his face as the Barbie doll head pops out of Jaxx’s mouth and goes about 4 rows into the crowd.


Tazz: Keith Jaxx is in the lion’s den right now and it looks like he has been fed to the lions, too.


PH: What do you expect, Tazz? The man took on The Dark Alliance; he was always gonna lose.


Boyo makes a quick tag to Sickness, who was just about to cover Jaxx for the pin.


Tazz: Oh what does he want? He should let Sickness get the pinfall!!


PH: I think I know what’s coming…


Boyo stands over the fallen Jaxx who is lying on his back. Boyo picks up both of Jaxx’s legs and smirks to the crowd.


PH: Jaxx has travelled a long and windy road, but now it’s come to an end…


The crowd boo as Boyo hooks up Jaxx and locks in a painful looking Texas Cloverleaf. Jaxx is bent in two. This is not a pun.




It doesn’t take long for Keith Jaxx to tap out.


Tazz: My Gahhd what ruthless submission wrestling from The Dark Alliance. Boyo wasn’t satisfied with having Keith Jaxx just be counted out 1 2 3, no, he wanted to make the man suffer, to make him tap out –


PH: And bah Gawd I think he did, Tazz!!


Fink: Keith Jaxx has been eliminated.


The crowd boo loudly as Sickness and Warner get in the ring to congratulate a smirking Boyo. Suddenly they pop loudly as Arkham bursts into the ring and lunges at them!




PH: Someone stop him!! SECURITY!!




PH: Yes!! Yes!!


Tazz: I don’t believe it!!


Warner and Boyo deliver a double back body drop to the big Arkham to Sickness, who is standing behind them. Sickness catches Arkham on his shoulders and delivers a massive powerbomb that sends Arkham straight to hell!




PH: They did it! They did it! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyes!!


Boyo goes for a cover as Sickness and Warner prevent the onrushing Judge and Jimmy Redman from interrupting the count.















































































Tazz: No way man!


Fink: Arkham has been eliminated.


PH: Just like that, The Dark Alliance have turned this tie on its head. Their team was a man down and like a surgeon’s knife they have strategically dissected possibly their two biggest adversaries in this match, the team called SEX! Now THEIR team is a man up, The Dark Alliance are on a roll, Jordi Warner is looking as dangerous as ever, and The Judge and Jimmy Redman have got a whole lotta thinking to do.


Tazz: And praying.


PH: And praying too, yes.


Boyo remains in the ring and signals to either Judge or Redman to face him.


Tazz: I don’t think Boyo cares who’s next, Paul.


PH: And why would he? Which one of those two men offers any threat to the great man?


Judge decides to face Boyo and the two men circle each other slowly before locking up collar and elbow. Judge wins the battle and locks in an armbar, forcing Boyo to one knee. Judge twists Boyo’s wrists a little more, for some extra pain, and Boyo duly feels more pain. Boyo cries in pain. The crowd pop.


Tazz: The capacity crowd love to see Boyo get his, don’t they Paul? The Judge is going to try to finish him off.


Boyo headsprings out of the armbar and delivers a judo throw takedown to Judge before tapping the side of his head, to denote intelligence, and kicking Judge in the ribs before scampering off to tag in Sickness.


Tazz: What was that? I guess Boyo doesn’t want any more to do with The Judge.


PH: Are you calling Mr Boyo a coward, Tazz? Is that what you are insinuating? Let me tell you, sir, that this is a TEAM event. It’s not all about the individual!


Tazz: Well right now it’s all about these two individuals; Sickness and The Judge, and this could get ugly.


Sickness grins a demented grin at The Judge, showing off a set of dark browny-red rotting gums and bleeding. The Judge invites Sickness to fight him. Sickness obliges. They lock up and Judge gets Sickness into a side headlock before Irish Whipping him into the ropes and taking him down with an Animal-style 180 powerslam. The Judge stomps on Sickness who despite all the violence, fights his way to his feet before getting tackled into a neutral turnbuckle by The Judge who starts laying into him with vicious kicks and stomps, punches and headbutts.


Tazz: The Judge is stomping a mudhole into Sickness right now! And is that the way to beat Sickness, Paul? By just beating the hell out of him?


PH: Wrestling is a discipline, Tazz, and when you fight a man like Sickness who has no in-ring discipline then more often than not you’re on a hiding to nothing. The most dangerous thing about Sickness is his pain threshold. I don’t think he has a pain threshold, Tazz. The man can take so much punishment that you will run out of ideas before you’ve worn him down.


Tazz: Well The Judge is doing a pretty good job of it now!


Sickness is looking dazed and a little worse for wear so Judge does what any man in this situation would do, and sets Sickness up for a Superplex. The crowd murmur.


Tazz: Judge going for a high risk move here…


The Judge hooks Sickness up perfectly and delivers a perfect –


Tazz: SUPERPLEX ON SICKNESS!! MAN that was good.


Judge struggles to his feet, but he makes it. He then falls on top of Sickness for a pin-cover.




























Crowd: Twoooo!


Tazz: Gah! He almost had him.


PH: Pish posh “he almost had him”! Have you ever seen Sickness beaten by a pinfall?


Tazz: I-I can’t remember. I’m sure he has.


PH: Sickness has been pinned by his brother, Iagan, in ERE, just once – and that is it, as far as matches I’ve called.


Tazz: I’m sure someone’s pinned him in TWOStars, I just can’t remember.


The Judge picks Sickness to his feet and makes a tag to Jimmy Redman to a crowd pop.


Tazz: Redman and The Judge are beginning to build a little momentum here, and they have to, Paul; they are a man down.


Judge hooks up both of Sickness’ arms and executes a butterfly Suplex. Redman springs over the top rope and delivers a flying legdrop and goes for a cover:




































Tazz: OOOOOH he almost had him just there, Redman’s on a roll.


Jimmy Redman climbs on top of the prone Sickness and delivers some perfectly legal forearms to Sickness’ head. Redman then drags Sickness to his feet, delivers a standing dropkick which knocks Sickness into the ropes.


Tazz: Great dropkick there, what elevation.


Sickness staggers back off the ropes and Redman kicks him in the gut and delivers a hard DDT to a crowd pop. Redman goes for a cover again.



































































Crowd: Twoooo!!


Tazz: And STILL Sickness kicks out, Paul! I know this man can take punishment but this is crazy! Kickout after kickout after kickout!


PH: Sickness is the toughest son-of-a-BITCH in TWOStars. SEX have found that out, we’re finding that out and bah Gawd almighty, Jimmy Redman is finding that out!!


Redman looks to the crowd for help, and they roar encouragement back at him. He would rather have a 2 x 4, one suspects.


Tazz: What’s Redman gotta do to finish off this monster called Sickness?


Redman drags Sickness to his feet and delivers an unnervingly quick snap Suplex to The Dark Alliance monster and leaps to the top of a neutral turnbuckle. Redman looks to the heavens and the crowd murmur and buzz with excitement before Redman leaps off a delivers a


Tazz: SWAN!! TONN!! BOMB!! NO!!!




Tazz: Sickness gets the knees up.


Tazz’eyes didn’t deceive him; Sickness managed to get his knees up and Redman’s back came crash landing over them. A replay is shown from a few angles.


Tazz: Oh man, look at how messy that landing was for Redman! That would have taken a lot outta him!


Both men are down, the race is on for the hot tag. Sickness crawls towards Warner and Boyo, Redman, even more slowly towards Judge, who is begging for the tag.


Tazz: Look at the intensity man, in the eyes of The Judge. He wants to keep his tag team title, man!


Sickness crawls and crawls until he…TAGS in Warner! The crowd boo loudly as Warner runs over towards Redman and grabs him by the ankle, preventing him from making it to The Judge.


PH: That’s great, Warner, you have Jimmy Redman now what are you gonna do with him!?


Tazz (chuckling): He’s a passive manipulator, Paul.


Warner doesn’t really do anything and this allows Redman the time to roll onto his back and kick Warner off him to a crowd pop.


PH: And Jordi Warner didn’t really do anything, did he?


Warner tags in Boyo to a big boo and Boyo rushes the still groggy Redman who responds with a –


Tazz: SPINNING KICK!! Woah man, that was right to Boyo’s HEAD!!


The spinning kick drops Boyo to the canvas, punch drunk, no doubt. Redman catches his breath whilst Boyo is down.


PH: I wouldn’t give a man of Boyo’s class a moment’s rest, Tazz!


Tazz: Me neither Paul, but the thing is Redman hasn’t made a tag himself since landing on Sickness’ knees – he’s running on empty.


Redman EXPLODES at Boyo with a lunge but Boyo EXPLODES back with a 360 Tornado Punch!!


PH: NO!!


But Redman ducks the Tornado Punch and, using Boyo’s spinning momentum, executes a dazzling Tornado DDT!!






The crowd pop huge for this as the exhausted Redman goes for a quick cover!


Tazz: He could have him here!




























Sickness breaks in to break the cover but The Judge gets him with a –









The crowd EXPLODE with a HUGE POP!!




Fink: Boyo has been eliminated.




PH: I don’t believe it, Tazz. I don’t believe that Jimmy f’n Redman just eliminated Boyo. What about The Dark Alliance?! They were supposed to be Tag Team Champions!! That was a quick count, referee. THAT WAS A QUICK COUNT!!!


Tazz: Nahh that was no way quick. I thought it was alright Paul!!


The Judge climbs out the ring (mainly because the ref ordered him out) and Boyo skulks out of the ring, whispering something in Sickness’ ear as he does so. The close-up camera mic catches Boyo saying “take no prisoners, Mr Sickness. Make them pay!”


Tazz: “Make them pay”? Whadda that mean?


PH: It means I wouldn’t want to be Jimmy Redman or The Judge. Sickness is still in this thing and he is still the most dangerous man still in this match.


Tazz: And what a match! Sickness and Warner remaining on one side, Redman and the Judge on the other, and let me tell you this, Paul, Jimmy Redman needs to make a tag to The Judge before Sickness gets hold of him, because if that happens then Sickness will become one half of the Tag Team Champions, with or without Boyo!!


PH: But what has Boyo ordered Sickness to do, I wonder.


Sickness rolls out of the ring and straight around to the official timekeeper and takes the steel chair from under him, folds it in half and thunders it off the back of The Judge, who is watching Redman being stalked by Jordi Warner (who hasn’t attacked yet).


Tazz: OHHHH! What a sickening chair shot by Sickness on The Judge.


The Judge holds his back yet Sickness is unrelenting. He hits Judge again and again and again. The Judge falls to the floor outside in agony but Sickness continues hammering away at him.


Tazz: This is brutal, man. Why hasn’t the ref disqualified Sickness?


PH: I think it’s because The Judge isn’t the legal man, Redman is.


Tazz: But isn’t Sickness the legal man as well?


PH: I think that Warner, by the very fact he’s in the ring and Sickness is not is the legal man.


Tazz: Well whatever it is, The Judge cannot get up. Sickness has hit him with what? About 12, 15 chairshots!? He’s lost it man, he’s gone crazy.


Sickness then takes the now battered steel chair into the ring as Jimmy Redman shakily stands up to fight Jordi Warner (who still hasn’t thrown a punch). Sickness creeps up behind Redman to an almost deafening boo.


Tazz: Don’t do it, Sickness.


PH: Look behiiiiiind you Redman…hahaha!!















































PH: Hahahahahaha! This is great!


Sickness repeatedly hits Jimmy around the back and the exhausted Redman falls to the ground to Warner’s obvious delight.


Tazz: SICKNESS HAS JUST DECIMATED HIS SURVIVOR SERIES OPPONENTS WITH A STEEL CHAIR!! And I don’t think the referee is taking too kindly to it!!


PH: WHAT!? Surely the referee can’t call the bell for this!! Sickness isn’t the legal man!!


Tazz: But he has just attacked Jimmy Redman with a steel chair and Jimmy Redman is the legal man. I don’t care how many ERE guys Sickness beat up or how little people have ever pinned him or how many brothers he has, Paul. You can’t hit a man 6 times with a steel chair.


The referee calls for the DQ.


PH: Awww come on!


Fink: Sickness has been disqualified.


The crowd pop loudly but then boo when they see the situation. The Judge is scrambling around outside on the floor, barely able to move. Sickness is heading up the aisle where he is greeted by Boyo who shakes his hand and the two Dark Alliance badmen go backstage.


Tazz: You know what, Paul? I think Boyo wanted this. Boyo gets himself pinned and then he encourages Sickness to get himself disqualified.


What makes the crowd really disgusted is that Jimmy Redman is not moving. Not at all. And Jordi Warner is standing over him completely unscathed.


Tazz: And it’s down to these last three men, Paul. Warner, Redman and The Judge. Judge is outside finding his bearings, Redman is spark out man, he’s cold, and Warner can win this.


PH: Haha! The irony. They’ve gone through all this torture, all those exciting possibilities only to end up with the same tag team champions which we started with. Jimmy Redman is out cold, he may have swallowed his tongue or something, the dude’s hardly breathing!


Jordi Warner puts an arrogant foot on Jimmy Redman’s chest and orders the referee to count.


Tazz: That’s it, man, it’s over.


PH: Warner and The Judge are to, *snort*, retain their tag team championships!! Great idea, Mr Darkstar! You know, if I were GM this wouldn’t have happened.
































































The crowd boo as it’s clear Redman AIN’T moving.
























Jordi Warner locks eyes with The Judge on the outside of the ring. They both stare daggers at each other.


PH: Look at those two morons, Tazz. They realise what’s going to happen.














PH: What!?!


Tazz: I don’t believe this Paul!


Warner lifts his foot off of Jimmy Redman, shaking his head at The Judge, before calmly exiting the ring and walking up the aisle. The crowd are booing and murmuring with confusion.


Tazz: And I don’t think Warner wants this, Paul. He doesn’t want to remain a tag team champion with The Judge!


The ref looks on confused but starts a count.










Warner looks back at the ring and shakes his head






PH: He ain’t coming back Tazz. Warner ain’t coming back!








Tazz: I have never seen anything like this before, Paul.






Evanescance starts to play as The Judge slides in the ring and looks on down at Jimmy Redman, who is motionless.


Fink: Ladies and Gentleman, the winners of this match, and NEWWWWWWWWWWWW TWOStars World Tag Team Champions… Jimmy Redman and The JUDGE!!!


PH: What an odd way to win a title, Tazz – having your biggest threat, Jordi Warner, walk out of the match rather than win it, all because he’d rather be title-less than share a title with a man he doesn’t get on with.


Medical staff rush down to tend to Redman who hasn’t moved for about 3 minutes now. The Judge holds both of the tag belts above his head, shakily, as his new tag team partner’s head is strapped up in a brace and he is put on a stretcher and is carried out of the arena to a huge applause.


Tazz: Well there you have it, folks. Redman’s guts, Warner’s personal issues, and the lunacy of The Dark Alliance’s Sickness all added up to The Judge and Jimmy Redman becoming the new, Tag. Team. Champions. WOW!!!


Cut to Backstage segment

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***Camera cuts to backstage where an unannounced limousine has just pulled up. The length of the car itself is rather ridiculous. But the fans all lose their anticipation when they see Niles come out of the chauffeur’s seat and help Howell out of the car ***


The duo steps out into the dim parking garage lights. Michael has a disappointed look on his face. He gets up and dusts imaginary crumbs off of his jacket. Finally feeling satisfied, the two men press on.


But as they enter the main portion of the building, they are intercepted by a TWO reporter.


Reporter: Michael, Michael, what are you doing in the building? You aren’t scheduled…


MHIII: Look here, I’ve just been over this with security and…*he pulls out a thick wad of paper from his jacket* I have a ticket. Well actually I have….one….two… (mumbles as he counts and flips through the fat bundle of paper)…..I have about eight tickets.


Reporter: What? Why???


MHIII – I like leg room. Any more stupid questions?


The reporter is nervous…but persists with the question


Reporter: But I heard that the show was sold….


Michael takes a matter-of-factly tone of voice, defending himself.


MHIII – Oh it was. it was. But Niles studied debate at oxford…so as you may have figured he is a very persuasive speaker.


***Just then pounding noises and muffled shouts manage to force their way out into the air…they seem to be coming from the trunk of Howell’s limousine***


Reporter: What was that?


Howell pretends like he never heard a thing, even though the noise was clearly from his trunk.


MHIII – ….what was what?


Reporter: That scream ...that scream from the back of your car.


Howell stutters defensively…


MHIII – Wh -what scream?…I didn’t hear a scream…


Reporter: I’m sure I heard a….


The Reporter is cut off by a completely unprovoked big boot from Niles. He goes tumbling to the garage floor! Completely silent, Niles picks him up and walks him over to the back of the limo.


The large butler opens the trunk, only to release numerous screams and complaints into the air.


Random Voice- “Hey where’s my money? How come I’m tied….”


The voices are silenced as Niles throws the reporter in the trunk and shuts it once again.


Picking up the dropped microphone, Howell positions himself in front of the terrified cameraman. MHIII spruces his hair, running a comb through it and dusting off his pants.


MHIII- *whispers to Niles* How’s my hair?


Niles- *whispers back in British accent* fine.


