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Who to carry on the guerrero legacy?


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the guerreros have been in wrestling for three generations now and with the death of eddie, the legacy has stopped. he has no boys to take on his legacy in the future, the only one who can revive the great showcase of hero that the guerrero family presented us would be chavo. i hope he carriers the title of guerrero proudly and honorably and maintain the guerrero spirit burning in everyone's heart proudly. do you think he will make his uncle eddie proud and do a great job as a guerrero or unfortunatly end a run down of three great legendary generations???
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Hi everyboy, it was a long time since I was here.


I wanna add something, Chavo can run with the Torch of the Guerrero family maybe for a long time, since there are not family succesors of them in the wrestling bussines; the most close are a Hector Guerrero son i guess, but he is too young (15 or something) to follow the same path.


But not forget the females!, maybe is not present on the Guerrero family at this time but in the future...who knows?


Examples are a lot in Lucha Libre Dinasty tradition like The Moreno sisters, the Hamada daugthers, Irma (mom) and Lola (daugther) Gonzalez...etc.


Or maybe one of their relatives on the Mother side (Llañez Family, great luchadores too) can be rise to integrate in the Dinasty.


Viva la Raza, vatos!


(note: in Mexico to a Family of wrestlers we call them "Dinastias", so in the Disnasty of the Guerreros Chavo is

the one who carries the torch)

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Hopefully WWE does a good job with Chavo and furthering the family legacy. He should be on Smackdown (the superior show lately) doing something inetersting for the US belt, or a good fued that will get him great exposure. Dont drop the main belt on him yet, wait for a few years, when hes more ready for it. Because we all know that right now he doesnt deserve the title, and if he was to get it, it would only be b/c of Eddie. Let him grow on his own, and that is how you build the legacy. Let him be over for years and years (like Eddie), not the quick payoff right now. And get him off RAw, he'll only be in the back cleaning tiolets with Shelton since they wouldn't know what to do with him.


Chavo can definitly deliver over time, the question is will WWE let him?

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