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The Unkickoutables

It wasnt my WOOO

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Me, Brick and Figure 4 were discussing this today and we were wondering if anyone has kicked out of the following moves: Tombstone; Pedigree; Legdrop of Doom. We are talking lately not anything in 2003 and before. These rules do not apply to the legdrop. Any other moves that are impossible to kick out of will be greatly recieved
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I think people have kicked out of RVD's Frog splash not to sure about eddies


Firstly Eddie's isn't a 5 star frog splash, and i don't remember anyone kicking out of the 5 star. People have kicked out of normal jackhammers but not Goldberg's.


Seeing that the tombstone is limited, Kane kicked out of 1 or 2 at WM14, but this was 1998, but seeing that it hasn't been used regularly since 1999, it's hard to comment on.

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If your talking about WM 14, then Kane got tombstoned 3 times, and kicked out of the first 2.


I know, I have it on tape.


Thats what i thought and so do I, i remember JR saying "This is gonna be the 3rd tombstone", now i didn't know if he included Kane's tombstone in that count of 3 or not.

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