MHIII- *whispers back* okay. *clears throat*. Oh hello, America! I didn’t see you there! Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘Michael, why aren’t you on the card for Survivor Series tonight?’ Well, I don’t know. You see, some people upstairs *cough* Darkstar *cough* don’t necessarily see greatness (he poses and looks up at the sky with arms outstretched). They just can’t see it right away. Never mind the fact that I am a former all-American quarterback, Harvard graduate, am as yet undefeated in TWO stars, and still find time to bring culture to each and every one of you. And believe me, you NEED it. After watching your response to that ridiculous ‘SEX’…


(Crowd in background starts chanting ‘We Want SEX’)


…after watching that completely ridiculous fiasco, I know that the TWO needs me more than ever. I mean, come on! Grown men shaking their overgrown…erm…rumps! Using sexual innuendos left and right! And worst of all, a respectable announcer Michael Cole turned into nothing more than a …erm…whoopee slave! That on its own is bad enough! But the fact that you pot-smoking, MTV addicted, drugged out, sex-mad fans go along with it is inexcusable! So, even though I won’t be in action tonight, you’ll still have the pleasure and privilege of seeing me, Michael Howell III, in the building tonight. And believe me, the Corporate Takeover is far from over.


Cut to Jordi Warner – How to wrestle book promo

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TC: The following contest is a ten men elimination match for the United States Championship. Ten men will enter the ring and two will start the match. Anyone can be tagged at any time. Once a wrestler is eliminated by pin fall, submission, count out or disqualification, another will go in the ring until nine men are eliminated and one emerges in the ring the United State Champion!


TZ: What a great match Paul! Ten of the best wrestlers in TWOstars will square off in this very ring until one of them makes the final pin to win the United State Title. It is a really hard job for Jaxx to defend the title against one single man, how about putting it on the line against nine others?


PH: Chaos will break loose in the ring and bodies will fall down one by one until there will be none left but a sole winner. Yet in this rampage of bodies, one question is bugging me and burning deeply inside and that question is:


Is Keith Jaxx really that gay?




PH: Yes I know. But this doesn't answer my question though.


TZ: What do I have to do to make you understand what the word KAYFABE means!


PH: You can start by calming down!


The lights fade and "My Friend Of Misery", plays loud out of the speakers, and a green lasers flash on the stage and Black Dragon comes out and on to the stage, he rush to one side and salutes the crowd, and then rushes to the other side to salute the crowd.


TC: Introducing first, weighting in at 180 lbs, he is the Black Dragon!


TZ: This guy has shown a great wrestling ability in the few weeks he has been here, beating Darkstar on his debut match and The Lonely Avenger two weeks ago.


PH: What I can't understand though is how can dragon be so black?


TZ: This makes no sense to me at all. Have you been drinking Paul before the show?


Black Dragon jogs down the ramp and climbs the top rope, where he lifts his arms and a big explosion goes off above the ring and Black Dragons jumps in the ring, ready for battle.


The C2K Countdown appears on the titantron, and the numbers come up on the screen:



TC: Making his way to the ring, from Wiltshire, England, weighting in at 310 lbs, he is C2K!


TZ: Here is a man we haven't seen much from since a long time. Where has he been, no body knows!


PH: Maybe he got lost in the back and went into a time portal that sent him back to the 60's and now he's back.


TZ: Mr. Darkstar, I urgently recommend you to send someone to check on Paul Heyman who seems in a very bad state of mind.


The lights in the arena go out, before a batch of pyros go off at the top of the ramp, and "Guilty" by The Rasmus starts playing, bringing out the giant C2K on to the stage with every member of the crowd on their feet booing.


Just a Day by Feeder starts playing as Tiffany walks into the TWO arena in a cloud of smoke.


TC: The only lady in this match, from Doncaster, United Kingdom, weighting in at 140 lbs, Tifanny!


TZ: Another face we have missed over the last few months in TWOstars is this one. This strong built woman is sure crossing a line that only men can cross.


PH: If Keith Jaxx might not be really that gay, is there a possibility that Tiffany might not be really that much of a woman?


TZ: Oh my God! This man needs some serious help!


She steps onto the apron climbs through then starts dancing around, helping the crowd cheers reach maximum level.


The flourescant lights all go green, every TWOtron screen has an image of money falling while cutting to pictures of the "You're Fired". Sutterfly's 'Gun in Hand' plays. Two spark showers start flowing on either side of the TWOtron. Niles comes out and rolls out a long red carpet going pretty far down the entrance ramp.


TC: The fourth men in this match, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighting in at 215 lbs, Michael Howel The Thirrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddd!


TZ: This man is very rich and very influential. He looks to me another version of MDM Chris Eagles with all the money and egoism.


PH: If we fill MHIII with more egoism, will his head blow up like a balloon at a certain point?


Howel comes out onto the red carpet like a king in his court and strolls to the ring.


"Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple starts playing as Philip Martin Atken makes his way to the ring in his classical not fancy basic entrance.


TC: Making his way to the ring, from New York, New York,


TZ: Was Mr. Atken serious about wanting that title?


PH: Was Taz really serious when he asked that question? What you should ask Taz is where is New York, New York. Is it in the USA or in Sinatra's song?


TZ: What do you mean?


PH: I don't know. What do YOU mean?




"You Don't See The Signs" starts playing.


Tom 'the disciple' Trash enters the ring with a trash can in hand, Wild Boy Keith Jaxx sprayed on the side.


TC: And the sixth contestant in this match, from Manchester, England, weighting in at 187 lbs, he is Tom 'The Disciple' Trash!


PH: I think Trash would go perfectly with Twiggie. They both like trash and both are trash.


TZ: Thanks God! This is the first sane thing you say today!


PH: I know that Taz, you are insane.


The beginning of "Touched" starts to play with the voices and a light guitar rift. The arena goes dark, the only light coming from the flashing of red, green, and blue lights flashing on the entrance ramp. Some smoke starts to hover above the ground in front of the entrance. As soon as the drums kick in and the rift gets harder a hooded figure emerges from the back and stands on the entrance stage. All lights go out, then a bright light from behind the figure silhouettes him with both arm down by his side. The light cuts out, then flashes back on to reveal the figure with both arms outstretched. Again darkness, then the main arena lights showing Shane Cross throw the hood of his vest off of his head.


TC: And their opponent, from Palm Beach Garden, Florida, weighting in at an amazing weight of 205 lbs, he is 'The Role Model' Shane Cross!


PH: Look at that body Taz. It's worth his weight in gold. He sure is a fascinating well built man. Will I ever become like him?


TZ: Yes you will! In your farthest fantasies!


With all the arena lights on now Shane walks methodically to the ring.


The house lights cut out and the arena is bathed in psychedelic swirls.


is displayed in close ups and as a whole across the TWOtron. Jungle Boy recorded by Twiggie's very own band: Bremstrahung Farad is pumped through the speakers of the arena. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp wheeling his signature recycling bin behind him, his hardcore title hanging over the side. He shouts various things to the fans while waving his free arm angrily. The crowd responds by shouting obscenities, and throwing styrofoam cups.


Chimmel: Weighing in tonight at 196 pounds. He is the self-proclaimed TWOstars Hardcore Champion He is … Twwwwwwwwwiggie!


PH: How clean can you become if you befriend this guy?


TZ: I think as much gay as you can become if you befriend the Sausage Jockey.


He reaches out and snatches up a sign from a fan along the ramp. It reads: "Twig for mayor" and shouts at them.


Twiggie: You're not helping the cause, you know!


He makes his way around the side of the ring. Leaving his bin at the base of the steps he slides under the bottom rope. Hopping up to his feet he bounces for a moment and spins in circles. Twiggie dances like a fool until his music fades away. He then snaps back to reality, and looks about slightly confused before he remembers what's going on, and that he is in the ring with eight other men so far.


The light goes out of the TWO arena as the intro "Lonely World" by Limp Bizkit starts playing.


A glowing green mask rises from the ground. The Lonely Avenger continues his ascendance, head bowed down, hands crossed over his shoulders, until he arrives to ground level.


Few seconds pass before he raises his hands suddenly, green flames growing from both sides as the chorus of Lonely World echoes loudly in the arena.


The US title appears on the TWOtron and it burns in green flames!


As his hands go down, the flames die while a green circle of light lights the entrance.


TC: And the ninth person entering this match, from Lonely Valley, weighting in at 250 lbs, he is the legal number one contender for the US title, The Lonely Avenger!


PH: let me ask the question and answer it myself Taz: If Jaxx is that much gay, and Cross is that much perfect, how much is Avenger lonely? I think it is...


TZ: As much as you cross KAYFABE on one single show!


The Masked Truth walks to the ring and slides in from the bottom rope towards the center of the ring as everyone leaves it.


He stands there while slowly raising his hands, to brutally lower them once they are up. Green flames explode from all four turnbuckles as the lights come back to the TWO arena and the music fades away.


TZ: Here he comes Paul, our United States champion!


"Wild Boys" by Duran starts playing.


TC: And the defending United States Champion, from Quahog Rhodes Island, weighting in at 204 lbs, WILD BOY KEITH JAXX!


TZ: Jaxx has gone through a lot of things in the past month as a champion. But is he able to go past nine other men including The Lonely Avenger who hates him really really bad?


PH: Being a queer can certainly help him...or get him a strong solid beat. It depends on how the climate is in North East Japan at the moment.


TZ: What are you talking about Paul? You have been saying non sense since the beginning of the match and I am sick of it.


PH: Slow down, calm down! I was making fun of you idiot and you didn't seem to notice.


TZ: Can we comment the match and avoid making fun of each others for the rest of the match?


PH: Well ok. But I can't make you any promises!


The referee has a word with all ten contestants before asking The Champion and Tiffany to stay in the ring while everyone else gets out to one of the four corners.




PH: What a situation Jaxx is in right now!


TZ: Yes I know, starting the match and defending the title against nine other wrestlers at the same time. It must be really hard!


PH: I wasn't talking about that Taz. I was referring to the fact that Jaxx is in the ring with a WOMAN! That explains why he is looks so uncomfortable.


Jaxx is turning in the ring in circles, not knowing if he touches or not Tiffany, and what will it feel since he never touched one.


Jaxx is just panicking and tags the first man he can see.


PMA is the legal man right now to face Tiffany.


TZ: Why is security out here Paul? What is going wrong so that they come out here?


Security guards enter the arena and head towards the ring, much to PMA's dismay, who leaves the ring and runs in the crowds, security chasing him in the TWO arena.


TZ: This is one funny thing Paul. I don't think the network wants Atken in this match at all, as they have sent him security to force him out of it.


The referee starts counting out PMA.
















TZ: I don't think Philip will be back in the ring before the ten count.


PH: By now, with the pace he was running in from security, he could be New York or Florida as long as I know.








TC: The first wrestler eliminated from this match Philip Martin Atken!


TZ: So long for the title Atken wanted. All he got was a chase from security and a public humiliation.


C2K enters the ring to face off with Tiffany.


PH: This is not right. Why should Tiffany, the only woman in this match, start. This is preposterous and against the women's rights!


TZ: Since when do you care about women's right?


PH: Since Jaxx was straight.


Tiffany tries to deliver a punch to C2K who doesn't seem to be affected by it. She tries to kick him in the guts but he still is unmoving. She tries to nail him with a drop kick, but he moves only a few inches and doesn't fall down.


PH: What else can Tiffany try to get the man down?


Tiffany, frustrated of being unable to take C2K down, puts all her strength in her last kick and delivers it right in his balls, knocking him down heavily in agony and pain.


TZ: Did you see that Paul? She just kicked him right in his most sensitive part of his body.


TC: The second wrestler to be eliminated from this match, Tiffany!


PH: Someone bring the man some ice. He is agonizing in the ring like hell. He is just twitching and moving wildly in the ring.


Michael Howel III, taking advantage of the situation, enters the ring as the second legal men and forces C2K on his feet.


TZ: C2K is just paralyzed by the shot and is haplessly with no strength to move whatsoever.


MHIII goes to the side of C2K who falls down as soon as Howel leaves him, but is straighten up by his opponent.


PH: I Think Howel the third won't lose time and will perform his finisher to take advantage of the situation.


TZ: This is just dirty. He should not play like that. The man should be given his chance. It isn't his fault that Tiffany crippled him.


Michael goes for the 10 Karat Slam as C2K lands on the ground back first.


Howel goes for the cover.











TC: The third wrestler eliminated from this match, C2K!


TZ: We are down to seven men right now, who will be eliminated next?


Black Dragon, as soon as C2K gets eliminated, enters the ring to take on Howel.


Howel, who was taunting the crowd after eliminating C2K, turns to see Black Dragon heading to his direction. Not knowing what to do, he screams "STOP" to his opponent who halts in his ground.


TZ: What is Howel doing? Does he always chickening out like that?


PH: I myself prefers if Howel meats out!


TZ: Lame joke Paul. Really lame one.


Howel takes out a stash of money from his pocket and hands it to Dragon.


MHIII: If I give you these few thousands of dollars, would you lie down for me to cover you?


Jaxx, who has calmed down by now, lights up like a lamp when he hears the word cover you.


JX: Who wants me to cover him? I will cover him like no other man has done it before.


Michael ignores Jaxx's comment and is waiting for a respond from Dragon.


TZ: Does he think that paying his way off will win the match? Dragon might take the money and leave, but people like Trash...oh sorry, Trash will do it...I meant wrestlers like Avenger, Twiggie and Jaxx, they won't accept bribery how big the amount of cash was.


PH: I would take them Taz. Who cares about some lame championship if you can get a few thousands for it?


TZ: I am not going to respond to that. I just won't!


Dragon takes the money, shifts it from hand to hand, tries to estimate the amount of money present in the stash and draws a laugh on his face.


TZ: Does that mean he is going to take them?


Howel laughs by his turn and seems to think Black Dragon has accepted his offer.


Dragon lies in the middle of the ring, waiting for Howel to pin him.


TZ: This is just dirty. I can't look at this.


Howel goes for the cover...


PH: But look! Dragon has quickly and out of nowhere rolled Howel in a pin fall situation.


Howel tries to kick out from the roll but Dragon uses the ropes to make sure Howel can't escape it.














TC: The fourth man eliminated from this match, Michael Howel the Third!


Black Dragon takes grabs Howel from the head and throws him out of the ring. He takes the money, goes for the ropes, and makes a "bye bye" sign to Howel with his hand before throwing the money flying in the air, raining on Howel who is really pissed off but is forced to make his way to the back.


TZ: We're down to six men in this match. Shane Cross has entered the ring just now to face off with Black Dragon.


Black Dragon turns to see Cross charging at him with great speed and succeeds in dodging at the right time to assure Shane's flying over the top rope and landing head first on the ground.


PH: It amazes me how in every similar fall to this one in all wrestling history, every single wrestler manages to land on head straight on the ground. This show's you how intelligent our wrestlers are!


TZ: It may also by that they have to do it and that you're breaking the DA*MN KAYFABE MAN!!!


Dragon goes for a bounce on the opposite ropes to build the speed and power he needs before performing a lionslaut from the top rope, landing on Cross to take him down one more time.


TZ: This move might have hurt Dragon more then it hurt Cross.


PH: When you're as much daredevil and a high risker like Black Dragon, you can't but offer your body and put it on the line for the fans amusement and entertainment. You can't but appreciate such people and have for them a great amount of respect.


The referee is about to start a count but Dragon is up already and gets his opponent back in the ring. Black Dragon irish whips him to the turnbuckle and goes for a body slam, but he is met with a kick to the face. Shane Cross climbs the second rope and jumps, nailing Dragon with a jumping reversed DDT from the back.


PH: Why is Trash going in the ring? He's not the legal man!


TZ: If we have another look at the move performed by Shane Cross a few moments ago, we can clearly see that before jumping, Trash tapped Cross on the back and made himself the legal man in this match.


As the replay split screen replays the tag, the TWOstars Hollywood Movies advertisement appears at the top of the screen. Trash gets on the top rope and executes a moonslaut on Black Dragon, Cross still in the ring.


Shane, not knowing what just happened, exchanges a few angry words with Trash and the referee who asks Cross to leave the ring since he's no longer the legal man. Shane doesn't want to leave, but the referee forces him to quit the ring. Trash, seeing the official's back turned to him, hits Black Dragon who is half up with a low blow, knocking him down.


TZ: That is just dirty from Trash. Someone has to teach him fairplay.


PH: I think your prayers Taz were answered. Look under whose feet did Dragon fall.


The Lonely Avenger, who has not taken part of the match until now, finds Dragon before him and reaches over for the tag.


TZ: Avenger must want to teach Trash a lesson here tonight, a lesson he lacks off.


PH: Or it might be that he just wants to see Trash being eliminated from this match for good.


The Masked Truth enters the ring and heads slowly towards Trash who cowards out and starts backing his steps. When he reaches the turnbuckle, he finds no escape as TLA hits him with a spear to the guts, followed by two similar spears.


TZ: The Lonely Avenger is just running wild. How much hatred can such a complex mind hold for a person like Trash?


PH: As much as The Incredible Holt looks like a green broccoli!


TZ: What has broccoli and TIH have to do with this? Not that I don't agree but this has no relation with my question!


Just as Trash was falling down to rest on the bottom rope, The Lonely Avenger grabs him from the neck and seems to be choking him. the referee starts a count.










The Lonely Avenger leaves his opponent for a second before grabbing him one more time, taking him up in the air and nailing him a chokeslam.


TZ: Trash needs a miracle to escape being pinned right now.


TLA goes for the cover.








TC: The fifth wrestler eliminated from this match, Tom Trash!


The arena blacks out and a bright blue light shines down from above the TWOtron which covers the entrance ramp all the way into the ring.


PH: What the hell is happening? I don't know why I feel this is a déjà vu from somewhere?


"Violence Fetish" by disturbed starts playing.


TZ: What? Why is this music playing? It's Violent Vinnie Vengeance's music! Why is it playing? No wonder this is a déjà vu for you Paul.


The Violence Bearer steps out from behind the curtains and stands under the TWOtron where VVV appears.


PH: Look Taz. He has a microphone in hand. He's got something to say.


VVV: Cut the music. Cut it!


