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Roy Keane leaves united

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Roy Keane to leave Old Trafford




Manchester United has today reached agreement with Roy Keane for Roy to leave the Club with immediate effect.

The agreement allows Roy to sign a long term deal with another club to enable him to secure his playing career beyond what would have been the end of his contract at United in the summer.


The Club has offered Roy a testimonial in recognition of his 12 ½ years at Old Trafford.


The Club thanks Roy for his major contribution to the Club during his years of service.


Manager Sir Alex Ferguson said:


“Roy Keane has been a fantastic servant for Manchester United. The best midfield player in the world of his generation, he is already one of the great figures in our Club’s illustrious history. Roy has been central to the success of the Club in the last 12 ½ years and everyone at Old Trafford wishes him well in the rest of his career and beyond”


Chief Executive David Gill said:


“Roy has been a towering figure at the Club for over a decade. His dedication, talent and leadership have been qualities that have marked him out as one of the true greats. On behalf of everyone at the Club, we wish him every success in his future career.”


Roy Keane said:


“It has been a great honour and privilege for me to play for Manchester United for over 12 years. During my time at the Club I have been fortunate to play alongside some of the best players in the game and in front of the best supporters in the world. At all times I have endeavoured to do my best for the management and the team.


"Whilst it is a sad day for me to leave such a great Club and Manager I believe that the time has now come for me to move on. After so many years, I will miss everyone at the Club.


"I send my best wishes for the future to the management, players, staff and supporters of the Club.”


Communications Office, Manchester United Limited


what do yous think?? IM FLIPPING SPEECHLESS

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Bad news for United. Their midfield is seriously weak now. The news doesn't surprise me though. It's been obvious that Keano and Fergie's relationship has been rocky for some months now. Some say he'll go to Celtic but I don't think he will. I think he might retire completely.
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A lot of people seem to think this is a shock, but come on, we already knew he wasnt going to be there next year, and after the "silencing" on MUTV surely it wouldnt be long before he walked out the door? I can see him at Celtic by the end of the season, but it makes no difference to me really!
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Hmmm, I figured he'd coast through the rest of the season before moving onto Celtic in the summer, but I guess his attitude and opinions eventually pissed enough people off that it came to this.


Portsmouth are apparently interested, but like anyone who's followed football for more than a couple of days, you'll know he'll have his heart set on a move to Celtic who might just be happy enough to accomodate him.

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Bad news for United. Their midfield is seriously weak now. The news doesn't surprise me though. It's been obvious that Keano and Fergie's relationship has been rocky for some months now. Some say he'll go to Celtic but I don't think he will. I think he might retire completely.




Not going to happen the reason he's left United is to secure a longer contract to prelong his career not end it

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Hardly the most shocking news, I thought he'd see it out untill the end of the season though. It's been reported that he's had his differences with Sir Alex. Maybe it was felt that it would be better to look at replacements for the remainder of the season, and so with first team places looking limited it was decided that it's best to go.


I'm sad to see Keano go, it's like the end of an era. He's been a fantastic and inspirational player for the club over the past 13 years, one of the all time greats and a Manchester United Legend.

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Keane was a fantastic player for us and I'm sad to see that player go...


However the player that has been in the Red of Manchester United for the past one and half season's isn't that Roy Keane. He is somebody that has under achieved like the rest of the squad and through numerous factors isn't the player he once was.


And to point the blame away from himself he made outspoken outbursts against other members of the squad when maybe he was just as much to blame as well.


No player is bigger then the club they play for as United proved with Kanchelskis, Ince, Yorke and others before hand that made such comments and attacked the management. It worked out well before, I don't see why it can't now.


Goodby Roy Keane, thanks for the memories, unfortunately you left the taste of bile in our mouths with you last actions as well. Shame eh?

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To be fair, while his comments were harsh, they were pretty mcuh bang on the money with all of them. He's been poor too, and I'm sure he'd admit that, but look at it this way. Since he's said those comments, United have put in 2 excellent performances, with everyone he had a go out directly, having great games. Best possible reaction they could have got.


As to who replace him? Smith's not the man, he's not good enough. Ballack's the wrong type of player, which people seem to forget, and he's no spring chicken either.


We'll see if Fergie can make a find, cause thats seemingly the only feasible option he's got.

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yeah,nobody actually KNOWS WHAT HE SAID.What did they think was going to happen when they put him on a show thats called Plays the pundit??after a 4-1 drubbing hes hardly going to say "oh they tried hard, better luck next time",I dont know where hes going to go??I dont know if he could lower himself down to the level that is the scottish league,and what was his final action in a united shirt??getting taken out by such a rubbish player that is Luis Garcia.
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Juventus linked with Keane



Italian giants Juventus are reported to have expressed an interest in signing free agent Roy Keane.


According to reports, the Serie A champions want to add the Irishman - who sensationally left Manchester United by mutual consent last Friday - to their midfield which already features his former Arsenal adversary Patrick Vieira.


In addition to the Frenchman, Juve also have Brazilian holding midfielder and sometime national team captain Emerson in their ranks, so it could be questioned whether the Turin side really need the added bite of Keane.


Roma are also said to be in pursuit of the 34-year-old, while closer to home Manchester City boss Stuart Pearce did not rule out trying to set up a cross-city switch for the player.


"I think this club would like to be associated with good players and Roy Keane falls into that category," said Pearce, who spent three years with the tough-tackling midfielder at Nottingham Forest in the early 1990s.


"Every club in the world at the moment has their name attached to Roy Keane. I think the fact we are in a city where he lives and works means we might be attached as well.


"As long as this club continues to get attached to good players I think that is a good thing.


"We are certainly looking at players who might improve our team - we always are and always will be and Roy is a good player, one who can improve our team.


"'He is a good player and that is borne out by the number of teams who have been associated with a player who has only been released by his club for a couple of days."


Celtic would seem a good fit for Keane, though the Hoops chief executive Brian Quinn has pointed out he would need to take a severe cut in wages for the Parkhead club to afford him.


"There are two separate issues," he told BBC Radio Five Live.


"One is a footballing issue, whether Roy would fit into Gordon's plans and the formation - because the team is playing very well just now and is very settled.


"But that is Gordon's judgement and we have to take that into account.


"The other is the business side, and we would have to wait and see what is proposed.


"We have heard nothing from Roy Keane, nothing from his representatives and until you see what the proposal is, it is premature to offer a view on that."


Portsmouth were one of the first clubs to declare an interest in Keane, while Wigan, Everton, West Brom and Aston Villa have all been linked to the player.

From Teamtalk.com


I doubt that very much...

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Now that Roy Keane the biggest asshole ever born is gone from Manchester I will start supporting Manchester again.


There's two teams in Manchester, please be more specific.


Trust me, the Irish had a bad enough name before Roy Keane came along. :xyx

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No player should stop a man/women/trans-sexual from supporting a team at all.... No manager at all either.


Ples Viera and Keane in the same midfield? Hahahahahahahahahaha! Imagine the bloodshed.... in the Juve dressing room, priceless.


He is gonna play for Celtic for about a season and a half, I'm telling you.

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