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WWE Survivor Series Team Quiz And PPV Chat - Sunday 27th November


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Join us on Sunday 27th November from 8pm UK time for the Survivor Series PPV Quiz and Chat in the TWO Chatroom.


Survivor Series Team Quiz


To celebrate the annual tradition of WWE's Survivor Series, there will be a team quiz. Teams of 4 will compete against each other to see who will be the true survivor! This quiz doesn't count for the Quiz Leaderboard, and no prizes or points will be given.


The Quiz will take place from 8-9pm in the Quiz Room, for more info see the Quiz Page:


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/wrestling-quiz.php (includes current leaderboard)


Quiz participants should organise themselves into teams of four people. If you need a team or an extra partner, click the link to this thread in the General Chat Forum: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26286


Once you have a team, you must post in this thread, including your team name, the members involved and one team captain. During the quiz, all members of your team will need to use the same avatar and include a variation of your team's name in your own user log in title.


Teams will be tested on numerous aspects of wrestling, including the history of Survivor Series and much more. Once again, the quiz is at 8pm (UK Time).


PPV Chat


The PPV Chat will take place after the quiz, from 9pm to 1am (UK Time). Talk to fellow TWO users about the PPV, and give your thoughts on each match! Will Raw or Smackdown! triumph? Can John Cena overcome Kurt Angle? How will The Undertaker get involved? Discuss it in the TWO Chatrooms !


So don't miss out on a night of fun, join us for the Talk Wrestling Online Survivor Series Quiz and Chat! Don't forget, WWE Survivor Series takes place on Sunday 27th November, and the evening's activities begin from 8pm, starting with the Team Quiz. Well see you in the chatroom! :xyx

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Each member of the team that wins tonight's quiz will win a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW DVD courtesy of SilverVision. Each winning member will recieve a random disk from the following:


Survivor Series 1987 & 1988 Double DVD

Survivor Series 1989 & 1990 Double DVD

Survivor Series 2002 DVD

Survivor Series 2003 DVD

Survivor Series 2004 DVD


8pm tonight! Come to the quiz room with 3 other people! Win a DVD!




Later on in the night, a question will be asked. If you get it right and your name is randomly selected, you'll win one of the DVDs listed above!


Can you believe it? We're going DVD mad at TWO! Win the quiz, get a DVD. Lose the quiz and win the competition, get a DVD. Come to the TWO Chatroom tonight at 8pm for a chance to leave with a DVD!



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A little note: Even although the prizes are for UK citizens only, if any Americans want to take part I have $17 in Amazon.com vouchers that I'll gladly pass onto you should you win the quiz. So there's no excuse for not showing up tonight to win some free DVDs!
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Fun time tonight guys, here be da final scorings


It Wasn't Our Fault - 14

EMFO - 6

Evolution -4

Team Chaos - 3

Children of Lesnar - 3


So sadly, the mods do it once again, winning the third team quiz in a row, and the DVDs to boot. Non-mods, band together and get this sorted next time.

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Yes indeed, big thanks to everyone who took part, from Draven, DA and Naitch who helped make me a TWO TIME Survivor Series team quiz winner, to people like HSM, Simon and Popsi who didn't really want to play but did because they were forced into it. :)


Of course, Colin should be thanked too considering last night's event was the most organised team quiz I've ever seen. After 5 minutes all issues were sorted out, there were no complaints with the structure and a good time was had by all.


Thanks again to everyone who took part. And remember, you still have the chance to win a DVD in the TWO SURVIVOR SERIES DVD BONANZA. Just enter the chatroom and wait for the question to be asked. Send your answer to the email address given, and if your name is picked at random, you walk away with a free DVD. GO DO IT NOW!

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