Lights are directly back with a sudden stoppage of the music.


PH: Someone's feeling a little cranky for losing a title earlier. It may be that he needs SEX to loosen up his nerves.


VVV: I lost my Triple V title earlier tonight in the show.


PH: Really Taz? I never knew that! That's a real shock for me!


TZ: I love the way you use sarcasm and the way it always seems lamer then The VVV's role in "The Last Castle".


VVV: I am pissed off like hell for losing tonight. While in the back making a total mess of my locker room while watching MDM Chris Eagles partying in the back, I said to myself: since I lost a title tonight, why not win another one? And this is why I came down to the ring to take part of this elimination match and take a definite shot at the US title!


TZ: WHAT? Can he do that? Is it legal to do that?


PH: I suppose so! Since Jaxx offered a shot to every single wrestler who wants it, VVV can claim his shot.


TZ: After half the match is has passed, he wants to take part of it? Isn't it unfair for everyone eliminated?


PH: You mean Atken, Tiffany, C2K, Howel and Trash? No. I don't think it is unfair at all.


TZ: Hummm...I think you're right. He did not miss anything.


The Lonely Avenger, who is in the ring watching another wrestler claim his shot at his title, grabs Twiggie from the head, roles him in. he then sets him up in a really angry way into the tombstone piledriver before banging Twiggie's head on the ring mat. Avenger goes for the cover.










TC: The sixth wrestler eliminated from this match, Twiggie!


TZ: The Lonely Avenger is sending a message to Triple V. it clearly says: "don't cross a territory that is not yours!" The US title is Avenger's claim and he is much pissed off because of everyone interfering in it.


PH: I think Avenger wants VVV in the match as he is signaling for him to come over to the ring. This is going to turn into a fight of giants.


TC: As I have just been informed from the back, since Philip Martin Atken was never to wrestle in this match and was not legally given the shot at the title, his participation in the match is ineligible. Therefore, filling the spot of the tenth wrestler in this match will be Violent Vinnie Vengeance!


VVV shakes his head in approval and rushes to the ring. The Lonely Avenger is ready in the ring and waiting. The first second Triple V enters it, The Lonely Avenger delivers an elbow to his back. The Lonely Avenger loses no time taking VVV from the head. Vengeance counters with a few punches and both men start exchanging them.


TZ: I don't think these two have a good relationship neither outside nor in the ring.


PH: No wonder!


Vinnie irish whips Avenger on the ropes before nailing him with a powerbomb.


TZ: VVV goes for the cover.






TZ: Keith Jaxx has entered the ring out of nowhere and broke the count. What was that for?


PH: It is either that Jaxx is really gay or he's really stupid or he has a certain plan in head.


Vengeance gets to his feet and see Jaxx in the ring and tries to swing a clotheline to the Sausage Jockey. He fails by seconds s Keith ducks at the right time. Shane Cross, wanting to take adavantage of the situation, tries to side with VVV and hit Jaxx with a running calf kick.


Black Dragon tries to take part of the fight but is directly hit with a kick to the guts and thrown out of the ring by VVV.


TZ: IT seems like Cross and Vengeance are forming a team in this match.


Triple V turns The New Role Model, lifts his thumb up and smiles at Cross who smiles at his turn. But soon enough the smile is swept off 3V's face who points his thumb from up to down. Cross is lost and is confused.


PH: I don't think Vengeance asked for help from anyone in this match and especially not from this guy.


Cross tries to hit a clotheline to VVV but is cut short with The Violence Machine taking him up into the Circle of Trust.


TZ: VVV has hit his finisher on Cross. He is not the legal man though, The Lonely Avenger is.


PH: The referee doesn't seem to share the same opinion as you Taz. He is counting Cross out.











TC: The seventh wrestler eliminated from this match is Shane Cross.


TZ: We're down to four men: Black Dragon, Violent Vinnie Vengeance, Keith Jaxx and The Lonely Avenger, all four standing in the ring looking at each others. We hate to break this moment on you but we have to go to commercial breaks and come back shortly after.


Cut to TWOstars goes Hollywood: The Incredible Holt winning the United Alien Movie Award for his great role as a green Tralfamadorian in the Movie "Slaughter House Five".


PH: Keith Jaxx and Black Dragon are now squaring off in the middle of the ring.Dragon is up from a running bulldog from Jaxx and is standing on the turnbuckle.


Jaxx is kicking his opponent on the stomach, resulting in the falling of Dragon to the bottom rope. Jaxx stands at the other end of the ring and runs towards his opponent before jumping on him, delivering him a sausage to the face, playing horse with Dragon while having the queerest orgasm ever felt in a wrestling match.


TZ: I can't look at this. This is just abnormal.


PH: Abnormal you say. I say supernatural!


The referee breaks those small games of Wild Boy and lectures him to not repeat them in this match. As they are talking, Black Dragon seems to be up and ready on the second rope on the turnbuckle.


TZ: The champion better watch out.


Black Dragon goes for a hurricanrana from his position. Jaxx sees it coming and moves away.


PH: That was another hard fall by Dragon. Jaxx isn't losing time and looking for a chance to end his opponent right now.


The Sausage Jockey gets Black Dragon up and gets him in the position for a Jaxx 3000.


TZ: JAxx hits the harlem hangover and goes for the cover.
















TC: The eighth person eliminated from this match, Black Dragon!


PH: Two wrestling machine and a queer remaining in this match. What a nice combination!


The Lonely Avenger steps in the ring to take his part of Jaxx, a part he longed for since No Mercy. Jaxx seems embarrassed and tries to hide it.


TZ: It isn't easy to be defending a title against these two solid pillars that won't fall easily.


PH: I feel like I am in the pantheon at Athena Taz, among the pillars of the temple!


TZ: Like you even know where Athena is!


PH: Yes of course I know. It's in Denmark.


TZ: NO you idiot, it's in Switzerland. And he calls himself a smart ass!


TLA irish whips Jaxx on the ropes before hitting him with a kick to the guts and bouncing at his turn on the ropes before delivering The Guillotine on Jaxx's head.


Avenger goes for the cover.









PH: Jaxx lifts his shoulder just before the third count!


Avenger takes his opponent from the head and lifts him up. VVV tries to interferes in the match by entering the ringing, but the referee cuts his interference short and forces him to go back outside.


TZ: What was that for from Triple V?


Jaxx, still on his knees between the hands of Avenger, seeing that the referee has his back turned to him, nails Loneliness Itself with a low blow that seemed rather like a firm grip of Avenger's balls.


Jaxx goes for the outside and jumps into The Catapult in the intentions of landing on Avenger's chest.


PH: Jaxx succeeded in hitting his move but he was hurt in the hips from the constant twitching of Avenger, whose knees collided with Wild Boy's hips.


The referee starts a ten count.








Both men are on their knees now.








PH: And...Both wrestlers are up.


Jaxx uses his speed to perform a spinning wheel kick, but he is caught by Avenger and is put into a backbreaker.


The Masked Truth goes for the top rope.


TZ: OH MY GOD! If Avenger hits this move Jaxx will certainly lose his title!




The Lonely Avenger flies high in the air performing a frog splash typical of the Legendary Eddie Guerrero who sadly passed away but will forever stay in every wrestling fan's mind and wrestler, and especially every wrestler who has chosen to win his matches with the same electrifying move as Eddie's.


Avenger goes for the cover...






















TC: The ninth wrestler eliminated from this match and the losing champion, Keith Jaxx!


TZ: What the....? We are going to crown a new US champion tonight Paul!


PH: You don't have to do anything but sit here and commentate on the match like you're supposed to. No crowning any superstar or crowning the queen of England, Denmark or Switzerland!


Violent Vinnie Vengeance enters the ring wildly and charges directly at The Soul Behind The Mask.


TLA takes notice of this in the right time as he turns away from whatever move Vengeance was looking to hit and locking The Green Hell solidly and firmly on his opponent's neck.


TZ: The master lock is locked in and this is a great opportunity for Avenger to weaken Vengeance or even win the match!


PH: If it was Jaxx in Triple V's position, he would have loved it since his opponent's sausage would be right in his ass. What a show it would have been from the losing SEX member.


VVV tries to shake away The Lonely Avenger by bouncing on all the four ropes, knocking Avenger's back hardly on the turnbuckle several times, going down and getting back up again but nothing seems to be breaking the submission move.


3V finds no escape from this match but to accidentally hit the referee while trying to escape from the move, knocking him out on the ground.


TZ: That is called cheating! Vinnie cheated!


PH: What are you blaming the man for? The poor guy slipped from the pressure on his neck and was going to faint away and he ACCIDENTALLY and INNOCENTLY took out the referee on his way.


TZ: And I am innocently going to kick your ass if you don't shut up anytime soon!


PH: Why should I? Isn't that why TWOstars pays me double to do the same job as you?


Violent Vinnie Vengeance then delivers a low blow one second time to Avenger with his leg, loosening the lock and permitting his escape.


TZ: Don't tell me that this is not cheating now!


PH: Actually...




VVV grabs his opponent from the head, preventing him from falling down from pain and agony, and sets him up for a Violent Behavior.


PH: This is the end of the road for Avenger. No man can kick out after the heavy shattering impact of this move.


TZ: Violent Vinnie Vengeance cheated his way to victory in a match he was not even scheduled in.


PH: Give it a rest. VVV is going to win the match if you like or not and there is nothing you can do to stop him from winning, regardless of whether he cheated or not to acquire it.


Vinnie Vengeance hits the double underhook piledriver and goes for the cover as soon as a new referee comes rushing to the ring to make the count.

























TC: The winner of this match and the new United States champion, Violent Vinnie Vengeance!


PH: This was one hell of a match from which VVV emerged the US champ. This is the end of the Triple Vision title era and the beginning of the United Violence of America title era.


TZ: The Lonely Avenger should have won the match. It was not fair to lose it that way.


PH: Taz, being in this business is not always being fair and abiding to rules and regulations and wrestling by the book. You need to be smart and seize the perfect moment to break the rules without being caught. This is called trickery of the smartest!


TZ: Nevertheless...


Cut to Tom Trash – Self Destruction of DVD promo as Taz and Paul keep arguing the whole time of the fairness of the win dogmatic narrow minded announcers they are.

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The camera fades from the Tom Trash – Self Destruction of DVD promo and we are focused on Taz and Heyman at ringside.


Heyman: Taz, it’s finally here. It’s the match I’ve been waiting for, for a long, long time. It’s Deadman versus Barry Gower for the first time ever.


Taz: This is going to be a rocket buster for sure Paul, and as you said this is the first time these two have met one on one and it’s going to happen in a TWOStars ring, something that’s just got to kill Deadman.


Heyman: Not really Taz, I talked to Deadman earlier today and he’s ready for this, he doesn’t care where it happens, he’s just ready to come out here and put Gower in his place for what he did to the Extreme Revolution Championship a few months ago.


Taz: Well Paul, I’m going to tell you straight tonight I’m backing Gower all the way. I like a lot of the boys in the back cannot stand the fact that Deadman is even in this building here tonight, never mind that fact that he is competing here tonight at TWO Survivor Series.


Heyman: Well Sir, that’s fine because tonight I’m taking this to the Extreme and supporting my friend and former boss…. Deadman. This Taz is going to be Extreme!


Taz: HAHA Well Paul, I think we’ve hyped this up enough, let’s hand this over to Chimmel who is waiting in the ring.


The shot cuts to Tony Chimmel who is stood in the centre of the ring, he raises the microphone to his mouth as the bell ring 3 times.


TC: The following contest is scheduled for one fall……


"Ride the Lightning" by Metallica hits and surprisingly the crowd cheer.


TC: Introducing first, From Belfast, Northern Ireland. Weighing 285lbs…… Barry Gower!!!!


The crowd pops again at the announcement


Heyman: I never thought I’d here the day when these people would actually cheer for Gower, Taz.


Taz: Neither did I Paul, but these are special circumstances, these fans are like the boys in the back. They cannot stand Deadman one little bit.


Heyman: That’s because they’re all idiots Taz. Complete idiots.


Gower has now walked out onto the stage and the crowd get even louder than before but Gower just ignores them and carries on walking to ring, his face locked straight on it.


Heyman: Just look at the expression on Gower’s face Taz, he’s focused on the job at hand, but even so. I still don’t think he has a chance against Deadman.


Taz: You as well as anyone should know Paul, never to underestimate Gower. He’s as good as anyone in that ring and I think he’s going to show Deadman just how good he is in just a few short minutes.


Gower gets to ringside, where he skips from side to side before he jumps up onto the ring apron, which causes pyro to shoot off from the entrance way as the crowds cheering gets louder. Gower steps through the middle ropes into the ring and walks towards the centre of the ring where the referee begins to talk to him as his music fades out.


Heyman: The referee checking Gower over making sure he’s not hiding any foreign objects Taz.


Taz: I don’t think we have to worry about that Paul, Gower wants to shut Deadman up here tonight and he’s not going to be able to do that by cheating.


Gower moves over to a corner as instructed by the referee as Chimmel raises the microphone back up to his mouth.


TC: and his opponent…..


“You’re gonna Pay” hits and the crowd boos HUGE


Taz: Oh man, listen to the people. I knew they didn’t like him but still, this is LOUD!


Heyman: These people are morons, they should be cheering not booing.


TC: From Burnley, Lancashire, weighing in at 258lbs…. He is the Owner of Extreme Revolution Entertainment…… Deadman!


The crowd booing now intensifies as Deadman walks out onto the stage, his eyes firmly locked on Gower in the ring.


Heyman: That Taz, is his game face. This damn sure ain’t gonna be pretty.


Taz: I get that feeling as well Paul, this is personal. Gower destroyed the Extreme Revolution Championship on June 30th and Deadman is here to extract some revenge.


Heyman: And do you blame him Taz? Do you blame Deadman for being pissed off at Gower for what he did? That Championship was the premier belt in this industry, it’s been held by greats like HBK, like Fill, like The Crippler and Gower just went and destroyed it and why? Because he just wasn’t good enough to win it.


Taz: Firstly Paul, I don’t blame Deadman for being mad. I understand the importance of that Championship but I just think Deadman has gone to far this time.


Heyman: Well that’s your opinion Taz, I worked there. I was part of the original Revolution that made that company what we all grew to love and Gower destroyed part of that on June 30th and I can’t wait to see him get what he deserves tonight!


Deadman has now got down to ringside, his eyes are still locked on Gower who is also locked on Deadman. Deadman walks towards the steps and climbs up them onto the apron before he steps through the ropes.


Taz: Neither man has taken their eyes off of the other Paul.


Heyman: and that’s a smart move Taz, neither man wants to give their opponent an advantage here.


With Deadman in the ring, the referee heads over to him to check on him like he did to Gower earlier. Deadman just looks at the official before he punches him straight in the face knocking him out as the crowd boos huge.


Taz: The Son of a Bitch!


Heyman: HAHAHA It’s going to be one of those matches Taz, fasten you seat belt. Things are going to get Extreme.


Deadman boots the official out of the ring before he looks straight at Gower, both have evil looks on their faces, neither man blinking. The crowd are going nuts.


Heyman: This is going to explode at any minute Taz and these people are loving it.


Deadman rolls his head a little before he quickly vaults across the ring as does Gower who quickly takes Deadman down with a double leg take down and begins to punch Deadman straight in the face over and over as the crowd goes nuts.


Taz: It’s on Paul, it’s damn sure on!


Gower’s advantage doesn’t last long though as Deadman manages to roll on top of Gower and begins to smack him over and over as the crowd begins to boos.


Heyman: and this is where Deadman has the advantage Taz, he’s more of a brawler than Gower is, who is more of a Technical guy.


Taz: But don’t count him out Paul, he can fight with the best of them.


Deadman gets up off of Gower who gets up to one knee himself only for Deadman to boot him straight in the face knocking him straight back down to the mat,


Taz: What a boot by Deadman, that gotta hurt


Deadman grabs hold of Gower by the head and pulls him up to his feet and pulls him towards the ropes before throwing him through the middle ropes to the arena floor which Gower hits with a hard thump. Deadman follows Gower out and begins to viciously boot him on the floor as the crowd boos like mad


Heyman: and now Deadman is laying the boots to him Taz and those ain’t any of those pansy soccer kicks either.


Taz: HAHA No they’re not Paul, those are seriously hard hitting and I can see the pain on Gower’s face, Deadman is putting the hurt on to the Future.


Deadman stops booting Barry and looks at the people at ringside who shout abuse at him as they flip him off, Deadman just smiles as he leans over picks Gower up and rams him spine first straight in to the security barrier in front of those fans.


Heyman: These fans are learning first hand Taz not to piss Deadman off because if they do, it’s going to be Gower who pays the price.


Taz: No doubt about it Paul, I’ve seen the way Deadman wrestles and he doesn’t hold anything back but neither does Gower, Paul.


Gower’s face shows obvious pain as he holds onto his back, Deadman seeing this quickly rams Gower into the security barrier a second time followed by a third causing Gower to yell out in pain.


Taz: and that’s something you don’t hear all that often Paul, Gower is yelling out in pain thanks to being rammed into that security barrier.


Gower slumps to the floor holding onto his back in obvious pain, seeing this Deadman holds his arms up in the air taunting the crowd who absolutely boo him.


Heyman: Just listen to these morons Taz, Deadman is firmly in control of this match and they have the bare face cheeked to boo him. No respect what’s so ever.


Taz: well this people pay their money to do what they want Paul, if they want to boo Deadman they can damn sure boo him.


