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TWO Wrestling Survivor: R - Round 1


Least favourites?  

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Its going to be a tough call when it comes down to the finals' date=' with Piper, Steamboat, The Rock, Randy Savage, and Ricky Steamboat all deserving the top spot in my opinion.[/quote']


Not to mention Ric Flair, Rick Rude and Raven. Looking for triple threat final between Flair, Rock and Steamboat

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This is the hardest one yet as i like Flair' date='Steamboat,Steiner,Ricky Romero,Ricky Reyes,Piper,Roderick Strong,Rick Rude,[b']The Midnight Express[/b] and RVD.


Rock 'n' Roll Express i think you mean. Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton. Midnight Express was Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey/Stan Lane :P :xyx

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Repo Man totally owns the whole competition. I watched him last night in a title match against Randy Savage and he tried to reposse the title' date=' I mean how cool was that guy.[/quote']


Oh Yes! Repo Man was so damn sneaky! How anybody can not get enjoyment out of watching Repo Man is beyond me.

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I know they have no chance at all, but I really hope The Havana Pitbulls go through. Both good workers, and as a team can be great. When they are tagging, how many others are as natural as them? Very, very few good tag teams still around, and they are one of them.


Excellent round though. You have 5 or 6 guys, who could win in most of the others rounds, such as Flair, Rock, Steamboat, Piper and so on.

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An equal 1,000 votes in total, with 50 wrestlers, means an average of 20.


Those with 21 and over are EEEE-Liminated, which are:


Rad Radford

Raymond Rougeau

Red Rooster

Redd Dogg

Rene Goulet

Repo Man

Rey Mysterio Sr.

Rick Bogner

Rick Michaels

Rick Steiner

Ricky Reyes

Ricky Santana

Rico Constantino

Rikidozan (I can hear Gringo crying...)


Robbie Brookside

Robert Gibson

Rocco Rock

Rocky Romero

Rodney Mack

Romeo Roselli

Ron Bass

Ronnie Garvin


Ross Hart

Russ Haas

Ryan Sakoda

Ryan Shamrock


And just for fun, here's the people who VOTED for Rikidozan, the legend of worldwide professional wrestling, and the man who helped bring forward wrestling by a whole era, and DIDN'T vote for RIKISHI:


2 hottie

Big Craig



chaos kid

Danny Styles

Figure 4








Mr Perfect






Slim Jim

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