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WAR event in Rugby 10th December 2005


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You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, 'cause Santa Claus is coming to Rugby and coming to WAR's CHRISTMAS CHAOS. Wrestling fans across the region are in for a treat, because on 10th December, The Wrestling Association of Rugby are promoting their annual Christmas Spectacular and the BIGGEST wrestling show of the year - CHRISTMAS CHAOS at Lawrence Sheriff School, Clifton Road, Rugby.


WAR has a tradition of pulling out all the stops around the festive period to give the fans a dose of top quality wrestling action - bringing together a mix of Rugby based talent and some of the bigger stars from all across the country.


For the show, WAR has put together an awesome lineup - headlined by a Title Match between the current WAR Champion – “The Dynamic” Mage and - hailing from the deepest, darkest region of Scotland – “The Highlander” Mooga in a first ever HIGHLAND DOG COLLAR MATCH! In addition, fans are sure to love a very special Santa's Sack match where all the participants will be fighting in Christmas Fancy Dress! At CHRISTMAS CHAOS you can expect to see all this, plus your WAR favourites such as The Spindoctor, Team Judge and the 7ft Tall Monster – The Executioner.


CHRISTMAS CHAOS is to be held at Lawrence Sheriff School, on Clifton Road, Rugby, on Saturday 17th September. Doors open at 7:00 for a 7:30 start and tickets are just £5.00 for adults and £3.50 for under 15's. For more information or to reserve tickets, please contact WAR by telephone on 01788 561735, e-mail newera@waruk.co.uk or visit their website at http://www.waruk.co.uk Refreshments and a variety of WAR merchandise (Videos, DVDs, T-Shirts and signed prints) will be available on the night.

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why would a class act like mpw associate themselves with war


Just wondering, Jakethesnake, but I take it you havent actually SEEN a WAR show? Hense, what gives you the right to say that WAR associating themselves with MPW shows badly on the Coventry lot? As it happens, we have a close relationship and have trained and wrestled with a few MPW guys in the past. Not only that, but if you ask anyone who has been to a WAR event, they will tell you they had a great time with some top quality wrestling and entertainment. Such negative comments from someone who has no knowledge of our product....

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no i have never been to a war showthis will be my first so i hope all you war guys can prove me wrong .the only reason i said what i said is that i read the war forum and the bitching and backstabbing does my nut. i have also meet b52 in person and he seems to be a bit of a plank. i am looking forward to the show and to you i appolagise with all my soul.
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Lawrence Sheriff School, Clifton Road, Rugby, CV213AG

Doors open 7pm, Show Starts 7.30


Adults - £5.00 Under 15's - £3.50


Current Card is as follows:


"Team Judge"

The Judge, Old School Jack London & B52 Lance Corporal


The Spindoctor, Brandon Flynn & Fireman Stan

- - -

Midlands Title Match

"Sensation of The Nation" Rob Hunter © vs British Born Steel

- - -

"Showtime" Steve Stryka vs "Nighthawk" CJ Flame

- - -

Santas Sack Battle Royale

- - -

WAR Title "Highland" Dog Collar Match

Mooga vs "The Dynamic" Mage ©


Also featuring The Executioner, Red Tiger Axel Bowen, T-Rex, Purple Lightning and many MORE!!


Card subject to change


no mpw there if u want to see mpw TALENTgo to the ivy leaf in sheldon on the 4th december .

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:thumbsup well well well the snakeman is on the move again ,and at this time is heading for rugby to see a show called christmas chaos .after a thrilling night in sheldon on sunday the snake slithers down the A45 to rugby to a school this time to learn all about w a r .

the card looks good but who is this B52 lance corporal did he not know a b52 is a plane it was a bomber but maybe he is dixlecsic ahd he thought it said b*mmer.

the snake man cometh beware.:xyx

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