Deadman grabs hold of Gower by the head and pulls him to his feet before ramming his knee into his stomach, with Gower doubled over, Deadman grabs hold of Gower’s and goes to whip him into the steel steps but at the last moment Gower puts the breaks on and sends Deadman crashing into them shoulder first causing them to separate on impact with a loud clang as the crowd pops huge.


Taz: Holy Crap, Deadman just hit those steel steps shoulder first and I can tell you from experience Paul, that’s not a nice feeling.


Heyman: No sir it’s not Taz and did you see and hear the impact of which Deadman’s shoulder hit them?


Taz: I sure did Paul, and I think the people in the top of the building even heard it, but Deadman is damn sure feeling it.


Deadman is holding onto his shoulder in the wreckage of the steel steps and looks to be in some serious pain. Gower is resting on the security barrier holding onto his back, he turns and looks over the barrier and reaches down and grabs….


Taz: Gower’s got himself a steel chair!


The crowd pops huge as Gower raises the chair high above his head.


Heyman: Oh come on, this isn’t right. Where’s the referee?!


Taz: Oh please Paul, Deadman deserves everything he gets and besides Deadman got rid of the official earlier….in fact I don’t think this match has officially started yet.


Deadman is just about up to his feet and has his back towards Gower as he tries to get some movement back into his shoulder. Gower doesn’t waste anytime though as he runs towards Deadman and smacks him square in the back with the steel chair which knocks Deadman forward straight into the timekeepers table as the crowd goes nuts.


Taz: and for the second time tonight Deadman has tasted the cold steel and this crowd is loving it.


Heyman: This is ridiculous why isn’t there a referee out here controlling this mess? Where’s Darkstar? Gower should be disqualified!


Taz: and there was me thinking you wanted this to go Extreme Paul.


Heyman: I do Taz, but not like this…


Taz: You mean not with Gower handing out the punishment.


Heyman: Erm… no sir that’s not what I mean.


Gower still with the chair in hand walks over to Deadman who is still slumped over the timekeepers table looking out of it.


Heyman: This is getting a bit close Taz.


Taz: Sure is Paul, I think we better get ready to bail.


Gower is standing right behind Deadman now, he raises the chair up and just as he’s about to smack it down across the spine of Deadman…. CLANG!..... Deadman spins and smacks the ring bell straight into Gower’s face sending him crashing to the floor in a heap as the crowd boo huge.


Taz: Good God! Deadman just rang Gower’s bell!


Heyman: and look at him Taz, Gower’s busted open.


Taz: Oh man Paul, that’s not good news at all for Gower.


Heyman: No sir it’s not and me knowing Deadman, Gower’s head just became a target.


Deadman drops the ring bell and steps away from the time keepers and looks down at the fallen Gower, Deadman smiles and taps his temple two times as the crowd boos.


Heyman: Deadman telling everyone what I already know Taz, that he’s an evil genius.


Deadman looks around the arena floor before he grabs the camera cable and wraps it around the throat of Gower choking him as the crowd boos.


Taz: and now Deadman is choking the life out of Gower, this is getting out of control Paul.


Heyman: Maybe so Taz, but we knew coming into this that both men we’re going to do anything to get the job done here tonight.


Taz: But this is going to far Paul, he’s choking the man.


Heyman: It’s kinda symbolic really Taz, Gower is choking just like he choked in the Extreme Revolution.


Taz: Oh please.


Deadman using the camera cables pulls Gower up to his feet before smacking Gower’s head into the ring apron and rolling him straight into the ring. Deadman looks at Gower for a moment before he grabs the chair that was used on him earlier and slides into the ring with it but instead of using it straight away Deadman drops the chair and removes the cables from around the head of Gower.


Taz: Deadman not using the chair Paul, what’s he up to?


Heyman: I’m not sure Taz, but I think we’ll soon find out.


Deadman drops to his knees and begins to take slow but delicately aimed shots at the forehead of Gower as he tries to open the cut up even more.


Taz: and now like a shark that smells blood Paul, Deadman is going straight for that cut.


Heyman: And that’s smart strategy Taz, with Gower losing blood it will take away from his ability to go later in this match.


Taz: No doubt about it Paul, no doubt about it.


Deadman stops punching at Gower’s forehead and looks at his fist which is now covered in blood, Deadman smiles before he then begins to use his fingers in the cut to try and open it up wider, this causes Gower to yell out in agony as the crowd boo like mad.


Taz: The sick son of a bitch, that’s not right Paul.


Heyman: It doesn’t have to be right Taz, Deadman is doing what he has to do and hell there’s no referee out here. Who’s going to stop him?


Taz: Well we need a damn official out here to control this psycho.


Deadman stops tearing at Gower’s face and gets up to his feet where he looks at his blood filled hands.


Heyman: Like Macbeth, Deadman’s hands are covered in blood, but unlike Macbeth, Deadman feels no remorse for his actions.


Deadman smiles at the blood on his hands and slowly wipes it all over his chest as the crowd boo him.


Taz: Well this ain’t no Shakespeare play Paul, this is a fight. A fight that has gotten way out of hands and I can’t believe he’s wiping Gower’s blood on his chest like that Paul.


Deadman is looking out into the crowd and taunting them which causes them to boo him even more, as he does this Gower slowly fights his way up to his hands and knees. Blood is pouring from his head and staining the canvas.


Taz: I apologise for that sight Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s not something we like to promote here at TWOStars.


Heyman: Well as I said Taz, this is and has been taken to the Extreme here tonight!


Deadman stops playing with the crowd and turns towards Gower who is still fighting to get up to his feet, Deadman calmly walks over to the chair he brought into the ring and picks it up. The crowd boos once again as Deadman slowly stalks the blood stained Gower.


Taz: Oh come on, he doesn’t need this. You’ve made your point Deadman.


Heyman: Oh but he hasn’t Taz, his point won’t be made till Gower has been beaten in the middle of that ring.


Gower is just about up on his feet when Deadman swings the chair right at his head but Gower quickly ducks the shot and floats around the back of Deadman and locks his hands around his waist. Gower doesn’t waste any time as he quickly pops his hips and takes Deadman down with a hard German suplex causing Deadman to drop the chair.


Taz: German Suplex!!!!


Gower however maintains his grip and pulls himself and Deadman back to his feet and delivers a second German.


Taz: It’s the rolling German’s Paul, I can’t believe Gower has the energy to do this!


Gower once again maintains his grip and slowly pulls Deadman up to his feet before popping his hips once last time and sends Deadman crashing straight onto the steel chair with the third German suplex as the crowd goes nuts.


Taz: and the third one on the steel chair, if Gower could cover Deadman here I’m sure that would be it.


Heyman: Not since Extreme Revolution Wrestlemania Five has Deadman felt those German suplexes but at that event he was being hit by Extreme Revolution Legend, The Crippler and now as you have pointed out Taz, Deadman looks to be out of it.


Gower looks to be out of it but he crawls his way over to Deadman and gets his arm over his torso making a cover…


Heyman: There’s still no referee!


Crowd: ONE


Crowd: TWO


Crowd: THREE


Taz: The crowd counted it, does that count?


Heyman: No it doesn’t count Taz, stop being stupid.


Gower looks around the ring and notices there is no referee, but one comes running down the isle and quickly slides into the ring, the bell rings and the referee begins to count……





Taz: This could be our shortest ever match!






Heyman: No, come on Deadman!



THRE…… Deadman kicks out but at the last possible moment.


Heyman: One second away, we were one second away from Gower winning this match and what an upset that would have been,


Taz: Upset? I think not Paul


Heyman: Well Deadman’s a Five Time Extreme Revolution Champion Taz, and Gower’s held it…. Erm… YEAH that’s right he never held it.


Taz: Oh that’s low Paul.


Heyman: I know.


Gower looks at the referee in disbelief who insists it was just a two count, Gower gets up to his feet and grabs the chair from under Deadman’s head and neck but before he can use it the referee grabs hold of it and throws it to the outside, this gets a huge chorus of boos from the capacity crowd.


Heyman: Finally a referee that does the job right.


Taz: Maybe Paul, but Gower’s not happy at all about that.


Gower begins to back the referee into a corner as he yells at him, the referee is cowering but that doesn’t stop Gower from driving his knee straight into his gut followed by violent throwing the referee through the middle rope to the arena floor where he lands in a heap.


Heyman: Looks like the Zebra’s aren’t wanted tonight Taz.


Taz: That’s not funny Paul, he’s got a family sitting at home. He’s out here making a living like the rest of us. He doesn’t deserve that.


Heyman: Lighten up Taz.


Gower looks down at the referee with a disgusted look on his face before he turns his attention back to Deadman who has just used the ropes to get up to his feet, he is holding onto the back of his head.


Taz: Deadman’s feeling the affect of being German suplexed straight onto that steel chair Paul.


Seeing that Deadman is back up on his feet, Gower runs straight at him and attempts a clothesline but Deadman ducks it and manages to backbody drop Gower right over the top rope but Gower manages to land on the apron. Deadman doesn’t notice this and he taunts the crowd with him pointing to his head again.


Taz: Deadman’s thinking he’s smart but Gower’s on the apron!


Heyman: Turn around!


Deadman does turn around and as he does he is met with a hard right hand to the side of the jaw which stuns him. Gower quickly takes advantage and puts Deadman in a front face lock and grabs hold of Deadman’s tights in what appears to be a suplex attempt.


Heyman: You’ve got to be kidding me, he can’t do this! A suplex from the apron to the outside!


Taz: If anyone can do it, The Future can Paul.


The crowd is rumbling as Gower goes for it and lifts Deadman clean up into the air and falls back…….


Taz: Holy ****!


Deadman and Gower both smack the arena floor hard with Deadman taking more of the damage, both men are in a lot of pain as the crowd starts a huge “Holy ****” chant.


Heyman: Holt **** is right Taz and just to point something out, that mat is barely an inch thick. There is no protection or cushion given by it and you’ve got to believe that Deadman could possibly have internal damage from that move right there.


Taz: Oh no doubt about it Paul, I’ve been suplexed on the outside before and I can tell you it doesn’t feel nice, but Deadman just got suplexed from the ring to the outside… he’s got to be in a world of hurt here.


Deadman is down on the arena floor and is in obvious pain as Gower uses the ring apron to pull himself up to his feet, he looks down at Deadman and shouts at him to get his ass up but Gower soon boots Deadman hard in the ribs, the impact of which leaves Deadman gasping for air.


Taz: and now a hard boot to the ribs Paul, things are not looking good for Deadman.


Heyman: No sir they’re not, but this isn’t over yet Taz. Not by a long shot.


Taz: Well I’m not sure how much further these two can go Paul, they’re killing each other.


Gower grabs hold of Deadman by the hair and pulls him up to his feet, Deadman looks to be completely out of it but that doesn’t stop Gower as he drags Deadman up the isle way before whipping him hard into the metal security barriers there. Deadman comes bouncing back off of them only for Gower to run at him and knocking him down to the cold concrete floor with a clothesline.


Taz: What a clothesline from The Future, Paul. And I think it’s safe to say that Gower is well and truly in control of this match at the moment.


Heyman: Oh no doubt about it Taz and it all turned around with that suplex from the ring to the outside.


Gower rests on the security barrier for a moment which earns him a few pats on the back from the fans near the barrier. Gower looking at the barrier smiles as he reaches to a metallic sign on it and rips it right off the barrier.


Heyman: What the hell is he doing? That’s an important sign!


Taz: It’s important now it’s in the hands of Gower, Paul.


Gower looks down at Deadman and yells at him as he slowly gets up to his knees and just as Deadman gets fully vertical Gower swings the sign straight into Deadman’s face hard which knocks him down to the arena floor again in a heap.


Taz: What a shot and Deadman is out of it!


Heyman: That’s part of that barrier, Gower should be fined for destroying company property!


Taz: HAHA Like that’s going to happen Paul.


Deadman now has a cut on the top of his head and is bleeding pretty bad, at this point an official comes down the isle and tries to regain some order.


Taz: Well we have our third official Paul and it looks like he’s trying to restore some order to this match.


Heyman: Match? It’s been more like a brawl Taz, a brawl with criminal intentions. We knew that they wanted to destroy each other coming into this thing and they’ve just about done it.


The official backs Gower away from Deadman who then turns and checks on the fallen Deadman who is slowly fighting his way up to his feet. The referee is in Deadman’s facing making sure he’s alright but Deadman just shoves him away and tells Gower to bring it, not being needed to ask twice Gower runs over to Deadman and smacks him with a hard right hand, the impact of which knocks him backwards onto the security barrier.


Taz: Deadman told Gower to bring it and he damn sure did Paul.


Heyman: He’s using illegal fists is what he’s doing Taz and that incompetent official is doing nothing about it!


The referee once again orders Gower to take it to the ring, Gower however grabs Deadman by the hair and pulls him away from the barrier and drags him nearer ringside before whipping him hard into the ring apron, Deadman yells in agony as he holds his back. Gower quickly follows this up by rolling Deadman into the ring with Gower following in after him.


Heyman: and finally the referee gets his wish and has both of these guys in the ring.




Heyman: What’s so funny Taz?


Taz: Nothing, just the way you just said that.


Heyman: What? In the ring?




Heyman: Oh grow up.


Gower is up on his feet and he watches Deadman as he slowly gets vertical. Gower boots Deadman in the stomach and quickly whips him into the nearest turnbuckles, Gower then quickly follows him in connecting with a hard clothesline in the corner. Deadman begins to stagger out but Gower shoves him back into the corner where he hits him with a stiff knife-edge chop causing the crowd to give out a huge “wooooooooo” as Deadman holds onto his chest in agony.


Taz: Woohoo what a chop from The Future!


Gower moves Deadman’s arms from his chest before taking a step back and smacking him once again with another knife-edge chop as the crowd “wooooooooo” again.


Taz: and another one Paul and those things do not feel nice.


Heyman: No sir they don’t, Deadman has felt those chops before and you can see the effect of them already Taz. Deadman’s chest is beginning to turn a beet red and that’s down to the blood capillaries bursting thanks to the impact of those chops.


Taz: So it’s not just a reason for the fans to go wooooooooo?


Heyman: No Taz, it isn’t.


Taz: Oh!


Gower grabs Deadman by the head and pulls him out of the corner where he scoops him up and slams him hard into the canvas. Gower runs to the ropes and bounces back before dropping a huge leg drop across the chest of Deadman. Gower immediately goes for a cover, hooking Deadman’s leg.











THRE…… Deadman kicks out.


Heyman: and I think that proves that Gower is no Hulk Hogan, Taz.


Taz: and why would he want to be Paul?


Heyman: Because he was a world champion


Taz: Oh will you drop that already.


Heyman: Hey I’m just making a point.


Taz: Well here’s me making a point Paul, Gower has more talent in his little finger than Hogan has in his entire body.


Heyman: Well you better make sure Beltmark doesn’t hear you say that Taz or he’ll slap you silly.


Taz: Point taken Paul.


Gower looks at the referee and shakes his head but is told it was a definite two, Gower doesn’t waste any more time arguing and gets up to his feet and pulls Deadman up with him by the hair. The referee quickly steps in and tells Gower to get off the hair.


Taz: That referee better watch out, we’ve seen two referee’s be put down already in this match!


Heyman: Well Taz, he made the right call there, Gower is blatantly cheating.


Gower let’s go off Deadman’s hair but quickly wraps his arms around Deadman’s waist before Gower pop’s his hips and launches Deadman across the ring with an impressive overhead belly to belly suplex which.


Taz: Holy Crap! Gower hit the Belly to Belly on Deadman Paul, now that’s impressive!


Heyman: No doubt about that Taz, Gower has lost a lot of blood in this match and him being able to do that is a testament to the man’s heart and will to win this match.


Gower gets back up to his feet now and looks down at Deadman who hasn’t moved an inch, Gower quickly heads over to Deadman and makes a cover…..




Taz: This could be it!







THR…… Deadman gets his foot on the bottom rope, making the referee stop the count. Gower however doesn’t realise this and get’s up to his feet with his arms in the air as the crowd pops.


Taz: Gower thinks he’s won this thing, he doesn’t know that Deadman got his foot on the rope.


Heyman: and that’s just how good Deadman is Taz, he has a great in ring presence and knew he was able to get his foot on that bottom rope which would save him from expelling more energy than needed to break the count.


The referee is now over with Gower and waves his arms saying he didn’t win and motions that Deadman had his foot on the rope. Annoyed Gower quickly heads over to Deadman who is getting up to his knees. Gower goes to pull Deadman all the way up to his feet but Deadman quickly locks Gower down with a small package……













THRE….. Gower kicks out as the crowd gasp.


Heyman: One second away Taz, we were one second away from Deadman putting Gower in his place for good.


Taz: That was so close Paul, Deadman caught Gower off guard.


Deadman gets up to his feet as does Gower but Gower is quicker and he plants his knee into the gut of Deadman causing him to double up, this gives Gower enough time to hook Deadman up and hit him with a snap suplex with Gower floating over for a cover.














THRE…… Deadman kicks out.


Taz: Another near fall for Gower and you get the feeling that Gower is getting more and more confident as he wrestles his kind of match Paul.


Paul: No doubt about it Taz, we know that The Future is very technical in the ring and when he gets a chance to use those suplexes you get the feeling that he can win at any minute and he’s proving that here right now against Deadman.


Barry now looking a bit frustrated gets up to his feet as does Deadman, Gower hits him with a hard right hand before grabbing hold of Deadman’s wrist and whips him into the ropes. Deadman comes bouncing back and Gower ducks his head looking for a back body drop but Deadman sees it coming and plants Gower straight into the mat with a hard Running DDT as the crowd boos.


Taz: Oh man what a move and that could be it!


Deadman quickly turns Gower onto his back and goes for the cover hooking Gower’s leg.






