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The Take That Documentary, ITV Tonight.


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My girlfriend is so excited about this it's actually made me reevaluate whether or not our relationship is worth continuing. But yep, if you've missed all the annoying adverts ITV have been plugging then 'shock horror', 'withhold the excitement', Take That have a documentary on tonight about how they split yadda yadda (I literally type this just as the grating advert has come on!)


All I remember about Take That is their songs all sounded the same, they all looked the same except for the slight variations in hair and fat Gary, and they pretty much invented the boy band in the 90s. Woohoo. Also they strike me as key representatives of the type of "celebrity" that was basically invented to sell calendars to aunts and uncles stuck for christmas presents. I can't have been the only one (in my school years at the time) jumping for joy and giggling away when they split. Helplines set up for people to recover etc, at the time I thought it was hilarious.


McFly remind me of them so much, actually. They even have the fat, inbred-faced blonde one. They don't dance, but they do mimic the playing of instruments and have zero personality. I might watch the Rock Profiles with Gary Barlow when this is on as a protest.

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