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Anyone heard that new Nizlopi song, 'The JCB Song'?


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Probably not even thread worthy, but I heard the Nizlopi song 'The JCB Song' on the music channel 'The Box' (not that I watch that channel often) yesterday, downloaded it and haven't stopped listening to it. Ignoring the silly title, just a really nice song about a boy, his imagination and his relationship with his father. So was wondering if anyone has heard it, likes it and has had their life changed because of it?


Ok, my life hasn't really changed, but it is already my new favourite song and I would strongly urge you to download it (legally of course). Of course if you aren't a corny, cheesy old fart like I am, you will probably hate the song.

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OH MY GOD!!! I love this tune, heard this morning on Radio 1, got in from college and 1st thing i did.......download it :lol Did abit of reading up on the band and the song, its all kinda emotional. Like Chris "Always nice to hear anything that discourages bullying in music form" So hope it makes Christmas number 1.
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