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TWOstars PPV Prediction League - Survivor Series


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Yes, it's back for another month - OK, for a second month. :D


Get into it here and login with your TWOStars login. Go on peeps, lets see how predictable our booking is. :P


I'm not sure if Darkie wants to add more questions or change the ones I've added.


It'll be closed as soon as Darkie starts posting the PPV, currently it's set to "auto close" at mid-day on Sunday (UK time).



Rules are the same as the WWE one (see the US Scene for more information).

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Nah if you remember Christof didn't even make it to his first ERE pay per view match. Maybe I should have him come to TWOstars and put over someone so that they can claim the world title.

:worship :worship :worship :worship

:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

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Predictions so far:


World Heavyweight Title, Winner

Brett Banner 38%

Evil Gringo 23%

The Incredible Holt 23%

Dante 15%


US Championship, Winner

Keith Jaxx 23%

The Lonely Avenger 23%

Other 15%

C2K 8%

None 8%

Shane Cross 8%

Tom Trash 8%

Twiggie 8%


TV Title, Winner

Chris Eagles 62%

Violent Vinnie Vengeance 38%


Tag Titles, Winners

Boyo,Sickness 31%

Jordi Warner,The Judge 31%

Keith Jaxx,Arkham 23%

Jordi Warner,Jimmy Redman 8%

Twiggie,Arkham 8%


Deadman vs Barry Gower, Winner?

None 80%

Deadman 20%

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