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Happy Birthday Y2James


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....:::: Y2JAMES::::....


Happy Birthday Y2James and have a great day.


Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To Y2Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames

Happy Birthday Tooooo Youuuuuu





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Thanks Everyone.


Its pretty much the same as every other day for me. I will open my presents soon as I woke up late this morning and was late, so I didnt have time. Hmmmm what else happened today..............I got locked outside and had to climb through the window, yup that about it normal day at school. As for tonight, it will be a normal night just open some presents and cards, have my favourite dinner (Curry) then go to bed. I will probably go out and spend my money at the weekend, I have £70 already and havent opened a card yet.



\--------------------- (Crap arrow) I have a new number next to my age at least.

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I know a lady who'll get you far more cigarettes for your £70 than you can get in the shops.


Don't waste it on condoms either, I've found cling film works almost as good.


Mind you, there are some awesome WWE DVD's out at the minute.



The £70 has risen to £110. I dont smoke but I could sell the cigarrettes for protection. You dont really need condoms when the only person you can have sex with is yourself..............Not that I have ever tried :brows (No seriously I haven't.) I might go for a few DVDs like Takers. I want some more wrestling books, I read Angles book in a week.


Anywho for more birthday I got the WWE annual from my nan + £20. The book is basically wrestlers profiles and cartoon scripts ill probably read it all tonight. I got the 2006 WWE calendar, but half the people on it have been released. Lastly I got a great Ben Sherman watch from my mum.

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