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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter 126: Double Edition


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter

Issue #126 - 27th November 2005



Many apologies for the lateness of the newsletter this week, my little brother got married and I was the best man. Makes him a poor judge of character then really......So instead we went for a double issue! thats right, TWO lots of The Main Event by the talented Steven Ashfield as well as DOUBLE reports from TWOStars.


You lucky lucky people.






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For a reason, obviously.


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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #1


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Now back to your regularly scheduled newsletter.



Talk Wrestling Online Member of the Week / Heel of the Week





Well after a great 2 weeks Im torn on who is deserving the most! BUT I will have to give the nod to the man they call VADER....I mean, Wyndorf.




Hoffmeister and Axle Rose, they insulted the queen of WOW Alyson Hannigan. How DARE they?



Forum Threads of the Week





Eddie Guerrero Passes Away by The Indy Legend.

RIP Eddie, we miss you already big man.




Im Overdosing On Take That by Nicole was a fun little thread that kept everyone involved smiling at a time when many were arguing. Well done Nic.



Forums In Focus

- By Darkstar



In the HHH Thread part 16348671657 (witty name I started with that or what! ;)) we had many arguments both ways. And as per usual whenever HHH was put down Benoit was brought into it, never understood how that happens every time. Oh well.


Oh for cryin' out loud HHH won the damn WWE title BEFORE he was Vinces god damn son in law, HHH gained most of his success : unless you count his sucsesses as all those shiney belts he held and all the big names he beat Mr perfect.


I wouldn't say Rock was as good a wrestler as Triple H , but Rocky is a hell of a better entertainer than Hunter.: Damn right Dan, Walking Tall was better than Blade Trinity by far....or am I the only one who thinks that?


Thread split by me to keep it all in topic. Next time I just close threads: ME keeping the peace and being generally a Godlike mod. ;)


so to be a bum but he won big matches before Steph even made her debut : Mr perfect missed that....


she made her official TV debut in 1990 or 1991 when she was 14, HHH wasn't even fully trained then, so unless he has a time machine, went back to before he was employed by WCW, let alone the WWF, then this is impossible.: thanks Mrfill


Oh, and Benoit as well remember. Or did you forget him losing clean 3 times, including tapping out clean?: oh yeah, it was Ed666 who brought Benoit into it...what a surprise that was.


Without even a doubt in my mind, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley made HHH.: Ummm, Im scared to ask [b

DraVen[/b], but which one played Mrs Helmsley?



Member Spotlight





FORUM USERNAME: Evil Gringo...


WHAT DOES IT MEAN? It's a nickname given to me by an old highschool friend which then became my wrestling gimmick and then just a universal nickname by which everyone knows me.... It's Spanish for something, what I don't recall...


FIRST THING YOU POSTED ON THE FORUM: Hello I believe in the introduction forums...




FIRST WRESTLER YOU BOOOOOOOOOED: Hulk Hogan, I seriously never liked him...


CURRENT FAVOURITE WRESTLER, AND WHY? AJ Styles in TNA, just an all round great wrestler and he personifies what makes TNA different from the WWE.


CURRENT MOST HATED WRESTLER, AND WHY? Kendo KaShin. Man's a plonker and the fact that he has gone to Europe to wrestle with the AJPW tag belt which is no longer his legally is a joke.






NEXT BIG STAR: In the WWE... Kennedy for me but in TNA most likely Hoyt.


WHAT HAND DO YOU WRITE WITH: Left, I am evil you know.


BEETHOVEN OR EMINEM: Eminem, not a big lover of classical music, I appreciate the talent but I can link and appreciate Eminem's music far more


FAVOURITE MATCH: Kobashi against Misawa, October 1997 for the AJPW Triple Crown


FAVOURITE THEME MUSIC EVER: Enter Sandman which of course belonged to Sandman... and me...


IF YOU COULD CHOOSE ANYONE TO BE WORLD CHAMPION, WHO WOULD IT BE: On Raw? Probably Jericho before he went on holiday now Angle. On Smackdown it would have been Eddie and in TNA? AJ Styles... I'd also really like it if NOAH put the world title on Akiyama soon as well.


MONTREAL: WHO WAS RIGHT, BRET OR VINCE: Neither, they where both pig headed and stupid and in the end looking out for themselves. If they thought of the actual business for one second it never would have happened.


