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SWA Retribution II, January 14th, Bellshill

Freak Heat

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Taken from ScottishWrestling.couk


On Saturday January 14th the Scottish Wrestling Alliance will have hit’s first show of 2006. Just as you thought the dust had settled, we present Retribution II at the Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex, Bellshill outside Glasgow.


NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship

Eric ‘The Fist’ Canyon defends against Chris Charizma.


There was dissention within the ranks of the Sinners at Ascension when Charizma reminded Majik that under his new regime everybody got a fair shot at the gold. This led to Majik and Charizma teaming up to face Canyon and a tag partner of his choosing, former NWA-UK Champion Johnny Moss. The match ended with Chrizma proving he was just as worthy as Majik for a shot at the NWA Scottish title by pinning Canyon. At Retribution II Eric ‘The Fist’ Canyon will defend his title against the Sinner Chris Charizma!


With evidence of internal disagreements within the Sinners and perhaps a moral low after the majority of the faction had been decimated in a gauntlet match against Conscience and of course a drop in numbers after they ejected Chris Renfrew from the group, can the Sinners hold it together for Charizma to take the gold? Or will history repeat itself leaving Eric Canyon a victim of the Sinners yet again? Find out on January 14th!


SWA Tag Team Championship.

Four way single eliminated match.


After reclaiming their stolen properly back from T2K at BCW’s ‘No Blood, No Sympathy’ the Lowlanders have their bets back around their waists, but for how long can they hold them there? The SWA fan favourites will put their tag titles on the line in a four way tag team match. Teams will be eliminated when one of the team members are pinned, forced to submit or disqualified.


As of now the three challenging teams are unknown but more information will be published here as soon as SWA Online has it! But with the talent SWA has available, this is set to be a show stealer!


Do or Die Tag Team Challenge Match.


At Ascension GC Mac dropped a bombshell on the Sinners. After being defeated in the finals of the tag team championship tournament, Sinners tag team Total Annihilation were outrages that they didn’t get the first title shot at the Lowlanders. SWA’s Commissioner replied to their complaints by telling them they would have one final shot at the tag titles. They would face an established, recognised and feared British tag team of his choosing. A team that SWA had never seen before. If Total Annihilation defeated this team they would go on to challenge for the SWA Tag Team Championship. If they lost, Hatred and Adam Shame would never team again.


Will Shame and Hatred be able to step up to the challenge and face an unknown team?


Speculation has already begun as to who TA’s surprise opponents will be on the night, click here to talk about the Do or Die tag match on the SWA Fan Forums


Grudge Match


In a match set to end some personal conflicts, the undefeated Aidan Corrigan has set a challenge to Jonny Milla at Retribution II. Jonny Milla has made a name for himself in SWA and is defiantly a name to watch in 2006, but can he end Aidan Corrigans undefeated streak?


SWA fan favourite and BCW Champion to make statement


After two wins over BCW Champion Alex Shane, Conscience named himself BCW Champion after invading BCW’s ‘No Blood, No Sympathy’, and with all but one Sinner destroyed after his dramatic gauntlet match at Ascension, he Last True Phenom has his sights set on his former best friend and his biggest rivalry – Majik. But its not just Majik Conscience has to look over his shoulder for, he has a whole promotion after his blood.

The Last True Phenom has told SWA he has a statement to make at Retribution II and in light of recent events we can’t wait to find out what he has to say!


Expect to see all your favourite SWA stars in action! More information on the card will be posted on ScottishWrestling.co.uk as it becomes available.



Doors open at 6pm with first bell at 6:30. Tickets are £7 on the door, or £6 if bought in advance from SWA's Area 52 (Linwood outsde Paisley) or thorugh SWA reps, the Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex (Bellshill) and Scottsmann Models (Trongate, Glasgow).


Travel info/directions

By car, Take the M8 eastbound from Glasgow, coming off the motorway at the junction for the A725 (sign probably says Coatbridge/Bellshill), head south on the A725, and eventually turn left onto the A721. When the road splits, head up to your right, and the Centre should be on the right hand side.

The closest train station is Bellshill, about 250 metres from the centre. Three trains an hour leave from Glasgow Central, at 15,18 and 48 minutes past. The train takes 20 minutes. Last train to Glasgow after the event is 10 to midnight.

Bus service is no. 240, leaving from Buchanan Street station every 10 minutes, takes an hour though to reach Bellshill town centre. Return buses in the evening are every half an hour.

The address of the Centre is 50 Main Street, Bellshill for those who use Streetmap or Autoroute.

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