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O'leary leaves leeds


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david o'leary has left leeds by mutual consent.


This comes as a huge shock to me especially considering the things he has done to leeds.


I wonder who will end up getting 1 of the hottest jobs in english football.

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I was supprised to see he'd been fired, 5th was a dissapointing finish for Leeds but they did have a alot to deal with last season the majority of which wasn't football related, but I guess this has to do with his stance on Rio Ferdinand which is a disgrace.


Apparntly O'leary was ordered to make £15 Million profit on summer transfers by the board, you do have to wonder if they'll complete the Ferdinand to United and Kewll to Barca transffers while theres no manager in.

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Actually,it IS a business now.It ain't a pure,commercial/capitalist-free sport anymore.


No-one knows why O'Leary was sacked (if he was sacked at all) so why write as if you know?!


As an Arsenal fan,I like and respect O'Leary a lot,he's a good manager and I doubt they'll be a reasonable explanation given by both parties about his leaving/sacking.


He was doing a great job with Leeds.

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Sam, the way you post it is like nobody is allowed an opinion, or indeed is allowed to comment on anything. Let people speculate on what could have happened, it makes for interesting discussion.


As for O'Leary, he's spent around 90 Million pounds and won nothing. That could be a major factor as to why he's left.

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I can only assume Sam...ooops, sambird...was doubting O'Leary was fired, even though the guy who interviewed o'Leary phoned him and was told, by O' Leary himself, that he was fired. Oh...and it was the reported on SKY Sports News.


Bloody hell, I really should check my facts more...shouldn't I Sammy!


I'm pretty sure O'Leary suffered because a few of his squad decided to act like racist louts...if you ask me Ridsdale has a bloody short memory. Sacking the guy who was constantly dealing with one problem after another is hardly fair.

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No,I don't write as if you can't speculate,I was just pointing out the simple fact that no-one knows the whole truth,therefore shouldn't write in a way that implies they do.

I wasn't meaning it as a putdown.


I was speculating too ya know.Theres a difference between writing stuff as if it's fact and speculating.


Yeah,I saw O'Leary say that he was fired.

So,'Tsu' ooops 'Tsumirren',you believe everything thats reported on ''Sky Sports'' do you?!


Yeah,you should check your 'facts' before saying stuff.

At first,you wrote as if you knew the 'facts' but at least (judging from your last post) you're finally using more sensible and objective terms like ''I'm pretty sure etc....'' instead just writing like you know the facts.You're learning,which is good:8

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This was up on the ITV football site (so we might not be able to believe it or something):


David O'Leary today claimed Leeds United have "a great spin doctor at the club'' as the furore over his departure threatened to boil over.


The Irishman was yesterday shown the door as manager by chairman Peter Ridsdale after almost four years in charge at Elland Road.


Protect reputation



The club claimed the decision was taken for footballing reasons but O'Leary admits he fears the story could be spun to protect their reputation.


"If the club stick to the reasons I'll go peacefully" - O'Leary

He revealed: "As long as the club stick to the reasons I'll keep my silence and go peacefully.


"But if I see some spin to suit the image of the club then I will have something to say.


"They have a great spin doctor at the club.


"I've heard that it [the sacking] could have had something to do with the players and that amazes me.


"What concerns me is the spin" - O'Leary

"I've spent ?60m and I don't think that was squandered. What concerns me is the spin put on it.


"I got the sack for reasons I can accept but where I will come out in anger is if spin is put on it that is wrong.''


And he added: "There is one person at the club who is particularly good at spinning.''


Heavy heart



O'Leary, who is taking a holiday, admits that he leaves the club with a heavy heart.


"I've tried not to let the fans down" - O'Leary

He added: "I think over four years I have done my best. I've tried not to let the fans down.


"The club have spent ?60m and have come a long way.


"Whoever gets the job good luck to them because they'll be joining a great club. It hasn't done me any harm.


"I'd like to thank so many people at Leeds. It has been tough but it's a great place to live.


"I've loved being here and the fans have been great. I tried to do my best.


"I'll remain friends with a lot of people at Leeds - if they stick to why I got the sack.''


Plenty to offer



O'Leary feels he still has plenty to offer and hopes to return to management elsewhere.


He said: "I'll move on. I've been very fortunate over the years.


"I hope somebody takes pity on me" - O'Leary

"Finance-wise I've got enough to get by but I'm not in it for that.


"I was very fortunate to play for Arsenal but then I wanted to see the management side.


"I hope somebody takes pity on me somewhere and I get the chance to do my best for them and their fans.


"I loved this job. It was mentally tough for the last two years but it is a great club.

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This morings Daily Star has Rio Ferdinand stating that his proposed move to Manchester United is not the reason behind David O'Leays shock dismissal, this was echoed by Peter Risdale.


However O'Leary himself was reported to have said that he believes he was sacked because he refused to rubber stamp the PLC sale of Rio Ferdinand.


Two conflicting stores, for me this whole thing stinks of peer pressure. The PLC want to sell the clubs two biggest assets, Rio and Kewell, the manager obviously did not. I think Risdale was probably stuck between a rock and a hard place.


I did get the feeling that Risdale and O'Leary were quite close as a manager/chairman relationship goes. What with all the pair of them have had to put up with during O'Learys reign, like the Turkey incident and the moronic actions of Woodgate and Bowyer.

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He did spend 90 Million but it was spent on good players, Viduka, Keane, Ferdinand, Mills etc and he did take Leeds to the semi's of the Champions League in 2001 which was a huge achievement.


In my opinion the best available replacement would have to be Guus Hiddink who did say he wanted to manage in Britian, but chance's are he'll probaly take the vacant PSV job.

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