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Birthday Wishes


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Hello people.


I was wondering, you know when you were little and your mum brought out the birthday cake with all the lit candles, and when she said make a wish you actually did. What did you wish for? Did it come true?


I remember when i was celebrating my seventh birthday, i had wanted a bean bag chair for so so song. I'd gone round to my friends house once and he had one and since i was seven i was like "wow it's so cool." Well during the blowing out of the candles i wished for one, and seconds later my dad came out from behind the sofa with the beanbag (like magic i thoughtat the time.) It was decorated in pictures of sonic the hedgehog, which was my favourite cartoon dude at the time. I was really happy and the rest of the day went perfect. Every thing went swimmingly until a few days later, swimmingly being the optimum word here. My sister said to me, "what's in it?" pointing at the pointing at the bean bag as she spoke. I dind't know, and so i undid the zip and took out the sensitive inner layer, an inner layer easily ripped i have to telly you. Soon enough we were swimming in all the little balls, it was one hell of a mess. But boy was it fun!! :xyx

I believe in the little superstitions and all the supernatural things, and i now believe that each person gets one wish in their life that actually comes true. That was mine, and sure it lasted about 72 hours before i pulverised it, but it came true, all because i wished for it, (and probably because poundstretcher had a sale on or somehting.)


Have you ever made a wish and had it come true? What happened, and did you have to clean it up afterwords like me? :)





Rey Mysterio :thumbsup

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