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Ive Lost My Smile


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As a couple people know, Adam mostly, things are happening in my life and i thought I'd just get this off my chest and since it involves FCW why not here


Ive lost interest in wrestling. Its always going to be a big part of me, but its not half of what it was a couple years ago, hell to be fair I could go without watching any for a long period of time and not miss it at all these days. TNA has always dragged me away from the abismal mess and rut that WWE is in these days, but Ive lost all interest in a product that a year ago I couldnt go without watching and now, even with Christian in there and JJ and who not, I just really dont give a toss. Its awful I know, I was behind TNA for 2 years trying to hope they would get where they are today, and now they are I just dont really have much interest in the product anymore, I wish TNA all the luck in the world, I truely hope they can get to be the huge promotion they deserve to be and I'll always root for them, I just really have no interest at all anymore

This of course doesnt mean Ive gained interest in WWE. Far from it. I rarely watch WWE anymore either. Sylvain remains the only wrestler I can truely be half arsed to watch. Eddies death hit me in a big way, but it had nothing to do with how I felt about wrestling. Ive been feeling this way for a while now, Universal Uproar by the time it came around, I really wasnt bothered about either way, and I cant say I was overly entertained by the show at all.


Which brings me to FCW.....


It doesnt exactly bring me great joy to say all this but I will. Basically Ive enjoyed every moment Ive spent to do with FCW, from the training seminars, to chilling with Ad and Ralph to the shows. But at this time in my life I need to move away from wrestling. Ive got an awesome girlfriend I dont pay nearly enough attention to and Ive got all sorts of things Im working on. Its been just awesome over the past god knows how many months, but sadly Ive attended my last FCW show, which doesnt bring me much happiness I can tell you, but since I wont get chance in person I'd like to thank people


Firstly to Kev, Morris :P, Marc Hogan, Kim, Keith, Marie and everyone else who helps to put on the great FCW shows. Thank you for making me feel welcome, and for putting on some awesome shows. Thank you also for the training, it meant a lot


To all the wrestlers whove entertained me, thank you for going out there and busting your asses each and everymonth to entertain us the fans. Wrestling is an artform, Im happy to say FCW have it spot on. In particular, British Born Steele, who Im glad to call a friend, hes been a great mate and dude, someday I'll buy you that pint, hope everything goes well for you and your fiance. Also Jay Icon, you rule dude


To the lads at training who are a great bunch of lads, theyre all great lads and I hope you all go on to the FCW roster and perform like you can. The Ross, Godsize, Potter, Tom and Tom, Weasel, Bitch Banner, Dan and the rest of you, all top lads, been a pleasure to meet you all


And hey most of all, my two amigos, Adster and Ralph. Two absolute legends. It wouldnt be FCW without these two lads. Im glad to say Ive sat at every FCW show with them, and we've always had a great time. I'll see you sometime down the line, keep it real.


Anyways yeah thats me over and done with. Thank You FCW :thumbsup :worship

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It's been an absolute pleasure sitting with you at shows Fletch :) Been a good mate over the last few months, and we'll definatly have to meet up whenever I'll be up in your direction. Don't really know what to put here, will definatly miss having you at the shows :)


Adam :xyx

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Oi where was my thank you. Joking mate.


First off i am sorry to hear that you feel like that. However some times in life what we love ends up changing.


Personally i want to thank you, you have helped me when i needed someone to talk to and i will appreate what you did. And remember if you ever want to talk or i dont know go out for a couple of drinks... whatever you have my number/email/myspace. Just get in contact.


Take care man and speak with you soon



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Enough of the stupid comments please Curb or I'll have to close this' date=' which I really don't want to do as Fletch's first comments were obviously honest.[/quote']


Why punish Fletch by closing his thread?


Surely you have the power to just delete rubbish post's. nonofwhicharemineI'mGOLD!.......soismymanFletch.

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Tidied up, removing all of the rubbish.


Sorry you had to go through any of this Fletch.


Any more crap and it's instantly deleted.



EDIT: Curb - get the hint. Just one thing - that last post counts as "Mod Sass", this will get you suspended, and continue it and it'll get you banned.

Edited by MrFill
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How have you made this your issue?


This is about Fletch and I have received several complaints about you.


Whether you feel that what you are saying is the truth or not there are rules of engagement and flaming a moderator is a big no no.


Yes I understand you feel you are right and yes i understand you feel you are not being listened to as you feel you have a valid point and you are angry that people are stopping you from doing what you want to do, which is give us your opinion.


However, our opinion counts as well and in this case you are detracting from the point of this thread with posts about you.


If you choose not to go to an FCW show again then fine, as wrestling goes, one fan leaves another takes their place, but you are cutting your nose to spite your face, or wrestling doesn't mean that much to you.


Whatever it is, you have been asked to curb yourself (if you fogive the pun).


Please do so or you will be banned.



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