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Xbox 360 Launch US style


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So, the 360 launches last night at midnight.


Here's some Flickr pictures of the insanity (not mine).




So, people REALLY want this baby.


In fact, here's how much they want it:

Thief holds store at gunpoint to get an Xbox 360


See Sony, the 360 is so much better than the PlayStation that people hold up stores to get one!!! Or two.


360mania has officially landed.

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I'm hoping GAME opens at nine in the morning as per usual, next Friday. As much as I don't want to be there at midnight, I will if I have too.


Years ago, you could pre-order something and wait a couple of days after it came out, but they would still have your pre-order. Not anymore. To**ers!


:roll how sad


What is it you think is sad?

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