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Famous(ish) people from your hometown


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Obviously if you're from London, you could list roughly 8 million famous people from there, but try to keep it in your general area.


Anyway, well known people from my hometown of the lovely Derry include (with helpful pics)


Fantastic band, The Undertones. Everyone knows and loves 'Teenage Kicks' and it was called the best song of all time by Mr. John Peel




Dana. She won the Eurovision Song Contest, like 100 years ago and she is still milking that for all its worth.




Former leader of the SDLP, civil rights activist and Nobel Prize winner, John Hume. Doing his best Fonz impression.




The incredibly fast talking, nervous, but highly good at his job, former manager of Celtic. Martin O'Neill.




Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud. That is all.



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Well Jk Rowling is from a village near where i live,



Grant from feeder is from the area,



as is Jem.




And norman wisdom lives here. But thats as far as our claims to fame go.



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Going back through history a little:


When I lived in Wimbledon, well, lots of tennis players, this including meeting Anabelle Croft.

Windsor Davis also lived just up the street from me.


I lived in Croydon, apparently John Tickle lives there now.


Our previous address was Marietta, Georgia - ex-home of Lita, Mick Foley, Bull Buchanan and Road Dogg.

Current home of Buff Bagwell (one of the guys who stayed with us met him).

Robert Patrick (the T1000 in Terminator 2) was born there, Travis Tritt the country singer lived there.


How's that? :D

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Stoke-on-trent, we got...



Robbie Williams


Murdoc Niccals (bassist for Gorillaz)



Phil "The Power" Taylor

Robbie Earle

Sir Stanley Matthews



Nick Hancock

Jonathan Wilkes

Anthea Turner



Captain Edward Smith (of the RMS Titanic)

Josiah Wedgwood

Josiah Spode

Lance-Sergeant John "Jack" Daniel Baskeyfield (awarded the Victoria cross)

Reginald Mitchell (designer of the Spitfire)

John Robert Madejski


Some of them aren't mega famous (Jonathan Wilkes, Robbie Earle etc) some are (Robbie, slash etc) and some should be more recognised, in IMO anyway (Reginald Mitchell, John Baskeyfield)

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Ok so after a little Googling, I found some people. None of them are really very famous, but you might know of some. While reading through some of them, memories of some of them come flooding back.


So here we go... famous people who were born, have lived, live, or can be found in Hitchin. I'm only including people I have heard of, or appear to be quite famous.


We'll start off with Peter England. Not very famous actor that if I remember correctly used to be friends with my sister. Has been in "I hate this house", "Married for Life", "Family Affairs", he was Matt in "Matt's Million", and has appeared in "Casualty" and "Teachers".


Next is Ben Hull who played Lewis in "Hollyoaks".


Kevin Pilkington played for Man Utd, Rotherham, and is apparantly the Mansfield Town captain.


Valarie Singleton from Blue Peter was born here. Oooh.


Pam Rhodes from Songs of Praise. Her son actually dated my sister. If I watched Songs of Praise, I would have been so impressed.


Kevin Phillips - footballer of Sunderland and England.


Romeo from So Solid Crew. You know the one - "he's the kind of guy that you wanna get deep with". That makes me feel so much safer.


Bob Hope apparantly has some relatives here including a cousin and an aunt.


Former newsreader Richard Whitmore lives just down the road from me apparantly.


Claire from Steps.


Golfer Nick Faldo.


I know someone who once saw Paul from Big Brother 2 in town.


And last but not least (infact most importantly), god knows where this info came from, but the guy from the Ronseal adverts. The one that does exactly what it says on the tin.


Also it's well documented that many cast members of Hollyoaks (mostly past) can be/have been seen around town. God might know why, there is nothing to do. My sister once saw the guy who plays Ben in a local pub once (note it's always my sister who meets all the celebs).

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The bloke who plays the prime minister in little britain lives near me,as does Alison Goldfrapp,all of massive attack,tony robinson....harry potter was filmed down the road.

does this count?


What she said, with Anthony Stewart-Head being the name. I used to go on the same train as him.


Also from around this area are:


Billie Piper

Joseph Fiennes

Jamie Cullum

Julian Clary

Bill Bailey (went to my old school)

Mark Lamarr

Melinda Messenger

Darren Eadie (Norwich/Leicester footballer)


We also boast the current homes of:


Peter Gabriel

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)

Camilla Windsor (occasionally)

Roger Daltrey (The Who)


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Lucie Silvas and Kasabian as far as I know. I'm sure there are hundreds more but they are the only ones I know.

Don't worry you have Mark DeVries living down in Leceister now :xyx


Stoke-on-trent, we got...



Robbie Williams


Murdoc Niccals (bassist for Gorillaz)

Eh what about Lemmy?wasn't he born in Stoke?

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