WHAT WAS THE FIRST WRESTLING SHOW YOU REMEMBER: The earlier ones are a blur but I always vividly recall Summerslam '92, mainly because I was there!


BATMAN OR SPIDER-MAN? Spiderman... just...


FAVOURITE FINISHER: Kobashi's Burning Hammer... But I also love the Shining Wizard, Emerald Fusion and Anaconda Vice...


FAVOURITE CHANT: Asshole... Always gets a chuckle out of me...


BEST WRESTLER NEVER TO BE WORLD CHAMPION: Dynamite Kid, without a doubt...


FAVOURITE DIVA / WOMEN'S WRESTLER: Ayako Hamada, the WWE should get her now!


WHAT'S YOUR DESKTOP WALLPAPER: Changes often.. At this moment? Kobashi getting Northern Light Bombed by Sasaki at the recent NOAH Tokyo Dome dream match...


WHAT?S YOUR FAVOURITE WEBSITE: TWO or the Puroresu ring of sites.


OUTSIDE OF TWO, WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO? Well until I get a new job nothing much. I'm continuing my Admin and IT qualification and mastering the art of C&C game in between looking for jobs.


AND ANY LAST BITS OF INFORMATION YOU ARE WILLING TO SHARE WITH THE MEMBERS OF TWO? My picture for this sucks, I actually look nothing like that anymore as I got a better haircut... Also don't fall asleep anywhere near Darkstar or bad things will happen to you...



Colin probes DraVen & Dan AT THE SAME TIME!



Who are, what do you do, and can you help hold my attention for over five minutes?



I'm DraVen, or Mitchell, or M1TCH3LL, or Sexyeyes... wait, that's not me. I do however feel a sense of deja vu. I do however feel a sense of deja vu.



Hmmm, Dan, aka Quizster, don't do much, but I do try


The important thing in all situations is trying and winning of course, nobody likes a loser



And that must be my mistake, I must try winning sometime


Says Mr Hall of Fame Inductee



Well, there was that of course


Speaking of which, with the amount of ass kissing you do Dra, why aren't you in the hall of fame?



I'm still in the waiting room with an out of date edition of Bella magazine to keep me occupied. I should be ready for induction by about 2009


Alright, so out of your two, what method would you use to beat the other one in a battle to the death?



I'd use my Admin control panel to ban him. Hopefully he'll simply freeze to death. As my posts prove, I'm not a confrontational nor aggressive kind of person.



hmmmmmmm, random quesion, with a random answer, I have always thought that making someone sit through my collection of Repo Man matches would probably drive thim either crazy or into a tea leaf, which would then result im being locked up, either its a win, win.


See, Dan is a real man, Draven hides behind his control panel like the liberal girl he is.


Next question: Both of you, of course, have dealt with review work both now and in the past, what do you feel are the qualities needed for a reviewer? High pain tolerance?



very much so, and being able to meet deadlines always helps, which I believe was my downfall.


Mine too!



Deadlines are a bitch, as Dan just said. Also, some stuff is just horrible, and you have to be tough and give it the grade you feel adequate rather than being nice and not annoying the distributer.


Oh right, so I shouldn't have gave Legends of Wrestling a 7 out of pity, got'cha



I hope that was the game and not the PPV


Yeah, like I'd sit through the PPV


Alright, final question before we dive into the world of word association, you've both been at TWO and climbed the ranks into modship, writership and for one of you, adminship. What kind of changes have you both noticed over time, and what kind of ship do you enjoy most?



The quality of posts has improved. In the early going, it was a small community with little diversity of opinion. Now, there's a wider variety of opinions, characters and community spirit. Of course, there are more idiots around, but the likes of Naitch make up for it. As far as your second question, I enjoy my adminship quite a lot. It's hard work sometimes, but I like it. It's nice to know the boss appreciates your work, and gives in to your moaning and whining.



As far as the changes go, I've seen plenty in terms of TWO's style, from the grey, to the blue to the black. But the biggest change has to be in TWO's users, I think when I first started at TWO the community was small, lead by the chatroom, now its became alot bigger lead by the forum, and as its got bigger it got an 'interesting' range of users, with very 'different' views and opinions.


I've pretty much enjoyed all the ships I've been on, even if I have jumped over board more than once.


