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TNA vs The Others....


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At this next PPV there are going to be a lot of matches that involve talent that have carried their gimmicks over from other federations to aid in the making of a wholesome TNA product. Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, America's Most Wanted, The Alpha Male, and Abyss are all largly considered TNA wrestlers, right? They've reached their highest achievements in TNA and have stayed loyal to making the product stand on it's own. And at this upcoming PPV they're all involved in matches that also include people that aren't totally thought of TNA talent as of yet.


Rhino vs. Jeff Jarrett: In my mind Rhino is still living on the hype of the ECW bandwagon. More people identify with Rhino as an Ex Extremist as opposed to a dedicated TNA worker.


Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles: Joe isn't really considered a thoroughbred TNA talent especially being he's had so much ROH hype. This is another championship bout that doesn't include a TNA made/dedicated wrestler.


Team 3D vs. AMW: The Third and Final TNA match that includes a title contender that wasn't built or loyal to TNA. Team 3D, much like Rhino, is also riding high on the now dying down ECW revival.


Sabu vs. Abyss: Sure we've seen Sabu countless times in TNA, but his character hasn't really evolved to an extent. He's basically the same in ring worker with about zero personality nor storyline depth. Much like the other ECdubsters, his character is showing my sign of improving nor worsening. He's just staying.


Christian vs. The Alpha Male: This is a number one contenders match consisting of a man that's till carrying his WWE gimmick and a TNA built talent. It seems like he'll have a chance at becoming more, but what's the chances that he'll actually evolve from a WWE talent to a TNA talent?


1.)Does anyone think that these men could evolve into a TNA talent like Raven?


2.)Out of the five matches I listed which one(s) do you think will allow in the most development and aid in building a TNA talent?

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Mainly due to the lack of a company like OVW, or the Powerplant, TNA have very few of 'their own' wrestlers really. The X-Division is full of ex (Or current) indy wrestlers, while the main event is mainly ex-WWE, or WCW guys.


Hopefully when they get bigger, they will spend some cash, in bringing in their own homebred talent.


1. I think so. The indy guys will have to stop working for other companies than TNA, which hopefully won't happen. The main wrestlers on the show, who have nowhere else to work, 'cause they're awful, need to stay for there for a little bit longer, then they will be proper TNA wrestlers.


2. I don't think Christian will ever be considered a proper TNA wrestler. TNA are too small, and I can't see them ever being bigger than WWE, so he is going to be remembered for bigger accomplishments, ie being a major star at one point in the E. Brown is already TNA though.


Team 3D are another will always be remembered for their ECW and WWE days, as will Raven and Rhino.

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