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Barb Wire Massacre *Tna Spoiler*

The Fury

Who will win the barb wire massacre  

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  1. 1. Who will win the barb wire massacre

    • Sabu
    • Abyss

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i put the spoiler tags in case some minority didn't know about the upcoming match.


Looking forward to the match at turning point. When you have guys like Sabu and Abyss who both will take substantial amounts of pain in matches like these theres bound to be some real hardcore wrestling.


So who will you think will win? Sabu or Abyss

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Ok i know that in the angle abyss is "scared of barbed -wire but yet wants to face Sabu one more time" but has the guy who is wrestling as abyss ever been in a barbed wire match...cause lets face it, the only way you would get me into a barbed wire match would be if i could win a major major title
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personally despite the Abys is afraid of barbed wire i can't see Sabu winnig in a way that looks legit...


and Abyss is building a moster gimmcik loosing to a phobia is bad for a monster


depends on how they develop the phobia. As long as the make it that he isnt dead afraid of it he'll be fine.


will be a brutal match, but with abyss with 2 wins already, im going for Sabu.

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