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Maybe because it SUCKS.


I like blues. You can have nice dark blues and light blues. You can wear both individually with a bunch of different colours, or wear different blues together. It's a cooling, calm colour with aquatic themes.


Plus, y'know, salt and vinegar.

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I'm confused.........cheese and onion crisps are blue packeted:eek


Pink's my fave colour, ever since i started hanging arround the gay bars pinks been my colour and ive been so girly. Before that blue was my favouritist colour, and i was more butch than my brother (which actually isn't that hard:S)


I can't wait to have blue hair, purely coz the colour im getting is exactly the same as blue meanies and he has gorgeous blue hair. Then i want pink and turquoise streaks.


just a little bit of info from the crazy world of gem for ya there:P


EDIT: message was edited by gem, as fill would shout at me if he saw the txt talk :eek

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Try reading the other posts first Wyndorf


I read it 17 times!!!!........


I still can't see the words "blue is my favourite colour"


I have a room painted some sort of grey, Yuk!


The "I'll get my coat" quip should've indicated I was making a crap joke based on the time when certain people came to the conclusion your sig some how made you a homosexual.


Of course you already knew that, right?............

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