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How wrestling works?


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basically the WWE/WCW/ECW/NWA champion will be the most over guy and the person who the crowd believe is worthy of being a champion, the Champion doesnt need to be a good wrestler (John Cena foe example) but Cena is incredibily over with the crowd.



EDIT: i parcially take that back, Arquette & Russo were FAR from over :lol

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It's more like whoever the bookers decide will be Champ will be.


If the wrestler isn't over, then they'll be forced down our throats.



Ignoring the WWE and World titles for a minute, the IC & US title used to be an up and comer, and for a while it was "here's a new guy who we want the fans to like/hate, so let's give him the belt" (see Carlito).


With the World/WWE titles, it depends on who Vince decides should have the title. Take Orton for example, they tried the slow burn with him to get the fans to hate him, then have him turn on Evolution, but as a Face he was horrible - Randy is a good natural Heel, but a disgusting Face.


His reign lasted one whole month because the fans didn't really care about him being a Face, they loved the arrogant Randy.


Now, if we look before WM where DAVE~! took the strap from HHH, the reason HHH held the belt is most probably because he's Vince's son in law - I'm not saying it's definitely true, but it's most likely the case.

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What I think is more or less what Mr P said but I do also think they have other factors. They try and give younger guys breaks as champions. For example Orton was never over until he held the IC title for a long time and had a awesome heel run.


They try to create the next Rock, Austin, HHH level star with all that they do and for that the buisness suffers and we are in the situation we are in now.


After Foley retired, Austin retired, Rock went to Hollywood all they had was Triple H and people wondered why he held the belt for all that time because no one was better or more over.


They made mistakes by bringing in time after time a legend back for a final run. Namely Hulk Hogan is the worse of them all, he buried Hassan. Although he made Lesnar.


I know you will say HBK and Kurt Angle but look at the facts HBK is one of the best wrestlers but who knows when his back will crash out and if he would be able to drop in another fantastic match like he did to Austin if he was injured like he was before.


Kurt Angle does deserve to hold the title but again neck problems have probably left him in the dark because they don't want to risk him again like at mania 19.


Kurt and HBK could not have filled HHH for those reasons.


They do sort of poll the fans by the polls on WWE.com who they want to win but they seem to forget that everyone will vote for the face unless they have favourites or are so called Smarks


Also if a over guy was always given the belt why has RVD not been world or WWE champion. Same for Shelton Benjamin


And fan reaction is a good judge.


Bottom line if the fans love or hate a wrestler so much then he will be champion no matter of ring skill that's why Cena and Batista are champion at the moment.

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The WWE booking team at the moment makes Snitsky's face look nice.. it's that bad


half of them don't know about wrestling and it shows... frankly the US and IC titles are a joke.. back in 2000-01 it was a solid midcard title and was also used to get people who would become big for the future over.. but usually these people hadbeen around for a year or so..


WWE seems to think that the only way to get a certain person over is to jam any belt on him on his first night (Carlito TWICE!).. WWe doesn't build up talent like they used too.. they now have to resort to jamming the superstar THEY want over down our throats...


and Mr Fill is right... HHH didn't need the title before WM21.. he only got it because he sleeps with the enemy

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So tell me more about these 'bookers'. They decide what the result should be' date=' right?[/quote']

The bookers/writers make up the storylines, say what's going to happen for the promos, skits and matches. They decide who wins and how.


Think of them as movie/soap opera writers, the script is given to the "actors" (the wrestlers) who then do what they're told.

They have a long term plan for some' date=' I guess.[/quote']

You'd think they would, but it seems like they don't at times, almost with "off the cuff" booking.

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If you want my opinion on how wrestling is run............ by HHH :P


Its the writers and bookers who make the decisions but its Vince who has final say over WWE storylines and charecters, if he doesn't like something then it doesn't happen if he does it does


On the note of HHH the reason he did so well before Steph is he was best pals with HBK who had lots of influance and got hi mwhat he wanted then Steph happened

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Stephanie is head booker (Vice President of Creative Writing).


Shane is Executive Vice President of WWE Global Media, this means he overseeing international TV distribution, live event bookings, digital media, consumer products and publishing.

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The WWE booking team at the moment makes Snitsky's face look nice.. it's that bad


That makes sense...


half of them don't know about wrestling and it shows...

but that's exactly what the WWE writing team are.. a bunch of failed hollywood reject writers


How the frig do you know anything about the bookers? You don't. You know what you've been told now you're saying it like you actually have a clue. Leave it out, it makes you stupid and ignorant.

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