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XTV 40: 25th November 2005


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Last Show before Survivor Series - the show should close by Saturday at the VERY LATEST:


XTV 37 - November 25th

Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH



Twiggie vs Redman - Twiggie writing



Shane Cross & Michael Howell vs The Judge & Jordi Warner - edgemast006 writing



Jaxx vs TLA - Han writing



The Future (TIH, Trash, DS) vs Gringo, Dante & Banner


After the main event




Takers for any matches please?


The show should be starting the show either after Baz posts the match or on Monday morning. :)

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by the way, Baz, do you want to write Jaxx vs TLA or should we do it both of us? i can't take it alone, i might do half of it seeing that i still have to work a lot on the SS match...so what is it going to be?


EDIT - I will take the match after talking to Baz online. i don't have much time to do it so i would make it short and simple. tommorow is indepence day here in Lebanon so it is holiday for me, but unfrotunatly i have 2 exams to prepare for so tonight is the only chance to write it. so please the bookers send me the booking ASAP! thanks!

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Well no one has sent me the booking Dante. I won't actually be getting back from work till 7pm because of the traffic so if you could take it this week and I'll promo anything relevant the bookers want me too then it would be great.


Reason getting back at 7 is a bitch is because I have to get up at 6am...


But the pay is good and there is no heavy lifting so yay.

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Like I said, I don't have it yet...


But guys you heard the man... Let him have the booking!


And likewise, if you have trouble then I will help you out in anyway I can, no problem at all.


Plus bookers, a brief outline of my main promo objectives please... I have a few agendas from last week of course but anything more you want me to get over just tell me.

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