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Homocide vs American Dragon feud.


Best match  

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  1. 1. Best match

    • Submision
    • Taped fist
    • Falls count anywhere
    • Lumberjack match
    • Cage
    • Who are these guys?

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Earlier this year Homocide (Of the Rottweilers) and Bryan Danielson (American Dragon) engaged in an epic feud lasting five or six months,the feud culminated in the best of five (gimmicked) match's.These match's were in order a submission match,a taped fist match,falls count anywhere match,lumberjack match and it culminated in a cage match on may 13th.So what was your favourite match in the series and why?
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I liked the submission match best, which is strange because usually a series of matches will build to the climax, but I felt that the original match in the series was their best effort. We all know that Danielson can go in that environment, but Homicide surprised a lot of people with his great technical wrestling in the bout too. If you thought he was just a brawler, you were proved wrong.


The taped fist match also had some great psychology in it, based around the fact that all punches became legitimate finishes. The Falls Count Anywhere and Lumberjack matches contained a few nice highspots and did well to further the angle as an OUT OF CONTROL rivalry, but neither could be considered a great match. As for the final match, I thought the finish was a bit anticlimatic albeit creative. It was still a good brawl that surpassed a lot of matches in 2005 though.


The submission match is my pick as the best of the series, but to be honest there wasn't an awful lot wrong with the rest of the matches between the two.

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