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Which logo do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which logo do you prefer?

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I'm doing the project planning and implementation for the re-branding of the company I work for. Steve and the design team have worked up two logos, one of which needs to be picked for use on:


Exterior sign on the building


Business Cards

Branded CD-rs/DVD-Rs

Any other type of promotional literature


Here are the options:


Logo 1:




Logo 2:




Please vote for whichever you thinks the better logo. Also, any and all thoughts on design, problems you could forsee etc. would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance. :xyx


[edit] I'll fix the size problem with the logos when I get home. I only have primitive software on my temporary work PC.

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The firstone even though it does remind me of The Travel Lodge signs' date='i think it looks better than the second one as "lemonmedia" is inside the blue and gives it a more proffesional look, in my opnion.[/quote']




Same font I think. It might be a plan to look at more "anonymous" fonts. :thumbsup


[edit] Acutally, it's not the same font. The tail on the "e" is longer on the Lemon logo, the "r" has a serif on the Lemon logo (I think it's called a serif anyway).

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Take the lovely Ahsatan on a romantic get-away. ;)


Romantic getaway and Travelodge in the same sentence!? The World's gone mad I tell you, MAD!


My Mum actually works at a Travelodge........yup, that's kinda random.


Anyhoo, I must stop this off topic posting.


So, just to be different I'm gonna go with logo number 2, in truth though, I'm gonna go for logo number one.

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Well at least me and 2 others have got it right. Come on, who else voted the second one?

I just thought it was a bit more interesting. They're both cracking, but I just thought the first one was a little plain. But that can be good. Obviously is in this case.

I keep thinking it says "Lemonade" though. I don't imagine anybody else does, because I'm just an idiot.

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