Heyman: Come on Deadman!










THRE….. Gower kicks out and the crowd pops.



Taz: That was close Paul.


Heyman: It sure was Taz and what a momentum swift that was with Deadman catching Gower with that thunderous running DDT, which is one of Deadman’s favourite manoeuvres.


Taz: Well it’s affective that’s for damn sure!


Deadman gets up to his feet pretty quick and boots Gower in the side of the head as he gets up to his knees. Deadman grabs Gower by the head and pushes him back into the nearest corner where he begins to unload some stiff rights and lefts to the torso of Gower as the crowd boos. The referee quickly steps in and orders Deadman to stop but Deadman ignores him.


Heyman: HAHA Deadman ignoring that idiot.


The referee now really steps in and pulls Deadman away and really starts to shout at him as the crowd pops.


Taz: Yeah you tell him!


Heyman: Erm Taz, I think someone should tell him that’s not a good idea.


Deadman looks pissed off at the referee and takes a step back from him only to stick his middle finger in his face, boot him in the gut and hitting him with a Stunner as the crowd boos huge!


Taz: Oh my God, he just stunnered that referee! That’s going too far Paul.


Heyman: Well he shouldn’t have got in Deadman’s face should he Taz, he got what he deserved!


Taz: That’s ridiculous Paul, he’s just doing his damn job.


Deadman looks down at the referee in disgust before he turns his attention back to Gower who is still in the corner. Deadman runs straight towards him looking for a spear type move but Gower gets out of the way and Deadman smacks the ring post shoulder first which causes the crowd to pop huge.


Heyman: OH NO!


Taz: Deadman went for that spear and all he found was the ring post!


Heyman: and for the second time tonight Deadman’s shoulder makes contact with the cold steel, this does not look good one little bit.


Deadman staggers himself out of the corner holding onto his shoulder, he turns around right into the arms of Gower who grabs hold of arm and shoulder area affected and drives Deadman down to the mat with an arm bar take down.


Taz: That’s gotta hurt and that’s smart strategy by Gower, he knows that shoulder is injured and he’s going to take advantage of it.


Deadman is holding onto his arm and shoulder on the mat obviously feeling the pain shooting up and down. Gower quickly keeps on his attack though as he locks in a Fujuwara arm bar which causes Deadman to yell out in agony as the crowd cheer Gower on.


Taz: Gower’s got the submission locked in and Deadman could tap out here Paul.


Heyman: Deadman has only ever tapped at once before Taz and that was at the hands of The Crippler at Wrestlemania Four so believe me it’s going to take a lot to make him tap.


Gower keeps the hold locked on for about a minute before another referee comes running down the isle and immediately gets in Deadman’s face asking him if he wants to quit but Deadman screams “NO” at him.


Heyman: You here that Taz? That was a no, we’re not going to get an Montreal type incidents here tonight I tell you.


Taz: You don’t seriously think we’d do that would you?


Heyman: I wouldn’t put it past the shady management of this organisation that’s for sure.


The official is still in Deadman’s face but Deadman slowly begins to inch his way to the ropes until he manages to get his leg on the bottom rope. The crowd boos huge as the referee orders Gower to release the hold but Gower ignores him and maintains the hold. The referee quickly starts his five count.





Heyman: Come on Break the damn hold Gower











Taz: He’s only doing what Deadman was doing earlier










Gower still hasn’t released the hold so the referee forcibly begins to remove Gower off of Deadman, this does not sit well with Gower who shoves the referee down to his arse. Gower releases the hold on Deadman and gets up to his feet and look at the referee who is getting back up to his feet.


Taz: Uhoh, not another one.


Heyman: I think so Taz.


Gower is looking really pissed off as he looks at the referee who is pointing to his referee shirt and yelling back at Gower even poking him in the chest. The crowd give out a big “OHHHHH” before they break out into a huge “DECK THE REF” Chant. This causes Gower to take his eyes off of the referee and look out into the crowd with a grin on his face.


Taz: What the hell? These fans are mad.


Heyman: Well Taz, that’s a first for me. A Deck the Ref chant and I think they might just get to see it.


Gower looks at the official and shrugs his shoulder before smacking him right in the jaw knocking him out cold in the middle of the ring as the crowd pops huge! Gower just stands there and shrugs his shoulders again and smiles as the crowd continue to cheer.


Heyman: Well Taz, he gave them what they wanted!


Taz: I can’t believe this Paul, this is getting way out of hand, that was the fourth official in this match.


Heyman: I guess it really is hunting season for Zebra’s Taz.


Taz: That’s just not funny Paul.


Deadman is now using the ropes to get up to his feet but Gower sees this and heads over to him and goes for a right hand but Deadman blocks it and smacks Gower with one of his own, but Deadman falls to one knee on impact because of pain shooting through his arm.


Taz: Deadman hitting Gower there was not a wise move Paul.


Heyman: No it wasn’t Taz, Deadman’s right arm is killing him at the moment, so he’s going to have to use that left of his.


Gower quickly takes advantage and grabs hold of Deadman’s head and puts it between his legs….


Taz: Could it be……


Gower wraps his arms around the waist of Deadman and attempts to lift him up for a powerbomb but Deadman blocks it, drops to his knees and using his left arm hits an uppercut straight to the groin of Gower who drops to his knees in total agony.


Taz: Oh man


Heyman: I don’t think we need to call that one Taz, the pain on Gower’s face tells the story in it’s self!


Taz: No doubt about it Paul, Gower’s going to be singing those high notes in the shower tomorrow!


Deadman gets up to his feet takes a few steps back bounces off the ropes and boots Gower square in the top of the head knocking him to the mat. Deadman then runs and bounces off the ropes before coming back and hitting a jumping knee drop straight to the head of Gower, once again aiming for the cut.


Heyman: From the looks of it Taz, Deadman is trying to get that blood flowing even more!


Taz: This guy is sick Paul, just sick.


Deadman gets up to his feet and reaches down and pulls Gower up to his feet by the hair before tossing him up onto his shoulder and pointing towards the corner causing the crowd to boo.


Heyman: I think we’re going to see it Taz……


Deadman runs towards the corner and launches Gower into the top turnbuckle, Deadman immediately runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes and heads back as Gower stumbles out of the corner and….. BANG…. Deadman hits Gower square in the face with the big boot knocking him straight to the mat.


Heyman: The Snake eyes, this is it…..


Deadman drops to his knees and covers Gower but there is no referee, Deadman a bit pissed off drags the official that Gower knocked out a few moments towards him and tries to wake him but to no avail. This annoys Deadman even more and boots the referee hard in the back of the head.


Taz: Oh come on!


Heyman: HAHA


Taz: This is just not right Paul, not right at all.


Deadman grabs hold of the referee by the pants and lifts him to the side of the ring and dumps him to the outside but as he does this Gower has got up to his feet although a bit shaky.


Taz: Gower’s up!!!


Heyman: Deadman watch out!!!


Deadman turns around back towards Gower and….


Taz: The Hammer…….


Gower lifts Deadman up for the hammer , but Deadman quickly begins to wriggle trying to break free of the move.


Heyman: He’s not got it yet, Deadman is fighting it Taz.


Taz: Come on Gower, plant that son of a bitch!


Heyman: Hey!


Deadman’s wriggling eventually pays off as he manages to get hold of Gower’s face and twists it, this causes to let Deadman down as he holds his face.


Heyman: HAHA What a counter.


Taz: Yeah real cheap.


Gower is blinded from face rake and doesn’t see Deadman waiting for him as he turns around………


Heyman: STUNNER!!!!!! It’s Over!!!!!!


The crowd are booing huge as Deadman immediately jumps on Gower for the cover….


Heyman: ONE









Heyman: TWO










Heyman: THREE


Taz: That doesn’t count Paul and we have no referee out here.


Heyman: It’s a damn screw job, get a referee out here now….


Deadman gets off of Gower and looks really pissed off as he looks towards the isle way looking for another referee but there isn’t one coming.


Taz: there isn’t one coming


Heyman: This is ridiculous, get another one out here.


Taz: I think they’ve had enough Paul, we’ve already gone through four out here!


Deadman pissed off walks over to the corner and demands a microphone…


Heyman: This could be very interesting….


Deadman is passed a microphone.


DM: Darkstar, you son of a bitch we had an agreement now send a damn referee out here NOW so I can finish this piece of crap off for good and that’s not a request, That’s a demand!


The crowd boos, but then soon breaks into a “One More Ref” chant.


Heyman: Yeah come on Darkstar, you can hear the people. One More Ref!


DM: Come on Darkstar, get your arse into gear…. We’ve not got all night.


“Break Stuff” hits and the crowd boos as Darkstar storms out onto the stage, looking really pissed off.


Darkstar: Cut the music!


Break Stuff is swiftly cut off.


Darkstar: How dare you call me out here, this is my show and I call the shots and quite frankly you and Gower here have just about worn my patience here tonight attacking my officials left and right. It’s just not good enough Deadman and it’s for that reason that I’m DISQUALIFYING both your asses!


The crowd Boos like mad and begins to chant “ASSHOLE!” at Darkstar


Taz: I can’t believe it, he’s disqualified them both Paul.


Heyman: This stinks Taz, Darkstar should have known this was going to happen.


Darkstar: So time keeper ring the damn bell, this match is over!


The bell rings and the crowd boos huge as Darkstar stands there smiling.


Heyman: I can’t believe this, this is ridiculous.


DM: You’re dead.


Deadman throws the microphone out of the ring and slides out himself before grabbing a steel chair and heading towards Darkstar on the staging area.


Taz: This doesn’t look good for Darkstar!


Heyman: No sir it doesn’t, he should know better than to piss Deadman off!


Deadman is just about at the stage, when Darkstar lifts the microphone up to his mouth again….


Darkstar: I knew you’d be like this Deadman, so I’ve got not option…… SECURITY! GET THIS MAN OUT OF MY ARENA!


The crowd quickly begins to pop as masses of security head out onto the stage and head towards Deadman. Deadman quickly charges at Darkstar trying to get at him but the security holds him back and manage to get him in cuffs.


Taz: They’ve cuffed him! This is off da page!


Heyman: This is a law suit Taz, that’s what this is!


The security has Deadman held tight, which gives Darkstar the courage to head get right in Deadman’s face.


Darkstar: Now as your boss, I’ve got to say… I’ll see you tomorrow you sorry *******.


Darkstar then slaps Deadman across the face hard which causes Deadman to flip and try and get at Darkstar but the security hold him back.


Heyman: How disrespectful!


Taz: I can’t believe what just happened, did Darkstar just slap Deadman?


Heyman: He sure did Taz and believe me when I say this, that’s probably going to be the last thing he does.


Darkstar begins to laugh evilly as security drags Deadman backstage with Darkstar following behind them. The camera now moves to the ring where Gower is sat by the ropes looking towards the stage pissed off as he holds onto the back of his head.


Taz: Well Paul, what a crazy match that was but in the end we have no winner, with Darkstar disqualifying both of them.


Heyman: and to me Taz, that’s a load of Bullshit, Darkstar knew these two wanted to get at each other in a bad way and the carnage we witnessed tonight was a testament to that. I’m not happy, the fans aren’t happy and Deadman and Gower are damn sure not happy.


Taz: No they’re not Paul and you can see from the look on Gower’s face he wanted this to end with pin fall or a submission. Not like this.


Gower has now rolled out of the ring and has began to walk up the isle as “Ride the lightning” hits.


Heyman: I think it’s safe to say Taz, this war isn’t over. It’s only just begun.


The scene fades from Gower walking up the isle to the Main Event promotional video

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Back from Main Event Promotional Video


Camera is with the announcers, Paul Heyman and Taz


Heyman: Well ladies and gentlemen, what a night it’s been here in Detroit Michigan, the first TWOstars Survivor Series and a night full of surprises


Taz: Surprises! Paul tonight has been off the hook! New Tag Team champions, new Television champion and

Vengeance shakes off that loss to become the new United States champion



Heyman: A night of changes it certainly has been Taz and I for one wouldn’t bet against another change when all is said and done


Taz: Well Paul I would say don’t write cheques your ass can’t cash but as we all know, you have a history for that


Heyman: I take exception to that


Taz: Good, because it was a stupid comment


Heyman: And how so?


Taz: Because, my man The Incredible Holt is a true champion, a fighting champion and tonight he’ll prove to the world that he is the dominant force in sports entertainment


Heyman: But an Iron Man match! Do you really believe that a man of Holt’s size and shape is really suited to an endurance match.


Taz: Well Paul, I’m more than confident of his abilities and in forty five minutes I’ll be more than happy for you to eat your words


Heyman: Well that aside lets hit the ring and take you to our colleague Tony Chimmel


Cut to hard camera


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to your Survivor Series main event


The Detroit crowd pop for the sake of popping


TC: Please welcome your Guest Ring Announcer, the star of Deuce Bigalo Lebanese Gigolo, Rob Schneider!


Schneider makes his way onto the stage and down the ramp, waving to the crowd and shaking hands with the fans lining the rampway


Taz: Lebanese Gigolo, I love that film


Heyman: It’s fair to say, Hollywood has come to TWOstars!


Schneider hopes up the steps and passes through the ropes, he shakes the hands of Chimmel and TWOstars senior referee Nick Patrick before being handed a mic


RS: Wow, what a reaction from Detroit Michigan


Heyman: Now that’s cheap


Taz: But the crowd still love it


The arena fills with the cheap pop


RS: Sorry, I’ve been stealing tips from Mick Foley


Heyman: That would explain a lot


RS: (Clears Throat) This match is a Fatal Four Way Iron Man Elimination Match. The match will start wit four participants. The participant with the lowest number of falls will be eliminated at fifteen minute intervals until we have a winner.


The crowd soaks this up with a faint murmuring before the arena darkens




The ramp is bathed in eerie, deep blue light as the tones of Prodigy, Serial Thriller encapsulates the arena.


Banner steps out onto the entrance ramp, head bowed and covered by the hood of his blue and red boxing robe. He slowly spins around, arms outstretched, to reveal that the back of the garment is emblazoned with his symbol.


RS: Making his way to the ring, at a weight of 225 pounds, please welcome The Brutal, Brett Banner


As he makes his way to the ring he shrugs his shoulders and cracks his neck like a boxer as he psyches himself up for his match.


Taz: Now Banner certainly is tough, he made his way into this match after absorbing all Sickness had to throw at him a couple of weeks back


He steps up onto the ring apron, pauses, then pulls the hood back to reveal his face.


Heyman: We all know he was lucky Taz, exceedingly lucky that Sickness wasn’t quite on form that night, believe me that wasn’t everything Sickness could have thrown at (in a sarcastic manner) the Brutal One




The lights slowly return to normality as the crowd welcome one of their favourites


He enters the ring between the top and middle ropes and proceeds to pace around the ring, removing his robe and testing the ropes.


The tones of The Prodigy are replaced with ****ing Determined by Mudvayne signalling the arrival of another crowd favourite


A graphic flashes up on the Titantron. First it is just undistinguishable blurs, but soon it turns into an actual picture. A storm is seen and heard in the background. Lightning hits and thunder cracks loudly. The camera goes through the graveyard as the storm continues. Eventually several small shapes are seen in the background. As the camera approaches them, it turns out to be identical tombstones, with names across them all. From left to right they read,



Omega Red

Draven Cage

Mickhail Mills

Chris Eagles

Jordi Warner



Heyman: That’s an impressive resume there by The Assassin


Taz: That much is true Paul, Dante’s rise to the main event could hardly be a surprise with the records he holds over some of the locker room


Behind the graves is a figure perched on the top of a Mausoleum. In the lightning flashes, the figure is revealed to be Dante, trench coat billowing out behind him. Lightning strikes the mausoleum where Dante is perched and at the same time lightning strikes in the arena.


The crowd jumps at this as the all to familiar pyro explodes. F*cking Determined by Mudvayne is blaring through the arena as Dante walks from amidst the flames. The crowd again pops massively as Dante makes his way to the ring.


RS: Introducing our second competitor, he weighs in tonight at 240 pounds, hailing from Hermann Missouri, please welcome The Assassin Dante Mueller


Taz: That’s a look of determination if every there was one. As much as I back Big Greenie to retain the gold this kid could pull an upset


Dante makes his way onto the apron, Banner staring through his opponent as Mueller throws the guns again and "shoots" each turnbuckle, making pyro blast out in succession as each one is "hit"


The Assassin steps through the ropes and salutes the crowd one more time as the music fades out as the light fades in


Not Listening by Papa Roach fills the arena combined with a huge cheer from the Michigan crowd.


Brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring and pyro explodes as the Evil Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war with his Mamacita, Becki standing proudly behind her man


Gringo makes his way down to the ring, shaking hands of the fans whilst keeping his eyes on what awaits him within the squared circle


RS: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Becki Moss, weighing in at 200 pounds, he is a former TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion, The Mexican Sensation Evil Gringooooooooooooooo!


Heyman: Is it me or is Gringo shrinking


Taz: Don’t be stupid Paul; he just looks shorter when his lady is wearing heels


The Mexicutioner stops short of the ring and consults Moss before sending her to the back


Taz: Looks like Gringo has decided it’s too dangerous out here tonight


Heyman: Sensible move by the former champion. He has enough trouble controlling his emotions without having another distraction at ringside


The sensation slides underneath the bottom rope and is given space by Mueller and Banner as he salutes the crowd on all four corners, shaking hands with Schneider as the straight to DVD Hollywood star looks stupidly excited


Papa Roach dies out as the Detroit locals instantly start to boo, knowing whom is next to grace them with his presence.