Dan does of course, crave career suicide



just call me the Terry Funk of chatroom mods


Alright, here's that gimmick somebody else started. Remember, we can never say the S word. Never


First word, cats



Cats = Not as good as Dogs



Cats = decent enough, but Les Miserables was better


Dra, TWO's Broadway Expert of course, expect to see his new site broadway101.com up soon





Deserved better than to be squashed by Cena


Everyone goes for that joke, let's see if Dan has more class



Jesus = couple of people in the WWE seem to think they are him, but I guess thats another story


Mr Kennedy





I like him. Big star on the rise.



Not really sure, seems quite good at what he does, but for me doesn't do alot


Austin or Hogan?



For death? Hogan.



Hogan = How else would we see Mean Gene on RAW?


Alright onto TWO and it's members


What do you think of each other?



I like Dan. He has a good head on strong shoulders. Needs to swear more, maybe. I'd love to see Dan rip someone to shreds. I think there's a mean anti-conforming side of Dan we should see one day. Who knows... maybe we'll see Dan hijack the TWO ship and steer it into Bizarroland. Off on a tangent I know, but I'm feeling cerebrally hyperactive right now


And Dan?



I think Dra is a very hard worker for TWO, although I don't know him on a personal level, I respect him for speaking his mind, which is what is needed on the forums when in an authoritive role. Dra is a very well respective figure at TWO, and I think he is sound as a pound.


Everyone loves the sound pounds make. Everyone.



Could teach me some lesson in being mean.


Even Hitler


Alright, now I want some snappy answer to these members...





Ssur is better



TWO's No1 Comedian





Computer mastermind



Good Modder





Good Modder as well



Good mod, loves to go t'e shop for loaf 'uh bread and call Gem a 'numpteh'. His accent amuses me no end.


I think I know Dan's answer to this buuut, Chris2K






Good Forum Modder & Columnist to boot





Geordie (insidejokesrule)



Col = Good Deputy to Ru...., good Video Games Guru


DraVen :

I'd go one step further and say you're "russywhipped"


You are both of course, liars, frauds and terrible staff members to boot, and if I was in charge I would have clearly got rid of you years ago.


Speaking of which, what is your favourite kind of tree?



The Magic Faraway kind. Moonface and Saucepan Man provided me with endless entertainment in the land of topsy-turvy as a child.



Trees, hmmmmmm, don't think I have one


oh I do


The Tree from the Zelda games


Alrighty, Kam



TWO & W101 very own Donald Trump



Needs to give someone else access to W101. He's gonna exhause himself. The guy is great but I fear he's gonna overwork himself.



ditto that


Annnnnnnnnnnd finally, TWO as a whole



TWO= Fun



Home away from home... yet still at home... inside a little box... with fairies


You've both been quite, quite awful


Thank you for your time














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TWOStars Update

- By Darkstar



In full results from Xtreme Tv 38


S.E.X. (Arkham and Keith Jaxx) beat Twiggie and The Lonely Avenger after a Jaxx 3000 (Harlem Hangover) on TLA.


V3 beats Volcom in under 60 seconds as an example to Chris Eagles.


Black Dragon beats Tom 'The Drunken Danger' Trash with a backslide.


Brett Banner beats Sickness in an 'Over the Top rope' challange.


The Judge and Jordi Warner defend the tag titles against The Million Dollar Corperation team of Barry Gower and Chris Eagles after Gower gets hit with a turnbuckle powerbomb.


The Incredible Holt beats PMA in a steel cage match....in some odd way that I havent yet got my head around.


In full results from Xtreme TV 39: The Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show:


The Judge tapped out in a hardcore match with Twiggie.


SEX with Jimmy Redman go over the Dark Alliance and Jordi Warner by DQ when Redman is attacked by Twggie.


Michael Howell III beats Shane Cross and Brett Banner in a triple threat match after Howell pins Banner following a Ten Karat Slam (moonsault Rock Bottom).


Black Dragon pins TLA following a Sky Twister press.


In a Lucha Libre rules match (2/3 falls and piledrivers are illegal. Rest periods MUST be observed or you lose the prior fall) dedicated to eddie Guerrero Evil Gringo beats Barry Gower. Gower gains the first fall and Gringo gets the last 2 for the win.



