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Your predictions for Survivor Series!


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RAW vs. SmackDown! Elimination Match - Team SmackDown!


WWE Championship - John Cena © vs. Kurt Angle - In this match I expect this to be another match that will show that Cena can't be beat no matter what the match or stipulations are, he will do it somehow.


Last Man Standing Match - "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. "The Game" Triple H - I think there may be more of these matches to come, so I am going with Ric Flair. I think "The Game" will win the last match though.


Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore R. Long - I'm not too sure, but I am predicting that either some RAW or SmackDown! Superstars not in any matches come down, if not both or somebody just interfere's at the end.


Women's Championship - Trish Stratus © vs. Melina - Unless they plan on either bringing Melina (and maybe MNM) to RAW, or the Women's Championship to SmackDown!, I am still with Trish on this one. Who knows, even after this match they might even have a Women's Championship for both brands.


I will post the rest of the matches in here (there's 5 currently announced, so expect more on SmackDown! this week).

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RAW vs. SmackDown Elimination Match - Team SmackDown, they seem to have more momentum going into the match and team RAW seems to have more weak links in their team.


WWE Championship - John Cena vs. Kurt Angle - John cena, as much as I'd love for Kurt to win, Cena's never going to lose the title.


Last Man Standing Match - Ric Flair vs. Triple H - Ric Flair, last time they had a match, Triple H squashed Viscera beforehand on Raw, Triple H squashed Venis on monday so...


Eric Bischoff vs. Teddy Long - Teddy Long, no real reason, I just like him :)


Women's Championship - Trish Stratus vs. Melina - Trish Stratus, because she rocks! :thumbsup

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Kurt vs Cena.. i pray it's Kurt, Cena has no fans really anymore.... Kurts had a stellar year and deserves it... and the Davari factor wil play its hand


Trish vs Melina.. Melina... because i think trish has had the belt too long.. (i love trish though)


Team SD vs Team Raw... Team Raw.. i smell an orton double cross on Batista


Long vs Bischoff... who cares


HHH vs Flair.. HHH... he jobbed once.. can't see it happening again


smackdown spoiler:



Benoit vs Booker... Benoit hopefully.. i am against the best of 7 series becasue it ties up Benoit for too long when IMO he should be getting the main title



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Raw v SmackDown Survivor Series Match


Logically, it should be a SmackDown victory as they have, with the exception of Undertaker, the strongest team that they could 'field' (for lack of a better term). Raw on the other hand have Cena, Angle, Flair and Triple H missing, so a Raw win would leave SmackDown looking incredibly weak and would confirm their perceived status as the inferior brand. However, this is the WWE. They are not logical. Added to this the fact that every recent Raw v SmackDown match has ended with SmackDown emerging victorious (Taboo Tuesday tag match and the two WM matches) and the Batista injury that is being played up, and I think that Team Raw will win this one.


Prediction - Team Raw


WWE Championship - John Cena v Kurt Angle. Ref - Daivari


I think that the time has finally come for Cena to drop the title. He is getting increasingly mixed reactions from the fans and is becoming very stale. The WWE have a perfect excuse for Cena dropping the title here, as obviously Daivari is going to call it straight down the middle *cough*. Also Angle hasn't had the title for two years - it's about time for him to have another title reign. Angle to win the title here and Cena (assuming he regains his former popularity) to regain it at WrestleMania.


Prediction - Kurt Angle


Last Man Standing - Ric Flair v Triple H


I expect this to finish exactly like the vast majority of Last Man Standing matches in the WWE ... a draw. If there is going to be a winner, then it is extremely likely that HHH will win. A second Flair victory in a row would kill the feud and HHH would suffer from it. Add to that HHH's political influence and it is very understandable why some are predicting a HHH win. However, I think HHH respects Flair too much to play politics in this feud and I stand by my prediction of a draw. (as a side note, if this is as good as their cage match at Taboo Tuesday it will be the MOTN)


Prediction - Draw


Eric Bischoff v Teddy Long


Why? Look at all the talent that isn't being used. Guys like Shelton Benjamin are being left off the card while a match between two non-wrestlers goes ahead. I could maybe understand it if both were extremely over with the crowd but they're not. I'll go with Bischoff. No real reason. Well, maybe the fact that he speaks proper English contributes to my decision. Trying to decipher Teddy is a bitch. Well b'le dat, playas. Holla, holla, holla. What? (by the way, if anyone ever doubts the extent of Austin's popularity, just remind them that he managed to get What? over)


Prediction - Eric Bischoff


Women's Championship - Trish Stratus v Melina


Wahey! The only two divas that look good and can wrestle are fighting each other. I think that Melina's undefeated run will end at Trish's hands due to (a) there being no real competition on SmackDown for her if she actually won the title and (b) ... I have a massive crush on Trish. Although if Melina performs her entrance I may well change allegiance. It's suddenly dawned on me that I can't wait for this match. Bring it on!




