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TWOs favorite Super Peeps.


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Im not a comic fan and I know who Apocalypse :P


But like Alan said,I also dislike Batman with a passion.I mena it's TWOs favorite Super Peeps.The guy doesn't have any special powers,sure he is good at martial art,but so is every chinese guy at a dojo.


In other words I don't like Batman >.<

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Batman's ok... not as irritating as the "nothing can harm me except a lump of green rock" goody-two-shoes Super man.


But give me Spiderman anyday, liked as a kid, loved as a teen.


Apocalypse has a DC alter ego, I think he's call Darksyde or something like that...


Anyway less talking of spiders in case Darky runs....


Darky? Darky! Where are you running to?



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