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This week in Wrestling History


November 27th

1942 - Bobby Managoff defeated Yvon Robert for the NWA Heavyweight Wrestling title

1986 - Tully Blanchard defeated Dusty Rhodes for the NWA Television title

1991 - The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF Heavyweight title

1993 - PG-13 defeated Jeff Jarrett & Brian Christopher for the USWA Tag Team title


November 28th

1963 - The Crusher defeated Verne Gagne for the AWA Heavyweight title

1985 - Magnum T.A. defeated Tully Blanchard for the NWA U.S. Heavyweight title

2001 - Leviathan defeated Doug Basham for the Ohio Valley Heavyweight title


November 29th

1993 - Mike Anthony & Jeff Gaylord defeated PG-13 for the USWA Tag Team title

2003 - Los Lunatics defeated Trailer Park Trash, Elm Street Kids, & Rob Fury, Envy, & Jimmy Hustler for the USA Pro-Wrestling 6 Man Triad Title


November 30th

1991 - The Moondogs defeated Robert Fuller & the Young Gun for the USWA Tag Team title

1997 - Shane Douglas defeated Bam Bam Bigelow for the ECW Heavyweight title

1998 - Bret Hart defeated Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW US Heavyweight title

1998 - Konnan defeated Chris Jericho for the WCW Television title

1998 - Big Bossman defeated Mankind for the WWF Hardcore title


December 1st

1906 - Fred Beell defeated Frank Gotch for the American Heavyweight title

1973 - Stan the Man Stasiak defeated Pedro Morales for the WWWF Heavyweight title


December 2nd

1991 - Jerry Lawler defeated Kamala for the USWA Unified Heavyweight title

2000 - Crash Holly defeated William Regal for the WWF European Heavyweight title

2001 - Ruckus defeated Trent Acid & Winger in a Three Way Dance for the vacant Combat Zone World Light-Heavyweight Title


December 3rd

03/1991 - Hulk Hogan defeated the Undertaker for the WWF Heavyweight title

03/2000 - Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Tony Marmaluke & Little Guido to become the last ECW Tag Champions


Wrestling 101 Info Centre



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The Main Event





Another month goes by and yet again I'm going to be writing an obituary for a great wrestler. Why???????


The passing of Eddie Guerrero is slightly different from when a legend dies. When someone like Lord Alfred Hayes or Freddie Blassie passed away, sure it was a time to remember the contribution they made to the profession but they weren't really part of the game today. With Eddie Guerrero and stars like Chris Candido, Brian Pillman, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog that wasn't the case. Here were stars who had so much more to offer, so many more wrestling matches to participate in and titles to be won and lost.


Anyone who saw Raw on Monday night and will tune in to see Smackdown at the weekend will know just how emotional fans and WWE performers feel at this moment. Seeing stars like Big Show and Chris Benoit break down was horrible to watch but it showed us just how much Eddie Guerrero was loved.


Eddie was just hours apparently from winning the World Heavyweight Title, how on earth does Vince cope with the fact that his current champion Batista is injured and the man he wanted to replace him with passes away?


Eddie was truly one of the great performers of his generation. His ability in the ring was staggering. Matches against Benoit, whether it be in the States or Japan were awesome. Put Eddie in against Kurt Angle and it wasn't a case as it often is of Angle carrying his opponent. But the great thing about Eddie was that it wasn't just in the ring that he could perform, he was a genius on the microphone. His feuds with Kurt Angle. Rey Mysterio and Big Show were totally enhanced by his ability to make us laugh till our sides ached.


His character in WWE may have been a total stereotype but he carried it off so well. A guy who was a face who spent his time lying, cheating and stealing. Imagine that in the old days! His feud with Rey Mysterio must be on the shortlist of feuds of the year. The storyline was a bit dodgy to say the least but Eddie carried it off. Some of his speeches were brilliant, even in a feud where he lost almost every match. Just think would we ever have thought it possible Rey Mysterio would come out on WWE television wearing an 'I'm Your Papi' T-shirt!


That sums up the feeling in WWE at the moment. Storylines are suspended, who cares if the World Heavyweight Title picture is in total disarray? All that matters is that Eddie receives the respect he deserves.