The arena blackens as the Survivor Series set is turned green. Interference is replaced by different shades of green on the various screens that adorn the set. The opening rift of “You don’t see the signs” turns the crowd’s booing up a notch as the screens start to rotate various scenes, THE INCREDIBLE HOLT scrolling sideways between images


World Heavyweight Champion, The Incredible Holt brushes the curtain to one side and makes his way out to the stage


He takes a couple of paces forward, the camera showing the caption – THE INCREDIBLE HOLT – TWOSTARS WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION before a waterfall of white pyro masks Holt and the ramp from view before the champ marches through.


Taz: In the words of a former colleague; Business has picked up now Paul!


Further pyro’s are launched into the sky from the sides of the ramp giving the impression of the champ walking down the ramp walled by white


Heyman: It’s a mark of the man Taz that throughout his reign he’s taken on all comers and tonight, that vest he wears says it all, “Actions speak louder than words”


Taz: That’s for sure, not much of a speaker is our champ, he lets his fists do the talking


Holt is a picture of measured aggression as he makes his way down the ramp


RS: And finally, their opponent, weighing in at 297 pounds he is your TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion, The INCREDIBLE HOLT


As a mark of respect, Gringo, Mueller and Banner leave the ring as the champ makes his way up the steps and strides over top rope. More bright white pyro’s spill from the four turnbuckles and the champ raises his belt with one hand


Heyman: What is it with the British and their obsession with pyrotechnics Taz?


Taz: I dunno Paul, I think a few years ago the German’s tried to blow up the Queen in their White House with a few Catherine Wheels and they’ve been hooked ever since


Schneider contemplates trying to shake the hand of the champ but literally jumps back when Holt turns, sending the Actor scrambling for the safety of a seat next to the timekeeper


The three challengers make their way into the ring, each taking a corner as Marc B & Blade dies out and referee Nick Patrick raises the Big Gold to the crowd before showing it to all four combatants.


The crowd starts to buzz, LET’S GO GRINGO chants cancelled out by other pockets of support for Banner and Mueller.


Paul: Well that’s the formalities out of the way, Gentleman I believe we have a match


The camera changes to Schneider, colour starting to return to his face as he rings the bell




The hard Camera displays a graphic in the top right corner;


HOLT – 0






Patrick backs away as all four men start to move tentatively around the ring, Gringo trying his hardest to garner the most support by clapping his hands together above his head.


The clock within the graphic starts to count up towards the first fifteen minute elimination limit.


Taz: This could be the defining moment in the Holt reign Paul, but it all depends on how the other men play it


Banner shoots Mueller a look who in turn grins and looks to Gringo. All three men close on the Heavyweight Champion


Heyman: Well it looks Tazz that for the time being, the three challengers have struck an agreement to take the Champion out the match


The three challengers set upon the taller, heavier Incredible Holt, backing the champ into the corner and taking it in turns to punch and kick away at the champion. Gringo takes control, the crowd Woo’s as the former champion unleashes a volley of chops into the chest of Holt.


Taz: Hey this isn’t on! The champ is being ganged up on here


Heyman: Of course it’s on Taz, the best way to ensure their own survival in this match it makes sense for Banner, Dante and Gringo to join forces and deny Holt a fall.


The Mexicutioner takes a step back allowing Banner to land a couple of nasty European uppercuts before dragging the champion out of the corner. Mueller and Banner Irish whip Holt across the ring, face first into the opposite turnbuckles.


Taz: The champ is taking a beating here, come on champ!


The Assassin slams Holt’s head into the top turnbuckle, much to the approval of the crowd before Holt staggers back and into an atomic drop from Gringo


Taz: This is outrageous!


Heyman: Outrageous it maybe Taz as Dante and Banner hurl the soon to be EX Twostars champion to the outside


Dante and Banner seem to be on the same page as they turn back to Gringo, perhaps the pair are determined to ensure there is a newcomer to the illustrious list of World Champions.


The Assassin sets himself on Gringo, the Mexicutioner covering up and the Thrilla from Brumila comes to town, landing European uppercuts before the pair Irish whip the former world champ into the ropes, driving Gringo into the mat with a double back elbow. Banner looks down at Gringo then back up at Mueller but not before Mueller gets a stiff kick to the gut of the Brutal One to the crowd’s disapproval.


Taz: I knew their partnership wouldn’t last


Heyman: A marriage of convenience if ever there was one as Dante tries a small package to get an early fall….









And a kick out from Banner; that could be the opportunistic touch that gives Mueller the edge over his opponents


Taz: Well in a match like this Paul its all about who wants it the most, if The Assassin has the desire and the drive then in a match like this a couple of sneaky pinfalls can be the difference between a championship and an elimination


Banner is quickly up and runs into an arm drag take down from Mueller who quickly takes advantage as the ever frustrated Banner leaps back to his feet and straight into another arm drag. No let up in the attack from Dante, emphasising his control with an armbar on The Brutal One


The camera cuts to Holt on the outside, gathering himself from the three on one attack, stalking his prey as Gringo gets back to his feet and bounces off the ropes, making a bee line for Mueller until Holt hooks the legs and drags his former Future colleague to the outside


Taz: It’s all starting to break down here Paul as Holt and Gringo go toe to toe on the outside


The champ starts to win the war of fisticuffs, driving Gringo back towards the steps with a ferocious volley of punches


Heyman: Well Gringo is stupider than he looks if he so much as thinks he can outbox someone with the power of The Incredible Holt


Referee Patrick is trying to plea for order but finds himself distracted by another roll up from the ever enterprising Mueller







A shoulder up from Banner keeps the match at zero a piece


Back to the outside as Holt pummels a knee into the gut of Gringo and then pulls the Mexican Sensation from the steps with great velocity and pivots to send the former World Champion crashing shoulder first into the steel steps


Taz: Wow! What power from the champ!


Heyman: Any idea what the referee is doing here?


The director again shows quick fingers by switching his cameras to again focus on Patrick, whom it seems has given up with asking for order and is instead beckoning up the ramp


Taz: No idea Paul, I for one would not like to be the referee in this one!


Referee Brian Hebner emerges from the back and starts jogging down the aisle


Heyman: Well we now have another referee out here, there must be a purpose to this I presume


Patrick consults Hebner, whom remains outside the ring watching over Holt and Gringo allowing Patrick to give his full attention to the battle within the ring


Taz: Well I guess that makes sense, rather than miss a fall referee Nick Patrick has requested the help of a second official here to keep the match under order


Heyman: It’s either good thinking or incompetence as far as I’m concerned Taz, but I won’t be drawn on which won I am leaning towards


Outside of the ring and Holt charges at Gringo, the Sensation just about having the nous to slump further down, the champion’s knee crashing into the steel steps as a result


Taz: What a sick impact there Paul, I wouldn’t be surprised if Holt has busted his knee there


Gringo gets to his knees, still clutching his shoulder from his meeting with the steel, he looks over the displaced steps and the sprawled mess of his former compadre before dragging himself up and rolling under the bottom rope


Hebner checks on the health of Holt, choosing to stay outside of the ring whilst there is still a competitor on the floor


Dante knocks Banner back to the ground with a short arm clothesline before noticing the stricken Gringo in the corner of the ring


Heyman: What a surprise, my favourite for this match Dante Mueller shows again he has the brains to be a champ, another opportunistic cover









And a kick out just in time from the Evil Gringo, still no falls thus far in the match


Mueller surveys the ring, Banner down temporarily and Gringo still writhing in pain before making the decision to step through the ropes. Hebner is still crouched over the World Champion as The Assassin beckons him out of the way. Hebner protests but quickly jumps for cover as Mueller launches himself off the apron, crashing down to the floor


Taz: The Killshot! Mueller just KO’ed Holt with the Killshot on the outside


Heyman: Now that just proves this kid really is extreme! Can we please see a replay of this?


The producer again proves his worth as the Survivor Series split screen shows Mueller recovering on the outside as multiple angles replay the sickening impact of the double leg drop to the floor


The crowd start to chant HOLY ****, HOLY **** as Dante scrambles and covers the World Heavyweight Champion


Hebner drops down as the crowd start counting


Heyman: Why isn’t Hebner counting? What is wrong with him?


Hebner seems to be explaining to Mueller implicitly that pinfalls can only be made inside the ring. The Assassin remains on his knees, frustrated by the referee’s decision, slapping the arena floor before wrenching himself back to a vertical base. He attempts to lift Holt from the safety mats but finds 297 pounds of dead weight to much of an effort, choosing instead to roll back under the bottom rope as the two competitors inside the ring start to get to there feet.


Heyman: I have to say that Mueller has really impressed me so far, taking the attack to all three of his opponents


Taz: Sounds like a good idea I’ll admit that, but we’re nearly ten minutes in and he still hasn’t got a fall, surely if he had concentrated solely on one man he might have say one or two falls to his name already


The Assassin homes in on Gringo, landing a punch before turning and striding across the ring, delivering a punch to the recuperating Banner. Mueller show great speed, turning to land another punch to Gringo before hitting one with equal force to The Brutal One.


Heyman: This is quite a display from Mueller, controlling this match like he has done almost from the start


Taz: You call that control? I call that being punched in the face


Taz is indeed correct as Mueller walks into a punch from Gringo, spinning into a European uppercut from Banner. Dante is getting beat from both sides as Gringo and Banner work together to wear Missouri native down. The Assassin is out on his feet, reeling from successive punches and uppercuts when Banner instructs Gringo to go to the ropes.


Taz: Teamwork here from The Brutal One and Gringo


Heyman: Or at least there was as Banner outfoxes the former World Champion, sending him to the floor with a stiff clothesline!


Taz: That’s a good set up from Banner there Paul, had Gringo thinking they were on the same page, just goes to show, this is every man for himself


Banner looks down at Gringo laughs before turning his attention back to the wavering Assassin and sends himself to the ropes, returning to nail Mueller with a jumping knee shot that sends another challenger to the floor. Banner looks like the cat that got the cream, proud of his work as he makes the cover on Mueller










Saved by Gringo who pulls Banner off Dante to which the irate Brummie receives a flurry of kicks. Gringo continues to unload chops, kicks and elbow strikes as Banner seeks refuge in the ropes


Referee Patrick instructs Gringo to refrain from striking the Brutal One. The Mexicutioner gives Patrick a cheeky grin on the count of three


EG: Just one more Esse!


The Sensation is true to his word, landing one more chop to Banner as the crowd roar in approval for the former World Champion as he Irish whips Banner from the ropes and across the ring


Heyman: The crowd seem to be lapping up the antics of that Mexican wannabe


Taz: Well can you blame them when he hits A GRINGO KICK LIKE THAT! Damn! Even my jaw hurts after that!


Double feature screens show Banner running straight into the impact of kick from Gringo, as Gringo flips back to his feet, intent on making the cover, only to be denied as Mueller shows signs of life, instinctively felling the Sensation with a drop toe hold


Heyman: What instinct there by Dante! Now he steals the cover!














THREE! Mueller steals the first fall!


The on screen graphic changes to show


HOLT – 0






Taz: So with just over five minutes until the first period is over as this match currently stands Mueller would walk out of here as the champ, am I right?


Heyman: Well that is my understanding Taz, at the end of each fifteen minute period the man with the least falls is eliminated


Referee Patrick is watching over Banner, ensuring the rest period is observed for the Brutal One


Gringo is back on his feet, staring irately at Mueller who is slowly composing himself.


Heyman: So what’s happened to your favourite then Taz?


Taz: The champ? Well, I guess he’s still recovering on the outside. I mean I would personally be surprised if his knee isn’t shot to pieces after the speed at which he hit those ring steps


Heyman: Hardly incredible is he (laughing to himself)?


Taz: Oh I see, your man is one up so suddenly he’s World Champ


The announcer’s bickering contest is ended by the distraction of a wrestling match taking place just paces in front of them. Evil Gringo is standing toe to toe with Mueller


The crowd seems to be split, half chanting LETS GO GRINGO whilst the other half try and match it with a LETS GO DANTE chant.


The camera zooms in on Gringo having a few choice words with Mueller; Mueller is shrugging his shoulders trying to explain himself until The Mexicutioner levels Dante with a throat chop


Heyman: It seems that Evil Gringo has taken exception to the future World Heavyweight champion


Taz: You think? By the looks of the kicks that he’s now unloading on Mueller I think its pretty certain that Gringo is pissed at Dante for stealing one


Mueller reels as the former World Champion unloads kicks to the midriff before finishing Dante off, a high kick sending him into the corner. Gringo backs up, the crowd cheering as he connects with a high knee that leaves The Assassin staggering out of the corner. The Sensation shows why he’s held the top gold one already, scouting Mueller, stepping through the ropes before hitting the Ode to Kenta! Sending Dante across the ring!


Taz: Holy Moly Paul! Did you see that!


Heyman: I did indeed, but Mueller shows the nous of a soon to be World Champion by using the momentum to roll underneath the bottom rope and out of the ring


Gringo gets to his feet and looks on in frustration before focusing his attention to Brett Banner, the Birmingham native’s cogs starting to grind again, shaking the cobwebs away from the Gringokick sustained earlier. The Mexicutioner stalks Banner grabbing him by the neck and dragging him to the ropes before whipping his groggy opponent across the ring.


Heyman: Banner into the ropes, ducks under the clothesline attempt.


The momentum takes Banner past Gringo, rebounding and into a back body drop attempt from the Sensation….




Referee Patrick drops to his knees quicker than Keith Jaxx in Soho





Taz: Banner’s gonna steal one!






Taz: I can’t believe this!





Banner releases and Gringo is straight to his feet, stomping away at Banner until Patrick manoeuvres the frustrated former champion out of the way, insisting that the rest period applies to both men involved in the fall.


Taz: Gringo is getting no rub of the green tonight here in Michigan


Heyman: Evil Gringo is being screwed out of the World Title tonight and I for one love it! I love it Taz!


Gringo stands with his head in his hands as the graphic changes to add Banner’s fall into the equation. Now with just two minutes left until the first elimination Gringo and Holt are still without a fall.


With the rest period observed Patrick allows Gringo to re-engage with Banner, the Mexicutioner going straight to work on Banner, a stiff kick to the mid section followed by a hook of the arm results in Banner on his back, victim of a vicious snap suplex from Gringo. Straight into a cover












And a shoulder up from Banner


EG slaps the canvas in frustration but is quickly up to his feet, running to the ropes and executing a perfect Gringosault and again making a quick but casual cover










Kickout from Banner again denies Gringo the fall he needs to stay in the match. The frustration again shows on the face of Gringo who drags Banner up to a vertical base as he himself gets to his feet. A swift kick contorts Banner, allowing Gringo to hook the arm




Heyman: Is that Mark One or Mark Two though?


Taz: I dunno Paul but Gringo’s popped the hips and is rolling through, another Gringo Plex, also known as the Tequila Hangover. The Mexicutioner’s feeling it now Paul!


Gringo rolls over, hooks the leg as Patrick drops into position



















Heyman: SHOULDER UP! Banner got his shoulder up!


Taz: By God what does Gringo have to do to put the tough man from the Black Country away?


The Mexican Sensation looks up to the sky and then to the turnbuckle, he gets up from his knees and makes his way through the ropes and up to the top turnbuckle


Heyman: Now this Taz, this smells of desperation


Taz: Well surely that desperation is just the desire to win back what he feels is rightfully his


Gringo stands perched on the top rope, eyeing Banner, until his attention is caught by the scheming Mueller, rolling back under the bottom rope. The Mexicutioner drops back down from the top rope, unseen up Mueller, steadies himself on the apron launching himself


Taz: Tequila Slammer from the Evil one Paul, that isn’t desperation, that’s smart wrestling from Gringo, taking Mueller out before he comes back into the match.


The camera cuts to a double feature showing Gringo executing the springboard legdrop to Mueller in one shot as he turns his attention back to Banner.


Heyman: Well maybe if Gringo stuck to one man he’d have a fall by now!


Taz: It’s a fatal four way match Paul, quit showing the logic of an ECW finance manager


Heyman can be heard in an obvious huff as Gringo slams Banner back to the mat before going back to the outside and scaling the turnbuckle once more


The crowd cheer as Gringo flies over the ring and connects with a perfect headbutt, shades of the Dynamite Kid as Gringo executes the move with great elegance. The Latino bounces off Banner, gathers himself and hooks the leg of The Brutal One












Shoulder up, no pinfall broken by The Incredible Holt this time! The champ outstretches an arm to pull Patrick away from recording the fall


Heyman: Now for the first time, I’ve got to hand it to The Incredible Holt, in a No-disqualification environment he just kept his ass in this match!


Taz: That’s why he’s the champ Paul, I told you once and I’ll tell you again, the T-Shirt he wears sums it all up, actions speak far louder than words ever will from Big Greenie.


Gringo gets to his feet, his face red with rage having been denied a pinfall by his former stable mate. He starts to back up, meeting the yes of Holt whom is back on his feet on the outside of the ring. The Mexicutioner bounces off the ropes but immediately falls flat on his face as the ever enterprising Mueller hooks his legs


Heyman: (laughing loudly) That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen Taz! (more laughing) gringo is so pissed off with Holt that he forgot about Mueller.


The clock starts getting closer to fifteen minutes, just thirty seconds left for Holt or Gringo to get the fall they need to remain in the match. Holt grabs the second rope and hauls himself up unsteadily to the apron.


Taz: I tell you what Paul, time may be running out here but I for one wouldn’t bet against Holt picking up a pin here to keep himself in this match.


The TWOstars World Heavyweight Champ stands outside of the ring, on the apron looking in, the camera shot is zoomed in on Holt staring at his long time adversary Evil Gringo as he sends one gigantic leg over the top rope.