Ahem. Anyway, to reiterate, a Trish win is probable.


Prediction - Trish Stratus


You lot should really take note of my predictions by the way ... I am leading the PPV Prediction League. *gloats* On paper, it looks like being a reasonably strong card, although only five matches being announced at this stage is rather worrying.

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Cena vs. Kangle - I'll say that Cena is gonna come off with a win, Angle will do all the work and then a suprise FU from nowhere will end it as it normally does in these cases


Raw vs. SD - Team Raw to win


Flair vs. Tripper - Tripple H will beat Flair in a blood bath (like the cage match) with Flair doing most of the bleeding, expect chairs and tables to be in play


Bisch vs. Long - Bisch to win by cheating in some way but not sure how yet


Trish vs. Malina Trish to win, M'n'M to interfere but she will still come off second cos Trish is the most popular and if womens title goes from Raw they are running really low on them lol


And i'm not even in the prediction league :P

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Yeah' date=' yeah, it's really because you know that you have no chance of catching me, isn't it?:P[/quote']

yeah yeah of course it is, thats the real reason :P i'll have to look for this fabuled prediction leage and surpass your febble score lol


You mean the sticky thread before each PPV isn't a give-away. :lol :lol

not to me *feels around for my glasses* :lol


*There entered this prediction thing and now on my way to over take the Wolverine :P*

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Team Raw, An Undertaker comeback will assure this.


Cena will win the title match, even though it should be and i would love it to be Kurt.


HHH will win the Last Man Standing so he can finish the feud and move to either Angle or Cena, or maybe even Shawn again.


Trish will beat Melina easily, Melina gets put across as more of a valet. Maybe Mickie James will help Trish when Melina is trying to cheat.


Eric Bischoff will win this match, seeing that Long is known not to wrestle and Eric has his 'fantastic' karate skills.

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Chris Benoit vs Booker T

is on the card too and hopefully a Cruiserweight match but I'm not holding my breath.


Although the Raw vs Smackdown match could be allocated something like 45 minutes which would pretty damn good especially if HBK and Rey are the final two.

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The Undertaker comeback will only eliminate Randy Orton' date=' why would a face Smackdown wrestler cost his show the whole match.[/quote']


Actually, I can see Taker either eliminating Orton and then getting himself counted out or DQ'ed in the process, or a double countout of sorts.

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I rekon HHH will beat Flair because of one thing.. the IC title isn't on the line by the looks of things... HHH doesn't want to get stuck with the IC belt...


and i think Cena will retain becasue Angle has been going on at Vinnie Mac about it will draw more money will Cena chasing Kurt than Kurt chasing Cena.. and maybe Cena chasing Kurt will get him some fans back... but apprently Vince being the dumbass that he is at this moment in time wants Cena to keep the belt..


even though with the belt Cena and Raw will continue to rot

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I rekon HHH will beat Flair because of one thing.. the IC title isn't on the line by the looks of things... HHH doesn't want to get stuck with the IC belt...

I'm kinda hoping HHH beats Flair for the Intercontinental title(even though i am a Flair mark) and when the inevitable title match vs Cena becomes a champion vs champion match which HHH wins.Then HHH could have a six month feud with Cena over the WWE title whilst he vacates the Intercontinental title and then a 16 man tournament happens with the winner getting the title.

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Then HHH could have a six month feud with Cena over the WWE title.


**** NO!!!!


Cena is loosing overness like crazy.. it would be stupid to keep him in the title picture for a six month feud!!


not even HHH could save him.. HHH is in the same boat as Jericho and Angle.. sure they are heels.. butthe fans respect them and they don't respect Cena... i think Cena should go for the IC belt for a while and regroup and try and gain some overness back.. but i doubt he ever will

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My picks:


Cena to win the Survivor match on his own

Team RAW to beat down on Trish

HHH to pin Booker T 15 seconds after hitting the Pedigree - again

Benoit to kick the hell out of Bischoff

Long to win a "who is the youngest" against Flair

Melina to cuddle up to Kurt and make people even more jealous

There, fixed that for you. :D

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