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Fidel Cashflow

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This is the TWO rap. Anyone who wants to drop eight bars, like an old school train rap. I’ll lead off…


I proudly introduce king T Weezy O

Unseating the throne, is it easy, no


Five long years busting through the ranks

but sites trying to knock us off already sank


Undisputed overlord of the whole wrestling scene

It this site was a necklace it would just gleam


Like platinum in the sun, our dynasty has begun

Everyone who is TWO is number one


From DS to Nicole, the mods are leading this site to greatless

Spiral Tap rappin the school of old, you can’t hate this


Wannabes they fail in contrast, we’re just too nice

This site is top class, their’s are riddled with mice


We rolled the dice, and keep on rollin em

If we continue rollin 7, we’ll just bank roll em


Haters can’t yap on TWO, cause we will clap back

So then ask about the flow, show where it’s at



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