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Favourite Christmas Song

It wasnt my WOOO

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(1) Pogues feat. Kirsty McCall - Fairytail Of New York (which is being re released this year so I expect everyone to buy a copy and get it to number 1!!!)


(2) Jona Lewie - Stop The Calvelry

(3) Slade - (can't remmeber name of their song tho!!)

(4) Wizard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

(5) Cheeky Girl - Cheeky Christmas (I know poor taste's lol)

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The Darkness - 'Christmas Time'. Classic.




I scroll down hoping I'm the first, then ALWAYS the last post has what mine is.:P


And if anybody didn't catch that, my favourite is The Darkness - Christmas Time... don't let the bells... sorry. it's in my head now.:)


Ah, I'll be listening to that a lot next month as I can't wait for Christmas!

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My Favorite Christmas Song....




...The Rock Sings To Test....



On The Night Test Faced The Great One This Is What He'll See


12 Sharpshooters Stinging


11 Eyebrows Raising


10 Spines are Busting


9 Noggin's Knockin'


8 Kicks are Kickin'


7 Punches Punchin'


6 Suplex Smashin'


5 Seconds of The Chaning The Rocks NAME!


Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky


4 Rock Bottoms


3 People's Elbow


on Your 2 BUCK TEETH!


And an Ass Kicking all over New Orleeeeeeeeans.





Pure Magic.

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