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A Few things that I want to share....

dean malenko

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Ok, first thing is. WWE is coming to cardiff in april and the tickets went on sale yesterday. It wasn't advertised on T.V. only in the local paper at the back.

My dad dropped me and my friends into town at 5:00am and to our shock there was no one there.. We stayed at the other place to get tickets for an hour and a half but then found out that they only sell the back row tickets. So we decided to try our luck and see if there was still no one at the other place.. got there and saw a person in a sleeping bag and about 5 others in a car. We had at first mistaken the person for a tramp :?

Anyway, due to the lack of advertising there ended up about 12 people showing up, I managed to grab 5 ringside tickets, right infront of where triple H does that water thing. :xyx


So I'm pretty chuffed about that. Anyway, there was a question that I wanted to ask you guys.


When you work out what stuff do you use? I used york protein shake and weider creatine monohydrate (I think that's the stuff that Lance Storm uses) The creatine is very good, the protein is all right as well, what I do that usually does the trick is blend the protein powder into milk and then add creatine and blend that as well. Then I use it before, in the middle of, and at the end of training. Are these the times that I should be using them??

Also my friend told me the other day that protein powder weakens the heart and causes early heart attacks. Is this true?? :?

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If you get a seat that's near the back, can you actually see much?


Oh, and i don't work out really, i already have a tremendous physique! :lol



Well we were right at the back when 1pw had there show at Doncaster Dome.


It wasn't bad at all, I wasn't even having to squint, and I don't recall having my glasses on.


Mind you the Dome is pretty small, so that could possibly be why.




Hehe! you buy all these build up drinks, and I get them for free on prescription:P



Never heard of creatine before, except when i had levels of creatinine kianase, which caused early stage kidney faliure. Although looking at google it's not the same thing. As long as you mix it with warm water (nothing citric) and make sure you are drinking loads and loads of water per day, as the stuff works by drawing water from other parts of your body, which firms your muscles.


Also be careful with the protein shakes. Too much protein is a bad thing, and you shouldn't go over the daily allowance stated on the product.



http://www.bla.net/opul/crfaq.htm#Usage here's where i got my info about creatine from: you may find it helpful to read.

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