The crowd start to boo, increasing with volume as Holt’s first leg lands in the ring, Holt turns sidewards, facing the rampway as he lifts his other leg




Taz: WHAT THE HELL! That’s Deadman! What the hell is he doing here?


Heyman: I dunno Taz, but I for one love it! Let’s look at this again


Cut to double feature, showing another angle of Deadman slamming a chair into the already injured knee of The Incredible Holt as he strode over the ring rope




Dante takes advantage of Holt’s position, scooping him with the school boy knowing Holt can’t kick out, referee Patrick is quickly in position







Gringo sees the pin, gets up quickly and charges across the ring




Taz: Gringo with the…











Heyman: What in God’s name is going on here? We have Holt being taken out by Deadman, which I might add, I love; Dante stealing a pinfall again, proving to everyone why he deserves to walk out of here as the new World Champion and (getting even more higher pitched) Gringo proving just how stupid he is by going after Deadman instead of getting himself a fall


The on screen graphic changes to show Dante at two falls to the one of Banner and the yet to score of Holt and Gringo


The Assassin is back on his feet looking down at Holt, clutching his busted knee and then over the ropes at Gringo who is pounding away at the former ERE owner as the match’s second official, Brian Hebner tries to pull the two men apart


Taz: I can’t believe this Paul, why would that son of a bitch Deadman have any need to interfere in our main event


Heyman: Maybe it’s his new monthly habit! (Laughs to himself)


Taz: I’m serious Paul; he had no part to play out here, no reason to be out here, hiding under the ring or in the crowd, whatever during this main event




Referee Patrick is making his way over to the corner of the ring to confer with TWOstars normal ring announcer Tony Chimmel.


Taz: And what the hell is going on now?


Heyman: Well Taz, if you calmed down for just a moment you would have observed that the first fifteen minutes have come to a close


Taz: Yeah but two men have no falls so this match should continue to sudden death for the first elimination


Gringo doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to the match, exchanging punches and chops with Deadman as Chimmel relays the information to Rob Schneider


RS: Ladies and Gentleman, I have just been informed by senior official Nick Patrick that at the end of the first fifteen minute period of this match, with zero falls each, The Incredible Holt and Evil Gringo have both been eliminated


The boos of the crowd reach unknown levels, they may not like Holt that much but Deadman is in a league of his own


Holt seems more concerned with his knee as he sits up in the ring waving for Nick Patrick’s attention, clutching his right knee. Meanwhile Gringo clotheslines the former ERE boss over the crowd barrier and follows him over as more TWOstars officials run down the ramp to try to intervene


Heyman: Well there you have it Ladies and Gentleman, two men eliminated after fifteen minutes with Banner and Mueller battling it out over the next fifteen to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion


Taz: I don’t believe this Paul! This sucks! Holt gets screwed by Deadman and gets eliminated from the match having hardly stepped foot in the ring! Damn this sucks.


Holt struggles under the bottom rope, referees Corderas and Robinson taking the weight off the legs of the English star.


Taz: This is a travesty Paul, our champ doesn’t look in great shape right now; I hope Gringo gets Deadman good because if not then that son of a bitch won’t like what’s coming to him when The Incredible Holt finds him


Heyman: You know something Taz, I find this hilarious. Hilarious because you still call him the champ, when as of thirty seconds ago his reign ended. Hilarious because you seem to think that Deadman is somehow scared of Holt. And even more hilarious because as this match has shown, the only thing Gringo has any ability to finish is a damn Burrito!


The Incredible Holt and now former World Champion is given a polite booing as he makes his way, assisted albeit up the ramp. Although the Detroit locals are obviously annoyed with Deadman’s actions, their dislike for the Silent Destroyer still boils to the surface. The crowd is still half paying attention to Gringo and Deadman, their brawl is seemingly heading away from the ring as security staff and TWOstars officials try and provide some separation. The producer is providing as many different angles as possible, the action in the ring taking a back seat however to various shots of the Gringo / Deadman situation, Holt making an exit and the increasingly funny shots of Taz getting redder and redder as Heyman continues to laugh and chuckle to himself


Taz: You know Paul, maybe, if you got back to calling the match instead of trying to be a comedian then there is a chance you might just walk out of here tonight


Heyman: (laughs more, voice going up another pitch – somewhere dogs are starting to howl) I’ve noticed this character trait with you Taz, wherever you work, whoever you announce with you end up hating them. I guess its an inferiority complex of some kind, or a classic case of Short Ass syndrome (more laughing from Heyman)


The camera work finally returns to the ring itself, the crowd slowly turning on Dante for his opportunistic tendencies. So as Mueller claps the crowd chant LETS GO BANNER, much to his dislike. Banner is back on his feet and the pair circle each other as if a new match has begun.


The graphic in the corner of the screen now reads






Hebner has stayed at ringside; no ref bumps in this match should mean a fair fight as Dante offers a test of strength to The Brutal One. Mueller offers his right hand, to which Banner cannily offers his right hand. The crowd cheer in support for Banner as Dante raises his left hand and the pair lock fingers before locking their opposite hands and drawing each other closer with all their strength.


Heyman: Come on Dante! Just kick him, there’s no point in playing fair with the title on the line!


The Banner chants still circulate the arena as Dante starts to over power the thrilla from Brumila, forcing his adversary to arch backwards


Heyman: See Taz, that’s why Dante will win the title in just over thirteen minute’s time, it’s because he has the strength and stamina that you would expect of a champion


The former ECW owner gets to eat his words straight away as Banner show’s his ingenuity by driving his head into the chest of his opponent and using his position to toss Mueller over his head, releasing the test of strength


Taz: Well Paul, I wouldn’t rule out Banner, that’s for sure. The man is like a chess master, he’s thinking of the move in a minute’s time whilst you are still trying to work out what to do just this second


The Assassin is quickly back to his feet, evidently pissed off that Banner got the better of him, he charges across the ring straight at the Brutal One who scouts his opponent, dropping Dante to the mat with a drop toe hold and quickly seizing the advantage, preventing Mueller from getting to his feet by locking in a side headlock, almost a crossface given Banner’s position.


The partisan crowd are quickly on Banner’s case this time, REST HOLD echoing through the arena


Heyman: I’ll tell you what Taz, this crowd here tonight make me laugh more than you. First they boo Holt, then cheer him because they hate Deadman more! One moment they’re cheering Banner willing him on, now their on his case for slowing down the action


Taz: I’ll agree with you there Paul, this crowd certainly have been somewhat strange tonight


Banner wrenches his arm over the face of Mueller, increasing the torque to put his opponent in more pain. Dante tries to pull the hair and of course draws a blank, in a change of tact he slaps the head of Banner which just results in the Brutal One spinning around, converting the headlock to a front facelock, keeping his opponent grounded. The Assassin gets onto one knee and tries to drive Banner back, but the more experienced of the two men keeps himself in a higher vertical position and uses his base to exert further pressure on Mueller


Taz: This is what banner needs right now, to slow the match down. He can stay on top of his opponent wearing him down whilst still being able to recharge his own batteries


Dante tries again to back Banner into the ropes but the ring veteran is wise to it and uses his opponent’s attempt at power to lift him and plant him to the mat with a facebuster. The Brutal One give Mueller no chance for rest, keeping the his arm locked in, raising Dante to his feet before spinning round The Assassin’s back and throwing him to the mat with a textbook released German suplex


Banner looks down at Mueller and considers the pin before focusing on the legs of Dante, hitting a number of knee strikes as The Brutal One seeks to soften his adversary up for the patented Gamma Lock


Taz: Now that’s smart Paul, not only can Banner set Dante up from his finisher, it also inhibits The Assassin’s ability to move freely around the ring as this match continues


Heyman: That may be so Taz but the longer Banner spends on this strategy, the less time it leaves him to pick up the fall he needs to tie this match.


Taz: That’s crazy Paul, there’s what? Just over ten maybe even eleven minutes left in this match that is plenty of time to pick up the win


The Thrilla from Brumila maintains the pressure on his adversary, working away at Mueller’s leg, stretching the left knee over his own as Dante tries in vain to again grab hair from the head, face or chest of Banner to try and get a release


Heyman: With all respect Taz, you are now, as we all know, a retired wrestler, maybe you have forgotten what it takes to put away someone at the top of the business. In fact, maybe you don’t know because you never got to the top


Taz: Well as a former ECW you may have a point there


Heyman can be heard off camera choking on his water, a camera quickly shows him reddening, wiping his face down as Taz chuckles before returning to the action


Banner keeps a hold of Dante’s left leg as he himself returns to a vertical base. The partisan crowd are still offering opposing chants to support both men. Banner uses his control to drop his elbow into the midriff of Mueller, softening up his younger challenger


Taz: Hey Paul, I was just kidding man! Did I mention you still owe me twenty bucks?!? (Taz laughs off camera as Heyman emits a few grunts)


The Brutal One lands a couple of kicks to the gut but then attempts to drop an elbow; the ever fortuitous Mueller rolls up his opponent


Taz: Schoolboy from Dante!


Referee Patrick is quickly in position; ONE









And a shoulder up just in the nick of time from Banner, keeping the margin at just one fall as the match goes into it’s nineteenth minute


Heyman: Mock me all you like Taz but that proves once again why I think Mueller will walk out of here tonight as the World Heavyweight Champion. Banner can spend all day softening him up, but give him a chance and Dante snatches it


Banner is quickly up to his feet, The Assassin taking slightly longing yet still showing the ring awareness to duck the oncoming clothesline and uses Banner’s own momentum, helping him through the ropes to the outside of the ring. The Brutalizer falls out onto the mat as Mueller slowly gets properly to his feet.


The Brutal One is quickly up, his fall to the outside not taking much out of him. The Birmingham native grabs the second rope to help himself up and starts to make his way into the ring but is met by Mueller, using the ropes for momentum, launching a stiff drop kick like manoeuvre through the ropes that sends Banner into the ring barricade. The momentum of the match once again shifts as Dante steps through the ropes and launches himself from the apron, connecting with a drop axe handle to the head of his opponent.


Taz: Yet again Brett Banner is on the receiving end of the punishment here tonight at the sold out Joe Louis Arena


Heyman: More like yet again Paul Heyman proves himself to be right in predicting that Dante Mueller will be the next World Champion


The Assassin shows his ruthless streak, grabbing Banner and slamming his head back into the protected guard rail. The crowd start to eat into Mueller, seemingly turning their support throughout this match. Dante uses his shoulder to drive Banner once more into barrier.


Taz: Dante is wasting time here on the outside


Heyman: Wasting time? Mueller is simply grinding, wearing down his opponent. Slowly degrading Banner’s condition as this match progresses


Dante shows a sadistic smile that the crowd love as he drags the dishevelled Brutalizer out from the barrier and towards the steel ring post


Taz: So let me get this straight, Banner goes to work on the legs of Mueller and to you that is wasting time.


Heyman: Correct


Taz: And yet Mueller lingering on the outside of the ring where he can’t get a fall is seen to you as wearing Banner down


Heyman: Indeed


Taz: So how the hell does that work?


Heyman: Well it’s simple Taz. You see Dante is 2-1 up in this match so the more he wears down Brett Banner the less chance there is of Banner getting back into the match.


Mueller leans Banner on the steel ring post, he chops away at the chest of the Brutal One, the crowd imitate Ric Flair, Woooooo’s circle the Joe Louis arena.


Taz: You make a good point Paul, but one question. What the hell is Dante doing now?


Dante is seemingly walking away from his opponent and over to the announcer’s table. Camera shots switch between Mueller’s antics and Banner who seems rather worse for wear.


Heyman: Winding the clock down I guess – Wait a minute! That makes much more sense


The Assassin commands the time keeper to get off his chair, Schneider is again cowering at the presence of a wrestler as the regular timekeeper gives up his chair to Dante, whom folds it up and turns away.


Taz: Does Mueller even know that if he uses that chair he’ll be disqualified?


Heyman: That’s a stupid comment Taz, we all know just how smart Dante is, he is just using the chair to get into the mind of his opponent


Taz: Into his mind by meeting metal with skull?


Heyman: (laughing) Indeed


The Detroit crowd starts to chant WE WANT HARDCORE


Heyman: You hear that Taz, hardcore is what these fans want


Mueller starts to stalk Banner, who remains leant against the ring post


Taz: Well maybe in that case The Assassin should be wary of Banner, only last week at No Mercy the Brutal One put away Twiggie in a ferocious hardcore match


Heyman seems to stop in his tracks, declining to comment


Dante raises the chair above his head and the crowd cheer, he points toward Banner, the sadistic crowd cheer even more and then boo as second referee Brian Hebner grabs the chair from Mueller


Heyman: What the hell is he doing? I mean who the hell does he think he is?


The Assassin turns round as Hebner throws the chair away, he remonstrates with the official


Taz: If you ask me, Hebner is actually helping Dante from getting himself disqualified and losing a fall in this match.


Mueller shows increasing frustration, arguing further with the referee who vehemently points to his badge and reminds Dante what exactly his job is. Mueller gives up, turns around and views Banner still laid out against the ring post. He shows great acceleration, charging at Banner before leaping




Heyman: I don’t believe this!


Taz: Well maybe a second look will help you


The picture switches to a double feature, showing Banner slowly getting to his feet in one shot whilst replaying Mueller’s failing to connect with anything bar the steel ring post from various angles


Heyman: This is all Brian Hebner’s fault! Why is he still out here anyway?


Taz: No Paul, this is Mueller’s own making, he wasted too much time, allowing Banner to recuperate and avoid the splash


Referee Nick Patrick is starting to count both men out















Banner is up onto his feet, holding onto the apron and the bottom of the ropes. The camera moves to Mueller who is laid out on the floor, not moving.




Taz: Dante’s in trouble here Paul, he looks out of it





The Brutal One slides under the bottom rope to the cheers of the crowd, whom start to count along with the referee





Dante starts to stir, rolling onto his side





And is up to his knees now, looking around at the ring, some what dazed


Heyman: Come on Dante, come on, come on!


Muller is back to his feet and reaches for the bottom rope





But misses and hits his head on the apron, knocking himself back down to the canvas





Brett Banner is back on his feet in the ring, seemingly unaware of what is going on. Referee Patrick makes his way over to Chimmel who conveys the message to our Hollywood ring announcer


RS: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the fall as a result of a countout, Brett Banner


Heyman: NO NO NO NO NO! No this is just wrong! You can’t have countouts in a match like this!


The on screen graphics changes to read






The Thrilla from Brumila is being stopped from returning to the outside by the referee, insistent that the 30 second rest period is observed


Taz: That was great ring awareness from Banner, first to avoid the stinger splash, then to instinctively get himself into the ring. He may have not known what exactly was going on, but instinct took over and got him back into this match.


Mueller is again getting back to his feet on the outside, holding his head he looks towards the tron that reads 2-2. Dante turns to the ring and complains to Nick Patrick who goes through why he was counted out as The Assassin throws his hands down onto the ring apron in disgust at the decision


Taz: I dunno what Mueller is upset about here, he lost the fall plain and simple, there is still nine and a half minutes left here so he can still win this thing


Heyman: His point is that the countout shouldn’t have occurred in this match


The crowd start to cheer for some reason as the camera remains focused on Dante and Patrick arguing, Patrick is leaning out through the ropes. Mueller’s frustrations are catching up with him having failed to put away his adversary


Taz: I don’t see why not Paul. I mean sure whilst there was four men in the match I can understand the no countout rule, but when it is a simple one on one fight then normal rules apply, so the countout stands. If I were Dante I’d be concentrating on my opponent instead of wasting more time arguing with a referee that was only doing his job.


The Detroit crowd continues to cheer as Banner comes into shot, unseen by Mueller and drives his opponent to the mat with a huge spear. The Joe Louis Arena is filled with HOLY ****! HOLY **** chants, not for the first time tonight


Taz: What a spear from Banner! Can you believe that!


Replays show Banner perched on the top turnbuckle, looking at the clock, counting down the thirty second recovery period before launching himself at Dante


Heyman: I can’t believe he was allowed to do such a thing


Taz: Well fair play to him Paul, at the end of the day, the rest period had ended and its Dante’s own fault for arguing with the referee instead of concentrating on his opponent. In fact that is the very same reason he’s going into this fall at 2-2 in the first place


Both men are recovering on the outside of the ring, as both are down senior TWOstars official Nick Patrick instigates a count









Banner is again the first to his feet




Taz: You see this Paul? This is a referee doing his job properly


Heyman can again be heard having to bite his tongue as Banner rolls under the bottom rope to break the count before rolling back to the outside, much to the frustration of the referee.


The Brutal One hunts down Dante, drags him to his feet and rolls his straight back into the ring


Taz: No time wasting there from Banner, I gotta hand it to him, that’s smart


Banner follows Dante into the ring, walking up the steps and through the top and middle ropes, a look of determination on his face as his stalks his opponent. Mueller has used the momentum of being thrown back into the ring and is slowly making it onto his feet when Banner approaches from behind and locks his arms around the waist of The Assassin.


Taz: German Suplex from the Brutalizer! Man what an impact!


The Brutal One wastes no time, keeping his arms locked around Dante and dragging his adversary up and executing another German suplex that this time he bridges for the pin. Referee Patrick is quickly down to count the shoulders














And a kick out from Dante keeps him alive in this match. The Brutalizer is straight back to his feet, beckoning his opponent up before striking him down with a clothesline. Mueller is quickly up and walks into another clothesline as Banner picks up momentum and the crowd start to get behind him. The Assassin is again quickly up and this time Banner catches him, slamming him to the canvas with a side effect


Taz: Wow! What offence from Banner! What impact with that side effect


The Brutal One makes a casual cover, the referee is again quickly in to make the count that the crowd chant along with

















Dante lifts a shoulder, half to gasps; half to boo’s from the crowd


Taz: The momentum has truly shifted in this match Paul, with little over eight minutes left


Heyman: I’ll hand it to Brett Banner; he’s showing skills that many people didn’t believe he had in him.

