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Here Come The Aussies!!!


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After 32 years of heartache and heartbreak, my beloved Aussies have qualified for the World Cup in Germany next year!!!!!


Again, after FIFA raped us and Oceania in withdrawing our direct qualification because the South Americans pissed and moaned about losing their half spot. The obstacles placed in our way have been mind boggling to say the least......


So, after annihilating the opposition in Oceania, we were once again drawn against Uruguay in the final qualifier. Uruguay beat us 4 years ago in Montevideo 3-0 after we led from the first leg 1-0 and ended our campaign. I hated the idea of playing them again but felt that we were a better side this time and had a mastermind coach in the form of Guus Hiddink who took South Korea to the brink back in 2002.


Well, the Aussies got fart assed around by Uruguay as was to be expected. First off, they changed the kick off time in Uruguay to 9PM to mkae it impossible for the Aussies to catch a flight home after the game until the next day. Enter QANTAS, Australia's sponsor, who provided a charter aircraft, decked out with massage tables and beds to provide the ultimate in post match recovery. Uruguay managed to shoot themselves in the foot because their charter fell through and were going to have to wait until the next day themselves. So, then they decide to bring the kickoff time forward so they could get a flight to Aus lmmfao!!!!


Then, it was the referees they complained about, Jorge Forsatti saying that Belgian and German officials were too close to Guus Hiddink and demanded Spanish referees which they somehow got for the Aussie game.


First leg was a good game which the Aussies lost 1-0, due to a dubious free kick which was incorrect. The linesman actually went to signal a free kick to Australia but dropped his flag, the referee then paid the free kick the other way and Recoba passed to Rodriguez who scored.


Second leg, an identical sort of game as the first although Uruguay had no intention of trying to win. It took until about the 36th minute and after a world class combination of passing. Kewell passed to Cahill who passed to Viduka who passed back to Kewell who missed the ball but it fell perfectly to Bresciano who smashed it into the back of the net!!!! 1-0 Aussies!!!


By the end of full time it was still 1-0 and thus tied on aggregate, so extra time.........Still 1-0 but the game was becoming spiteful as the players tired. There were more cards being waved around than the World Poker Tour!!!


Still no result so penalty shootout time..........


Kewell first up for the Aussies......drills it!!!


Rodriguez up for Uruguay.....saved by Schwarzer!!!! :worship


The next couple of efforts scored for both sides, enter Mark Viduka who was looking to put the Aussies 4-2 up and he managed to miss everything. At this point the tears that had been welling in my eyes started to freely flow down my cheeks as I saw the heartbreak returning once more.


Up steps Zalayeta who aims right and Schwarzer saves AGAIN!!!! :worship


I'm screaming and swearing and can taste success now.


Finally, John Aloisi to put the game beyond doubt and Australia into the World Cup Finals for the first time in 32 years!!!! :worship




I have never been more proud of an Aussie sporting achievement in my life like I was last night. Soccer always being the 5th choice team sport here it has always struggled for exposure and popularity but now it is all a distant memory. We have qualified for World Sports biggest stage, the World Cup of Football in Germany next year.......


The next campaign will see the Aussies joining the Asian Confedration and not have to play off against the 5th ranked South American side.


Look out world, a sleeping soccer giant is slowly emerging and things will only get bigger and better from the land down under.

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It's great that the Australians have qualified since Oceania does get it harshly when it comes to qualification, I feel they ought to have some representation in each tournament. Expect in 1986 of course, when their qualification for that tournament was put to rest for a totally legitimate reason! Hey, you knew I would say that! :P
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I'm also glad Australia have managed to qualify, they seem to have been screwed for so long, although you can see why FIFA have always done this, giving an automatic place to Oceania is like giving an automatic place to Australia. Why their move into Asian football makes sense.
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What a dream it would be to play in the same group as England and embarrass them once again on the football field!!! ;)


Either way, I'd win because either one, or both, of my International teams would go through to the knockout stage. :thumbsup


One things for sure, Schwarzer is a far superior keeper to anything that England can presently put on the park!!! :lol

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One slightly off topic question. If football is the 5th team sport in Australia' date=' whats the top 4? I've got Cricket, Rugby and Aussie Rules, what have I missed?[/quote']


Good question. Possibly Rubgy Union, apart from that I got no idea.



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Pab he hasn't even managed to steal a show at liverpool yet so I wouldn't expect too much from him!



Lets not forget who scored the equaliser for Portugal against England in last years Euro 2004 Quater final.


I would guess that Australia will be in either pot 3 or pot 4 come the draw in a few weeks time. Australia are a team that the teams from pot 1 and pot 2 will like to avoid at all costs, simply becuase of the quality that they do have.

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Kewell was enormous on Wednesday night, he made the difference within seconds of his introduction to the pitch and not surprisingly, a few minutes later the Aussies scored due to Kewell in a major way. His runs at the defence and precision passing had the Uruguayans panicking time and time again as the Aussies went forward.


Liverpool fans should be heartened with his performance because it is the fittest he has been for 2 years and is only going to improve more as his touch returns to him.


I'm rapt as an Aussie for Harry, because I am guilty of being overly critical of him over the last year or 2. I'm happily eating my words now though.......

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The problem that Kewell had when he went to Liverpool was he came with a big reputation who has proven himself both in the Premier League and in the Champions League.


Not only that but Liverpool were massively short of a creative wideman (and still are). Kewell was seen in many people eyes as the man to bring the good times back to Anfield. He had a decent start, i remember his scoring a spectacular goal agaisnt Arsenal at Anfield not far into his Liverpool career. Then the Injuries hit, and to be fair to him the Injuries have probably been worse than many suspected.


Coming off early in the Champions League final was probably his lowest moment. much had been said in the few days before the game on how Beneitez was putting alot of faith in him to put on a show in the final. When he went to collect his medal , he was obviosly glad to be picking up a winners medal, but was also visibly embarrsed.


Knowing Harry Kewell he'll continue to put in shoddy performences for Liverpool only to become one of the players of the tournamant in Germany next June. Although this may dissapoint Pabby i'm sure Jaymzy and Jimmy Redman will be more than pleased.


Milan Baros anyone?



On another note, i'm pretty sure that australia will probably have some friendly game in Britain in the build up to June, Probably worth going on to see if you get the chance.


Also is Danny Tiatto still in the international frame? He came on for Leicester at Turf Moor yesterday looked rather pants to me.

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Also is Danny Tiatto still in the international frame? He came on for Leicester at Turf Moor yesterday looked rather pants to me.


I dont think so. Others have come through and he hasnt played an international for a while I think.


I think I have a picture of him on my bedroom wall, not sure though. Never liked him much.

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Since Hiddink took over from Farina, Tiatto has hardly had a look in. I think his days of wearing the green and gold are well and truly over.....


I'm definitely happy for Harry and for Australia, there is room for improvement from some other players though, Tim Cahill and Mark Viduka being 2 of the high profile ones. Both played well but are capable of a hell of a lot more.

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