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VPW return to Horndean Friday November 25th (ladder match)

Adam Gard

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VPW return to Horndean Friday November 25th, featuring UK Kid versus Phil Powers in a high stakes ladder match!


6th May 2005: On the original show at the Horndean Technology College UK Kid and Phil Powers met for the first time in a match which The UK Kid won, however Powers also had a taste of victory later in the night by winning a battle royal.


24th June 2005: A month later in Horndean a one night eight man tournament took place, the quarter finals saw Phil Powers defeat Eamon O'Neill, Doug Williams defeat Andy Boy Simmonz, Kris Kay defeat Chris Andrews and UK Kid defeat Lee Darren. In the first semi final match UK Kid defeated Kris Kay, the second semi final match was won by Doug Williams after his opponent Phil Powers forfeited after claiming he was injured, therefore the final match of the tournament pitting UK Kid against Doug Williams, the match saw Powers cost UK Kid the match giving Williams the victory.


16th September 2005: At the official debut of VPW Doug Williams and Phil Powers took on debuting Sam Andrews and Shawn Batemen in a match that saw Powers and Williams destroy the rookies, Powers and Williams then stated that there was no tag team that could be them, at which point UK Kid brought out his friends from the USA to take on Powers and Williams, Shane and Shannon The Ballard Brothers. The match took place later in the night, which ended with UK Kid costing Powers and Williams the match to The Ballard Brothers getting a bit of revenge from the events months before.


October 28th: A month later (and following some insults from Powers on the VPW website) UK Kid was ready to get his hands on Powers but Powers had other plans, he brought in former WWE star Joe E Legend to take on The UK Kid later in the night, Powers said he was so confident in Legend's skills that if UK Kid was to win the match he would step into the ring in an official match with The UK Kid, but before that Legend defeated one of UK Kid's trainees in what Legend referred to as a warm up match. The main event was set, UK Kid versus Joe E Legend, Phil Powers attempted to cost UK Kid the match but Kid thwarted Powers attempt and then rolled up Legend to gain the victory meaning he would get Powers in a one on one match.


Not long after UK Kid's victory over Legend, VPW officials announced that due to VPW being a new company it needs someone to be the VPW Spokesmen, but instead of picking someone it will be added incentive in the match between Phil Powers and UK Kid on the 25th at the Horndean Technology College, but that’s not all because this match will not be fought under the confines of a normal match, it will be a ladder match! UK Kid and Phil Powers will battle it out in one of the most innovative matches of all time where the winner must climb the ladder and bring down a contract to not only give them the win but to give them power within the company. The feud between Powers and UK Kid has been brewing for months and on November 25th they finally collide, what will either man do to defeat the other? What will be more important, brutalizing each other or winning the match? One thing is for sure; this match will not be one to miss!


This ladder match along with Kris Kay versus Chris Andrews in a grudge match and many more matches from all the top VPW stars take place on Friday November 25th at the Horndean Technology College. With tickets at just £5 for children and £8 for adults, this is one show you do not want to miss.


Keep up to date with VPW via the VPW website.

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New matches and names announced for the 25th!


This morning VarsityPro.com got word that two new matches have officially been added to the next show on the 25th in Horndean.


The first match features local star Andy Simmonz against newcomer Aviv Maayan in a power versus speed match. Simmonz has been on every VPW show to date and has a record of two wins and two loses, whereas his opponent has only wrestled in a VPW ring once, which was at the last show on October 28th in his debut when he defeated Max Voltage.


The second new match added to the card will feature to veterans of the UK scene making their VPW debut, as it will be Steve Grey versus Mal Sanders. Steve Grey who was born in London has been wrestling for over fifteen years and has wrestled all over the world, throughout his career he has held European, British and World championship belts. His opponent is a fellow old school wrestler, Mal Sanders, who is also originally from London, has fifteen years of experience and much like his opponent has wrestled all over the world. Two familiar foes will clash on the 25th in what should be a very close contest.


We will also see the VPW debut of international competitor, Jonny Storm. The self-proclaimed 'wonderkid' has made a big impact on the UK scene since arriving in 1996 after being trained by Dino Scarlo. After years of success wrestling all over the world and winning championship belts from various promotions he has gained a cocky attitude, which he will no doubt bring with him as the 'Wonderworld Tour' comes to Varsity Pro Wrestling.


Along with those two great matches and the debut of Jonny Storm we will also see a grudge match between Kris Kay and Chris Andrews, and in the main event a ladder match to determine the VPW Spokesmen between rivals UK Kid and Phil Powers, and all for £5 children and £8 for adults!

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