The Brutal One’s eyes show his determination to be unfading as he quickly rises to his feet, the slow to recover Dante Mueller is still on his back as Banner reaches down to pick him up


















A kick out, this time just in the nick of time from Brett Banner means that this match stays at 2-2 for the mean time. The crowd gasps again at another near fall


Taz: Mueller just managed to catch Banner there, despite all the momentum the Brutalizer had built up


Heyman: Playing possum perfectly from Mueller, showing that he is still destined to become the next Heavyweight Champion of the world in my humble opinion


Banner is first to his feet, his face reddened by the anger of the near fall he charges at Dante, who meets him with a kick to the gut, followed by another before hooking the face of Banner and shifting the momentum of the match once again, planting his opponent into the canvas with a perfect vertical suplex


Taz: No cover from Dante there, possibly a mistake, I guess we’ll find out as this match continues


Mueller drops a knee to the shoulder of Banner before remaining at mat level, using his knee as leverage as he wraps the Brutal One into a rear chinlock. Referee Nick Patrick is down quickly to his knees to check on the condition of Banner and also to ensure Dante is not turning the chinlock into an illegal choke


Taz: He’s choking him; I swear he’s choking him!


Heyman: That’s crap Taz and you know it! Dante doesn’t need to cheat to get the job done


Taz: Does not cheating somehow not cover the use of a chair in a match then?


Heyman: Dante didn’t use a chair!


Taz: Only because referee Hebner stopped him!


Heyman: Pah! That’s merely detail! Why don’t you get back to calling the match?


Mueller is trying to keep the hold locked in but Banner is starting to fight it, willed on by the crowd he is starting to struggle, trying to make Dante release the hold. The Brutal One continues to struggle away until Dante has no choice but to release the chinlock, in doing so however he nails Banner with an elbow to the shoulder that stops his opponent’s momentum in its tracks.


For the first time in the match, Dante is actually being booed by some sections of the crowd, they are quickly silenced by the to and fro chants of LETS GO DANTE, LETS GO BANNER drowning them out


Dante looks around the crowd, seemingly put off by their booing then their support before going back to work on Banner, stomping away at his felled opponent before dragging him to his feet and driving him with authority into the corner.


The Brutalizer is doubled over, Dante showing great strength, winding his opponent before delivering a volley of punches and kicks before backing out of the corner across the ring.


The crowd start to cheer again in anticipation as Mueller sprints across the ring, launching himself into Banner, connecting with a Stinger Splash


Taz: Now it’s Dante with all the momentum in this match


Heyman: It’s all about control Taz, all about control. Right now Dante is controlling his opponent Brett Banner perfectly, not giving him the edge.


As Dante steps away Banner falls out of the corner onto the mat, Mueller quickly sees an opportunity and steps out of the ring, scaling the turnbuckles much to the protestation of senior official Nick Patrick


Taz: Dante’s going up top now!


Heyman: This is where he’ll force home his advantage, I’m telling you that right now!


The Assassin stands on the top rope, the crowd rises as he looks down at Banner, lying their, lifeless on the mat. Dante squats before launching himself off the turnbuckle, spinning in the air before landing, crashing down on his adversary


Heyman: What a shooting star press from Dante Mueller!


Taz: That was extreme! That was Into the Void! Here comes the cover



























The Joe Louis Arena fills with a THIS IS AWESOME chant as both men lay strewn on the canvas


Tazz: 3-2 with just under six and a half minutes left, I gotta hand it to ya Paul, you called it right there, Dante did manage to put Banner away for what was his first genuine fall of the match


Heyman: I told you I’d be write Taz and I’ll tell you once again, Dante Mueller is on a one way journey to the top of the mountain here tonight!


RS: The winner of the fall as a result of a pinfall, Dante Mueller


Both men are still down, Mueller’s body taking just as much punishment from the impact of the SSP as Banner did receiving it.


The on screen graphic changes to read






As Mueller gets slowly to his feet with the aid of the ropes; clutching his shoulder, seemingly injured in picking up the fall. He approaches Banner but is warned off by referee Patrick whom is determined to have the thirty second rest period respected.


Taz: Well with what, just under six minutes left after this rest period, Dante is getting damn close to tasting gold for the first time


Nick Patrick signals the rest period to be over, Mueller is quickly over to Banner, grabbing the neck of his opponent to try and bring the Birmingham native to his feet. The Brutal One sits up and hooks the arm of Dante




The referee is quickly down to make the count









Dante is kicking away in all directions














Taz: Straight from the restart! Straight from the restart Paul, Banner was playing possum and wrapped up Dante for the fall


RS: The winner of the fall, Brett Banner


Mueller is purple with rage as he gets to his feet and puts the boot into Banner. The Brutal One rolls out of the ring, referee Patrick stops The Assassin from going after him, reminding Dante of the thirty second rest period


Heyman: I don’t believe this! How can the referee possibly let that fall stand?


The on screen display changes to show






Taz: Quite easily Paul, the rest period was over, Banner fooled Dante and picked up the pin


The double feature shows Dante charging around the ring as a recuperating (but grinning) Brett Banner remains on the outside, using the apron for support. Replays showing the small package


Heyman: See look! Banner clearly has the tights there, blatant cheating


The replays continue, not one showing what Heyman alleges


Taz: Paul we could replay these clips until you go bald (laughs) but not one angle will show Brett Banner doing anything illegal to pick up the pinfall


Heyman has a muted huff as Banner returns to the ring with seconds remaining of the rest period.


Mueller and Banner circle each other, suddenly for the first time in the match we have what looks like a genuine start to a match, albeit with just five and a half minutes left to decide a winner.


Referee Patrick signals that the rest period has ended and both men lock up with a collar and elbow tie up in the centre of the ring. Neither man is budging; an effort amazing considering the match is due to enter its 26th minute any moment


Taz: So this is what it comes down to, five minutes of Banner vs Dante to decide who leaves Michigan tonight as the TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion. It’s not one fall to finish but you’ve gotta believe Paul that the man to get the next fall will surely win this one


Heyman: Well Taz, what I believe is that the man who makes the next mistake is the least likely to win this match


Banner takes the advantage, rotating to place the Assassin into a side headlock


Taz: So it’s Banner for you then?


Heyman: I didn’t say that!


Taz: But it’s Dante that’s made the most mistakes throughout this match. In fact he has only himself to blame for not being 3-1 up.


The Thrilla from Brumila backs Dante into the ropes, levering away until Mueller uses the bounce of the ropes to push Banner away. The Brutal One however keeps the headlock in place, in turn keeping his opponent frustrated. Dante tries anything to get out of the headlock, attempting to stamp on the foot of Banner until the Brummie One releases the headlock and sweeps around Dante, locking Mueller’s arm behind him.


Taz: If Dante can’t keep a hold of his emotions then I can’t say a way of winning this Paul


Heyman: For once Taz, I agree with you. The occasion may be getting to the youngster who is far better when he is cold and calculating


Dante grabs over his shoulder at Banner, trying to get leverage; all he meets is the shiny surface of his opponent’s head. Banner wrenches Mueller’s arm further, adding to the pain and frustration going through the Assassin’s mind. Dante manages to get an angle, charging Banner back first into the first available corner, forcing the Brutal One to release the hold and thus allowing Dante to go on the attack, still holding his shoulder however.


Mueller leads with the elbow, striking at Banner repeatedly, forcing Nick Patrick to instigate a five count that draws Mueller out of the corner on three.


After a talking to from the referee Dante returns to attack Banner but is met by a boot to the face from the Brutal One, Banner using the ropes for leverage to get the height to strike his opponent


Banner is quickly out of the corner, walking straight into a clothesline from Dante, the kick obviously not doing as much damage as intended. Mueller is straight back onto Banner, dragging his opponent from the mat and whipping him into the ropes with great ferocity.


The Thrilla comes back and ducks under Dante’s first clothesline attempt, his momentum taking him into the ropes and back, meeting a drop kick from Mueller


Heyman: What a perfect dropkick from Dante!


The Assassin is quickly back on the attack, stopping Banner from getting fully to his feet, locking in a front face lock and quickly dropping Banner to the mat with a DDT


Taz: Quick DDT there from Mueller, I gotta hand it to him Paul, this kid knows his way around a ring


Heyman: Now Dante with the cover; come on Dante!














A shoulder up from Banner keeps he match tied at three a piece


Taz: Another near fall in this match up, I gotta hand it to both of these men. They keep giving it their all, serving it up for these fans here


Dante shows frustration, protesting with the referee before going back to work on Banner, sitting his opponent up, taking a pace backwards before striking the Brutal One with a thunderous shining wizard. Banner instantly collapses back to the mat as Mueller contemplates a pin before turning and stepping outside of the ring


Taz: What can Mueller be up to here? We’ve already seen his top rope exploits this evening


Referee Patrick protests as Mueller scales the turnbuckles


Heyman: Well whatever it can be, if the results match the last high impact move from young Dante Mueller, this match will soon be 4-3


Taz: Ah so in a minutes time it will be 4-4?


Heyman: Funny Taz, real funny


The Assassin perches on the top rope before launching himself across the ring, driving his elbow into the chest of Brett Banner.


Taz: Great impact from Mueller, I just hope he hasn’t further injured that shoulder


Dante rolls over nonchalantly placing an arm over the chest of the Brutal One. Nick Patrick dives to the canvas to make the count.
























Banner again shows great intestinal fortitude to lift a shoulder up, denying his adversary a fall


Heyman: I can’t believe it! How the hell did Brett Banner kick out of that?


Taz: Well if you’re going to make a casual cover like that there is no pressure on your opponent to prevent the kick out


Dante is slowly to his feet, holding his shoulder. He looks down at Banner disbelievingly before once again leaving the ring.


Taz: This is a mistake if ever there was one


Heyman: Why? Banner is still out of it. The lights may be on (the camera zooms in on Banner, opened eyed staring up to the sky, unmoving), but I guarantee there is no one hope


Mueller is making his way up the turnbuckles more slowly on this occasion, referee Patrick again tries to persuade Mueller against going to the top but he is waved away as The Assassin again sends himself over the ring and into Banner with another elbow drop. The Brutal One lies lifeless as Dante holds his shoulder, shuddering in pain and shifting himself back towards Banner before lying backwards to make another casual pin


Taz: You’d think that Dante would try and find a less painful way to get the job done here


Senior official Nick Patrick again instigates the count



















Another shoulder up from the Brutalizer leaves Dante looking to the sky, his head in his hands


Taz: As Dante contemplates another kick out from Banner maybe he will look back on this match and realise that casualness in making a pinfall has cost him on plenty of occasions in this match


Heyman: And maybe some announcers will realise that preaching from behind a desk is far easier than losing the pounds to be able to put those words into practice


Taz ignores the snide remark from his former paymaster as Dante makes his way slowly up to a vertical base, the clock starting to wind down on the match, just two minutes remain. Mueller looks down at Banner, still basically out bar his ever raising shoulder and puts the boot in before once more going to the outside and dragging himself up the turnbuckle


Taz: Now this is just desperation, Dante needs to get past this mental block and find a different method for getting the fall he needs


Mueller has one foot on the top turnbuckle and looks on towards the Brutal One before climbing up onto the top rope. The crowd silence in nervous anticipation of a third elbow drop.


Taz: You know what Paul; I never knew Dante was such a big Macho Man Randy Savage fan!


Heyman: Wow Taz, you’re almost funnier than Seinfeld


Taz: Why thank you Paul, I’m glad you liked that


Heyman: I meant Seinfeld sucked and so do you


Dante remains high above the ring, stood on the top turnbuckle, seemingly unaware that the clock is ticking away, closing his window of opportunity. Finally, as the clock enters the last ninety seconds Mueller launches himself from the top rope across the ring....






But Banner raises his leg!




Dante has it scouted and lands on his feet!


Heyman: What a move by Dante! Banner telegraphed the interception and the young gun was able to see it coming.


The Assassin grabs the outstretched leg of Banner and picks up the other leg of the Brutalizer. He places his own leg between them and locks his opponent’s legs over his own before turning the Brutal One over




The crowd start to go nuts as Mueller has Banner overturned in the middle of the ring, locked into his own version of the Scorpion Death Lock. The Dante chants whistle around the arena as the people sense a golden moment.


Heyman: There is no way, NO WAY Taz that Banner can not tap out to this, not for the seventy five seconds that remain in this match.


The camera shot moves to one of Banner’s face, anguished with pain as Dante holds him in the middle of the ring. Referee Patrick is in the face of Banner, asking the Brummie if he wishes to quit, to which the Brutalizer is answering NO constantly


Taz: Well I hate to agree with you Paul but as tough as Brett Banner is I can’t see anyone that has taken the punishment that he has throughout this match being able to hold out long enough for sudden death overtime


Dante screams as he continues to apply torque to the hold, arching the back of Banner upwards, leaving his opponent to holler in pain in between shouts of no.


Detroit is on its feet as Banner uses his elbows to slowly inch towards the ropes, the clock continues to count down as the brave Brett Banner inches towards the ropes from the unenviable position of the centre of the ring.


A small LET’S GO BANNER chant starts to grow, the Mueller fans are too busy cheering to respond as the atmosphere turns electric


Taz: Come on Brett! You can do this!


The Brutal One musters all his strength and makes some headway, dragging Dante back towards the ropes. The Banner fans start to cheer further, willing their man on


Taz: He’s gonna do it!


Mueller looks over his shoulder and with a sudden burst he pulls Banner back to the middle of the ring. The Banner fan’s booing are soon drowned out by excited Dante fans


Heyman: I told you Taz, I frickin told ya!


The Thrilla from Brumila covers his face as he writhes in agony, rocking from side to side; still he refuses to tap out as the clock stands at forty seconds


Heyman: Look at him Taz (laughing), he’s rolling in pain, he can’t take much more of this


Suddenly the arena erupts as Banner rolls further, turning himself over and onto his feet, reversing the hold, putting Dante Mueller into a traditional sharpshooter




Taz: You’d better damn believe it Paul, Banner wasn’t rolling in pain; he was reversing the Embrace with an ingenious move! Come on Brett!


This time Dante is on is front, centre of the ring as Banner has the sharpshooter applied, referee Patrick is quickly into position and the camera focuses on the Brutal One who is moving Mueller’s legs around


Heyman: What the hell is Banner doing now?


The crowd turn it up a notch before Taz has a chance to speak




With less than thirty seconds left in the match Mueller is now stranded as one of TWOstars most feared submission moves is locked on him. He writes in agony but refuses to give in


The Joe Louis Arena fills with chants of BEST MATCH EVER!


Heyman: I can’t believe this! Come on Dante!


The Assassin uses all his might to pull himself closer to the ropes, closer to a sudden death finish when Banner starts to slap his left side. Mueller instinctively reaches out to stop his adversary but only succeeds in handing his arm straight to the Brutalizer who now has the Gammalock fully applied


Taz: He’s cranking it up now Paul!


Heyman: NO! NO! NO! NO! Come on Dante! Please!


Dante howls in pain as Banner wrenches his already injured shoulder, using all his power to torque the hold. Mueller tries to fight it as the crowd start to count down











Heyman: Come on Dante!




































The bell signifies the end of the Iron Man match and the Joe Louis arena erupts as an exhausted Brett Banner makes his way up to his feet


RS: Ladies and Gentleman, the winner of the fall as a result of a submission and therefore winning 4-3 to become the NEW TWOSTARS HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD – THE BRUTAL BRETT BANNER!


Serial Thrilla from The Prodigy blares out over the PA system as the crowd stand to applaud the efforts of both men


Banner collapses to his knees, looking up to the skies and then down at the World Heavyweight Championship, presented to him by referee Nick Patrick


Taz: Wow! That’s all I can say Paul, I’m amazed, exhausted, overwhelmed. I still can’t believe that Dante tapped! I can’t believe this!


Heyman: Well when it came down to it, the high flying moves that Dante injured himself in doing have ultimately cost him the match


Banner gets back to his feet, overcome with emotion he walks to the turnbuckle, climbing to the second rope and raising his title to the crowd


Taz: I gotta agree with you there, it wasn’t until banner locked the arm and therefore injured shoulder into the Gammalock that Dante looked in trouble


The New Champion steps down from the turnbuckle and back into the ring, he sees Dante, sat on his backside, head in his hands and wanders over to offer his felled opponent his hand. Mueller accepts and Banner pulls Dante to his feet, the two men hug before Dante insists on putting the gold around the waist of the new World Champion


Taz: Now that is a mark of respect Paul, these two men have slugged it out but at the end of the day they are still both great men.


Banner turns to face Dante, the pair shake hands and the Assassin raises the arm of Brett Banner, the fifth TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion


Taz: What a moment to end a night on, Ladies and Gentleman what a night it’s been here in Detroit. A night of new beginning


Heyman: From all of us here at TWOstars, thank you and good bye.


The image of Banner and Dante, arms raised fades to the TWOstars logo



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Opening Sequence - Brett Banner

TV Title Match - Telf

Tag Team Title Match - Boyo

Backstage Skit - Edgemaster (i think)

US Title Match - Missing in action (well half of it, my apologies Han, you had done a great job)

Deadman vs Gower - Andrew

Main Event - Christof


Many thanks, hope you all enjoy the show, The US title will be inserted when done as it is needed for show continuity, the spoiler in the Main Event refers to the US title match so if you don't want to know the result don't read the spoiler.

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