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What does your favourite programme say and mean to you?

Gothic Angel

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Recently I have been watching Sex And The City which I think is a great tv program.


I have noticed that when I came away from watching it I am in a different state of mind. Valuing my freinds more and thinking that really I do have a good life.


So okay, it isn't all shoes, shopping and lunch dates but hey its my world and I like it.


At least I'm being me which is underlined in nearly every episode via the characters and how they react, they go through life and experiance things just being themshelves.


There are worse things to do in life and I feel that Sex and the City's messages and what they said to me are these things.


Be yourself at all times.

Be happy with who you are.

Be good to your freinds they will always be there!


So what does your favourite say to you?

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