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Another death soon???

Danny Styles

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The PWTorch.com Newsletter reports that another high-profile WWE wrestler is believed to be on "death watch" by his lockerroom peers.


Although the report attaches no identity to the wrestler, it claims that his death would make the media coverage for Eddie Guerrero look "minor" by comparison. The story also did not describe the potentially fatal problems facing the wrestler, but it seemingly relates to the stressful lifestyle of the business.


The situation is reportedly of no secrecy to most of those within WWE, although no one can confirm if Vince McMahon is aware of the predicament.


"It's one thing to show how much you care about a colleague by crying on the air after he dies. It's another to care enough about someone to do what it takes while he's alive to keep him from dying - even at the expense of box office receipts, storyline interruptions, and being deemed pushy, nosy, or a nark," the article by Wade Keller said.



hmm interesting... i can't seem to think who is bigger media reaction than Eddie...


Hogan maybe??? or Undertaker?


maybe WWE should look at their schedule now and try cutting it down.. maybe only a couple of House shows a week.... let the wrestlers rest.. and check them medically by the month..


safety should come first

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