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Ok i've been given a bit of The Rugby bug by somebody, and i've really been enjoying the Autum tests that have been going on over the past few weeks.


The 6 nations does'nt start untill Febuary, but from the tests in recent weeks i get the feeling that it could be a thrilling couple of months with France, Wales and England all in with a shout of claiming victory. I'd be very surprised if a nation claims the Grand Slam like wales did last year.


However i was wondering if anybody could give me the details of the dates and venues of next years Championship?



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Saturday 4th February 2006

13:30 GMT Ireland vs Italy Lansdowne Road

15:30 GMT England vs Wales Twickenham


Sunday 5th February 2006

15:00 GMT Scotland vs France Murrayfield


Saturday 11th February 2006

13:30 GMT France vs Ireland Stade de France

16:00 GMT Italy vs England Stadio Flaminio


Sunday 12th February 2006

15:00 GMT Wales vs Scotland Millennium Stadium


Saturday 25th February 2006

14:00 GMT France vs Italy Stade de France

17:30 GMT Scotland vs England Murrayfield


Sunday 26th February 2006

15:00 GMT Ireland vs Wales Lansdowne Road


Saturday 11th March 2006

13:30 GMT Wales vs Italy Millennium Stadium

15:30 GMT Ireland vs Scotland Lansdowne Road


Sunday 12th March 2006

15:00 GMT France vs England Stade de France


Saturday 18th March 2006

13:30 GMT Italy vs Scotland Stadio Flaminio

15:30 GMT Wales vs France Millennium Stadium

17:30 GMT England vs Ireland Twickenham



There we go!


Should be a good tournament i think, If England can get the 3 or so backs the need to cpmlete the team they should be in with a shout. Can't see past France really, especially as Wales are having the problems they are at the moment. These autumn internationals have shown that we don't have the strength in depth other teams have, a ew injuries and we're floundering. But it was good to see a lot of new caps at the same time, it'll only help us in the long run.


And can i just say, New Zealand are probably one of the most exciting teams ive ever seen in rugby, if they get any stronger they could be the best ever.

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I was talking to my friend at work about the All Blacks last week, he's more of a Rugby man than i ever will be. According to him he does not feel that The All Blacks have devolped that much since the World Cup. He does acknowledge that they are along with France one of the top 2 nations in the World at the moment. But claims that this is more to do with the decline in both the Australian and English games.


I unfortunaly missed the All Blacks game yesterday as i was at the football. but it does sound as if England put in an even better performence than the Cook Cup victory last week. Yet 2 weeks ago i watched the All Blacks maul the Welsh and by all accounts they were even more impressive a week later at Lansdowne road.


Anyway 4th Febuary England v Wales, can't wait!

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yeah should be a good game.


And im sorry to say you're friend is talking out of his arse, the All Blacks are a 100 times better than they were at the World Cup - think about it, the teams they fielded against Wales and Ireland were a completely different 15 and still both trampled them into the ground. Wales lost to NZ by 1 or 2 points at the WC, and granted its a differnet team now, the NZ team are still tonnes better.


I would summise from the comment that its not that NZ are better but that England are worse that your friend is english, because this does a huge diserice to the All Blacks. Australia maybe down at the moment, but South Africa certainly are not, and NZ beat both teams to become the Tri-Nations Champions this year, SA are far better than Australia and England.


NZ are currently the best team in the world, because they have the best player around - the best number 10 in Dan Carter, and probably the best back line. They are also are the best becaus they have strength in depth - they brough players such as Rokococo off the bench against Enalgnd! Any other team and he would walk into the first 15.


The NZ team now are definitely a better team than in the world cup, they look like a unit all playing for each other and their ability to pass out of the tackle and play the wide game is amazing. During the six nations Wales were probably the only team that were playing the same sort of game as NZ and is probably one reason why hey won the grand slam. Its also the am reason theyve been so crap this internationals because they'e not playing th expansive game they are best at.


Full credit to England theo, they ran the all blacks close, but when it came down to it, they just didnt look like they were going to beat them. It'll ake a poor showing from the All Blacks, or a team playing out of their skin to beat them at the moment.

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And im sorry to say you're friend is talking out of his arse, the All Blacks are a 100 times better than they were at the World Cup


I'll go into work on Tuesday and tell him that, "Oi you why did you tell me that the All Blacks were pants whilst my welsh friend tells me that they are simply fantastic!"


He so happened to be working at our site in Port Talbot the weekend of the Wales v England encounter last year, he hated it and got some serious abuse from our Welsh collugues.

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Dear me he was in Port Talbot?! God help him!


Place to be on a match day is in Cardiff, no where like it for any game be it Wales or any team thats playing at the stadium..


Yeah tell him he's talking crap, the welsh got mauled by em but i an see that they're the bet eam!

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I had the pleasure or travelling through Port Talbot the day of the River island shoes episode i mentioned to you.


Unfortunatly it was rather a grim day, so Port talbot did'nt really look great, i remember passing by a huge fuel works which i could hardly see due to the fog, looking at the huge flames coming from one of the towers i was like where the hell have i come too.


However from the people 'i've spoken too, they all say that if i get the chance i should try and get some work at our site down there. Mainly because we get put up in a hotel with all bar tabs taken care of, as well as having your arse kissed because the work force is only semi skilled.


I bet they'd love to rub it in when Wales beat England at Rugby though.

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