Having said that though, we have to ask ourselves why pro wrestling has the problems that it currently has. Eddie is just another star who sadly won't celebrate his 40th birthday. Why is this happening? We don't look at boxing, football and cricket and continually pay our respects to the stars in those sports who die in their 30s. In the UK we have wrestling reunions with stars in their 70s and 80s attending. what will happen in the USA when it comes to a reunion in say 2040?


Steroid use is a problem. The desire to have big musclebound wrestlers has its downside. Don't you look at Triple H and Chris Masters and wonder how they got that body and if they have been using steroids how will it affect them in the future? I've seen Stephanie McMahon cry once already this week, I don't want to hear about Triple H having a heart attack in his 40s.


Drugs and alcohol abuse is obviously another problem in pro wrestling. Would anyone reading this not be surprised if they suddenly read about the death of X-Pac, Chyna or The Sandman? It's a tough life being a wrestler. All the matches, the training and the travelling. It takes its toll and use of drugs, painkillers to continue wrestling and alcohol to numb pain is prevalent. But what can be done to stop this?


Another week, another tragedy, we have to pay our respects but isn't there also a fear at the back of our minds of who's next? Let me know what you think by emailing mageditoruk@yahoo.co.uk. I'm also putting a lengthy tribute to Eddie in my next Piledriver magazine so if you have any comments just email them to me.



The Main Event 2



The Real War


So it's Raw v Smackdown at Survivor Series but isn't it just a bit pointless? What happens to the team who wins if anything? If Raw wins does that mean we just think they're superior to their Friday night counterparts? If Smackdown win do we just have to get used to Teddy boasting about it every week? The problem is of course that it doesn't really matter especially with the Raw team not including Triple H, Ric Flair, John Cena and Kurt Angle. Any Smackdown victory would be totally hollow. But if it was a real war, just who would win?


Raw undoubtedly is stronger than Smackdown. Outside the ring the commentary team is better and Joey Styles is settling in really well. Bischoff is a stronger GM than Long who I can't stand to be honest and production just looks better.


Time to get in the ring and let's go straight to the top and John Cena. I'm not the greatest of fans but I'd prefer to see him than Batista. The latter is just a musclebound (but for how long?) goody two shoes who hasn't yet had a career defining classic match. He hasn't even had a proper feud over his title for weeks. Cena has the bonus of his mic work and the ability now he's on Raw to work against opponents who can carry him to better matches.


Add on talent like Triple H, Flair and Michaels and you can see why Raw is so much stronger in the ring. Big Show and Kane satisfy Vince's desire to have dominant monsters that fans can like and plenty of up and coming stars such as Carlito, Masters and Conway. The tag division is the real weakness on Raw, just why were so many new teams created for Smackdown and Raw just got the Smoking Gunns mark 2. More effort is needed in that department and I don't just mean teaming jobbers together like they have with Viscera and Venis.


The Diva's on Raw are definitely better than on Smackdown. The matches have been pretty good recently and there's the bubbling Trish v Mickie feud to look forward to, as well as the big push Candice will get when Playboy comes out. I just wish Victoria would be given the push she deserves.


Over on Smackdown there's definitely plenty of talent with Benoit, Orton and Booker T all able to wrestle great matches. It's a shame that Undertaker is seen so rarely and of course the brand will struggle to ever get over the loss of Eddie Guerrero. New talent looks promising with Kennedy and Lashley getting pushes, Matt Hardy looks destined to tag with Rey Mysterio which brings us to the main area where Smackdown is better than Raw: Hardy/Mysterio, LOD, MNM, Regal/Burchill, Mexicools and The Dicks make for an interesting tag division.


The big disappointment for me on Smackdown is the cruiserweight division. Why have stars like Juventud, Super Crazy and Pcicosis on board if Mysterio is going to be playing David v Goliath all the time. London, Kendrick and Nunzio deserve better and will the return of Knoble do anything at all? The Diva's don't really have a division at all on Smackdown. there's potential with Melina, Christy and Stacy but rarely any action. As for the juniors, who needs them!


Raw wins the battle for me and I'm sure Vince thinks of them first when making any decisions. The war may be on between the two brands but a real war would be a no-contest in my opinion. Smackdown lost out on the draft lottery, that's for sure.


That's all for November, see you all next week as December hits us.


Final Thoughts



Whatta manover.


Thanks for reading!



Newsletter Editor





With thanks to our contributors for this issue:


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