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Who is your favorite Actor/Actress?

Gothic Angel

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As you might have guessed from the title who is your favourite Actor or Actress?


This can be anyone from TV or Movie, just anyone you feel has entertained you over the years!


My favorite Actor for me has to be Jim Carrey. I feel he has only played the parts which suit him best and has resulted in some film genius!


I like his style wacky, eccentric and off the wall, which he can then change like all good actors should to produce some underrated straight performances such as in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


So what about you?

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Rutger WAS the man years back' date=' around the Blind Fury period, but now he's just an old bit part player. :P[/quote']



Blind Fury ruled Mr Fill I like alot of comedy actors mainly like Will Ferell and Owen Wilson and for a serious actor you can't go wrong with Robert De Niro

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I gotta say that I am a big fan of Jim Carrey as well...


But I also got a lotta respect for Adrian Brody, Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, Liam Neeson ad Christain Bale...


Actress wise?


I dunno really... Scarlett Johnsson can act as can Rachel Weisz...


But there isn't many about these days who aren't just eye candy.

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Male Actors:


Anthony hopkins - Brilliant actor and rarely does a bad film

Christian Bale - Blew me away in Batman begins and now want to watch all his films.

Ving Rhames - Brilliant Black actor really enjoy watching his work

Jack Black - Along with Jim Carrey one of the comical gods!

Jim Carrey - Same as Jack Black




Jennifer Garner - Top actresses in my veiws for example she can play elektra how you could invision it from the comics, she can play sexy ( Watch "phase one" of Alias season 2 epsoide 14 (i think) where she has to be an escort for a crime boss) and she can play comical as well just watch 13 going on 30.


Nataile Portman - Brilliant actress even from her first real on screen showing in Leon and i think she brought alot of substance to the Padma character in the Phantom menance, Attack of the clones and a brilliant but yet very tragic end of Revenge of the Sith.

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